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Banging The Babysitter Part 3

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Jim and Sandra take advantage of Tasha’s young body.

The following weekend Jim and Sandra arranged to have Tasha come over to babysit for the weekend. Tasha didn’t know that Sandra knew about her and Jim. Jim and Sandra were going to use Tasha as a fuck toy. When Tasha arrived at their house she found Sandra there by herself.

“Jim is bringing our son home shortly and he will then join me later!” Sandra said as she set in motion their plan.

Tasha watched as Sandra drove away and figured that she had time to watch some of her favorite porn and masturbate before Jim came home. She settled on the bed and pulled her panties off as she was wearing a skirt. Soon she had her fingers buried in her soaking wet pussy as she imagined Jim fucking her again.

Jim and Sandra had snuck back into the house. They had left their son with the grandparents for the weekend so they could have time with Tasha. Jim slowly opened the door to Tasha’s room and found her fucking her sweet little chocolate pussy.

He quickly stripped off his clothes and walked over to the bed and climbed up between Tasha’s legs. Tasha’s eyes snapped opened and she saw Jim naked and pushing his face into her soaking wet tight little pussy.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS!” She squealed as Jim began to devour her sweet little pussy.

“I knew that I would find you playing with your sweet chocolate pussy!” He growled as he slurped up every single delicious drop of her nectar.

Tasha grabbed his head and held him down onto her pussy as he continued to assault her clit with his tongue. Sandra was watching them from the cracked open door and was playing with her soaking wet pussy.


Tasha closed her eyes tightly as she orgasmed again and again from Jim’s talented tongue. She suddenly felt the bed moving and she immediately opened her eyes. Sandra was climbing up onto the bed and she was completely naked. Tasha watched in shock as Sandra straddled Tasha’s chest and pushed her soaking wet bald pussy up to Tasha’s mouth.

Tasha didn’t know what to do for a moment but Sandra grabbed the back of her head and pulled it into her hot wet pussy. Tasha’s tongue instinctively shot out and buried itself in Sandra’s tight little pussy.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS BABY GIRL EAT MY PUSSY!” Sandra groaned as she felt Tasha’s hands grip her ass and pull her into Tasha’s face.

Tasha moaned deeply as she slurped up Sandra’s nectar and continued to orgasm hard as Jim devoured her soaking wet pussy. Sandra was already cumming all over Tasha’s face as she worked her pussy against her tongue.

After both women had cum several times Jim laid down on the bed with his hard throbbing cock standing at attention.

“Come on baby girl let’s return the favor and suck Daddy’s cock like good little sluts!” Sandra moaned as she moved between Jim’s legs.

Tasha quickly laid down next to Sandra who had wrapped her hand around his cock and was kissing and licking the fat purple head. Tasha dropped her mouth down and took his balls into her mouth as she swirled her tongue around each ball and his sack.

Jim watched as Sandra and Tasha took turns slipping their mouths up and down his cock and sucking on his balls. The beautiful contrast of his white wife and the chocolate babysitter was amazing. Sandra would lean over and kiss Tasha deeply and passionately as they both moaned.

Sandra and Tasha would take turns deepthroating Jim’s cock as the other bathed his balls. Jim struggled to keep from cumming too soon. Watching two gorgeous naked females worshipping your cock is not an everyday occurrence.

“Baby girl I want to see you riding Daddy’s cock!” Sandra moaned.

Tasha quickly climbed up and straddled his waist as she reached down and guided his hard throbbing cock into her tight wet hot pussy. Sandra watched as her chocolate colored lips stretched around his white cock.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS DADDY!” Tasha moaned as she reached the base of his cock.

Sandra leaned over and took one of Tasha’s nipples into her mouth as she sucked hard on it. Tasha bucked against his cock as she surrendered herself to the pleasures that she was experiencing from Jim and Sandra.

Sandra straddled Jim’s face and lowered her soaking wet pussy down onto Jim’s mouth. Jim growled deeply as he pushed his tongue deep into Sandra’s pussy. Sandra groaned as she worked Tasha’s nipples with her mouth and tongue.

Sandra had wrapped her hands around Tasha’s tits swapping back and forth between each nipple making sure to give each one the same treatment.

“RIDE DADDY’S COCK LIKE A GOOD LITTLE SLUT!” Sandra moaned as Tasha thrashed around on Jim’s cock.

“YEEESSSSSS DADDY EAT MY PUSSY SO FUCKING GOOD!” Sandra groaned as she orgasmed again and again.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!” Tasha squealed loudly as she orgasmed harder than she had before.

Jim reached down and grabbed Tasha’s hips and drove his cock upwards into her hot wet tight little pussy as she drove down. His cum began to boil in his balls as he gripped her hips tighter.

“YEEESSSSSS DADDY FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!” Tasha screamed out as she felt his cock throb angrily.

He began to grunt as he hammered into her pussy hard while pumping stream after stream of his hot cum deep into her womb.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS DADDY!” Tasha moaned as she felt his cum splashing her insides.

“YEEESSSSSS DADDY FILL YOUR LITTLE FUCK TOY WITH YOUR SEED!” Sandra moaned as she flooded his mouth with her juices.

Jim growled into Sandra’s pussy as his cock filled Tasha’s pussy. They all rode out their mutual orgasms and reluctantly climbed off each other. Tasha quickly crawled up and took Jim’s deflated cock into her mouth as she sucked it clean while Sandra crawled up under Tasha’s pussy and began sucking Jim’s cum from her quaking cum filled pussy.

It didn’t take long before his cock was hard and ready for round two. Tasha climbed onto her knees with her head down on the bed. Sandra buried her face back into Tasha’s pussy and ass from behind as Jim drove his cock into Sandra’s soaking wet pussy.

Sandra was soon screaming into Tasha’s pussy and ass as Jim pummeled Sandra’s pussy into submission from behind. Sandra’s ass cheeks rippled from the intense pounding as Jim drove her face into Tasha’s pussy.

“YESSSSSSSS MOMMY EAT MY PUSSY!” Tasha moaned as she worked her pussy back onto Sandra’s face.

“POUND MY PUSSY DADDY! USE YOUR FUCK TOYS! Sandra moaned as she continued to devour Tasha’s soaking wet pussy.

Jim watched as his wife devoured the pussy of their young babysitter. Jim never imagined that his weakness for her sweet young pussy would lead to him and Sandra taking advantage of Tasha.

Tasha moaned and whimpered loudly as Sandra brought her to orgasm over and over again. She could see the animalistic desire in Jim’s eyes as he fucked Sandra’s pussy from behind. Tasha knew what pleasure she was experiencing.

Soon Jim’s cock was exploding deep inside of Sandra’s spasmodic pussy as he pumped stream after stream deep into her womb. She screamed out into Tasha’s pussy as Tasha screamed out in pleasure as well.

When Jim had finished filling his wife’s pussy with his cum, Sandra spun around and took his wilted cock into her mouth and sucked him clean as Tasha returned the favor and sucked Jim’s cum from Sandra’s pussy.

They spent the next couple of days fucking and sucking each other until they were all completely worn out. Needless to say that Tasha spent a lot more time “babysitting” for Jim and Sandra in the future.

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