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Bagged another Filipina preteen

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If you looked at my prior stories you know I have a lot of experience in the Philippines. I have a beautiful but simple three bedroom house 3 minutes from the ocean.
We own about 3 acres of property that butts up next to a huge 60 acre rice field. I also have a outbuilding that I use to store food in to hand out to the poor especially during an emergency. It’s basically the size of a one car garage but there’s no garage door it’s two layers thick of cinder block that’s also filled with concrete to make it solid and the windows are just small little slits for ventilation near the top and there’s one heavy duty steel door. It’s virtually mouse proof

Anyway I have a YouTube channel and it does pretty good meaning I earn money from it. I’m not going to tell you the name of my channel here but my channel is fun and comedy and I use kids and make small skits and try to add a little bit of drama and build each character up. The other Filipino kids love watching my video so I get millions of views. One of my little characters is a Filipina who’s 11 and her real name is Jenny but her YouTube name is Ninja.

She has a lot of fun making the movies and she can bicycle to her house which is just two streets over. I’ve also noticed that her tits have started to sprout and she doesn’t wear a bra yet but you can tell that her nipples have gotten puffy and are about the size of a Hershey kiss. I’ve also noticed that she stares at me and I can tell that she has a crush on me. Sometimes when I get all the kids and there might be 10 or 12 of them I get them all into huddle up near me so we can discuss what we’re going to do and who’s going to do what and so on and she always makes it a point to stand right next to me and I can feel her little chocolate top Hershey kiss nipple rubbing on my arm as we’re discussing the events that I want to video. My naughty side starts to think a little bit and we started to introduce some costumes that I would pick up from the city and I told her if I get a costume top for you meaning ninja. Do you want to try it on? She jumped for joy and said Yes Uncle I would love to try that on. I got a kind of a pirate type costume top and a few days later I told her I said hey when we’re done shooting I got a little costume top maybe you can try it on and see if it fits if it doesn’t fit I’ll take it back. She seemed very excited and I thought okay I’m going to allow her the opportunity to go one of two ways The shy and bashful way or the bold and sexy way. I said let’s go over here to my food shed and she walked her bike over and leaned it up against the cinder block wall I took my keys out and I opened the door and turned the light on and inside there are many many boxes each box has canned food and I have probably 10 or 12 sacks of rice and each sack is 80 lb. All that’s inside my little room. Once she got in I’m standing in the doorway and nobody can open the door with me physically holding it and she’s inside I said here’s your shirt and you can try it on and see how it fits now she could have waited until I shut the door and left but she took the bait and before I could even finish my sentence she had pulled off her little T-shirt and was standing there bare-chested while I handed her the shirt. While she was putting the shirt on I said oh look your boobs are starting to stick out and she smiled and laughed and looked down at her little Hershey kisses and put on the shirt and it fit perfectly and she modeled it a little bit I said okay good that’s what you’re going to wear next time so go ahead and take it off I will hold it and put your regular shirt back on. I got another exquisite view of that little chest and her smiling face looking at me and I definitely got hard.

A few days went by and I told Ninja that I’m thinking about a certain type of video coming up and I have another costume I bought from the city it’s a one piece costume kind of like a Spider-Man outfit where it’s all one piece and zips up in the back but I don’t know if it’s going to fit you and she said Uncle I will try it on! I said come over tomorrow and I’ll let you try it on. She came over and like most poor kids if the same shirt and the same shorts and she wrote her bike over and we got into the food shed and I had the one piece costume on top of the sex of rice which are taller than her so she didn’t know it was there once we got into the shed I turn the light on I will reached over and got the outfit I said here it is why don’t you try that on it’s kind of a skin tight tight thing but I thought honestly maybe she’ll just take her top off and try it on over her shorts but no not ninja. She pulled that top off and then shimmy down her shorts and right standing in front of me is a little 11-year-old Filipina Pop-Tart with two Hershey kisses and a little slit between her legs. She put the outfit on but it was a little bit baggy and I wanted it more skin tight but that’s okay I still got to see her naked I told her next time I go to the city I’ll get one size smaller but I’m still going to hold this one because it was cheap and I’m not going to take it back. She took the one piece outfit back on and this time while still blocking the door with my body I bent down on my knee and I said look at that little pee pee and I reached forward and took her little vulva while she was standing there and gave it a little pinch and a little rub and a little wiggle and told her that’s a beautiful little pee pee.

Out of the clear blue which is something you don’t expect from an 11-year-old is what she told me next. Do you want to sniff it? I didn’t hesitate and I said I would love to sniff your pee pee. She started to walk forward cuz I was kind of crouched down already but I don’t want to sniff the very friend of her vagina I want to sniff all of it so I just picked her up and plopped her on top of the sacks of rice and said lean back and let me sniff your pee pee and she leaned back on these large sacks of rice on her elbow and then just opened her legs and I took my face and made physical contact with her vagina with my nose and my lips but I didn’t lick yet and I gave out exaggerated sniffing sounds and she was giggling her little ass off. I said your PP looks good while I’m sniffing it and your pee pee smells good and then I looked up at her and then she said lick it. Something tells me that this is not her first sexual encounter but I’m not going to say no so her little slit is probably an inch and a half long at the most and I just put my whole mouth on there and let my tongue slide up in between that little slit and there really wasn’t much in the way of pussy lips and a lot of Philippine women don’t have big pussy lips and when you’re 11 you have almost no pussy lips and I opened up her vagina by stretching it open with my hands and sure enough the lips were almost non-existent just a little pink center about the size of a small strawberry and two dark little lines which were lips and the clit at the top and I went to work on that little brown beaver.

We did that pussy licking session probably a half a dozen times and if you know anything about YouTube you get paid out once a month from Google who owns YouTube. As I said earlier I’m earning money on my YouTube and I took $300 which is 15,000 pesos… And yes that’s a lot of money and I gave it to her parents for her good roles that she was doing to help promote the channel. Needless to say the parents pushed their daughter off on me whenever I needed her because now they’re making money.

I have a black truck and it’s four-door and it’s heavily tinted. I told her come to my house and quietly get in my truck and I will kiss your little pee pee down by the ocean. She snuck into my truck and we drove down and I told her to get into the passenger seat in the front and to make the seat go all the way back and then I told her to switch around and put her butt up by the headrest and her head would be down by the seat in other words she’s upside down. I said I want you naked and upside down and legs open and when I drive around town I want to lean over and lick and suck on your little wet meat. She complied like a good little girl and now I’m getting her to orgasm in my mouth and I’m teaching her to be more aggressive withholding my head and grinding her pussy on my face and so on.

I didn’t ask her but I think she’s had some kind of sexual activity before me but she didn’t seem scarred or victimized by it so I don’t know if it was a cousin or a chance encounter I just don’t know and I didn’t ask. After sucking on her wet meat and making her come I pulled my pants and underwear down and she was playing with my cock. We drove out of the town and there’s no such thing as street lights and so we just pulled into the side of the road where there’s a heavily wooded area and then a rice field and I let her play with my cock. She just got up and moved over from her seat to my seat and when you’re only 50 lb it’s easy to manipulate a little body like that and she started to sit down and rub my cock back and forth on her little wet slit and honestly I didn’t think it would go in because her entire vagina was an inch and a half from the top to the bottom how is my cock going to fit into that? She slid my cock head back and forth and I could kind of feel a little bit of where it would go in and then she push a little bit it took some time but then after a little bit of grunting and some effort she sat down and got the head of my cock in her pussy. We’ve all had tight pussy but you’ll never encounter something as tight as a 50 lb 11-year-old skinny little Filipina girl. I almost could not penetrate into the pussy even though she was forcefully sitting and trying to force my cock into her little hole. After about 5 minutes she got the head of my cock and maybe another inch into her pussy and was humping up and down on it. After a minute or so she got off and went over to her seat and she said Uncle I want you to be on top of me and you put your hard thing in me.

She got over to her little seat and I just adore looking at her naked and I climbed over and my knees are on the floor of the truck on the passenger side and I scooch her butt up and her little legs are up in the air and I rub the tip of my cock and I spit on it and rub it up and down on her little slit and I find that little spot where it looks like it might go in and I push a little bit and I push with a little bit more force and I get probably half of my cock which is 7 in hard so we’ll say 3 in was in her little vagina and her little vagina looked totally stretched open with my cock in it. I asked her if it felt good and she didn’t say any words in English she just grunted and knodded her head up and down Yes it felt good. I started going in and out of this unbelievable tight little wet glove and it felt better than anything I had ever felt in my life. When I was getting ready to come I told her to reach around with her right hand and cup and tug and hold on to my low hanging ball sack. As soon as that little girl’s hand got on my ball sack My dick just erupted and flooded her little vagina and sperm right away shot out of the sides of the vagina where my dick was in because there was no room in there for anything. I unloaded a good four or five squirts and then just let my dick get limp and her pussy pushed it out.

She loves the dick and she’s in love with me and her parents are in love with the couple of hundred bucks that I give them every month and is a good scenario. One time we were fucking on that dark side road and my wife called me. I put one finger up to my mouth to tell Ninja to be quiet and my dick is inside her vagina which by the way I can get more of my cock in lol and I answered the phone and put it on speaker and I said hey sweetheart how are you? My wife said good I’m just here chatting with my mom and where is you go because the truck is gone I said oh I just went down to the seawall for a couple of minutes because I like to look at the moon over the water but I’ll be home in just a few minutes and she says okay sweetheart come home soon because you’re getting up early to go fishing. The whole time I’m speaking with my wife my hard cock is inside this 11-year-old’s vagina.

Once I’m done Ninja cleans up and I give her a little wet wipe and I give her a few kisses and she says I’m your mistress. I said no sweetheart You’re an 11-year-old girl and we just like to touch our peepees together and she was adamant and she says no I am your official mistress and you will not put your pee pee in another girl Do you understand me? The jealousy factor came out and I says okay you are my official mistress and she said yeah your sperm goes in my pee pee and nowhere else. I didn’t say anything about my wife but we left that go.

This whole thing has been ongoing for a little over a year and now Abigail is 12 and a half and she’s had her first period. I thought about it but I just can’t stop. Now she just had her second period… I said when did you start it and she said on the 2nd and when was it over and she said on the 5th and so I started to do the math and this is a conversation we’re having as we’re getting ready to fuck on the side road. I said today is the 19th. She doesn’t understand the math that I’m doing but what I’m doing is trying to figure out when she’s ovulating which it seems like I’m right on the day of ovulation give or take one day. I thought about not putting my dick in but she’s on the seat next to me naked playing with her pussy. I got over there I sucked on it I put my dick in which now my dick fits all the way in and we started fucking and I thought about I should pull out and right at the last minute I just went balls deep and flooded that little fertile vagina with the sperm of a white man.

I don’t know what I’m going to think if she says she missed her period maybe I should up the payment to the parents to $500 a month lol

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    “One of my little characters is a Filipina who’s 11 and her real name is Jenny but her YouTube name is Ninja.“ “ over a year and now Abigail is 12 and a half and she’s had her first period” so which it Jenny or Abigail?

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