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Bagged another Filipina preteen part 2

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I thought maybe ninja would be pregnant but she ended up having her period so we were safe there for a minute.

We’ve probably fucked 35 or 40 times in total now and once her pussy is relaxed I can pound on that little pussy. She can take all of it.
We have an hourly hotel near the town where you drive in and the garage closes and then you come out and pay the orderly and go back in and nobody sees who’s in your truck and then you get your little Pop-Tart out of the truck and you go upstairs and there’s a small like many apartment basically a kitchen sink and a refrigerator in a bed and a bathroom and a table and chair.

That little slut loves cock so much that she runs from the shower naked and before getting to the bed she does a high dive and while she’s in the air she twists so she will land on her back and her legs are up and I see nothing but beautiful white teeth and that little angel face and her little vagina and she’s smiling and laughing.

Anyway that’s not what this story is about. I got caught. One time just recently the mother came up to me and she didn’t look very happy. She asked me if I was raping her daughter. I said of course not. She said let me tell you something My daughter might like the sex but she’s not old enough to say yes to your cock and so it’s rape every single time. I have her panty right here and she pulled it out and when I went to do the laundry I could smell sperm on the panty. Do you want to smell it and she offered it up to me? I said no that’s okay she says let me tell you something else just like every woman’s pussy has a different smell to it so does every man sperm. There’s a strong smell of sperm right on here from just a day ago.
I asked her what that has to do with me and she said I’m going to smell your sperm to see if they match. I said not today and she says okay then why don’t we go down to the police station and get you booked in on rape how about that? At that point in time I felt a little nervous and I guess she could see that I was consenting with the look on my face and we were in a private area and she put the panty back into a Ziploc bag and put it in her purse and then proceeded to pull my elastic shorts down and started playing with my cock and as soon as it got half hard she started sucking it. she wasn’t sucking my cock like she enjoyed it and she wasn’t sucking my cock trying to provide me pleasure This woman was on a mission and she wanted an ejaculation.
She was really going to town with a lot of forceful effort. Strong suction tugging on the balls and the other hand jackhammering my shaft. She stopped and looked up at me and said Tell me before you come Do you understand? I said okay.

Well a couple minutes later I could feel my balls getting ready to unload and right as I was getting ready to have the first squirt of my ejaculation I said I’m going to come. She pulled her mouth off my dick and just rubbed the bottom side of my head in circles around her mouth so needless to say she had a liberal amount of sperm on the upper lip and the lower lip and the chin area after I was done she stopped and she took my cock and put it right up to her nose and gave it some big sniffs. She said your sperm is the sperm that’s in my daughter’s panty in a matter of fact tone.

She stood up got a tissue from her purse and wiped her face. She said I don’t like this anyone bit but you’ve already fucked my daughter so this is how it’s going to go from now on. My daughter says your name in our house every other sentence she is obsessed and infatuated with you mostly because you’re a foreigner and you’re tall. If I were to cut off all access to your stupid YouTube channel and her coming over I feel it would be a negative impact on my daughter.

She asked me how often we have sex and I said at least twice a week and she says okay this is how it’s going to go. When you have sex with ninja I will be there. I will be right next to you while you’re fucking my daughter. When you’re getting ready to come I’ll stab you if you come inside my daughter’s vagina again. When you feel the ready need to ejaculate you pull out and I will suck off your sperm because it’s not going in my pussy either. My pussy belongs to my husband and you can ejaculate into my mouth. It’s the only way to keep it safe and it’s the only way that I as a mother have control. If my daughter doesn’t like being next to her while you put your cock in her for your little petty pleasure then it’s over.

Something tells me she will relent because I see my daughter naked everyday and before I came over here to see if you would tell me the truth I confronted her and she already said that you and her were fucking and that she was your mistress. I almost threw up. I asked her now that I know that you’re fucking the foreigner do you want to stop or do you want to keep fucking. She put her finger in her mouth and looked up at the clouds and she said I love Uncle and I like his hard thing in me so I want to keep fucking.
That’s when I came over and spoke to you. A couple days later I drove to the hourly hotel and she and her daughter hid under a blanket in the backseat of the truck because of she was seen getting out of the hourly hotel with me the gossip would fly and so we got up to the bed and the daughter was a little bit embarrassed to have her legs wide open and up high while an adult male is putting his hard cock in her but soon she became overwhelmed with the pleasure and the wife was laying on the bed with her face closest to where I was penetrating and Ninja’s stomach and she looked up of me and she said remember while pointing a finger at me and I said okay I remember.

After a few more minutes of delicious little 12-year-old ninja offering up her pussy to me on a platter I was getting ready to come. I told the mother I’m going to come and I pulled out and her face and mouth were right there she immediately started jacking on my cock with her mouth on the tip and I just gave it all to her and the daughter Little Miss Ninja looked a little disappointed but didn’t say anything. The mom cleaned me up and I think deep down secretly she enjoys sucking my dick but she’s playing her role as Miss hardass.

Once we all got dressed and got down into the truck she got back out and she whispered to me Ninja says she’s in love with you but we all know this is puppy love and it had a beginning and it had a middle and it’s going to have an end and when it has the end you’re done. No more sex with my daughter do you understand me? I said yes ma’am I understand.
Actually what she says is true and I’m guessing that as she develops we’re probably looking at a year or a year and a half of this little puppy love and it’s going to be over.

And the last part is the mother throttled me down to one pussy a week with her daughter. The mother has a busy schedule and can’t line up as often as I’d like. And she does swallow she gulps that sperm down like it’s cotton candy.

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    Well, at least the mother has joined in now

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    Oh Big Daddy !!! I would love to have you behind me with my school uniform dress hiked up and have you doggy fuck me with your 7-inch cock as your low hanging balls are slapping loudly against my white supple ass cheeks waiting for your seed to be pumped from your balls and into my womb !! My god your story made me so horny that I basically came inside my spandex work-out tights !! great story and please keep it up !! I gave you a 5-star rating !! Britney

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      If you are a young girl I would gladly pump my load in you ,love preteens especially!