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Babysitting Jade pt. 3

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Jade introduces me to her friend Jess (fictional)

“Whoa!” Jess said, “wait why are you both naked?” She gasped, “have you two been doing…” she minded out sex with her hands.
“This is Jess by the way, she’s not very subtle with anything.” Jade said.
“Now worries. It’s nice to meet you. And if you must know, yeah that’s what we’ve been doing, I’ve heard you two did stuff too though.” I said as a sort of light blackmail. She had something on me, I had something on her, it was even.
“Jade, you didn’t tell me you’d be naked with a teen.” Jess whispered to Jade.
“I didn’t think we would be, but here we are.” Jade replied.
“Well can I join then?” Jess asked.
Immediately both kids stared at me awaiting my answer. Despite then being to different people they looked fairly similar. Jess is the same heigh as Jade but has shorter and lighter hair, that was the only main difference.
“I don’t care. Don’t hurt yourself or others, that’s my only rule.” I say matter-of-factly.
“Yay!” Both girls cheer. Jess throws off her clothes and leaves them by the door. She is as pale as Jade and has a puffy pussy, her tits were a bit bigger but barely, she was mostly flat.
“Ok, what should we do now. I’m spent personally. Maybe I could show you too how to make each other feel good?” I ask.
They both looked delighted at that response.
“Ok! So, it’s honestly very simple. Jade, you can start, knee between Jess, Jess you can stay standing, and Jade you can lick her pussy and touch it as much as you want. Give it a shot!” I say encouragingly.
“Ok, ready Jess?” Jade asked.
“Go for it!” Jess said excitedly.
I watched as Jade hurried her head between Jess ‘s legs. All I could see and hear were Jess’s moans and her legs buckling into Jade’s mouth. I sat across from them and just watched. Soon, Jade’s hand made its way to Jess’s ass and started fooling around. The next thing that happened was Jess shouting and me hearing liquid hit the floor. She came fairly quick; I assumed it was near her first time. Jade’s face reappeared covered in juices. Very quickly Jess did the same thing to Jade, and she came in in mouth with an ear-piercing scream.
“Well, you two seemed to have had fun.” I say.
Both of them have collapsed on the couch, both laying back gasping for air in their post orgasmic bliss.
“Why haven’t we tried that before?” Jess asked. Both of the girls laugh and sigh in relaxation.
“What should we do now? Or do we just want to be naked for a while?” I ask.
“Umm… I don’t know. What do you think Jess?” Jade asks.
“I don’t know either.” Shes says. All of us fall into silence.
“Can I ask something? Jade said you and her tried putting stuff up your vaginas, what’s the story behind that?” I asked.
Jess laughed a little then said, “it’s really nothing much, we were having a play date,” as she said that she started to lay down on Jade, “and we were playing doctor and ‘treating’ each other by stockings things up there. It was fun, but when Jade started bleeding we shouted for her dad. He came sprinting up and saw us and Jade’s thingy bleeding. He said he could fix her and then he got naked and stuck his thing up her privates. Soon white stuff came out and she wasn’t bleeding. I guess that was more than what you were asking but, oh well.”
I was in more than a little shock. Her dad came in her pussy! Now everything makes sense. I took a minute to digest this story all while both girls were eyeing me up.
“Well,” I said after a while, “that’s crazy. Wait, so you knew about the white stuff?”
Jade blushed, “only a little bit, I didn’t know it felt that good, I was in pain when daddy did it. Right after though, he said he’d never do it again, I guess because he won’t touch me that’s why he’s ok with me being shirtless.”
Everything was adding up. I didn’t know these two little girls were this competent, or smart. They figured all that out from Jade and my experiences. I was very impressed, they even talked more adultly about the topic. Yet, their naked little bodies were a dead giveaway they weren’t adults.
“Well, I’m glad I could help you at least Jade, you obviously enjoy this, and I definitely won’t take it away from you any time soon.” I hugged Jade and just let myself melt into her warm smooth skin. I let her go and sat back admiring her beautiful body. I quickly shifted the mood though and dared Jess to do something crazy.
“Jess, I dare you to go out naked and check the mailbox the next time someone walks by.”
She gasped a little at this but looked determined. “Deal”
We all watched outside until someone was coming down the street, a girl, older than me, maybe 16 or 17.
Jess rushed to the door, and I gave her the signal to go out and check the mailbox. The teen girl just walked by and gave a quick glance before smiling and walking away from Jess. Jess came back inside and smiled.
“That was fun! You’re turn now.”
“How so? What am I doing?” I asked.
“Do the same thing! With a teen too!” Jess said. Both girls were laughing knowing I’d have to expose myself to a teen girl.
“Alright, I’ll take you up on that,” and so, once more, we waited.
We were waiting for quite a while and as the three on us were were on the couch sitting backwards on it, looking outside, Jade’s hands started to wander around my body. Starting on my thighs, then my butt and finally she reached my penis and started to stroke slowly making me hard, but not letting me cum, so I’d be hard for the unfortunate teen girl who’d walk by. And low and behold, a little teen girl was walking down our street. She was maybe 14, brunette hair, she was wearing a knee length skirt and a matching top.
“Alright, here goes nothing.” I announced. I made my way to the front door and opened feigning getting the mail. I opened the door and walked out just as the girl, about my age now I’m realizing, walked by my house. She stopped dead in her tracks, and I didn’t blame her. She took a long look before winking at me and flashing me before running off. To my surprise she wasn’t wearing underwear, and to add insult to injury, she was gorgeous, I almost wanted to invite her back, sadly I didn’t. So, I walked back into the house with newfound confidence and went to sit next to the naked girls I was babysitting.
They were both giggling the heads off at what they had just seen. “Looks like someone found a girlfriend” Jade teased.
They both mimicked flashing their panties at me despite them not wearing anything.
“I know you’re trying to mock me but all I’m getting is an eyeful of your pussies.” I retort.
Both stop giggling and realize what they’re doing. They both shrug it off though.
“So… now what?” Jade asked.
“I really want to touch his pee pee, it looks funky, and I’ve never touched one before,” Jess said.
“Be my guest,” I spread my legs and offer myself up to Jess who eagerly climbs over Jade and somehow, we end up in an awkward 69 position with three people. Jade below Jess and Jess gripping my dick.
“Well, I see no other option from here.” I say.
We all silently agree and oral chaos ensues. Jade starts lapping up Jess’s pussy and she’s moaning all while her mouth and hands are exploring my dick. Not wanting to leave Jade out, my hands make my way under Jess until I reach Jade’s pussy and I start rubbing and fingering her. We all moan and gasp as our privates are being played with to their extreme. I felt Jess cum quickly as her grip on my penis tightened and her moans were louder and long. That one display of ecstasy sent me over the edge and I burst into Jess’s mouth. She quickly pulled off of me and i kept cumming all over her chest and face and even some fell on Jade’s pussy.
To my surprise I was quickly ushered away, and Jess dived between Jade’s legs and ate her out while eating my cum that fell on Jade. I watched as Jade squirmed and moaned under the intense oral attack she was under. And she quickly succumbed to the attack, and for the first time she squirted all over Jess’s face and the sofa.
We all fell silent as our oral session ended.
“Well, that was quite the experience.” I said, getting no replies. I looked at the two girls closer and both were asleep. Somehow, I missed Jess moving up into Jade’s arms. The two gorgeous naked girls were sleeping in an embrace the warmed my heart, so I left them be and was about to shower. But I decided to try to fuck Jess, her butt was facing me and I seized the opportunity. I lined up awkwardly with her and aimed for her hole and pushed, and I got it first try. I felt her warm soft insides wrap around my penis just like Jades and I starting thrusting. It felt so good, and she was a lot tighter than Jade. I kept thrusting and that elicited small moans from jades sleeping body. I kept thrusting and silently came deep inside of her, her womb taking all of my seed and as I pulled out a small about of semen seeped from her pussy.
Finally satisfied I started at the girls one last time before leaving and showering.

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