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anal wife part three

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Our sex life continues my wife begins to become an exhibitionist, and we catch our neighbour spying and invite her in

It was now several weeks since I’d first become aware of my wife’s sexual needs, and we’d both I can honestly say were taking full advantage. Kerry’s ass cheeks seemed to have a constant glow from her many spankings while her actual arsehole was now enjoying being stretched by her many anal toys. We’d started with the smallest butt plug now not only was she wearing the largest butt plug around the house, but she was also taking the 12” row of anal beads up to the large golf ball size bead and wanting to take the final tennis ball sized bead. God what a turn on sliding them in and out hearing that popping sound on exit, and listening to Kerry moan with pleasure begging me to let her cum again and make her like the pictures.

A very interesting day yesterday, it started at about eleven in the morning. What a time to need a pee just when the door bell went, I only got half way down the stairs when I saw a red faced Kerry leaning against the recently shut front door. She had answered the door to the delivery man dressed just as I’d left her after breakfast, a skimpy top that barely contained her bit fat tits nipples poking out, and the sheer footless tights she had taken to wearing most of the time, what made it worse they were her white pair which showed everything.

Tell me, I asked, and as she spoke my cock began to grow he was big darling and the parcel was heavy and he carried it in for me. I got on my haunches to inspect the packing opening my legs wide, she was going through her moves showing me what he’d seen a set of smooth hairless pussy lip came into view, then I bent over it with my back to him like this her butt plug jewel bright blue came into view. Then he heard you and disappeared, I was really naughty wasn’t I should I go to my chair. I pointed her towards the lounge with a grin on my face, this was a completely new wife.

The first thing that couldn’t go unnoticed, Kerry had moved the chair half a metre closer and squarer to the big window. Kerry wanted to be seen.
She quickly adopted her position on the chair, ass on offer. Spank me Please spank me hard I’m so naughty spank me then use me.
I pulled down her sheer tights below her ass cheeks exposing her bright blue butt plug, I couldn’t resist my left hand firmly in the centre of her back, my right hand came down fast and hard time and time again Kerry was screaming more harder harder, after ten minutes I had slowed my spanking to a stroking action her arse cheeks glowed reddish to purple what a fucking sight.

Fuck me Peter fuck me up my arsehole, I need it, this was the first time she had ever asked for an anal fucking even after everything she’d taken up there in the last few weeks. My cock had never felt so hard I slowly pulled her butt plug from her anal passage, we were both ready I pushed my cock slowly into ass, there was a little resistance but with me pushing firmly and Kerry pushing back inch by inch she began to open for me that sweet shitter was mine and as I fucked her slowly she loved it, harder yes harder I love ass fucking. I new I wouldn’t last long as I fucked her arse deeper and deeper, I felt it and so did Kerry YES YES fill my arsehole with your cum seconds later I was spurting streams of cum into her body and Kerry was screaming out having her own anal orgasm.

Was that the end of that days surprises oh no, as I stood wiping my filthy cock on a tissue I caught sight of a visitor. A face at the window our neighbours daughter, Sarah tall slim 28 year old Sarah.
She lived with her parents Joe and Marjorie directly across from us. We had visited them for tea and coffee but Sarah who worked from home and who never spoke shy reserved Sarah, right now she was trying to hide but knew she was caught, Sarah was the last person I’d expect to see at my window watching our sex games and I just stood like a silly statue. Not so Kerry she shot from the chair almost falling with her sheer tights wrapped round her thighs one tit bouncing free from her top what a sight for poor Sarah, as Kerry banged on the window ordering the poor girl into the house.

Sarah sat on the sofa face red breath coming in gasps, Kerry had been questioning her for ten minutes and now things were coming to a point of no return. It had started as soon as she’d sat down, have you watched before? Yes, from your bedroom? Yes, what is it the like most the fucking? The licking? The spanking? Do you masturbate while you watch? Yes. On and on Kerry pushed her and then she stood in front of the poor girl my almost naked wife. Would you like us to spank you Sarah would you like you bottom spanked hard tell us you silly little girl tell us. Very quietly she spoke yes spank me I’m really scared but yes spank me.

I watched on has a new Kerry took complete control, well Sarah we can’t spank you with all those clothes on let me undress your lovely young body. Sarah stood before Kerry I could see her legs were weak as she staggered a couple of times, it seemed to take forever she wore so many garments, all frumpy and old fashioned big jumper buttoned up blouse a long skirt over thick tights, and granny knickers and bra.

Finally she was naked, and Kerry simply pushed her across the arm of the sofa…looking directly at me for the first time, lets smell our little sex toy shall we, Kerry new we both loved to smell. Sarah wasn’t to sure trying to move away, stay still whore you do as we want.
Kerry already new why she wanted to move away, both her holes stank her mousy thick cunt hair stank of piss and her arsehole had a strong musky smell.

Thirty minutes later Sarah was once again dressed, minus knickers and tights. Kerry walked her to the door…when do your parents return from Australia..two months. You will move over here tomorrow, don’t bring clothes we will sort out your wardrobe not that you’ll need much.
Sarah would be gasping and longing for the next day, in thirty minutes she had been spanked had her cunt and arsehole eaten to at least three orgasms, and finally had spunk all over her tits. All three of us had loved it.

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    Personally !! I never liked getting ass fucked but this story is well written and erotic and actually got my pussy juices running into my hosiery !! I gave you a 5-star rating !!! Britney

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