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An incestuous encounter with my 13-year-old daughter (revised)

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Since my writing has drastically improved over the months, I have written a revision of previously published work. Compare them and please let me know

Sunday, May 19, 2024
By: PrettyToes

Hebephilia is a strong, persistent sexual preference and attraction to children at the cusp of puberty in the early stages of development, between the ages of 10 to 14 years old. This concept is very distinct from pedophilia, which is marked by a sexual preference for pre-pubescent children between infancy to 10 years of age, rather than those who have just begun developing or entered adolescence.

Ephebophilia refers to a sexual attraction for older adolescents between the ages of 15 to 18 years old.

My primary age preference among children is between the ages of 11 to 14 years making me a hebephile. My secondary age preference is between the ages of 15 to 18 years making me an ephebophile as well. This does not change the fact that I identify as being both a hebephile and an ephebophile. Regardless, any child that I am sexually attracted to must at minimum have begun at least 1 to 2 years of development.

My wife and I married both at the ages of 16 years simply due to us getting pregnant with my daughter Hannah when we were 15 years old. Our marriage didn’t last long, just 5 years, as she had explored sexual desires with other men that I was okay with, but she was not okay with me. I never understood why she had a need to fuck other men other than she was stunningly gorgeous and extremely intelligent. If only she would have informed me of her desires, I could have obliged her, and we would still be together.

Nevertheless, because she committed adultery the judge awarded all marital possessions and full custody of my daughter to me, her biological father. Since my wife left me, I have had no desire to meet or date anyone and have not had sex with a female for the past 13 years.

I am a 28-year-old divorced hebephile who is raising Hannah, my 13-year-old daughter. She is currently homeschooled in the 7th grade, and she just turned 13-years-old within the past three months. She is highly gifted and intelligent beyond her years and at 7-years-old, while in 2nd grade, my attorney advised me to get her tested for the divorce proceedings, so I did. She tested extremely high for a child her age in reading, writing and math skills measuring at college level. In essence, she is a child prodigy, which makes me very proud and although I am incapable of teaching her anything academically fortunately, she is capable at figuring out her 7th grade online schoolwork, nonetheless.

I have been her sole caregiver over the years providing all her needs, to include bathing, dressing, feeding, etc. In many aspects she is different from other girls her age, as it must have something to do with her higher functioning attributes. It is quite noticeable that she is precocious and very mature by nature as she has been since the ages of 3 or 4 years old. She seems to be in touch with herself in all aspects of development especially sexual and it is apparent she expresses it in a very peculiar manner.

For instance, when she was 7 years old, we were bathing together, and I briefly stepped out to the hall closet to get a washcloth. Upon returning, I observed her lying down on her back with legs spread open Indian style, rubbing her clitoris with two fingers in a circular motion and moaning as if she were getting fucked. Later, I asked her why she was doing that.

She looked at me smiling and said, “Because it just feels good.”

I ignored her special activities when we would bathe together, and I let her do as she pleased, and she continued to masturbate with me in the tub for years. I did not mind it and as a matter of fact it turned on. My young 13-year-old girl began to masturbate as far back as I can remember and as she grew older, more bizarre sexual behaviors seemed to surface. When she was only 10 years old, I stood outside her bedroom door because I thought I had overheard moaning, again, it’s as if someone was getting fucked. I would open the door only to see her lying naked on top of the covers and didn’t see or hear anything else.

Later, I would ask what she was doing, and she casually answered that she wasn’t doing anything except for singing a song. Her moaning was so vividly clear I swear she was being sexually molested by someone I did not know. I periodically continued to hear moaning sounds and I heard more as she grew older. It was not until she was 13 years old that I figured out and understood what motivated her to touch herself in such a manner.

Hannah has grown to be a precocious, mature, decisive, well balanced little girl. She is very attractive for a 13-year-old girl who is 4 feet 10 inches tall, 95 pounds, with long flowing strawberry blonde hair, penetrating blue eyes, a full set of shapely lips, and curvy developing hips. She has a dark complexion, which at any age makes her appear sexy and her skin remains tan throughout the winter months.

Since we still bathe together, I notice a tiny amount of pubic hair she has been shaving since she was 11 years old. I am attracted to the fact she has absolutely no body hair and I am fond of this characteristic since I dislike body hair to the extent that I shave my entire body. I have cared and taken baths with her since she was a toddler.

Hannah is lying down taking a nap, when I walk past her bedroom door and once again, I hear sounds coming from her bedroom. I stop and listen and conclude they are moaning sounds as if she is getting fucked by someone. I slowly open her door and creep into her bedroom as it continues to get louder and louder. I have heard it many times in the past but could never pinpoint its true origin. I make my way into her bedroom observing her completely naked, as she has removed all her clothing wearing nothing at all and is rubbing her pussy with her legs spread wide apart.

This is the first time I have observed and admired her beautiful naked developing body since she began puberty two years ago. It is clear puberty has changed her from a straight, narrow, flat chested little girl to a beautiful, attractive young woman. She is in full development displaying very attractive childbearing hips, muscular thick legs, nice curves and beautiful breasts. I very much appreciate her pubescent development with small breasts and 2.5-inch puffy areola with raised nipples.

As I peer at her naked body, I begin to twitch looking down at her fully naked exposed puffy breasts that turn me on so much I just want to lie down next to her and suck on them. For the first time, I realize that puberty has changed her body to match her beauty. I have never desired to see her grow into a woman, thus shedding her little girl features that I have come to love and adore so much. I remember her at 10 years old when she began puberty her vagina went through a noticeable change from a little girl to a scrumptious young teen.

As I quietly step over to her bed and observe her sleeping with her legs spread rubbing her clit with two fingers in a circular motion as if she had been taught this years ago. She is moaning like a woman getting fucked and as she makes these erotic sounds her fingers unexpectedly go deep into her hairless pussy. As her fingers penetrate her slit, her moans continue. The wetness from her pussy glistens off her fingers, which immediately seduces me with a desire to taste her.

The longer she remains rubbing and stimulating herself the more she moans with erotic pleasure and the more I want to taste her. Upon hearing her moan, I begin to feel the blood begin to engorge my plump cock as it begins to get harder by the second. I have a 9-inch cock with a 3-inch width, and when a woman lays eyes on it, she appears to be astonished and quickly desires to play with it.

Lying naked on her bed, I stare at my little girl in awe as I cannot believe she is masturbating and moaning while asleep. I must admit that the sight of her, a beautiful young girl masturbating with tiny little hands and trimmed fingernails causes me to inappropriately desire something I have never considered. Of course, I have a strong sexual attraction to 13-year-old teens, but I have deemed her off limits up until this very moment. Again, I am sexually attracted to 13-year-old girls but a sexual attraction to my 13-year-old daughter has never crossed my mind until now.

I attempt to ignore this strong desire, but how could I with a naked 13-year-old girl lying in front of me rubbing her clitoris with two fingers, diving them into her wet pussy, and making loud moaning sounds.

As she masturbates and moans, I cannot help but think of doing unimaginable things to her that has never crossed my mind. As I watch her stimulate her attractive wet pussy, I realize I cannot take anymore, so I give in to the desire understanding my failure.

Quickly, I begin stripping and removing all my clothing, crawl into bed toward her inviting wet pussy as my cock is dangling down below me with a desire of its own. Her legs are spread wide open exposing her pussy as I crawl closer to her noticing a glistening wetness inside of her fully spread cunt. Her pussy, labia, clitoris and all the other very attractive parts usually hidden between her legs are wide open and in view.

Making sure not to disturb her active hand, I bring my nose close to her pussy take in a huge breath and smell a delicious musky aroma coming from her young wet pussy. I did this several times accumulating her pleasurable scents again and again. My face is between her legs and strategically placed just above her inviting pink pussy, as I wait until she moves her fingers.

As she rubs, I slowly and gently stick out my tongue licking her moistness and beginning low at her perineum, I make my way upward past her pussy onto her clitoris.

She moans with erotic pleasure, “Ooo Mmm, Ooo Mmm!”

She tastes so good as I lick and enjoy this little girl’s moistness, I listen to her moan with pleasure continuing to rub her clit with me freely gliding my tongue and tasting her wet love hole. My cock is throbbing as the blood from this experience is pumping in almost mechanically. I pay special attention to her vaginal opening as I curl my tongue and scoop up every drop of wetness she is excreting.

I swallow her wetness into my belly licking and tasting her mouthwatering pussy as I listen to her begin moan again and again. I could not believe I was getting to do this with my precious little girl but licking and tasting her pussy juices at her age not only felt okay but seemed right as well.

I bring my mouth to her budding breasts and gently put it over her puffy areola, placing her entire enlarged nipple into my mouth gently sucking and tonguing it. I suck on her small breasts and pussy as I go back and forth several times with a desire to taste more. I lift her knees and push her legs back to expose her asshole quickly bringing my head to its lowest point just below her vaginal opening. I gently push forward with my tongue contacting her pink star. The musky scent of her asshole fills my nostrils as I flatten my tongue to cover as much of the area as possible.

Pressing my tongue deep into her asshole, I taste it and get a sense of what she ate the day before. I love the smell and taste of a young girl’s asshole especially after she have gone to the bathroom as it tastes dirty, musky, raw, earthy, tangy, and sweet. I am in heaven.
‘Wow,’ I think to myself, ‘did her asshole smell great or what?’

I am camped out between her legs licking, sucking, smelling and tasting her moistened wet pussy exposing her glistening wetness on my chin. Purposefully, I choose not to wipe her juices from my chin to savor the smell and taste perhaps for later. I had been eating and licking my her for about twenty minutes totally enveloped in the eroticism of eating a 13-year-old girl’s smooth hairless pussy. I continue to lick and suck on her pussy savoring every bit of it as I take what I didn’t realize to be my last full taste of her pussy not noticing her making any sounds for the last five minutes.

She begins to awaken by yawning, opening her eyes, and blinking twice taking note that she is completely naked with me between her legs licking her pussy. I pay zero attention to the fact that Hannah has awakened as I am hyper focused on licking and tasting her pussy. I bring my mouth back down to her dripping wet pussy to gather another taste of her secretions and pay no mind that she has stopped stimulating herself.

As I begin to dive my tongue deep into her warm inviting cunt she smiles and gasps surprisingly, “Hi daddy?”

I jump up startled at hearing her voice, “I’m naked. What are you doing to me while I’m naked? Are you licking my private area?”

I quickly cover my cock with a bed sheet and naturally, I am embarrassed and afraid, so I do what comes natural to me. I tenderly kissing her pussy repeatedly as if I have somehow injured it.

She brings one hand down and begins to stimulate herself, “Daddy, this is weird, but it feels really good, what are you doing?”

I continue to kiss her thighs, stomach, nipples and finally her mouth.

She asks me again, “Daddy, what’s going on, what are you doing?

Her voice is muffled as I silenced her by kissing her mouth and tenderly caressing her shapely lips with my tongue. To my surprise she instinctively knows how to return a kiss as her tongue gently pierced my mouth and French kissed me pleasurably. We kiss intensely for about three minutes without letting up sucking on each other’s tongues and licking one another’s lips. I slowly begin to break by pulling away from her mouth and gently pecking her lips again and again which once again got me hard.

As I break away from her, she enjoys the feelings she is experiencing while kissing while still naked and lying together we stare at one another for a long moment as she appears to have a look of confusion on her face.

She begins to explain, “Daddy I’ve been waiting a long time for you to kiss me like this, and I’ve been wanting to see what having sex with you is like.”

I forgot her IQ is 186 and she processes stimuli differently than most, remembering she does not think like others and her need and desires are more advanced.

I start to explain, “Hannah, your daddy is a hebephile, do you know what that is?”

To my surprise, I should have known she is already aware what a hebephile is, “Yes, I have been aware of this for years.”

So, I continue, “Do you know that you instinctively have an understanding of things regarding your sexuality that most people don’t?”

She nods her head and smiles at me, “Uh huh.”

I continue, “Well, I have been hearing moaning coming from your room for years now, but every time I attempt to locate it, I can’t find anything. Except this time when I came into your room and observed that you were asleep you apparently removed all your clothing, spread your legs as wide as you could, and began to rub your clitoris.” I pause.

She begins to giggle, “Okay, what’s wrong with that?”

I feel stupid, “There’s nothing wrong with it, but I gave into my sexual desires after seeing you like this. You unknowingly enticed me to molest your body, but you can’t tell anyone about it, okay? I mean it Hannah, not a soul. If this is reported to the police, you’ll never see me again.”

She looks at me as if I were stupid, “I know that dad, I’m well versed with Florida Law and have memorized the entire Florida Criminal Law Section:”

Title XLVI, chapter 800, section 800.04, subsection 5b – Lewd or lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of persons less than 16 years of age. It indicates an offender 18 years of age or older who commits lewd or lascivious molestation to include sexual intercourse against a victim less than 12 years of age, commits a life felony punishable under chapter 700, section 775.082, subsection 4b (I), which indicates a term of imprisonment for life not to exceed 40 years.

Title XLVI, chapter 800, section 826.04 – Incest. It indicates whoever knowingly marries or has sexual intercourse with a person to whom he or she is related by lineal consanguinity, commits incest, which constitutes a felony of the 3rd degree, punishable as provided under section 775.083 4b (d), which indicates a term of imprisonment not to exceed 5 years.

I continue with my explanation, “As I continued to notice your nice wet pussy and gorgeous young body, I couldn’t help myself but to give in to the desire to lick and taste your pussy.”

She stares at me with amazement as I pause for a moment then go into detail about what I did to her, “So, I took off all my clothes crawled into your bed with hopes of rubbing myself against you. I couldn’t help but notice your legs were spread wide open, and your pussy was wet and glistening. It was fully exposed to me, so I brought my nose down to get a scent and savor your smell. I was drawn in by your inviting pink pussy, got overly excited and began to lick it. I tasted your moist wet pussy beginning with your perineum and worked my way up to your clitoris. I wanted more so I tilted your knees back by lifting your butt exposing your asshole and began to lick and taste that as well.”

She is mesmerized by my explanation of how I molested her and comments, “Daddy, I have been waiting a long time for you to molest me as well. I know that you took a chance because you could get into a lot of trouble for what you are going to do with me. It’ll be our secret, okay?”

I get up, kiss her on her forehead, “Okay pumpkin, I appreciate your understanding and your vow to secrecy.”

We both hug and smile at one another as I stand up naked noticing this little girl is checking out my hard package. We take baths together, so she has seen my dick many times before, but I do not believe she has ever seen it hard. While contemplating it, I grab my clothes from the floor and walk from her room to my bedroom. I glance back at her lying naked in her bed as I admire the beauty of my 13-year-old daughter.

She speaks to me softly, “Daddy, one more thing before you go. I wish I could have experienced such an incredible encounter with you. It sounded like a lot of fun.”

I smile and suggest, “Princess, wanna take a bath with me?”

A huge smile came across her face, “Yes daddy, of course I would. I bet it’ll be fun!”

She stands from her bed and walks toward me as I peer at her perky small breast and flat stomach noticing her sexy hips are swaying from side to side. Aside from her being naked, I am instantly attracted to her.

I exit her room and as I enter my bathroom with a large jacuzzi tub and throw my clothes into the hamper. Moments later my naked daughter walks into my bathroom looking young and fresh.

I look at her and smile, “Honey, remember before when we were kissing and you said, ‘you have been waiting for years to do that with me’?”

She nods her head as I continue, “Well, I was thinking I’d like to get to know you better. Better sexually which I thought in the past it was not appropriate but have since changed my mind. How’s that sound?”

She shakes her head, “Okay, I would like that. Anyway, what did you think was inappropriate?”

I shake my head, “I used to think having sexual relations with my daughter wasn’t right, but who else is going to teach you these things? I mean, I teach you everything you need to know, so what’s the difference in teaching you about sex? I surely don’t want you to learn from going out with young boys, they have no idea what they are doing.”

I begin to run the bath and can’t seem to take my eyes off her beautiful body. She is completely naked exposing her very attractive developing breast, hairless mound, adorable plump ass cheeks, attractive curvy hips and everything else her nakedness exposes. The first sign of her luscious body, I begin to feel the blood rush into my cock as it pulsates and gets rock hard. I really don’t care at this point as I figure she will eventually see it hard.

I step into the tub and just before sitting I look up at her, “Daddy, can I ask you two questions?

I smile as she walks toward me, “Sure princess what up?”

Looking down at my semi-hard cock, she begins to blush as she stares at it, “You have a very big dick. I mean it’s huge! Are you attracted to me so much that your penis gets so big when you look at me?”

She pauses for a moment to ask the second question, “I mean, I understand it gets big to penetrate, but I was just wondering, would it feel good to have it inside of me?”

I was completely turned on by a 13-year-old little girl wanting to know if I am attracted to her and what my penis would feel like penetrating her, “Well princess I am attracted to you with your clothes on let alone seeing you naked and I think you are beautiful, adorable, cute and sexy. I love looking at your naked body and I must say that it sexually turns me on to do so.”

I pause for a moment and take a deep breath, “It most definitely would feel good for you if I were to put it inside of you. You would have multiple orgasms and your pussy would be wetter than it ever has.”

She seemed surprised with my answer, “Well, I want you to put it inside of me later on today so I can feel what you are talking about, okay?”

I am a little taken back but in agreement, “Okay princess, since I have decided to teach you about everything about sex, I will fuck your teen pussy later on today.”

She smiles and begins to get into the tub with me. The bath water is a quarter way filled and as I sit on the edge with my legs spread apart, she steps over the side facing away from me and places her naked body in between my legs. I remain seated staring at her gorgeous plump ass and decide to spin her around, lift her under her arms and pull her against my body allowing her to spread her legs and straddle my midsection. As her legs wrap around my sides, I gently pull her closer to me allowing her warm pussy to contact my stomach. As she sits on my rock-hard cock it rests against the bottom length of her pussy.

I stare at her directly in the eyes and wrap my arms around her upper body, “I love you pumpkin and I have to tell you that my true desire to suck on your puffy breast.”

She smiles and blushes, “Okay, you can suck on them if you’d like.”

While she is sitting on my cock, I lean her backward and begin to suck on her puffy nipples bringing them entirely into my mouth. I lick and suck alternating between the two as she begins to moan with pleasure. She closes her eyes, tilts her head back which allows her pretty-blonde hair to fall past her butt cheeks contacting my legs.

“Mmmm that feel really good daddy,” She moans.

The sensation of her hair brushing against my bare legs makes the thought of lying beside her that much more desirable. As it is now, I am sitting down with her facing me sitting in my lap and if I stand, my cock will cup her ass along her ass crack. Just the thought of that begins to turn me on.

After I finish licking and sucking her puffy nipples, she opens her eyes and with a blank look on her face, she peers back into my eyes. I slowly move my mouth toward her as we begin to passionately kiss one another licking and sucking on each other’s tongues and lips. As we kiss, she begins to feel my cock growing bigger under her pussy and as it moves up her ass-crack, she immediately reaches behind, grabs it with one hand and begins to stroke it up and down kissing me with fervency.

Knowing she is just a 13-year-old girl makes it feel that much better as she tightens her grip on my cock, “Wow daddy, it’s enormous!”

As we break away, she stops stroking it and instructs me to let her down and get into the tub. As I do, she stands directly in front of me, so I begin to inspect her teen body lusting after it more and more. I can’t help but notice that at eye level her pussy has become engorged and puffy which is inviting me to spread her lips open and lick between her young slit.

She bends down onto her knees innocently looking up and with a huge smile on her face, she reaches down wrapping her little hands around my cock as she is unable to touch her thumb to any of her fingers.

Calmly, she looks at me, brings her mouth to my cock, wraps her lips around it and sticks it in.

She begins to suck on it. “Does daddy want his 13-year-old daughter to suck his huge cock?”

She sucks on it vigorously, “Does my daddy like the way that I suck on his cock?”

I can’t help but to moan and groan, “Yes baby, daddy wants you to suck his huge cock! And you do it so good I don’t need to tell you how.”

She is jacking my cock off with both hands as she continues to suck on it harder and harder. Like a good little girl, she periodically looks up at me making eye contact with those icy blue eyes and stares seductively into my eyes. There is no need for me to coach her because she just seems to know how to do suck cock as if someone actively taught her.

Her head is bobbing up and down sucking my cock faster and harder with her mouth and hands wrapped around my it. I am about to cum when she begins to deepthroat it, forcing her mouth down onto my cock to the back of her mouth, swallowing and allowing it to enter her throat.

“Elche, Elch, Elc, El, E,” With every dip of her head my cock enters her throat with ease as I can see her throat opening larger every time it enters.

I am astonished at how she knows how to do this, and I am sure this is the first time she has ever sucked a cock, “Good girl, that’s ah good girl. Suck it. You’re doing so good baby, suck your daddy’s cock.”

My purple head begins to swell bulging to the point of bursting as I feel cum building deep from within my genitals. Up, up, up it goes with an exasperating feeling that seems to overwhelm my entire body. I have never had an orgasm with a 13-year-old teen sucking and swallowing my cock into her throat.

Seconds later, the 1st initial pump seems to slowly make its way to the tip of my cock, spurting cum into the back of her mouth and into her throat forcefully.

My eyes roll back into my head as I yell, “I’m cumming baby, daddy’s cumming into your underaged mouth! Swallow daddy’s cum down into your belly princess! Swallow me baby, swallow your daddy’s cum!”

Moments later a 2nd and 3rd pump forces cum into her wanting mouth and throat again with great as I can hear her gulp and swallow it down into her belly.

Then a 4th and 5th pump gushes more cum into the back of her throat allowing her to swallow it into her belly. I partially withdraw my cock to give her a better taste of what I ejaculated into her throat. As a 6th and 7th pump fill her mouth with warm cum where it is almost overflowing out from behind her lips, she gulps another bucket down into her belly.

I continue to cum into her mouth repeatedly allowing her to taste and swallow every last drop as she moans, and I yell with pleasure. I don’t believe that any cum missed her mouth, and she seems to have swallowed every last drop into her belly.

She finally came up for air saying, “Mmmm, this is my first-time sucking a cock and tasting cum and yours tastes so fucking good daddy! I love the texture.”

Unknowingly, a splatter of cum was on the corner of her lip, “You have something on your lip honey.” I move my finger closer and point to her lips.

She licks her lips with her tongue as she attempts to look down failing to see it. The splatter of cum is scooped up as she draws it into her mouth and swallows it. She leaves a huge wet spot on my thighs as she was squatting down resting her pussy on them, which begins to turn me on considerably. To think, when sucking on my cock, she gets so aroused dripping fluids onto my thighs, that she leaves a considerably large wet spot is hot as shit.

I turn the water on, and the tub begins to fill again. I lean back, close my eyes, and notice she is rubbing her nipples to stimulate them, “Daddy,” She utters.

My cock is getting smaller as I answer her, “Yes princess?”

Looking for my approval, “Did I do a good job sucking your cock, and swallowing your cum?”

I smile at her naughtiness, “You sure did princess! You did a very good job actually; you did an excellent job! I have never in my life had a girl suck on my cock as good as you did. Which brings up a question that I need to ask, okay?

Urgently she answers, “Okay, what is it?”

I lower my voice, “Have you ever sucked off a cock before?”

She answers adamantly, “No daddy, never. I told you this is the first time I have ever sucked a cock. I have never seen one before today, at least not hard. I have seen yours but never when it was so big,” She pauses, “Why are you asking daddy?”

I attempt to explain, “Well princess, it’s a little strange that you never touched a cock. You not only know how to jerk it off, suck it, and deepthroat it, but you know how to make me cum repeatedly. There are grown women that have done it for years who are unable to do what you did to me today.”

I pause staring at her naked body glistening in the moonlight by the water’s reflection. “Do you know how you know how to do it?”

She places her head down and nods, almost not wanting to tell me. “Daddy, it’s hard to explain but since I was young, I think about something, and I just naturally know what to do and how to do it.”

I shake my head in disbelief, “Okay princess I understand.”

As the water level rises, we are both sitting down and I cannot stop staring at her moist pussy thinking about tasting, licking, and eating it again. I gently stand up over top her as she looks up at me with an adorable smile or her face wondering what I am doing. I reach under her arms and lift her to where she is sitting on the edge of the tub.

She lifts her foot onto the edge of the tub slightly bending her knee, which conveniently spreads her legs apart exposing her luscious wet pussy for me, “Is this what you want daddy? Do you want to lick and taste your underaged daughter’s wet cunt? To suck on my wet dripping pink pussy as I watch?”

I kneel placing my face between her spread legs, “Yes princess, your daddy wants to taste and suck on your pretty pussy, rub my face in it, and absorb all your juices into my mouth. Is that okay with you?”

I slowly bring myself down to her little pussy and bury my face into it. Gently, I lick, suck, smell, and taste her labia, clitoris and asshole which makes juices flow from her pussy into my mouth.

She moans with pleasure, “Ohhh, daddy, that feels so good. Do you like eating a 13-year-old girl’s pussy? Do you like tasting how wet my pussy is for your mouth daddy?”

Kneeling between her wide-open legs I continue to eat her underage pussy until she cums three or four more times. Afterward we both collapse into the hot water in the tub lying down on our sides facing each other. Our eyes meet once again as we are both drawn to kiss. As we kiss, I can’t help but think there is so much more for me to sexually explore with my 13-year-old daughter, I can’t imagine what could be next, but I am sure that this will continue.

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