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An incestuous encounter with my 13-year-old daughter part II (Revised)

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This is Part II of a revision about a single father who self-identifies as a hebephile while raising his 13-year-old daughter as a single parent.

This is Part II of a revision about a single father who self-identifies as a hebephile while raising his 13-year-old daughter as a single parent.

For a true hebephile to be sexually attracted to any girl between the ages of 12 to 14 years old, she needs to portray certain criteria. There is nothing more disappointing than having a naturally developing 12-year-old little girl wearing makeup and press-on fingernails. In other words, little girls should look like little girls and not try to look older. They should not wear any makeup, no perfume or deodorant, have shaved body hair, pedicured sweaty stinky feet, and unbrushed hair. Everyone is different; however, those are my preferences.

As a hebephile, after her face, the first thing I notice are her fingernails and breasts and I ask myself the following questions:

First, are her fingernails long, polished and manicured or are they short and unmanicured? Has she chewed them like most little girls do or does she wear fingernail polish or not? While watching teen-porn I ask myself if she has short fingernails or long polished and manicured nails? It is a turn on to see a young teen’s hands wrapped around an older man’s thick cock especially when she has short nails with faded nail polish which reminds me of bubble gum for some odd reason. When she attempts to portray herself as a young teen girl and has long, fake painted fingernails, it appears unrealistic. However, when she has naturally short nails, with faded polish it appears realistic.

Preserving the natural characteristics a child is born with is paramount for a hebephile to be sexually attracted to her. As a parent, I believe preserving my child’s youth, and not allowing them to appear grown up, is my primary goal.

Second, has she begun development and are her breasts buds or mounds? Has her areola begun to enlarge and get puffy and are her nipples larger and raised? Any stage of development except for Tanner one is acceptable for me, however each is entitled to his own preference. For me to be sexually attracted to a pre-teen or a young teen girl she must be at least a minimum of two years into pubescent development and have developing breasts. I do not have an attraction for preteen or teen girls that have not begun to develop and still display flat chests, straight hips, and no armpit hair.

Tanner one development begins at the age 8 years old when there are no physical changes and is too young for me. With girls, puberty can start as early as age 7 or 8 years old, but ages 9 or 10 years old is the norm. So, usually by the ages of 10 or 11 years old a girl has begun physical development at Tanner two, but my preference is Tanner three. Hannah is a Tanner three as I prefer girl’s breasts beginning at Tanner three to Tanner five or starting at the second year of puberty.

Second, has she begun to grow armpit or pubic hair? This is a sign of maturity although I prefer her to shave as it is not determined by age, but by genetics. So, it is a matter of preference for one to desire if a preteen or young teen girl has a lot, a little or no pubic hair. Personally, I am attracted to girls with no pubic hair having a mound and vulva that is smooth and hairless. Hannah has no body hair as her bump is hairless even before she began to shave. Watching a pre-teen or young teen girl attempt to shave to preserve their natural beauty is a turn on as well. I do not prefer armpit or pubic hair, but I do enjoy and am attracted to little girls shaving their armpits and crotch.

Third, does she at least have some type of hip development or is she straight as a board? Widening hips are a sign she can carry a fetus to term which naturally attracts a man as he does not even realize it. The wider her hips, the more attracted and turned he will become.

Fourth, does she have cute, adorable, polished toenails and most importantly are stinky and dirty? Toenails are different from fingernails in that they are not seen as much, and they do not have as much activity as fingernails. Short, pedicured, polished or unpolished toenails are preferable to me and there is nothing better than seeing an 11 to 14-year-old developing little girl with a French pedicure on her cute, adorable toenails. Adult polish colors or no polish is more acceptable than kids polish when it comes to her toes which is the opposite to fingernails. It is a shame to observe a cute, adorable preteen or young teen girl with adorable toes wearing long, fake, polished and manicured fingernails.

I have a strong attraction to the smell of vinegar on teen feet. Having stinky feet is primarily known as bromeosin. This odor is often caused when bacteria on her feet mixes with her sweat. For most young teens her sweat contains propionic acid, a product of Propionibacterium which is the same acid family as acetic acid (vinegar). I love the smell and taste of dirty stinky teenage vinegar feet and toes. The more stinky they are the more attracted I am to her.

Fifth, does she have a pubescent developing butt that is plump and fat or does she have a prepubescent, flat butt with deflated butt cheeks? Personally, I prefer a lot of fat or chubby butts with cellulite dimples in all girls and especially pre-teen and young teen girls if it has not followed the rest of her body and has remained entirely at her butt.

It is about 7pm and I am in the kitchen preparing a late dinner. I think about how much I enjoyed eating my daughter’s pussy this afternoon and evening while she slept, and bathing together. After our bath, we both exited the tub and went our separate ways into our bedrooms. I got dressed, laid down on my bed and read a book for about an hour. The opportunity to sexually explore her had surfaced as I cannot concentrate on reading and keep thinking how much I adore my little girl.

I have a smile on my face and as I prepare chicken marsala that is baking in the oven, I continue to prepare salad. I am listening to ‘Comfortably Numb,’ by Pink Floyd and just then, I hear footsteps coming down the steps slowly, “Princess, is that you?”

She answers happily with her young teen voice, “Yes daddy, who else would it be?”

I smile as she rounds the entrance to our kitchen. While cutting the salad fixens I glance at her and do a double take as I am astonished and surprised at what she is not wearing. She walks into the kitchen fully nude, opens the fridge door and grabs a gallon of orange juice as if nothing is wrong. I peer at her luscious body and cannot help but notice her freshly painted red toenails. My eyes wander their way from her teen feet and toes across her hairless mound, up to her small, developing b-cup breasts and all the way to her cute, adorable face.

I fight to find words, “Hannah, what happened baby girl? Where are your clothes? Did you lose a bet or were you mugged again?”

Not that I minded or did not enjoy looking at her naked young body, I just found it funny to ask.

She looks at me while pouring a glass of OJ with a huge shit eating grin on her face, “Well daddy, I figure since you have seen me naked, have spread my legs exposing my pussy, opened it with your tongue and fingers, licked the juices from me, licked my asshole, and sucked on my tits, what’s the point in wearing clothes, right? For what?”

I look toward the ceiling in contemplation, “Yeah, well that’s a good point Hannah, I never thought about it in that way. Should I remove my clothes too?”

“Ahh,” She gestures with her hand after taking a sip of the cold orange juice, “Doesn’t matter to me daddy, I mean, I would love to look at your huge cock as much as I can!”

With that, I decide to strip off my clothes and join my daughter in rebellion, “Okay then, well who needs clothes anyway?”

The Pink Floyd solo got louder as I remove my shirt and shorts displaying, I am not wearing any underwear. I throw them over the living room sofa, and she smiles and laughs out loud as she watches me.

My cock, although not hard, still appears thick and long as compared to most. Hannah is looking at me from a distance and I cannot tell if she is looking at me or my cock. Although I would be turned on knowing my 13-year-old little girl was staring and admiring the size of my cock, it did not matter to me. I thought just having her allow me the privilege of gazing upon her young naked body was good enough for me.

I will never grow tired of looking at her young, fresh, developing naked body, especially because it is so sensual, spectacular and satisfying to look at. I do not remember her mother having a great body at age 15, but Hannah was a true knockout.

As I continue to prepare dinner, she sits in a chair at the kitchen table reading a book. As she does, whether purposefully or not, she lifts both her feet onto the chair, placing them in front on the edge with her little painted toes hanging over. While sitting, her knees fall to their sides spreading her legs wide apart, exposing her hairless, lush, very attractive pussy. I glance over and immediately take note and end up having to look twice not being able to help my cock from twitching.

‘Wow,’ I think to myself, what a beautiful little girl and what an attractive young body she has, especially her little pussy, “Jeeesh,” I mumble out loud.

She looks at me with a cute smile on her face then back to her book., “Everything okay daddy?”

With a smirk on my face, I knew I was getting hard, “Yes Princess, everything okay with you?”

She turns a page in her book, again, glancing at me, “Great,” She glances down at my enlarging cock smirking the entire time., “Everything okay down there, daddy?”

Jokingly, I have a look of surprise on my face as I glance to see what she is referring to, “Oh that!” I wave my hand gesturing, “Don’t worry ‘bout that. It has a mind all to itself and it’s just responding to a 13-year-old, lustful, naked little girl with developing breasts and very attractive puffy nipples, sitting in a chair with her legs spread wide open with adorable red painted teenage toenails, exposing her luscious, appetizing, pink pussy! That’s all!”

She gets a look of gratitude on her blushing face, “Awww, daddy, why do you always say such nice things to me? You are so nice and kind, I love it.” She glances down at her hairless pussy and shakes her head smiling, “It’s quite attractive, isn’t it? That’s probably the reason I can’t stop playing with the damn thing!”

Laughing out loudly, she added one more detail, “Maybe after dinner, my daddy can do as he pleases with me and play with it or my entire body if he wants?”

My cock instantly goes erect and as I continue to stand there, it bobs up and down and straight up, “Yeah? Well, daddy will be obliged to do whatever my daughter likes, especially after getting an invitation to play with her most precious place and do as I please!”

We both begin to chuckle at our ridiculousness as I notice she cannot stop looking back and forth at my rock-hard flailing cock. Am I living with a sex crazed teenager or something?

“Daddy,” she says softly and innocently with a little girl’s voice. She places her book face down on the table, stands up stretching her arms above her head, and slowly begins to walk to me, “Since I spread my legs apart exposing my pussy to you, do you mind if your innocent, young, naked 13-year-old underage little girl got down on her knees, and put your huge cock inside my mouth sucking on it until dinner is ready?”

I feel like cumming as she spoke to me and I think to myself, ‘who taught her to refer to herself as young, naked, underaged, and innocent and such when speaking to me?’ I surely did not. She just seems to know when and how to say things to stimulate and arouse me, which blows my mind.

I reach down, grab my 9-inch-thick cock, stroke it a few times, and shake my head yes, “If that’s what my little girl wants to do to her daddy while he prepares dinner, then yes you may.”

She walks behind me with a mischievous smile on her face, reaches both arms around my huge chest, and begins to rub both hands in a circular motion over my nipples. This is usually reserved and performed by a loving wife, yet here is my 13-year-old daughter acting as a surrogate, doing a simple loving thing not only builds a man’s self-confidence but reinforces his will to provide for her. ‘Isn’t she just wonderful,’ I think to myself.

Since I am 6 feet and she is only 4 feet 10 inches tall, her face is staring straight into the middle of my back. She needs to reach above her head onto her tippy toes to rub my chest from behind.

While her hands rub me, she lowers them down onto my abdomen and pelvic area then down onto the base of my cock, “Is this what daddy wanted? His 13-year-old underage little girl giving his cock the attention it very much needs?”

I pause just for a moment, “Yes baby girl this is what daddy needs among other things.”

She smiles at me cryptically, “Oh yeah? Tell me what other things you need, and I’ll do whatever my daddy tells me to do cuz I’m a good little girl who always listens and obeys my daddy.”

My cock is between her fingers as she slowly moves them up the shaft to the head and back down again, repeating this over and over. I cannot help but notice her short child-like fingernails which makes me want to shoot a load. I must admit, it does not take much, but how does she know how and what to say to get me so fucking aroused. I mean, it sounds as if she is speaking directly from a pornographic romance novel or something. My mind is blown.

Finally, as I feel her small, underdeveloped breasts pressing into my naked butt cheeks, she grabs my cock with both hands and wraps them around, “Daddy, your cock is so big I can barely fit my hands around it. I don’t even know if it’ll even fit into my little pussy,” With an extremely exaggerated and pronounced little girls’ voice, she giggles like a schoolgirl.

She continues more seductively, “Will daddy consider breaking my hymen and taking my virginity while breeding his precious 13-year-old daughter? I will love to swallow your seed, but I’d rather you ejaculate your semen into my womb so I can bear you the children you have always desired.”

I take note of what she first said and cannot help but notice the size of my cock as I mentally compare it to her pussy opening. What turns me on is the fact her short girl-like nails are gripping my cock, and its size prevents her fingers and thumb from physically touching each other. I cannot help but look down and watch her cute little fingers and hands.

When I am viewing teen porn and there is a scene showing a little girl’s pussy, I get aroused looking at her little adorable arched feet and cute toes with her short little girl fingernails. Hannah has very small, adorable hands and her teen-fingernails are short and some even look chewed on. Throughout her entire life I have instructed that her fingernails should never be adorned with adult-like polish, only her toes.

I am rock hard thinking what she just proposed to me, and I do not know if she is serious, or playing around. There is no way she is serious so I go along with it, because she is turning me right the fuck on, “Would my baby girl do that for her daddy? Should I impregnate my underage little girl? Is that what you’d like me to do to you?”

Obviously aroused, she moans with desire as this turns me on too, “Mmmm, yes daddy, I love you and I’ll do anything you ask of me. If you want me to carry your child, then all you need to ejaculate your seed into my womb and impregnate me, okay?!”

The precum is continually flowing from the head of my cock especially as she continues speaking in this manner, “But I’m not sure princess. I’d have to penetrate you with my huge cock, and it may hurt my baby girl.”

She is now stroking my cock like a professional, “Yes Daddy I know, but maybe we can buy a toy that’ll break my hymen and stretch me out where I’m able to handle your huge manly daddy cock.”

Her last comment struck me a little weird as I thought about it. Knowing my daughter, I must believe she is not joking and has been thinking about this ever since she caught me licking her pussy this afternoon.

The way she answers my next question will tell me for sure, “Okay, my little girl gets whatever she asks for including daddy’s big cock inside of her cunt to ejaculate my seed high inside of her womb. We’ll talk about getting a toy after dinner or before we go to sleep, okay?”

She slowly made her way around to the front of me, and as she keeps at least one hand jerking on my cock she kneels and looks up at me with innocent eyes. With an adorable face, she whispers, “Okay daddy, I can wait for your decision, and we can discuss it later, but please don’t take too long because I may grow up and become of age, which will take all of the excitement from you being able to fuck and impregnate me.”

I can tell from the way she answered she is one hundred percent serious. She continues, “Okay daddy, since my hands are down in front of you and I am gripping your huge monstrous cock and it’s so close to my underaged mouth, can I put it in and suck on it until you ejaculate and fill it up?

Turned on to the highest degree and impressed with her ability to articulate her thoughts into words, stupidly, I am unable to verbalize a simple affirmative. I am forced to look down at her with a retarded look on my face and simply shake my head yes. She smiles at me for allowing her to suck my cock, opens her mouth, puts it inside and starts sucking.

She begins to make the sounds that come from taking it to the back of her throat, “Elchte, Elcht, Elc, El, E.” She sucks my cock for about 15 minutes without letting up once.

There is a pool of drool on the floor just below us and I cannot help but admire her efforts to please me, “Fuck baby girl, I’m ready to cum! Can I cum in my baby girl’s mouth? Do you want to taste your Daddy’s cum again?”

She answers me the best she can with a huge cock inside of her mouth, “Mmmm Hmmm.”

She pulls my cock out of her mouth for a second to answer me as she continues to stroke it with two hands covered in spit, “Please daddy, yes, please cum into my mouth so I can taste and swallow you down into my belly. Pleeese!”

She quickly returns to sucking my cock and here she is, my adorable little girl in my kitchen on her knees attempting to suck the cum from out of my cock, “Ohhh baby girl that feels good, don’t stop, yeah, just like that. I’m going to cum, I’m going to CUM!”

She continues to suck and eventually she summons the seed from down below. Spit drips from her saliva soaked hands and creates a puddle down upon the floor as a testament to all her hard work. Double handed, she continues to pump both hands up and down with more than enough room for her mouth to suck. She constantly looks at me with icy blue eyes and an innocence which is very difficult to forget even with her being a slut, sucking my cock right here on the kitchen floor. Her eyes are wide open as she gives me a wink.

Seeing her wink is all it takes for me to blow my load inside her mouth, “Aw baby girl, daddy is cumming in your mouth.” Up, up, and up it comes as a feeling of satisfaction overwhelms my entire body. I have never had a better orgasm with a 13-year-old teen let alone one who is willing to suck and swallow me down into her belly. My balls start to boil.

“Oooo baby girl, here it comes. Swallow daddy’s cum down into your belly. Swallow me, yeah!” The 1st pump from my balls comes fast as the baby-batter shoot out like a bullet to the back of her throat.

My eyes roll back into my head as I yell, “I’m cumming baby girl, daddy’s cumming in your underage mouth! Swallow daddy’s cum down into your belly princess! Swallow daddy’s cum like a good little girl!”

She moans with delight, “Mmmm, Mmmm, Ymmm” Instantly, the 2nd and 3rd pump forces cum into her mouth again with greater force than before as I hear her gulp and swallow it down entirely.

I cannot help myself, “Yes, yes you little slut! Drink daddy’s cum, drink it!” Then the 4th and 5th pump gushes more cum into her mouth allowing her to swallow it into her belly.

She cannot help but think how much she loves the taste of her daddy’s cum, “Daddy, I love the taste of your cum. It’s so goood!”

She returns to sucking as I yell, “Ughhh, my little slut daughter is sucking my cum into her teen mouth and drinking me! Drink it down baby girl, drink daddy’s cum!” Then the 6th and 7th pump fills her mouth almost to where it overflows out from behind her lips. After she swallows another bucket of my cum, I look down at her face as she pulls my cock out of her cum dripping mouth. Like a little kid, she wipes with the back of her hand, and I notice her smiling at me with the biggest smile I have ever seen on her cute, adorable face.

“Daddy,” She kept stroking my cock, “I know there’s more of your seed in there. Pump it out onto my face, pleeese, cum on my face.” As she relentlessly continues to stroke my cock repeatedly, more cum pumps out but this time it sprays all over her face, as she wanted. She moans and I groan with pleasure!

I cannot believe how good she is with sucking cock, I am mesmerized, “Is that good baby girl? Is that what my baby girl wanted? To have daddy pump his cum all over your face?”

Wiping cum with her fingers after sucking on them she holds up her hand gesturing for me to lick, “Yes daddy, that’s what I wanted after swallowing you. I wanted you to degrade me by putting me in my place to help me remember I am an obedient little slut who obeys everything my daddy asks of me.”

She pauses while holding up her adorable little hands and she enjoys licking me off her fingers, “Would daddy like to clean my fingers with me?” I look at her curiously. Why in the world and what made her say all that shit about being obedient and degrading. ‘Is that how she feels while I am cumming on her face, degraded? That is horrible,’ I thought to myself. Why did she allow me to cum on her face if that is how she feels about it?

Without thinking, I lean forward place her cum ladened fingers inside my mouth and begin to lick and suck my cum off them, “Sure baby girl, daddy would love to help you clean my cum off your fingers. There’s nothing like a family that shares, is there?”

With a cute smile on her face and shaking her head she responds, “Nope daddy, there is nothing like sharing.” She giggles with broken words. I bend down and lift my baby girl off her knees to her feet. I cannot help but grope her by grabbing two handfuls of her nice bubbly ass and with both hands I spread her butt cheeks apart.

I again admire her luscious little body, “Baby girl, I’ve got a question for you if that’s okay?”

She washes her hands at the sink and begins to set the table in preparation to eat, “Sure daddy, what is it?”

I attempt to consider all the consequences to what I am about to ask her but unfortunately, I am not intelligent enough, so I just blurt it out, “When I was cumming on your face, I asked you if it is what you wanted me to do, remember?

Dishes placed now silverware, “Mmmm hmmm, yeah”

My head begins to hurt as I attempt to recall, “Then you answered me saying something about me degrading you and putting you in your place to make you remember to be obedient to me or some shit like that. What did you exactly mean?”

Silverware set, time for glasses, “Is that what I said father, ‘to make me remember to be obedient?’ Or did I say, ‘to help me remember I am obedient?”

I felt I was in school, “I really can’t remember, but what’s the difference?”

Glasses set. She stops walking, stands directly in front of me, and looks into my eyes, “Oh Father, there’s a huge difference. If I had verbally indicated, ‘to make me remember to be an obedient little slut,’ it would insinuate I’m not obedient and I need to be made to remember. Then the degrading act of you pumping cum all over my face is perceived as a punishment.”

However, if I said, ‘to help me remember I am an obedient little slut’ it would insinuate that since I am already obedient, but I am humble enough to ask you for help remembering the degrading act of pumping cum all over my face is perceived as a reward not punishment. Understand?”

I glared down at her in amazement pondering how her little brain works, “I think I do, but is cumming on your face degrading, is that how you feel?”

Sigh. She clasps her hands together as if to give a lecture, “Father, you asked me two separate questions in one.”

My eyes squint as I rack my brain to understand how I asked her two separate questions because I thought it was just one question but in a different way. “Two? How was it two?”

She smiles at my ignorance, “First you asked me if cumming on my face is degrading meaning what? Were you interested in my actual opinion or how the masses view it or were you asking for my perception and how it may be interpreted by others?”

She smiles asking me to ‘bear with her’ and try to follow, “Second, you asked me if I feel degraded with you cumming on my face. First, you inquired of my dialectic, and second you inquired of my vehemence.”

Please understand, “How I think or feel about a matter is a very complex, well formulated, thought-out response taking into consideration my knowledge of the subject matter combined with how knowledge ultimately makes me feel.”

Sigh, “So, the answer to both of your questions is, yes, and no.”

She pauses for a moment for me to catch up, “Truth be told, historically, the act of doing anything to someone’s face except kissing, is always perceived as degrading, humiliating, rude, or offensive. For instance, if one were to do any of the following to another’s face, how would it be perceived? They spit, cough, sneeze, piss, shit, slap, punch, gesture, throw solids and liquids on, must I continue?”

I shake my head wanting to hear more, “No, but please elaborate, please.”

“Okay, so why is cumming not on that list? It’s on that list for most of society, but for individuals like you, it’s not degrading as you view it as normal and acceptable. I, however, find it to be very degrading and believe you will too after I explain it.”

She pauses for a moment, “Father, let’s change the circumstances and let’s say you have kidnapped and are in the process of sexually torturing me. Bound, gagged and restrained, you decide to jerk off cumming on my face, while calling me a stupid cum dump, slutty whore. Would I perceive that as degrading, humiliating, or offensive? I most adamantly would. The difference being are the circumstances surrounding the act, not the act itself. In other words, I would be perfectly okay with him cumming on my face but since he did it just to humiliate me, I would take offense. So, under these circumstances, his intention is what humiliated me not what he has done.”

She stops to see if I understand as I shake my head, “Let us say it’s me who is getting my face cummed on by you as you just did. I invite you because it makes me feel good to be considered humiliated. I view you as someone willing to cum on my face to humiliate me at my request. So, I get turned on by the act that you cum, and your willingness to do it.”

Sigh, “In contrast, your desire to cum on my face when I ask, turns you on but not just the act of cumming itself. The fact that it makes me feel like a cum-slut, and I allow you to cum on my face is what turns you on. Both parties are feeding off one’s willingness to degrade and humiliate and the other’s willingness to be degraded and humiliated. This sexually satisfying primal desire is ingrained in us to feel humbled and below another individual. Understand now father?”

I get what the fuck she is saying, and I am amazed at her intellect. She is so intelligent, no doubt she is an individual with whom I desire to marry and have babies with.

Not only is she great to look at, but she is also intelligent beyond her years, which is a definite turn on for me, “Wow! Little girl, that’s some deep shit! I do get it, but you haven’t clearly explained why you feel it’s degrading if so, why do you let me do it to you.” Ignoring my ignorance for just a minute she respectfully declines to answer me, deciding to show me instead. She puts her fingers inside of her dripping wet vagina, pulls them out as they are glistening under the overhead lights, reaches up and jams them into my mouth without asking.

I would never dream of stopping her from doing this as she says, “How do I taste?”

Confused, I look down then back at her, “You taste wonderfully delicious baby girl. I love the taste of your creamy wet pussy.”

She does not smile, “Can I do that to you anytime I want?”

Shaking my head I begin smiling, “Indeed princess, at this point you absolutely can?”

She again reaches down between her legs places two fingers into her pussy, pulls them out, and jams them into my mouth, “Anyway, when I stick my fingers into my pussy and jam them into your mouth, I know you won’t be offended, grossed out or hurt by it. Also, I know I can do that to you anytime I want and the act of cumming on my face is degrading to me but rewarding as well.”

She pauses for a moment, “The act of not respecting you and jamming my pussy juice into your mouth is rewarding for me and holds a reward for you as well. The act of allowing you to cum on my face and me conveying to you I WANT you to cum on my face, should be a turn on for both you and me. But your willingness to and my willingness to allow you, is what turns me turn on. With you allowing me to swallow your seed and me allowing you to cum into my mouth should be a turn on for you and me respectively.”

I place my hand on my chin, astonished at her ability to articulate this to me having and previously not experiencing anything like this until now, “You are so wonderful, do you know that? I would marry you if I could and I’d eat YOU for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. I love you so fucking much Hannah, I’d would love for you to carry and bear my children someday!”

She laughed, “I want you to realize, when I said, ‘Yes daddy,’ that’s what I wanted after swallowing you. ‘I wanted you to degrade me by putting me in my place to help me remember I am an obedient little girl who obeys everything daddy asks of me.’ I was making a point to you, and I am so happy that you figured out to question my cryptic message, because if you didn’t, I would have never brought it up otherwise.”

She takes a breath, “Even if I viewed the act of you cumming on my face as one hundred percent degrading, I’d still be willing to allow you because I respect you as my father and I am and always will be obedient to you in all aspects of life.”

I stare at her in awe, “WOW, that is a very interesting view from a little girl, you always seem to amaze me!”

Just when I realized why she called me ‘father’ she looks around and says, “Daddy, I’m hungry now. Can we eat?”

“Oooo, thank you for reminding me,” I darted over to the oven and retrieved the baked chicken. “Thought I’d burnt it,” I smiled. I love to watch her as I admire her naked body and notice she went and got a towel and placed it down on her chair.

I Jokingly say, “Scared to get shit stains on the chair, am I going to have to clean the shit out of your asshole with my tongue before dinner little girl?”

“Oooo, you’re gross daddy,” Sigh, “Nooo, but close. In the same area. Don’t want to get any juice leaking down out of my pussy onto the chair.”

“You have a way with words princess, you know that?” Naked as jaybirds, we both sit down as I serve dinner onto her plate. I was so happy I could barely contain myself.

She takes a bite of the chicken marsala, “Mmmm, this is really good, it’s thick and white, kinda reminds me of eating your cum.” I stop what I am doing and stare at her as she gets a shit eating grin on her face again, “Daddy, did you really mean all that stuff you said about marrying and impregnating me?”

I take a bite of mashed potatoes, “I sure did Princess, but it’s not only against the law, but would you feel comfortable marrying an old guy like me? I mean you ARE the only girl I have been with and have come to know for the 13 years, but would you?”

She takes a sip of water, “Hell yeah, I’d feel comfortable, I love the fact you are so much older than me cuz I think little boys are boring. But seriously daddy, I’d love to marry and have your children or grandchildren or whatever with you. I mean here we are naked, spending so much time together sucking and swallowing your cum and you…Hey wait a minute, you haven’t even attempted to eat my pussy tonight, why?”

Both of us begin to laugh at her joke, “As soon as we finish eating and begin clearing the table, I’ll lift my little naked sexy baby girl into my arms, carry you over to the counter, spread your sexy legs exposing your fine, delicious pussy, I promise, then I’ll eat it for dessert, okay? I promise!”

“Really daddy, you promise?” I shake my head in the affirmative. It is clear to me when she is in deep thought but as to what she is thinking about I have no idea.

Then she says, “I think it would be rewarding to learn about life and sex from you. Like tonight, I’m going to get my pussy pleasured by your fingers, mouth and tongue while sitting on the countertop but eventually, daddy, you’ll need to fuck me with your huge cock the way I deserve to be fucked and I’ll be able to fuck you, the way you deserve to be fucked…I think I’m doing a good job thus far, yeah?”

I cough up my food, “Uhh, yeah, I’d love to fuck you too baby girl, and you are doing an excellent job, wouldn’t that just be wonderful? We’ll see, we got the rest of our lives to do whatever we like to one another.”

Thinking back, I begin to wonder how many other teen girls are doing the same thing with their fathers, learning to fuck. I would like to find an underground club somewhere that hosts fathers with 10 to 14-year-old daughters or just men with 10 to 14-year-old consenting girls, where we could all meet one another using different methods. Such as a daddy/daughter swap wherein each daughter depending on her experience level and how comfortable she is, wears a colored marking, red, yellow or green to indicate their level of participation.

Red, she may not be touched in any way, and you may not see her in the nude, unless she first gives you, her consent. You may not ask her to accompany you to any private rooms or areas. You can ask to simply admire her in the nude, but you may not ask for anything other than to see her in the nude. For you to be able to do anything else with her, she needs to give you unsolicited consent or permission for you to do so. If she chooses, she can request anything she desires you to do to her.

Unless she removes her panties. If she has done this then she is a red considered green with some limitations. The first is you need to obtain her consent before you just simply begin to do anything you desire to her. You may not lead her to a private room without first obtaining her consent, but she may ask you to accompany her to a private room or area.

Yellow, you can touch her without her consent, but you may not finger, lick or penetrate her holes in any way unless first you receive her consent. You may ask her to accompany you to a private room. For you to finger, lick or penetrate her in any way, you must first obtain her consent.

Unless she removes her panties. If she has done this then she is yellow and considered green with some limitations. The only one being is you need to obtain her consent before you simply start to do anything you desire to her. You may lead her to any private room or area without her consent, but once there you need to obtain her consent to do anything with her. If she chooses, she can request anything she desires you to do to her.

Green, you may do anything you desire to her including, fucking, touching, fingering, licking, and penetrating her without her consent at anytime, anywhere, or in any manner you prefer. You may lead her to any private room without obtaining her consent and you may do anything to her you desire without obtaining her consent.


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    No offense, but this was horribly written. We don’t need introductions that lasts forever. We also don’t need detailed explanations or information. Just stick with a normal plot where the two main character fall passionately into one another.