An adopted asian girl pt 1

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I am a fifteen yr old asian girl with nice 28 c tits a slender body and a nice ass , I was almost going to be sent away from the orphange because of my age when an older man of thirty five came in and seen me ,he asked about adopting me even though he had no wife, so it was arranged for me to go with him. After he took me to my new home he smiled as he showed me around I was dressed in jeans and tshirt and he smiled as he showed me my room and asked if I wanted to shower and I said yes, I had some spare clothes and he asked if I needed anything washed and I smile and handed him my bag and the he smiled and asked me to undress and shower while he washed all my clothes.He left and I undressed and went to the shower as I cleaned up he took my clothes after I finished I wrapped a towel around me and went to the kitchen where he was and he smiled as I looked in the fridge for a drink, I had keaned over to find sommething when I felt his hand on the inside of thigh , he slide it up and soon was massaging my pussy it felt ice and I stood up and faced him ,he smiled and kissed me and said we should know each other better, and he led me to the livin room and the couch, he took off my towel and then he undressed . Then he came over and had me get on my knees, he lifted his 8:dick up to my mouth as I opened it and I took it in and he taught me how to suck it.After he was hard he had me lay down on the carpet and spread and then he ate my pussy and then he positioned himself, I was nervou as he slid his dick into me I was very tight,it hurt as he went deeper but soon he was al inside of me and then he slowly fucked me and then he pushed deep and I felt the rush of his hot sperm inside of my pussy as I moaned.He pulled out and laid down and smiled he said he would buy me some new clothes the next day but from now on I would be his sex slave I said ok and that I was to do every thing he wanted including his friends and I would sleep in his bed and have sex with him

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Make sure you’re a good girl and do ANYTHING he asks you!

  • Reply HornyGuy ID:5xrqep0zm

    very hot wish it was me fucking that little pussie and i very much love young Asian girls

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    I love young asian girls , their little pussies taste so good and are nice and tight when you fuck them