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Alexis pt3

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I woke up the next morning with something pushing on my clit it took me a second to realize what it was and when I finally figured it out I heard the voice of Cassandra say “morning sleepy head.”

I gasped as she pressed my clit harder and then she let me go. She got off the bed and told me to meet her downstairs after I got dressed for work. So I got dressed and headed downstairs. When I got there Cassandra was standing at the stove making breakfast.

“Good slut, you’re dressed. Sit down and eat some breakfast. I have something to talk to you about.” She said

I sat down at the table and Cassandra finished making her breakfast and joined me at the table. Then after a few minutes of quietly eating, Cassandra said “listen Alexis, do you know why I’m doing this?”

I shook my head no but I had a pretty good guess.

“I’m doing this because you need to get out of your shell when it comes to sex and stuff. So I decided that you’re going to let those inmates use and abuse your holes today.” She said

My mouth fell open and all I could say was “Are you crazy, there’s no way I’m doing that.”

But as soon as I said it Cassandra slapped me across the face and I felt my pussy get wetter by the moment. Then Cassandra said “now slut, get on the floor on your knees and unbutton the top of your shirt.”

Once again my arousal by how she was forcing me was clouding my judgment. So I did as I was told and when I got my shirt opened I knew she could see the top of my bra and cleavage. Then she pulled out a marker and wrote “PAIN SLUT” on my chest in bold letters. Then she said “when you get alone time with those inmates, show them your chest so they can read that. Also after they’re done using you, let them keep your underwear as trophies.”

After that I left for work and when I got there I clocked in and waited for the third shift to end. When everyone on third shift left I started making my rounds, and when I reached Eric’s cell I said “Hey Eric, I have some new photos for you guys.”

He stood up and came up to the bars and said “Good slut, now give them to me.”

“I also have another surprise for you.” I said

With that I looked around and started too unbutton my shirt. When I got it unbuttoned enough to show him my bra and chest, he reached out to fondle my tits. Then as he cupped one of my tits he gave it a hard squeeze and I moaned louder than I thought I would. Then he said “Good little pain slut aren’t you?”

All I could do was nod my head. Then he found my nipple through my bra and pinched it hard. I squeaked a little and he said “I asked you a question, pain slut.”

“Yes master.” I said as he let go of my nipple.

After that I buttoned my shirt and continued my rounds. After a while of walking around I started noticing my clit was getting super sensitive from rubbing inside of my panties. I wanted to rush to the restroom and fuck my pussy but I was at work and I couldn’t just run to the restroom without looking suspicious.

Then a while later it was time for lunch and I had to stand in the kitchen with the trustees. My clit was still aching to be touched, then before I knew it, lunch was over and the trustees were starting to clean up.

“Hey Alex, I’m going to go ahead and do my rounds. Are you good here?” Said Jackson, one of my coworkers

“Yeah I’m good here.” I said

“Alright.” Said Jackson

As soon as I saw him get out of sight I felt something moving between my legs from behind. My mind became blank as whatever was moving between my legs expertly found my clit through my pants. Then as soon as I appeared, it disappeared. “Hey what the….” I began to say then.


“Oof” was all I could say as whatever object was between my legs shot up into my poor pussy. I about fell to my knees when I felt Eric pick me up from behind. Then I heard his deep voice say “see guys I told you she’s a painslut.”

“I bet her pussy is super wet right now.” Said Kyle

“We’ll figure that out later, but right now we’re going to have a little more fun.” Said Eric

Then as soon as Eric helped me up I felt his big hands on my shoulders as he spun me to face him. “Unbutton your shirt a little bit for us, painslut.” He said

I hesitated for a second but with shaky hands I did as I was told. After I got my shirt unbuttoned Eric turned me around to show the others my breasts in the red bra I was wearing. Reggie started moving closer to me when all of a sudden my radio goes off. I heard the voice of my supervisor come over the radio.

“Alexis, are you there? Over” Said Todd

I grabbed my radio and clicked the button to talk. “Yeah I’m here. Over”

“What’s taking so long in there? Over” Said Todd

“I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. The trustees were just trying to cover me up to hide me from other inmates. Over”

“Okay well hurry up because I need to talk to you in my office. Over” Todd said

“Copy that. Over and out” I said as I buttoned my shirt up again.

I heard a culmination of groans from the trustees as my bra covered tits left their view. “Awww c’mon Alexis, a little longer look.” Said Reggie

“Sorry fellas, maybe some other time.” I said jokingly

After that I left the kitchen and made my way to Todd’s office. When I got to Todd’s office, my pussy had settled a little bit from the shock of the hit but my clit was still really sensitive. I reached Todd’s door and knocked on it.

“Come in.” I hear Todd say from the other side.

“You wanted to see me?” I said, poking my head through the door.

“Aw yes, Alexis. Come on in and have a seat” He said as he pointed to one of the chairs in front of him.

“So why I called you in here is because Michael called and said he’s going to be a few hours late tonight. So I’m going to need you to come back for third shift until he gets here. So go home and get some sleep and then come back at midnight.” He said

“Okay Todd, I’ll make it in tonight.” I said as I stood up to leave.

“But don’t worry too much because Trey will be here for third shift too.” I heard Todd say as I left the room.

“Great” I thought to myself as I walked down the hall from Todd’s office door. The last person I want to work with is Trey. He wants to get inside me so bad. I continued walking down the hallway of the prison and then finally I walked into the break room and started to grab my things to leave.

As I started for the door I dropped my purse and I bent over with my legs spread a little to pick it up then I felt someone’s hand run up the inside of my thigh and along my pussy. I moaned a little as the unknown hand pressed where my sensitive clit was.

I turned around to see Francine with her hand between my legs. I wanted to protest but when I went to speak she slapped my pussy through my pants. I yelped a little but it didn’t hurt too bad. “Mmmm, looks like that girl wasn’t lying, you really are a painslut aren’t you?” She said as she lightly slapped my pussy this time.

“Mmmmm” was all I could get out. God my pussy was so sensitive I would have let her take me however she wanted. Then she grabbed my hair and pulled me up to look at her.

“Your roommate found my number in your phone and she told me about your little kink.” Francine said as a wicked smile crept across her face.


I’m evil, so enjoy the cliffhanger.

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