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After school detention pt 2

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I made arrangements to meet him for the weekend, he was going to pick me up on fiday evening so I got ready I had a bag packed and I was still dressed in my skirt and top with thigh highs from that when I met him, after I got into his he smiled and we went down the road a little and he smiled and asked me to slide my skirt up and take off my panties so I did and soon he was playing with my pussy and pumping his finger in and out I moaned it felt so good and so I orgasmed from it, we made it to his hoe he lived in a quiet place that was more country than suburban , after we went in he had me undress, I stood there naked for him and then he had me get on my knees and soon I was sucking his huge dick I heard him say he wanted me to swollow his cum and soon I was a huge load of hot sperm .After I stood up he smiled and said he had asurprise for me and then he told me that he invited a friend ovr the next day and I was to let him do anything he wanted with me I said ok and he also told me he was black.After a bit we went to his bedroom and he undressed and I sucked his dick hard ,and then he laid down and hd me straddle him I slid down on him slowly and after he was all in I slowly rode him leaning forward while he sucked on my tits soon I felt him filling my pussy with his hot cum and I laid down on him, later he fucked my ass as well. The next morning I showered and had breakfest with him and he smiled and said his friend would be there soon and I was to be naked for him so I got ready,after his friend arrived I came out to meet him and he enjoyed seeing me nakedsoon I was on my knees in front of him as he pulled out his 11″ dick , it scared me a little I had never seen one that size before but soon I was sucking it , after he was hard he had me stop and get on my hands a knees so I did, he slid his pants down and got behind me , I looked back as I felt him push slowly into me he smiled and said relax as he kept going soon I felt him very deep inside my cervix and then he was in ,he held still a moment then he started fucking me as he held my hips, I moaned in pleasure as he kept going I felt his full balls slapping me I was turned on alot and then I felt him push deep iside of my cervix and he started to fill me with his very hot sperm he cum in me for what seemed like a minute as I moaned filling me up ,after he finished he slowly pulled out and my pussy closed keeping it all inside of me I laid down on my ack and smiled as I caressed oer my pussy and stomach, I could feel a small bulge from his cum and it stayed hot inside of me, he smiled and asked me if I liked his cum in me and I smiled and said yes , he sucked my titties and then he asked me to visit him some time and I said I would love to . My teacher and I had sex the rest of the weekend I loved it all alot

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