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after school

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a 15 year old girl stops by her employer’s office to pick up her paycheck

he told me to come to his office after school on monday afternoon to pick up my paycheck. i remember that it was a cold, snowy day in january. i remember everything that happened that day.

i had been working for him since early october, when he hired me as a waitress. a month earlier—in september—i had moved to new york with my mom, celebrated my 15th birthday and started ninth grade. i needed a job so i would have some spending money.

i started having sex with him about a month after he hired me. actually, the first time, i only gave him a blow job. we were alone on a saturday morning in the back room of the restaurant. he stood with his pants pulled down and i knelt down on the floor in front of him. i was obedient to his direction and took his cock in my mouth. he gave me a new cell phone and a big load of cum. that became the arrangement—i got money or whatever i needed and he got whatever he wanted.

it was easy though because i wanted the sex too. i wanted him—and then other, older, married men—to use me. i wanted to be wanted. i wanted to please them. i still do. only now, since moving to nyc for college, i want my sex with more abuse and pain and punishment and degradation.

after that first time with him, and all through high school, he fucked me—he made my mouth and cunt and, eventually, my ass the receptacles for his pleasure. my body was his plaything.

he also set me up with other men he knew. he wanted them to fuck me, too, or make me give them a blow job or a hand job while they groped and fingered me. a few times he wanted me to strip for his friends and spread my legs and open my mouth. he wanted me to entertain and service them at private parties, parties for men only—except for me, the 5-1, barely 100 pound, high school girl with long, braided blonde hair. i was the party favor.

at the time he hired me, he was 40 and married and had two daughters only a few years younger than i was. his wife and daughters got to know me because i often worked as a server at parties they held at their home or at their lake house. there were times, at some of those parties, when he got me alone and left me with semen stains in my panties, or the taste of cum in my mouth, while i talked cheerfully to his wife or waited on guests or helped clean up afterwards.

i was wearing my school uniform that monday afternoon when i went to his office—white cotton blouse and navy blue and green plaid pleated skirt. a woolen skirt for winter. a white bra underneath the blouse. i wasn’t wearing panties but, instead, only navy blue tights to keep me warm. ugg boots and a hooded parka.

his office was located in the back of one of his restaurants. he was alone waiting for me. the restaurant was closed on monday.

as soon as i walked in it seemed different. his tone was stern and he didn’t smile. he pointed down at his desk and said “there’s your check.” at the same time, he put a hundred dollar bill on top of my check and told me to take my coat off and stand in front of his desk. “this won’t take long,” he said.

he sat at his desk and just looked at me awhile. “unbutton your blouse and open it.”

i did what he told me, quietly, my fingers fumbling with the tight buttons as I unbuttoned my blouse.

“take off your blouse and your bra.” i slowly slid my blouse off and put it on a chair. i undid my bra and pulled it off so my small a-cup tits were exposed. i stood in front of him topless now.

“keep your hands at your side,” he said. “don’t move unless I tell you.”

he looked at me—stared at my tits and then directly into my wide blue eyes—and stood up. he was a foot taller than me and weighed at least 200 pounds. he had thick, dark hair and brown eyes. he wore a white dress shirt and navy jeans, a black leather belt and black shoes.

he came around to the front of the desk. “you have the tits of a twelve-year-old,” he said as his two hands grabbed and fondled me. he made me squirm. he aroused me. i wanted this.

he came around behind me, pressed up close to me, put his arms around me from behind. he roughly squeezed and rubbed my tits. i sensed his arousal as he pressed up against me. i was still in my woolen skirt and tights and boots.

“we’ll do something different today, my little slut.” he said this softly, like he was sharing a secret, as he pushed his hand up under my skirt and groped my ass.

he pushed me forward to the front of the desk. he grabbed my hair at the back of my head and pushed me down so I was bent over the desk.

“you can keep your boots on.” as he said this, he pushed the back of my skirt up and pulled down my tights. he pressed down on my back with his left hand and slid his right hand up between my legs. his whole hand grabbed and rubbed my cunt roughly before he pushed his fingers into me.

“mmm, already getting wet for daddy, aren’t you,” he said, as he fingered me and roughly rubbed my cunt.

“let’s try this.” sliding his fingers slowly up towards my ass, he pressed down harder on my back. he made me push my ass out. it hurt when he pushed his middle finger all the way into my tight ass. “good girl.”

he stepped back after fingering me. “stay exactly as you are and don’t move.”

i was bent over the hard wooden desk. my nipples were hard, swollen against the desk. i turned my head a little towards him as he unbuckled his leather belt and pulled it off.

he came over to me and pulled my skirt up. my tights were pulled down around my uggs. he arranged me so my round fifteen-year-old ass was exposed completely before he stepped back again and whipped my ass hard with his belt.

i tried not to cry, but i did. he took his time between strokes. “it takes awhile before you can really feel it,” he said. he hit me at least a dozen times across the cheeks of my ass, each new stroke landing on top of the last one until i was sobbing uncontrollably with a throbbing pain that tingled down my legs.

before i could stop, before i could catch my breath from the beating, he pulled his pants down and grabbed my legs and pulled me to his thick, hard 8-inches of cock. it hurt when he grabbed my red, swollen ass cheeks and hurt more when he roughly penetrated me. i cried as he held me down on the desk, as he thrusted and pumped his cock into me again and again, so my body bounced on the desk. it was like a rape, really, as i cried and shook with pain even after he ejaculated and moved away and watched me slumped over the desk with semen trickling from my vagina, my ass covered in swollen red welts and a thick white pearl of cum staining my navy blue tights like a little cameo of what he did.

he watched me as i finally stood up shakily and pulled up my tights and straightened my skirt and put my bra and blouse back on. he watched me as i put on my parka and pulled the hood over my head and left his office. i didn’t forget my paycheck and the hundred dollar bill.

i was—and still am—his dirty little secret.
in fact, on my eighteenth birthday, he even came to nyc and got a nice hotel room where he beat me with a leather riding crop—even my tits—before he sodomized me.

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  • Reply emmapod32 ID:7481adjbm4

    this is so hot, my boss is 43 and so attractive but hes so oblivious to my flirting, it could be because im 15 but surely he’d pick up on it by now ffs

  • Reply ChingaTuMadre69 ID:nnmtk6wql

    Great Story Kacey do you have social media where we can chat?

  • Reply Jaymatt105 ID:1dsssita5lqg

    Wonderfully descriptive and erotic as ever. Hope youre well Miss chatting