After my divorce pt 1

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I m thirty two I have a great body firm and nice with 30d tits,my divorce had finially gone through my ex husband had been cheating on me. I decided one evening to go out and have a nice time I decided to wear my tight black dress which cut off at my thighs and I was wearing paties and thigh highs, I went to a nice bar and ordered a drink and was enjoying it when a very handsome and well built black man came over and ordered a drink and sat down next to me after a bitwe chatted, he seemed nice and I liked him he was well mannered. After a while he asked if I wanted to go to his place for a nite cap, I thought about it and said ok. We chatted on the way there , he had a very nice apartment and he made us a drink and we sat on the couch and chatted a little more he was nice and a bit charming, we had put our drinks down and chatted amoment when he leaned over to me and kissed me I smiled and we kissed again as I felt his hand on my thigh, soon I felt his caress as he slowly kissed me and I felt im gently massage my clitty I moaned a little it felt nice, soon we stood up and he took me into his arms and we kissed again as I felt him unzip my dress,he smiled as he slid it off my shoulders and it slid down to my feet and I kicked it to the side we kissagain and we went to his bedroom, he smiled and undressed for me. He smiled as he came over and I noticed he was hard , he was hung also at 10″ he took me into his arms and if elt his dick against me as we kissed and soo I laid back on the bed and he took my panties off as I spread he ate my pussy for a bit and sucked my tits, he then slowly slid his cock into my tight pussy as I moaned soon I felt him deep and going into my cervix, he started fucking me I moaned in pleasure and soon I wrapped my legs around him as he pushed deeper he fucked me for a while and then I felt his dick swell he pushed deep and I felt his hot sperm filling my cervix and then my pussy it was wonderful,he laid back and we rested and chatted a bit he smiled and asked if I d like to come back for more the following evening I said ok and he smiled and asked if a friend could join us and I agreed to it .

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