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Abused redhead granddaughter makes grandpa reveal his perverted and cuckold side

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My name is Jake, I’m 55 years old and I’m a widower, I have a beautiful blonde daughter with green eyes who gave me a beautiful little granddaughter, redheaded and with green eyes, her name is Marcela and she’s just turned 10. One day Mariana, my daughter said that Marcela was giving her a fever She asked me to stay with her because she had to pick up her husband at the center, about 50 minutes from home, and she would take the opportunity to go to the pharmacy and buy medicine for Marcela’s fever. Marcela was always very smiling and happy, even if she was sick, but on this day she It was different, she didn’t come hugging me or smiling as usual when my daughter left, leaving Marcela at my house, I asked my beautiful granddaughter if she wanted to see a cartoon, she asked to put her favorite cartoon on SpongeBob and lay down on the sofa in her school skirt. I noticed she was uncomfortable I asked if she wanted something she then asked to take off her panties because she was feeling pain in her butt I thought she was roasted so I said I could she took off her panties and lay down on her stomach and continued watching her drawing then she soon took them asleep and I looked to the side her school skirt was up and her ass was red so I got closer worried to know what she had she was in a deep sleep I pulled up the rest of her skirt and something unusual happened my dick started to rise I had been without a wife for a long time and I went crazy when I saw that red ass and when I opened her little ass slightly I was scared, her ass was without folds and lacy, there was something dripping from inside so I got close to her nose and realized that it was semen, could it be my granddaughter? I was being abused, when I noticed her ass blinked and released it, a large amount of semen, I don’t know what went through my head but I was in a trance and a primitive and submissive instinct made me drop my mouth and wipe all the thick semen that dripped from my granddaughter’s ass, swallowing as much of that tasty sauce as possible. I can say that there is nothing tastier in the world than potent semen that is consumed directly from the ass or a freshly fucked pussy.
Because the dick that went into that little pink hole was from a male and an adult, so I woke her up and asked her what had happened to her butt. She cried and told me it was a secret because otherwise the school janitor would kill her and all of us in the family. her, so I calmed her down and said that everything was going to be okay, I asked her to lie on her stomach and I was going to give her some medicine to stop the pain. I told her that to stop it hurting I needed to put the ointment inside her, so she was a little scared and said that I could pass it, so I told her to close her eyes and bear it because I was going to stick a tube inside and spray the ointment deep inside her ass. her.
I kissed and licked the white neck with the scent of a little whore. My penis was hard as a rock and I rubbed it on her pink pussy lips and her red asshole by the janitor’s cock. I could feel her clitoris, which is very fleshy and hard, rubbing against the head of my cock. Plus, the heat and wetness there made me go crazy.
When I realized, I had already inserted my penis into her ass. My granddaughter was terrified, she moaned and her eyes rolled. I started thrusting, slowly at first, delighting in those soft walls of fresh flesh around my cock. The janitor’s semen dripped slowly, accelerating, feeling more and more horny.
And I went slowly, because if I were stronger, I would certainly release a flood. Slowly, I introduced a little more and removed it, but without putting my head in the hole. If the pressure from that ass and the massage he gave my glans were already great enough, passing it through the little ring would make me cum immediately. Soon after, my youngest daughter stopped saying “yeahs” and replaced them with moans.
I went crazy, I couldn’t take it anymore. Seeing my red-haired and white granddaughter on all fours, with her vagina stuck in the middle of that meaty ass, led me to hallucinating hallucinations typical of heavy drugs. I decided I would cum with a potato. I take the cock out of the ring and insert it again. ENJOYED! My granddaughter’s pain was sudden and I flooded her anus with my semen. I took a jet that was certainly the deepest I could go; then a second, a third, a fourth and a fifth, although weaker, but which dried me up. I did everything I could not to stick it all the way in while I came, I only came with my head inside, massaging it lightly. I was very happy. I noticed every drop being removed from my sac and every jet reaching my granddaughter’s ass. I kissed my granddaughter hard, with my penis still inside her, applying pressure to ensure that all my sperm penetrated her asshole. I took more and more possession of it. We sat together on the bed, she leaned on me. She is so small and delicious. I stood there contemplating her beautiful body. Fragrant is the best option. Her hair was close to my face. Her curves, her little ass and her little breasts…

Since then, I’ve been eating my granddaughter’s ass. She gives it to me and to the caretaker of the Grossa cock, who arrives in full gala and I clean it with great desire. I applied ointment and left my cream deep inside her ass along with the janitor’s cream. This week, I want to talk to the Janitor at school one-on-one and come up with some suggestions for improving our costumes. Do you have any suggestions?

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  • Reply Kinkyman ID:1e1zptgu7u2i

    Extremely hard to read. Need to proof read

  • Reply eli ID:60aanwqr9

    the story started off fine than got so jumbled that I had no idea what was taking place