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A weird dream I keep having

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I’m 12 years old and keep having a strange sexualised dream about a magic watch that lets me stop time and do what I want.

Hi, I’m Amy and I’m 12.

A few weeks ago I watched a film about a boy who found a watch that when he pressed the button on the side of it time would stop, but he was able to move around and interact with everything while everything else was frozen in time.

Since then I have been having both day and night dreams about me in a similar scenario, but they have been very sexual in nature.

I dreamt that I was in class at school, listening to my teacher, Mr Davies, explaining complex math to us, he is so handsome and he was wearing light brown skinny-fit pants that were very tight and showed off a large bulge in the front, looking at it turned me on and I could feel my panties getting wet.

I looked at my watch and pressed the button at the side and everyone in class froze.

Mr Davies was standing at the front of class at the time, I got up leaving a wet patch on my seat from where my panties had soaked through, and I walked towards the front of glass, waving my hand in front of the other kids faces to check they were truly frozen in time, it was so cool.

When I got to Mr Davies I stood in front of him and poked his arm and chest to see if he reacted to it, he didn’t, then I reached out and rubbed the front of his pants, I gasped feeling the soft bulge beneath.

I unbuckled his belt and opened his zipper, then I pulled his pants down his legs to his ankles as I slowly got on my knees in front of him, he was wearing white boxer shorts with a smiley face emoji pattern all over them, I took hold of them and swiftly pulled them down and I fell backwards on to my hands fearing that he’d be unfrozen and catch me doing it, but he didn’t.

I pushed myself back up to sit on my knees and looked at his manhood dangling between his legs, he had nice round balls and a chubby cock with the foreskin pulled back showing his juicy looking mushroom tip.

I cupped his balls in my hand, they were warm, I gave them a gently squeeze, they were soft with a hard middle, then I held his cock in my hand, it was clammy and squidgy, after rubbing it for a few minutes it got longer, thicker and harder, until I had his full 6-inch erection in my grasp.

I placed my hands on his outer thighs and slowly moved my head forward towards it, the tip of my tongue felt it first as I stuck it out and lightly licked the underside of his tip, I rolled my eyes up and stared at his face while I continued to lick it the same way I lick an ice-cream, getting more confident with every lick and soon I was stroking my tongue up and down his entire length, I could taste his cock sweat and a little pee and it was nice.

I slowly opened my mouth and let his tip slide between my lips and over my tongue, then I closed then forming a tight seal around his veiny shaft and I slid my lips down until the tip of his cock gently touched my tonsils and the hairs on his balls tickled my chin.

While I sucked on his delicious meat shaft, my hand descended in to my panties and I pleasured my young clitoris which slowly swelled from the pleasure, I coated his cock in saliva and foamy spit bubbles, I occasionally popped it out of my mouth so that I could take a breath, then I sucked it again and again.

After several minutes I felt his cock swell against my lips, the tip of his cock twitching against my tonsils, a shot of warm semen quenched the thirst in my throat then I pulled back and the rest poured in to my mouth bathing my tongue in a warm sticky thick semen bath.

I squeezed his balls and his cock from the base upward, extracting as much of his essence as I could, then I popped my mouth off his juicy tip and held his semen in my mouth while I pulled up his boxers and pants.

Then I ran back to my seat and I clicked the button on the watch to restart time.

Everything continued from the point it had stopped, Mr Davies continued to talk, at one point turning and adjusting his crotch, probably feeling confused as to why his balls suddenly felt empty and light.

A few more minutes in to class he noticed me sitting with my cheeks puffed out, “Hailey, are you drinking in class?” he shouted out.

I shuck my head.

“You know you’re not supposed to be drinking or eating in class. Swallow it.” He demanded, not knowing that my mouth was full of his semen.

I wanted to laugh but I controlled myself, then I closed my eyes and chugged back my mouth full of semen and swallowed the lot, *Gulp*, it was really thick and goopy and stuck to my throat and made me cough a little *Cough*, I could hear it bubbling in my throat as I coughed.

Then Mr Davies went back to teaching class, I felt like such a naughty girl, but proud of myself.

Another dream I had was I was in art class and everyone was getting up to present their art work to the rest of the class, at one point 3 boys got up who had collaborated on an art project and they were standing at the front of class showing off their work, I clicked the button on my watch and froze time.

Then I went up to the front of class, pulled all their pants and boxers down and I jerked and sucked on all their cocks, one boy, Sean, had a nice thick cock, so after I sucked off and swallowed the other boys semen, I pulled down my panties and bent over in front of him, lifting the back of my skirt up over my back.

And I took hold of his cock and guided it to my pussy and I pushed myself back against it, I pushed hard and could feel his tip trying to burst through my hymen but it hurt and I kept holding back.

So I pulled a desk across the floor so that I had something to lean on, I leaned myself on it and then forced myself to push through the pain and his cock split my hymen, “Argh!” I screeched out briefly, feeling it penetrate me.

Then I kept on going until he was inside me, his cock was a very tight fit inside my small pussy, but he was in now and I was soaking wet, I held on to the back edge of the table and rocked myself back and forth on his cock, letting it slide in and out of me, pleasuring me greatly, “Uh – Uuh – Uh.”

After only a few minutes I felt his cock throbbing as it flooded my pussy with warm semen, after using his cock for my own pleasure I pulled it out of my hole, put the desk back where it was, pulled up my panties, and I pulled their boxers and pants back up, but decided to have a laugh by leaving their cocks hanging out their fly-holes.

I went back to my desk and unfroze time, after a few seconds everyone started laughing and pointing at them.

Miss Sheldon, the art teacher, saw what everyone was laughing at, “Boys!, what the hell do you think you’re doing!” she yelled at them, the boys then realised their cocks were hanging out and quickly zipped them back inside their pants, “That’s disgusting behaviour. See me after school, I am calling all your parents.” She yelled, the ordered them back to their seats, they looked so confused and embarrassed but it was so funny.

Another dream I had was of the most popular girl in school, she was a bitch to anyone she didn’t deem beautiful enough to be in her little group, and I saw her teasing some of the girls in the toilets, so I decided to get revenge.

That night we were having a basketball match at school, all the kids and parents were going to be there, and she was head cheerleader.

As the game got underway and the cheer squad did their little dance with their pompoms, I froze time, then I ran across the gym and I stripped her completely naked, then ran back to my seat and unfroze time.

All the kids laughed and took photos of her on their phones, some of the parents laughed but most were gobsmacked and in shock, the other cheerleaders laughed at her as she realised she was fully nude in front of everyone, she turned and ran out of the gym crying, it was sweet revenge.

After the game I helped the teachers clean up all the mess left behind, candy wrappers, empty drink cartons etc, and I was taking a large trash bag down the hall and as I walked by the boys locker room door I heard them all talking and laughing, and I always wondered what boys do in there so I froze time to have a look.

I went in and some of the boys were standing by their lockers getting changed, some naked, some not, I zig-zagged around them all, cheekily rubbing their cocks as I walked between them, then I saw a steam cloud frozen in the air by the showers so walked over to have a look, “Ungh!” I gasped, there were loads of boys in the showers, all naked, cocks everywhere I turned my head, it was beautiful.

I stripped off my clothes and went in to the showers and played with and sucked all their cocks while walking through the water droplets frozen in the air, I moved one boy on to the floor on his back, he was an older boy with nice big cock.

I straddled him and sat on his cock, it was a tight squeeze getting it to slide inside my pussy but I did it, and I rode and fucked him on the floor.

Unfortunately the water and moisture in the air caused my watch to malfunction and time unfroze, “Uh – Uuh – Mm.” I was moaning, unaware for a few seconds that time had resumed.

Suddenly the shower water was gushing over me and the other boys were gathering around me, the boy I was riding grabbed hold of my hips, “What the hell?” he gasped.

I frantically pressed the button on the watched lots and lots of times and it finally reactivated and froze time again, I lifted myself off his cock, picked up my clothes, quickly got dressed and ran out of the locker room as quickly as my feet would carry me.

That was the last time I dreamt about the magic watch and my naughty antics, I think maybe dreaming about it malfunctioning while I was being naughty scared me a bit.

I’m still a virgin but I think I’m craving some real cock if I’m dreaming of things like this.

Any advice on how I get a boy to fuck me? I’m not good at talking to boys, I’m actually a very shy person.

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  • Reply Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

    Amy so you are 12 rn ????

  • Reply Yng lover ID:cor6b75hl

    Love to fuck U if ur really willing

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5h8v7uzfn7

    At 12 there are a lot of boys and men that will want to fuck you. And I’d love to play out your time-freezing fantasies.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2m816pwozk

    Session or email me Amy. I love a good weird dream and maybe I can help you 😉

  • Reply Nattm1898 ID:43ywvs6ia

    You would probably have a better time having a man fuck you, instead of a boy.

  • Reply Jason ID:1erewksn8yrc

    When I was 7 years old, I had a recurring dream that I had a small bottle and when I opened it, a pink mist would come out, go all over the world, enter into the noses of everyone except me and make them fall into a deep sleep. Because of this, I was able to grope the breasts of my elementary school principal.

  • Reply Mei lin ID:2px1ogouh8z

    You need to be raped hard wirh something huge like a horse

  • Reply AverageDadBod ID:1dn6bs3s13t4

    Not sure if this is real or not. My incantation is that it is not, but I also like to believe people until it becomes obvious they are bullshitting.


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  • Reply 3333 ID:1du5z4rbzy0x

    Show what you look like