A strangers fucked me in my sleep

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My parents were having a end of week party one friday night for there work friends there were about twelve or so people at the party as usually we were told to go to our rooms early so the adults didn’t have to put up with us I was 15 at the time I was laying down bursting to go to the toilet so I got Up and walked down the passage way to my parents room to use there tolilet as I walked in to the room and walked towards the toilet I thought I heard a noise but I wasnt sure so I continued on to the toilet as I opened the door I got the surprise of my life when I saw my mother sitting on and ride a strangers cock a man I had never seen before I watched in amazement as she bounced up and down his massive cock she had her back to me and didn’t even realise or care that someone had just walked into the bathroom the man that she was fucking on the other hand saw me over my mother’s shoulder and just look straight at me and and continued fucking my mum. I was in a state of shock as well as a being transfixed to his cock slide in and out of my mother as she rode him I must admit it wasn’t the first time I saw some one having sex in our home it was however the first time I saw my mum having sex with someone who wasn’t my dad I didn’t realise it but I must of been standing there staring for ages I realise what I was doing and went to make a quick retreat but as I went to turn around and leave I had one last look as I lifted my gaze I lock eyes with the man and he just gave me a smile and a wink I turnt and walked quickly back to my room and shut the door and jumped under the rugs as much as I tryed o couldn’t get the image of mum riding the man big cock and I couldnt help being turnt on by the whole thing that I started rubbing my own little pussy and push my fingers in me it’s not the first time I’ve played with myself but it’s the first time I was so wet that my fingers were slipping in me so easy that I tryed pushing them in as far as they could go I felt so turnt on that I was easily slidding my whole for finger in me I was almost about to come when I heard the door handle move I quickly turnt on my side and made it look as if I was asleep I thought it must of been dad coming to check on me until I felt the rugs lift up and someone get in behind me I was terrified and excited at the same time and when I felt his hand come over the slide of me and slowly go down toward my wet pussy almost started to shake when he’s hand reach my pussy and his finger found it’s way to the opening I’m sure he would of been surprised that I already had no nickers on and I was very wet that his finger then fingers slipped in easily he fingers me for a little which only made me wetter when he lifted my leg up and placed it over the side of his leg then lifted his knee up opening my legs right up then I felt the tip of his cock push up and rub against my pussy then he slowly pushed it in I took a big gasp of air as it slid in and open me up it wasn’t long before I put my hand at the back of me and told him it was hurting he said I knew U were awake he fucked me slowly the first time only pushing so much I’m but over the coming months he was able to fit it all in me now he fuckse on a regular bases and I meet up with him when I can

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  • Reply Michael ID:5az13ew42

    Great start, please tell us more.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    You should’ve worn a full girdle underneath your nightie and they wouldn’t have been able to fuck your pussy or ass !! just saying !!

    • Voodoo zombie ID:1cxangivxp3f

      What sexy things do you wear in bed would love to hear email [email protected]

  • Reply Jessica ID:1ck78njowllr

    My parents had a bunch of friends over once and I was sleeping nude I was 14 I felt a heaviness on my ass I went to open my eyes when a hand went around my mouth and a cock started to slide in my pussy he went very slowly and he said be still u will enjoy this after a while I didn’t have clue who this was I just know I was went and about 3 inches was in my pussy I wasn’t a virgin but he slide more in and was starting to moan a little bit he then slide all of it in me I was starting to feel it in my stomach and felt an orgasm come on this was like 3 or 4 mins into this he started making me feel comfortable with him and I started pushing my ass to him and spread my big ass cheeks so he could get deeper. I licked his hand so he moved it and I told him to let me turn over so we can kiss and I could suck him. He raised off me and he was a beautiful black man that had a 11in cock he fucked me for over 4 hours I passed out and so did he when he busted a huge nut in my pussy and in my mouth I woke up he was gone and left his number. I found out he is married 49 and his wife works with my mom 3 sons all around my age which I date his oldest 17 and have been gangbanged by all 4 of them I had two huge ten inch cocks in my ass and pussy at the same time.

  • Reply Frustrated ID:8mn5jdke8k

    Do you know about punctuation?