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A rape fantasy — Part 1 & 2

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*this story is pure fantasy! No actual child has been harmed for the making of this story!! That’s all it is–a story!! You can decide what age she i*

I stroke her hair and kiss her while playing with her tiny nipples and flick her clit as I hold her down while you force your way inside her little slit. I squeeze her hands hard, leaving bruises on her wrists, as she screams and tries to get away from you, until finally you pop your throbbing dick inside her, making her still at the feeling of penetration, while I whisper in her ear how good she is for Daddy, such a good girl, taking Daddy’s big cock in her little body, and she’s doing what all little girls should do, be a sexy cum dump for daddy, all the while watching you suddenly start to fuck her hard, making her cry out in tears, only for me to lick them as they fall, listening to your grunts and moans as you pick up your thrusting pace, making her body start to bounce. You’d start to play with her tiny tits, leaning over and sucking them, biting and pulling them with your teeth, as I smack her red face and make her tell you how much she loves Daddy’s cock in her tight cunny. She’ll be crying and hiccuping but she’ll say it in a whisper, panting heavy from your hard, deep thrusts! You grab her wrists from me and tell me to ride her face, but before I do, you stick your tongue down her little throat, kissing her down her jaw and neck, biting her hard, drawing blood and hammer her tight cunt even harder, making her scream louder. As you pull away, looking at me, I smile wickedly, while settling my wet, dripping pussy on her opened mouth, muffling her cried of agony, shuddering at the vibrations she sends thru me. I feel her bouncing as you scoot back a little on your knees, picking up her hips and driving forward even faster, her virgin blood coating your hard rod as a delicate lubricant. I had sucked your cock earlier, making you cum down my throat before we snatched this little piece of heaven from the park, so I knew you’d be able to go longer while raping this beauty. I ask how she feels to you, and in panting sections, you tell me how tight she is, and how good you feel, hitting her cervix so hard, you think she might get pregnant from being hit hard in her womb.I wiggle my ass on her lips, telling her to start licking my pussy, or I’ll make her tits bleed. I start to feel her tongue on my dripping cunt, and I moan in pure ecstasy from the feel of her warm breath. She goes a bit faster, still crying from your frantic raping, her body becoming red from the slaps you’re administering while shoving your pedo cock inside her bleeding cunt. I move my hips to her licks, leaning over to kiss you and start rubbing my clit, hungry for my release as her tongue moves across and inside my pussy, hitting my button and making me jump. You break the kiss and say you want her to ride you, stopping your movements and getting on your back, never breaking your hold on her wrists, pulling her up with you. Now, with her on top, she feels you even deeper than before, screaming at how you’re hurting her, begging to stop. You laugh, plant your feet flat on the bed, holding her wrists at her hips, and thrusting upwards harder then before, grunting and growling at her little whimpers and protests. She’s so beautiful with her tear-streaked cheeks and red hot body, her little ass bouncing against your ball sac. I smack her ass, and caress your nuts, licking them from the bit of blood that spots them. I hear your pleasurable moans from my licking and caressing you, and I finger myself, grabbing a dildo we have nearby and shoving it in myself, wishing we had another friend here for playing. I look over and see you watching me with a grin on your face as you force your way into our rapetoy that’s bouncing up and down on your rock hard cock. Suddenly, you close your eyes and I hear you say, “I’m gonna cum, oh fuck, baby girl, Daddy’s about to cum in your tight fucking snatch!! You ready, baby girl? You ready for Daddy’s cum to get you pregnant? Oh, fuck, baby, take it all, good girl, taking Daddy’s dick, such a good little bitch, here it comes, Daddy’s gonna breed you so good, take it, fuck, im cumming -ugh- fuck yea, get pregnant, my little whore, take my cum, such a good baby girl!! Ugh!!!” You scream out, slowing your movements as you shove rope after rope of your baby seed inside her, opening her cervix and personally squirting inside her womb!! Keeping your still hard cock inside her cunny, you do a couple more thrusts into her, her cries now settled down to whimpers and sniffles. You look over at me, breathing heavy and sweating from your workout, smiling as I continue to work on my own pussy, grabbing my tits and squeezing them as I cry out, cumming to my own feverish fucking. When I finally settle, you pull our toy off you and lay her between us, and tell me to suck and clean your cock. I jump up, and lean over, my eyes sparkling at your red, still-hard popping pole, and draw you into my mouth, hearing your sharp intake of breath. I feel your hand on the back of my head, pushing me further down until my nose reaches the base of your cock, gagging as you touch the back of my throat. Guiding me up and down as I stroke your length with my lips, slobber running down and landing on your nuts. I look up as I hear sounds of kissing, and I watch as you had grabbed the girl and forced her to kiss you, sticking your tongue in her mouth to dominate her tiny pink tongue. Grabbing her ass, she shrieks as you slap it, making it jiggle slightly, running your fingers on her little winking rosebud asshole, then pushing a digit inside her, making her cry out again. God, I can feel you get even more hard in my mouth, causing me to gag more and make my pussy drenched again from watching you anally assault her. You pop in another finger, breaths becoming heavier with each push you give her ass. You groan out, “fuck, she’s so tight, I need to fuck her again, her ass is squeezing my fingers, she’s so perfect!!!” You look at me thru hooded eyes, still fingering her, and lick your lips while I continue to gurgle and gag on you, winking to let you know I heard you but I’m not fully done yet. I pop off your cock, licking down to your balls, sucking on them for a moment before going further and licking your asshole (I think it’s called rimming), sticking 2 of my fingers in and giving you a little more love than just sucking your dick. You moan and continue your ass-fingering on the little slut, going back to biting her neck and sucking her nips, and I hear her whimpering and panting and crying softly. I feel you raise your hips higher as I go back to suck you while still finger fucking your hole. “Yes, yes, keep going, baby, im gonna cum again, Daddy’s about to blow, and I want you to drink it, baby, swallow my seed like the good bitch you are, mommy!! Fuck, fuck, I’m gonna cum, that’s right, right there, fuck, keep going, oh, God, I’m in heaven!! Here I cum, swallow it all, bitch, im cumming, fuuuuuuck yea!!!!” You explode on my tongue, and I gulp down your hot sex, feeling it warm my belly and feeding me. You’re still grunting and spewing in my mouth, and I lap it up like I’m drinking thru a straw. While watching me, I crawl over to the little girl and, forcing her mouth open, I start to spit some of your sperm into her mouth, making her share and swallow you, little hints of pink from her blood mixed in with your man juice. She gags, but because I’m holding her jaw, she keeps her mouth open, reluctantly swallowing what I’m giving her. I turn my face to you, and smile as you grin and say, ” That was sexy! Now, eat her ass, and get her ready for round two!!!” ——

Part 2

I smile seductively, looking over at the tiny thing, shivering from her ordeal. As I make my way over to her sweaty, sticky body, you smack and grab my butt cheek, squeezing it, making a moan erupt from me. I roughly grab the girl and flip her to her front, holding her arms and hands behind her, causing her face to dive in the sheets. With another groan from another ass smack, I spit on her winking brown eye, spreading my saliva around with my tongue, stopping now and again to suck on her second virginal sweet spot, hearing her silent pleas as she tries to wiggle away. I glance over to see you stroking your starting-to-get-hard-again cock as you watch me violate the poor girl’s asshole. I reach down to stick a finger in her still dripping pussy, using your cum as more lubricant, slurping it up and around her hole. I feel the bed shake a little as you get up and knee-walk over, running your hands down my spine and tapping my ass again, and I stop, moving away from the trembling toy, not removing my hold of her arms. You get behind her, line up your dick at her entrance, and lean over, her tiny body hidden under yours. “This is going to hurt you, baby girl,” you softly whisper in her ear, “but Daddy won’t feel a thing except how tight you are going to be and it’s ok if you scream, i love hearing you scream!!!” And with those words, you shove yourself as hard as you can into her tight asshole, grunting and thrusting as far as you can get deep inside her, while the bedsheets do little to muffle the sudden shrieks of the young kidnappee. Oh, the tears that fall from her eyes as she endures poker-hot fire in her bowels as she’s raped so forcefully hard, harder than her pussy was raped!!! I hold her hands, helping push her butt back against your body, hearing and seeing your heavy cum-filled balls slap against her growing wet cuntlips!!! You push on her back to go further down, bringing her ass higher so you can go even deeper, moaning, growling, and grunting so loudly as she wails beneath you, begging you to stop. But you can’t hear her, for her face is still pressed against the sheets that are still covered in her blood from her first rape, and it’s now added to with her ass-raped blood. I get in front of her face and lift her head, positioning her lips to my soaked pussy and make her eat me again. Watching you fuck her so hard, making her bounce against me as she struggles to eat and breathe, is about to make me climax on her pink little tongue. “Yea, slut, eat your mommy’s cunt, little whore, good girls always pleasure mommy and daddy when we want!! Fuck, your tight little ass is squeezing my cock so-” thrust- “fucking”- thrust- “good!!” You pull her hair, making her head rise a bit higher to watch her eat my pussy, not relenting or slowing your movements. You go faster, knowing your release is near, grabbing her shoulder as you pound deeper, harder, faster in her bleeding asshole. By now, she’s given up eating me, just trying to breath with her tongue sticking out and her eyes rolled back, slight drool dripping from her mouth. I watch you, fingers flying fast in me, gripping my boob in a haste to match your moves. “I’m gonna cum, baby, so far up your ass, it’ll shoot out your mouth!! Oh, fuck, you ready, cunt? Daddy’s gonna blow, oh, fuck, so tight, bitch, yea, ungh, here I cum, take Daddy’s cum, baby girl, fuck fuck fuck!! I’M CUMMING, BITCH!!! AAAAUUUGGGHHH!” You roar like a lion that caught his prey, shoving your cock so deep inside her ass, releasing rope after rope of sperm in her tight bum, falling over her body once more as you try to pace your breathing. Your hips still twitch, still filling her with cum as you continue to shoot out. Finally, when you feel finished, you start to get up, removing your dick with a wet ‘pop’, followed by a cum bubble that starts leaking from her still tight hole. Looking at me, I leap up, knowing my role and start to clean you off, playing with your nuts as I clean those as well. The slut lies there and watches thru teary blue eyes, droopy from getting fucked and screaming weariness. You moan and push my head down more, holding me in place as you start face fucking me, going faster as I hold the suction of my lips, then hear you grunt as you came again, feeling the slime running down my throat as I swallow your seed, kneading your balls to convince them for more release. You let your hands drop from my head, and I let go, licking and swallowing any remains I missed. The fucked toy had fallen asleep by this time, little goosebumps cover her body as she dreams of the event she took part of not long ago. You sigh, satisfied, lying next to her and scooping her up in your arms, and say, “You go shower, I’ll make sure she stays put.” I agree, hopping off and heading to the bathroom. I turn around as i hear sheets ruffling, only to see you humping her slowly, whispering in her ear as she slumbers. I smile, knowing she’ll be raped again before I finish my shower. As I turn the water on, I hear a scream again before it’s silent, then hear the fapping of flesh against flesh as I step in the warm water, imagining the brutality of your hard fucking on her little body, being taken from behind as you lift her leg up, her thigh bruising from your squeezing hand as you invade her, laughing and biting her neck, collar bone, ears, cheek and lips as you tongue her, going harder at her red abused pussy that still has a tight vice-grip on your cock, your other hand pulled under her and groping her nipples, before reaching down to fiddle her button, moaning at the contact of her body against yours. A yell brings me out of my sexy fucked-up fantasy, and I know you came again inside her with the promise to breed her ovaries. I finish my shower, toweling off and coming out to a satisfied sadist and crying, hiccuping child. She was fucked again 3 more times during the night, sleep being refused to her weary soul. Meanwhile, her folks were going frantic in the next town over, scrambling with police and neighbors in trying to find their precious bundle with hopes and prayers of finding her safe and unharmed, but never knowing the horror she’d already been thru. Her mother’s tears and father’s numb look won’t bring any remorse to the pedo rapists, no, they instead get more turned on and horny knowing their little girl was now a cum dump for them, a sex slave that served her master and mistress in the darkness of their depraved lives, knowing only tears and misery until she helps them secure another rape toy before being sold off to a brothel deep on the other side of the world, never to see her family again as her rapists continue their rampage of sexual pleasure and perversions.

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  • Reply dirtyoldman4u ID:8bvvfpwyqk

    i loved it baby doll. will chat with you soon to give you some more ideas and thoughts about what we can do.

  • Reply Denise ID:372axw20b

    I wonder if he knocked her up

  • Reply Joe ID:15qc6viov9d

    This sound so much like me and my wife’s fantasy, Her bringing me home a little girl and her helping me do everything to the girl that happened to my wife when she was little.

    • Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

      What did happen to your wife, Joe? Sounds like fun!

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Fucking awesome cruel brilliance! And the parent’s distress is such a turn-on!

  • Reply Ashley ID:1eijpyox12l6

    Wish I could read it… obviously only a 6th grade education
    Paragraphs ….

    • Cr8ztits ID:phe4q3iopjl

      What are you saying, the writer has only a 6th grade education? Or is that the level of reading you’re stuck at?

  • Reply Davin ID:23svxp7qj

    Delightful fantasy. We must be very much in love to have such a romantic encounter. It is so nice of us to allow the little ones to share in our loving passion and depravity.