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A Quiet Bar

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Sometimes small town bars aren’t safer than the big clubs

What kind of asshole breaks up with a girl over text on a Tuesday?? My eyes still burned with tears hours after my boyfriend messaged me to say he couldn’t wait until marriage to have sex and he was bored of me. He had been such a great guy for the few months we’d been together, and I never tried to hide that I wanted to save my first time for my wedding night. He had said he was okay with it. Some joke that turned out to be.

I threw a tank top one and grabbed my phone. I’d already called out of work for the next day, knowing I wouldn’t want to be around people right now. Unfortunately, there was nothing to drink at home, so I googled bars near me. The first few options looked like clubs, but there was a smaller looking bar just a few miles away that sounded perfect. It’s a weeknight so it shouldn’t even be busy. I’m definitely not in the mood to socialize.

A few minutes later I was out the door and in my car, punching the address into my GPS. Within 20 minutes I was pulling into the parking lot of a small country bar. There were only 4 other cars in the parking lot which was perfect. I walked in and glanced around before heading up to the high top. Only three older guys, two playing pool and one sitting alone at the other side of the bar. The bartender behind the counter was pouring the lone man a shot before walking over to greet me.

“Evening ma’am, what can I getcha?” He seemed nice enough and I smiled as I sat down. “Let me get a whiskey sour and two tequila shots, please.” He nodded and turned around to make my drinks. He no sooner had the 2 shots pour than I knocked them back and motioned for two more. He looked a little shocked, but chuckled a bit and poured 2 more.

“What sorta fuckery are you going through to be acting like this on a Tuesday afternoon, huh?” There was a note of genuine curiosity in his voice that put me at ease, so I sighed and took another shot as he make my whiskey. “My boyfriend broke up with me. I thought he was a man but apparently I just have poor taste because he’s acting like a child,” I huffed, downing the last shot.

I could already feel the pleasant burning in my stomach spreading. Luckily, I didn’t drink often so the rapid fire booze was hitting my system like a freight train. The man at the other end of the bar chimed in, “Any man who would break up with someone who looks like you clearly ain’t right in the head.” I smiled at him, blushing. My vision was already a little hazy around the edges so I couldn’t quite make out his details from this distance, but he sounded sweet.

The bartender placed my whiskey sour in front of me and I quickly set to work sipping it. The man across the room came closer to sit just next to me and motioned for the bartender to pour a few more shots. “So tell me little girl, why did that boy do something as stupid as leave you?” He nudged my arm, moving one of the fresh shots in front of me before downing his own. I laughed, setting my whiskey aside to drink the tequila. This one set me coughing a bit, and the man started patting my back before resting his hand my on shoulder.

A phone rang and I jumped a bit and leaned a bit closer to the stranger. The bartender answered his phone and spoke briefly, before holding his phone to his chest and announcing, “Sorry guys, wife’s on the line. I’ll be back in a few, try not to make too much of a mess.” He walked from behind the bar and stepped out the door, leaving us patrons inside.

The stranger prodded my arm slightly to get my attention again and I giggled, pretty buzzed. “He said he couldn’t wait for sex anymore. But I told him! I told him right from the beginning I wanted to save myself for marriage and he said he got that. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal now,,” I pouted, grabbing my whiskey to begin nursing it again. The man stayed quiet for a minute, but in my alcohol coated mind it felt like an eternity so I turned away from my drink to loon up at him.

He was staring down at me, and I couldn’t quite tell what he was thinking. Finally he took a bit of a breath before saying, “Not very mature of him to not suggest other things that aren’t quite sex.” I didn’t see what he was trying to say, and my face must have shown obvious confusion because he chuckled. “Even if you want to be a prude and not fuck yet, he could have at least tried talking you into other things.”

His hand on my shoulder moved to the nape on my neck just under my hair and I shivered, trying to pull away but his grip tightened. “Now now, no need for that. We’re just new friends getting to know each other, right? So tell me, did this boyfriend of yours ever offer to play with your pussy?” My head spun with his words, not least of all from the booze. No one had ever spoken to me like this before and I didn’t know how to respond. I just sort of stuttered something and he chuckled.

“Nah, of course he didn’t. If he had I bet you wouldn’t be such a pride and refuse sex.” His hand squeezed a bit at my neck, his other hand moving to my upper thigh. “Let me show you how a real man would do it,” he didn’t miss a beat as his hand slipped under the waistband of my leggings and went straight for my pussy.

I jumped, trying to push his hand away but finding it difficult when he’s inside my clothes. His finger found my clit and I groaned, pausing my fight for a moment. “What are you doing??” My voice was slurring a bit and everything felt warm, including between my legs, but this wasn’t right. His one hand moved up into my hair and he pulled, forcing me down onto his hand at my pussy. He slipped a finger in and I nearly screamed, “Stop, please!” Even as I said it I could feel myself grinding into his hand.

He chuckled, adding a second finger before looking around, “Come on now little girl, you don’t want to disappoint your audience now do you?” My head snapped around and I looked at the two men I’d forgotten were playing pool. They’d stopped their game and were watching me and the bar stranger with a mixture of curiosity and .. something else on their faces. I could feel my face turning bright red as I again began fighting the man next to me and trying to remove his hand from my pants.

He continued to finger fuck my pussy and began twirling his thumb around my clit and I couldn’t hold back a moan, no matter how disgusted with myself I am. Why am I letting this strange man finger me when my boyfriend JUST broke up with me for not putting out?? I struggled against him a bit harder, “Please stop, I don’t want this!” I tried to pull away but his grip tightened in my hair and my pussy causing me to cry out in pain. “I don’t recall asking what you want little girl. Besides, I’m gonna do you one hell of a favor. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be able to get your little boyfriend back, ” he jerked my head back so I was looking him in the eyes. “By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be a good little fuck sleeve willing to let anyone use you.”

He pushed my head down to the bar, whipping his hand out of me and my pants so fast I didn’t have time to process what he was doing. The room was spinning with my sudden movements but in a flash he had my pants around my ankles. He grabbed my hair again and dragged me, half stumbling, over towards the other two men at the pool table. I nearly tripped before I fell into the table, the first man forcing me to bend over it. Tears were streaming down my face, a mix of shame and embarrassment as he began rubbing my ass with his free hand.

“See the thing about girls like you, it you just need to be forced until you realize how good fucking is, ” he smacked my left ass cheek and I squealed, trying to move away. The edges of the pool table bit into my hips as his hand came down again on the other cheek. “But don’t you worry little girl, I think me and my friends here can fix your little… attitude problem. ” He punctuated his last 2 words with 2 more hard spanks and I just sobbed.

My ass burned, my head was spinning, and more than anything I regretted going out tonight. Someone pulled my thong to the side and slipped a finger in my pussy again and I sobbed a bit louder. “Please god don’t do this! I’m a virgin please I’m saving myself for my husband!” Someone behind me snorted and the finger was removed. Just as quickly my panties were pulled to the floor and I was forced to step out of them. A hard crack came down on my ass and I opened my mouth to shout, shocked when my balled up panties were shoved in without warning.

“Oh that’s much better,” two fingers plunge into my cunt and I yelled into my gag. The hand in my hair leaves but I don’t dare try to move away as they continue their assault on my pussy. One of the men moves around the pool table to stand in front of me on the other side. I’d missed him doing it, but his pants were already off and he was stroking his cock with one hand, and he was holding his belt in the other. He released himself long enough to grab my arms and force them over my head, my fighting futile. These men were just too damn strong, my fighting is pathetic. He used his belt to tie my hands together, then secured it somewhere under the table so there was no way to move my arms.

I struggled but it just pulled at my shoulders and it hurt, causing me to cry into my gag. Whoever was at my pussy had begun roughly fingering me and I could hear how wet I was getting and it disgusted me. Who the hell gets turned on by getting gang raped? What the fuck is wrong with me? The man in front of my positioned my hands in their bindings so he could side his cock in and began thrusting in my bound hands. His cock throbbed in my hands and started oozing precum. The man at my pussy added another finger and I screamed in an awful mix of pain and pleasure.

“You’re so fucking tight little girl, we’re gonna love breaking you in!” He withdrew his fingers, but I could feel him moving around behind me and fear grew in my chest. I screamed again, trying desperately to make enough noise that the bartender outside might hear and save me, but panic pierced my chest as I felt the hot tip of a cock rubbing along my pussy lips. I struggled against the belt holding my arms, but the man in front of me just slapped me, leaving me in a bit of a daze for a few seconds.

When my vision cleared I looked up at the man in front of me, he was watching himself fuck my hands. The man behind me slowly started to push his way in and I screamed and groaned against the gag in my mouth. The first few thrusts were almost gentle, only going an inch at a time. It still hurt, my virgin pussy stretching to accommodate him. He was only about halfway in before he pulled all the way out, then slamming all the way in, burying himself to the hilt. I screamed and saw stars.

“So fucking tight little gi-“, he stopped as the door to the bar slammed opened, but bartender rushing in at the noise. “What the hell is going on in here?” He yelled, taking in the scene before him. The man in my pussy didn’t stop, just kept pounding away at my hole as I cried. “Don’t worry man, just teaching this little girl how to please a man so she don’t lose the next one.” The man with his cock in my hands nodded along happily, and I was to overwhelmed to do anything other than feel what they were doing to me.

The man in my pussy was brutal, fucking me with balls deep strokes that bruised my cervix with every pump. Periodically he could smack my ass, alternating cheeks until they both stung so bad. He moved a hand under me and started playing with my pussy and my cries turned to moans behind the gag. As much as I hated to admit it, the assault on my poor little pussy was starting to feel really good.

“That’s it little girl, just focus on how good it feels. This is what you’re meant for. To use these pretty little holes to please men.” I was losing control. Not that I had much to begin with. I looked up at the man in front of me, he was watching me intently and smirking at my moans. I couldn’t focus on him and felt like my eyes kept rolling back as I could feel an orgasm building. “Oh, that’s it little girl. Cum on my cock while I rape you. Show everyone what a good little hole you are.”

His words were vile and cruel. And yet I could feel my body responding as he pinched my clit and I came, screaming and pushing back onto his cock. He grabbed my hips and thrust violently a few more times before I felt him cumming inside me. The feeling of him throbbing and emptying his hot sticky cum man me cum again, my legs shaking and barely holding me up. The man in front of me removed his cock from my grasp and untied my hands from the pool table. Still he kept the belt on my wrists though, and used it to walk me to the other side of the table.

I stumbled along as the other man pushed me up onto the pool table on my hands and knees. The bartender stepped forward and pulled a knife out of his pocket. I didn’t even have time to process it before he was slicing down the front of my tank top and bra. Now my tits were free and he tossed his knife aside to grab my nipples. I moaned into my panties as I felt someone crawl up on the table with me. It was the man I was giving a handjob to, and he quickly positioned me around until he was laying under me. He grabbed his cock and positioned himself at my entrance before thrusting up into me.

I groaned at the intrusion, but found myself forced down oh his cock by someone behind me. I hadn’t noticed that the other man who’s been playing pool climbed up onto the table as well, but he was kicking his pants off as he got behind me. I heard him spit, then felt him quickly smear his saliva across my asshole and froze. No god you can’t! Bad enough you’re raping me, not my asshole too! But my words couldn’t make it through the gag, and his fingers dug into my hips and he slowly stretched my asshole around his cock.

I was crying and moaning and trying my best to flail to get away but the cock in my pussy just kept fucking and the man in my ass was slowly forcing more of himself inside me. *So… Fucking… Full… * My mouth watered and my holes burned, and after a few minutes both men were hammering my holes so hard the bartender could barely hold on to my bounding titties.

Another orgasm came out of nowhere, but I was begging for more behind my gag, staring with pleading eyes at the bartender in front of me. He released my tits and roughly pulled my panties out of my mouth, giving me a few seconds to catch my breath before putting his cock to my lips. I was so far passed the point of fighting I just opened my mouth and started tasting him with my tongue. I’d never sucked a dick before, but I’d watched some porn so I wasn’t completely clueless.

Turns out it didn’t matter if I was clueless, he didn’t care. He grabbed the back of my head and forced me down on his cock. He fucked my throat the way the other two were fucking my asshole and pussy, and I was losing control at how good it was feeling. I reached up to stroke his shaft as he continued to face fuck me. All three men seemed to be picking up their pace and losing control and I felt like I was right there with them. I was moaning and begging around the cock in my mouth, begging them to cum inside me. “Please ugh… I just… Fuck me please… I wanna feel you fill me again!” I sounded like some kind of slut, but right now I didn’t care.

Someone chuckles behind me, “That’s a good little rape slut. You like being used as a toy, huh?” He smacks my ass again and I scream, “Yes sir I like being used!” My voice sounded so wrong to my ears but I could feel another huge orgasm building and I couldn’t help myself. Someone grabbed the hair at my nape and yanked, and I felt all my muscles tense as I came harder than ever, squirting all over the cocks inside me and screaming. The bartender in front of me had perfect timing and blew his load, cumming all over my face, as the other men coated my holes with their cum

I think I blacked out for a bit, cause when I woke up I was alone on the pool table and my holes were oozing the cum of strangers. I didn’t move as I saw a flash go off. Then another and another. Finally one of the men came into view holding his phone for me to see. He had been taken pictures of me. Pictures of my used and abused body. He smiled, “Just in case you ever decide you want to tell anyone what happened here today, just remember I have these.” I nodded weekly, not trusting myself to speak. The bartender set my clothes next to me, even though my shirt and bra were ruined, and I started to get dressed before slowly stumbling out of the bar and back to my car.

I sat in the parking lot for a bit just trying to wrap my head around what just happened. In the end I sat for 20 minutes and hadn’t managed a single thought aside from, I’m gonna have to start making more trips to the bar.

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    Great story syn

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    Great rape story Syn. Well written and very descriptive. This definitely needs a follow up!!