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a not so normal childhood

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this is my story. first time posting anything here, so hope you like it.

So, I saw a girl’s post here talking about something very similar to what i experienced. That encouraged me to write about my story. No, this is not fiction.

Well, I had my first phone when I was 10 because my mother was always far away from me all because of her work and she wanted to stay communicated with me, nothing very special.
The thing is, i was on the internet all day and night, and of course, that caused a lot of weird “moments”.

Some months after getting my phone, I started to talk with a guy I met, obviously, online. He was 15, 5 years older than me but honestly i didnt care at all. This guy was kind of a pervert tbh, he was always telling me how much he wanted to fuck me, put his fingers inside of me or take my virginity. I guess i was too innocent because i thought that was real love. But im not gonna lie, i was a horny brat and i responded back to him positively. He groomed me for a long time, but i cant be more grateful.

Also, for some reason i was thinking about sex EVERY TIME since i was 7 or 8, i even played with myself but that couldn’t satisfy me enough. I remember reading sex stories on my mom’s phone for a good time.

At the age of 11 I started to seek for old men attention online. Don’t ask me why ‘cause I dont even know, but I love them. The only thing i wanted (and i still want) was being fucked hardly by one. Maybe is because i dont have a dad and they gave me the attention i didnt have as a kid. (you can laugh)

I developed a rape kink, like, someone using you against your will, violating you hard and good? sounds exciting to me.
I remember this 28 yo guy flirting and being horny with me when I was 12, he touched me in places he shouldn’t. I liked it. I really really really liked it. He even tried to play with my pussy one time, but i was kinda scared and told him to stop. I guess i dont have to mention that i completely regret it.

I just turned 17 and nothing has changed, honestly. Maybe I’m not so young anymore, but I hope i’ll get what i want soon. ^_^

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2c3w1pct0d

    Nothing like this ever happened in real life except in the damaged fantasy mind of a pedophile

  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:2c3w1pct0d

    Maybe your a guy pretending to be girl

  • Reply Laney ID:2jouti1iqm

    Part 2.. whore and said he was cummer and so he grabbed hair and pulled it painfully hard and also hand round throat strangling me, shouting, shut up and then as he groand out loud he pulled out and shouted open your mouth I did he jushoved it down and making me gagging saying oohhh yes that’s it and cumming m wrenching was saying you fucking nasty little slag

  • Reply Laney ID:2jouti1iqm

    I thought my childhood was normal as I didn’t know anything different.

    It started when I was 12 and was a Saturday evening and was a kida party downstairs and after ages mom came upstairs and told to put this outfit on come down.. so I did was mini skirt and some ankle boots and a small vest top and she did my makeup and then went down and on living room was stepdad and about 10 of his friends and room was really cloudy from smoking and dad, called me over and gave me a big
    Vodka told me drink it in 1 go I tried but he tipped glass , and after I finish, he tells me take a cigarette out packet and put on your mouth, and he said as I light it you suck back ok..

    I did and seeing mom smoke for years I copied what she does,, so I took a drag and blowing smoke out and he and friends all moaning out and he said come here you little slag.

    And told me pic up straw and sniff up that line it was about half a metre long..

    So I started sniffing it up and struggling so he moved my head along till finished it and then told me sniff back hard Soon as I did, Instantly I felt strange feeling racing through my whole body, and then he said, geton there and then said lay back then he spread my legs and took his bottoms off and then he put my legs in air and he pressed cock against my pussy and started pushing it in me

    I started shouting out arrgghhh it was hurting, and he ignored me and then he told me to light another cigarette up so I did and then he thrust fully inside my pussy so hard I screamed out and started to have tears running down face.

    After 5 minutes he was so fast and hard and grunting arrgghhh yes ,, then he said yes I’m cumming saying oohhh yes and felt hot warm cum inside me and he got off and he looked at friends and said look holding my legs wide cum was oozing out of me and as i wss taking a drag of cigarette, stepdad said
    Go for it so straight away 1 guy holding his cock and as touched my pussy he blasted it in me and said fuck yes you little fucking

  • Reply Scarlett ID:322q1ybw49k

    Thats simular to me! Im 13, and keen to fuck older men… Or anyone, really.
    Yesterday I was so horny I went to town with no undies and a short skirt but I was too scared to flash at anyone:(
    Still it was so hot!

    • [email protected] ID:bgj800n20a

      Good girl

    • Swede ID:54nda2ov0

      would you like to talk to me?

    • Swede ID:54nda2ov0

      Mejl me [email protected]

    • [email protected] ID:2qmflxk3d21

      I can help you attract older men or fuck you as an older man myself if you’re close to me

    • Jack Sparrow ID:2qkz8dlbh

      That’s 🔥🔥 hot! Hmu Scarlett

  • Reply Tyler ID:6rkmwn4zrd

    Is there a way to contact you?

  • Reply Daddy Tom ID:1cuc22684h31

    I love your story and hope you have more

  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck6jeacvgpi

    Loved the story, and I know it’s true. When I got my 1st house. Eye candy for the block of ladies. Every time I looked up there were new ones passing dressed in come n fuck me daisy dukes. No panties or bras. What made it worse, some had buns in the oven pushing a child in their strollers. I learned to lie and say gay, married, bitch in the house watching me. When if any tested me, I would have failed and fucked a new baby in them. Then the cops show up.

  • Reply DaddyDan ID:1eu0gdz85l3v

    Back after 4 yrs wow

  • Reply DaddyDan ID:1eu0gdz85l3v

    Most girls your age find mature man disgusting. You are a rare exception, and, I’m sure, your wishes will be fullfilled soon.


  • Reply Alicia R. ID:2wcg8yx6ii

    Same. When I was 12 I was talking to this guy that was 15. My folks never once asked me for my phone or looked through it so I was brave enough to talk to whoever I pleased. He wanted me to sneak out and meet him one time at this wooded area of the park and I did. He said we could “Have fun”, he called it. Then when I got there he was good-looking like his pics but now he was saying we were going to “Fuck”. I had never once heard that word except on TV. I just stood there. He asked me if I ever put anything inside myself. At first, I was too embarrassed to tell him but finally I admitted I had put a hairbrush handle in there quite a few times. He said “The whole thing?” and I said yes. He said “You’re not a virgin then”, which I was pretty sure I was because I had never had sex. He told me to pull down my shorts and panties in the back and bend over and put my hands on my knees and he would take care of everything else. Shit! It felt so good I didn’t want him to stop. It was way better than a hairbrush, When he finished I told him I wanted to do it again but he said guys can’t just do that two times in a row. The next night when he said he wanted to meet again I was sneaking out of my window as fast as I could. I learned later that we could have gotten in a TON of trouble if we caught but I didn’t care about that at the time.

  • Reply Aries ID:19iamkeiwluy

    It’s normal for girls to think about sex, and masturbate at that age. Back when I was younger there was this girl my age. Fingering herself in one of those Mc. Donald’s playground parks. I was sexually active as a boy. So, I put my cock in her and we fucked until that girl’s brother saw me and her fucking! We got in trouble, but that didn’t stop me from fucking!

  • Reply lil luver ID:1d5vn0ist7wb

    Hope you find someone who can give you what you need

  • Reply To be young again ID:1eem09egj45r

    I know what you mean. Id love to be that young again. The attention I got then was so much better than as an adult.

    • DaddyDan ID:1eu0gdz85l3v

      Stay attractive, take care of yourself! I’ve had lots of fun with women way older than me 😉 i love the younglings, but never refuse the ripe ones, if attractive and hot. My body grows older and I’m on the belly issue now, but, the rest is in shape. Don’t give up to make Men crazy.


  • Reply Bob In Tulsa ID:wqmwv7v068s

    I wish I could find just one girl like you here in Tulsa. It would be my ultimate fantasy

  • Reply P ID:195ks43

    43 virgin for you

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    Come and see me , I am 67 years old and I would fuck that young virgin pussy of yours until it was red raw