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a not so normal childhood pt. 2

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short storytime about 12 year old me in my friend’s house.

This happened to me when I was 12, some months before covid-19.

After class, my friends and i decided to go to Lucy’s house (my bsf at the time) to watch some movies or whatever, i don’t exactly remember. Before continuing, I have to mention that Lucy had a “strange” relationship with his 19 year old brother. (They had sex everyday, basically)

Anyway, when we arrived at her house, her mom greeted us and gave us some cookies after.
We went to her room. Her brother was there but he was very nice so nobody seemed to care. When night came, everyone left except for me. Lucy and i wanted a sleepover, so why not? that was common between us.
I remember that Lucy went to the supermarket with her mom to buy some snacks, I’m very lazy so I told them I wanted to stay in the house just because i didn’t want to walk lol.

Eventually, they left. I stayed in Lucy’s room using my phone, waiting for them to come back. But suddenly, I hear someone knocking the door, it was Lucy’s brother. He asked if he could lay on bed with me, I accepted happily.
after some time, I started to feel his hands touching and caressing my leg, i acted like i didn’t notice.
He went further, and his hands were touching my inner thighs.
“Say something and you’re buried alive” I quickly understood what he meant.

He took my t-shirt and skirt off, kissing my nipples and caressing my pussy softly at the same time. I let out a little moan unconsciously, that made him say “Good whore.” I remember it perfectly.
He started to rub my pussy and my clit, the way he did it was so good i thought i was dreaming. No joke.
He showed me his dick, and some seconds later he was jerking off in front of me. He came on my face and kissed me on the lips hard.
He wanted to go to the “next level” but unfortunately Lucy and her mom came back. Lucy’s brother helped me to clean myself before they could enter the room.

And that’s it. By the way I saw him on the street some days ago! I think he didn’t recognise me but wthv :’)
I hope u liked it. Apart from this story, I don’t remember more.
Oh, and this is my session Id if u wanna talk!

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  • Reply Daddy Dick ID:1dnhuwkvk8ms

    That’s a good girl Anna! Your friends big brother was just having fun with you the best way boys can play with little girls


  • Reply Valkrie ID:8bvvucf2hj

    My dad used to rub my pussy when I was 12. He did it up until I was 14 or so. The first time he did it he had been drinking and came into my room. I was still awake listening to my music and he didn’t say anything he just sat on the edge of my bed and put his hand right between my legs. He started rubbing me on the outside of my pajama pants. I feel guilty about this but it felt good and I didn’t want him to stop even though I had no idea what was going on. After a few minutes he said, “Daddy is going to do it inside you, ok baby?” I had no idea what that meant. He was breathing heavy. Then he said, “Are you awake?” I said yeah and he said “I want you to tell me Daddy can do it inside you” I didn’t know what to say to that so I just said “Ok”. About 4 or 5 days later, same thing. After he had been rubbing me (this time with his hand inside my pajamas but outside my panties) he again said “Ok, Daddy is about to do it inside you, is that okay?” I just said “Ok” again. He didn’t come into my room for almost a month after that but I was kind of hoping he would. It felt good, whatever it was. The next time, he put his hand inside my shorts but again outside my panties while he rubbed me. What was different, and from then on, when I said “Ok” to what he said, he said I should tell him. So I said “It’s ok if Daddy does it inside me” He started rubbing me faster and I’m pretty sure that night was my first orgasm. It was scary on one hand but on the other hand I wanted to do it more. Anyway, that’s how I got “molested” if you want to call it that. I liked it so that’s not what it seemed like to me at the time.

    • Uncle Jack 😊 ID:2qkz8dlbh

      Mmmm that’s hot. 🔥 I should have tried harder to do that with my daughter. Pls hmu to chat on Session


  • Reply Jack Sparrow ID:1dahm6snqj

    Great story, very authentic. The question is, would you fuck him now after time is gone by? 🤔