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A little boy fantasy

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My fantasy is meeting two young boys. In a park, the mall. Or just two boys in the neighborhood. We became friends. I ask them if they would like to come over to my apartment. They both agree. We get to my place and I show them around. I have lots of cool stuff little boys would love. As they’re checking out all of my cool stuff. I asked them. Would you like a soda,and watch a video? They agree. I give them the sodas and open my laptop and pull up some gay porn. Then leave the room. I go to my bedroom and put my stockings and panties and wight. I want to hear there reactions. Oh! When I said young boys early. I ment. Like 10. I come back to the living room and stand in the doorway. I see the little boys with there little cocks out masturbating. I tell them. I can do that for you. They don’t say anything. I go to the little boys sitting on my couch. I strat to strock one boy and start sucking the other. I asked them. Would you like to fuck me in the ass. Like in the video. Again. They agree. I take the KY from my end table where I always keep it. Then lube up there little cocks and let them take turns fucking my ass with there little boy cocks. No longer than 3 and a half inches long. I suck one boy while the other boy fucks my sissy pussy. And in the end. We became great friends? Well.fuck buddy’s. But then again. This is just fantasy. I’m such a fucking perverted mother fucker!!! Oh! FYI! I have a 3 inch butt plug in my sissy pussy right now.
The boys are having great time fucking me in the ass and letting me suck on there little cocks. I just love the feeling of a preteen boy in my sissy pussy and my. The boys have their way with me for about 30 minutes or so.

I’m on my hands and knees the whole time. It makes it easier for the boys to fuck my old butt hole. And easier for me to suck the boys cocks.
My little sissy cock is hard as fuck. And dripping pre cum like mad.
Finally. As I’m sucking one of the boys. I feel his little cock get slightly bigger and start to pulsat. I feel and taste his little boy cum in my mouth. And it’s yummy. He stepped back and he gives me a big smile.
I tell the other boy to stop fucking my ass because I want to suck your cock. He gets in front of me. I take his little boy cock in my mouth. And within seconds the same magic happens. Mmm! Little boy cum. He stepped back as well and smiling.
I ask the boys to sit on the couch. I take a seat between them and I start sucking my little cock was. My little cock isn’t much bigger than the boys.
I tell the boys. I want you to watch me cum.
As they look in I know it won’t take long before I shoot my load. I start to cum all over my face and my panties and stocking. It’s everywhere.
I lean back and take a breath. I ask them if they had a good time. And would like to do this again sometime.
They both say yes and get dressed. I told them to stop by anytime. The boys leave. I’m sitting on my couch with my holes completely satisfied and I’m covered in cum.

I’m 63 bi man. And I really do have a 3 inch butt plug in right now. I have more to this fantasy if you would like to hear more. I can add names to make it more personal. Not real names of course.

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  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck8gydi5m1i

    Love the hot fantasy CJW. Mine wasn’t a fantasy that got me started on boy on boys. My 1st cousin introduced me, and enjoyed back then, and still do to this day. I enjoy pussy just the same. At least I know, I have choices when I want some. Don’t see how straight people do it.

  • Reply Bi perv ID:1bqrnbuexik


    I’d love to serve any cock while in panties and a bra. Any age. Maybe cum inside a boy too.

  • Reply Pervy pete ID:tqllaeetb74

    Great fantasy. I’d love to be a part of your little group and fuck the boys and you with my horny cock 😛

  • Reply James ID:1ec7wpymxq9c

    Please write something about two boys ages 10 and 11. Raymond is 10 Keith is 11. Raymond has a fascination with telling Keith to pull his pants down so he could suck his dick. Story can include Keith taking Raymond’s virginity too please. Any more details please email me. This is my permanent email address.
    [email protected]

    • Perry gramps ID:5m8vfu41

      Very hot. Wish I could be there

  • Reply post malone fan ID:4bn00en3fia

    great story. please continue!!

  • Reply Daddy ID:glphxvwa3yi

    I love this also.


    • James ID:1ec7wpymxq9c

      I loved this!!!! I must’ve jerked off at least 6 times and came so MUCH!!!! Love to exchange stories with you about little boys.
      [email protected]