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A festival of fun and strange sexual experiences

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As a young guitarist, playing at an outdoor festival, I was sexually abused by an older fan, but got to fuck his 12 yo sister.

When I was fourteen I started to play guitar in local bands. I had really long hair which went along with the music I was playing at the time. One of the bands I was in got quite popular and developed quite a following.

The rest of the band were older than me. Bass player was 19, Drummer 28 and lead singer 23. Having me in the band was a bit of a novelty, with me being pretty good for any age, never mind 14.

We had been playing at an open air festival and I was still in my stage gear, skin tight spandex – you get the idea. We had wandered out to the front of stage to meet some of our dedicated fans.

Most of the fans were considerably older than most of the band members but they were managing to pick up girls. I found that the majority of girls were not interested in me due to my age. However, there was a weird tall thin bloke who used to follow us everywhere, but never spoke much. We called him “Lurch” after the butler in the Adam’s Family on TV, not because he looked like Lurch, just because he was so tall.

Lurch always wore a long trench coat whatever the weather and invariably looked miserable.

I was leaning against one of the food trucks people watching when Lurch came up from behind and, in a deep voice said “Hey Man” right next to my ear. I jumped out of my skin and turned to look up at him.

When I heard the voice I didn’t recognise it because I had never heard him speak before. He was always just a face in the crowd.

“Oh Hi”, I said with surprise in my voice.

“That was a great set you guys just played man” he said.

:Wow thanks” I told him.

There was a girl a couple of years younger than me with Lurch. She was quite pretty but she just stared at the ground.

“My name is Jimmy and this is my little sister Jasmine, we are both big fans” he said. When she heard her name Jasmine looked up and gave me a sweet smile before resuming her grass gazing.

They both knew my name as I’m introduced to the audience every time we play.

Jimmy began asking questions about my gear and how long I had been playing, the usual stuff. I never mind talking about myself so the conversation went on for quite a while.

It was a very warm day and we were standing out in the sun. Jimmy said he had come in a fully air conditioned RV and would I like to go back there to cool down and maybe have some snacks. I had finished performing for the day so I agreed.

The RV was impressive, as long as a tour bus with comfortable couches and was lovely and cool.

Jimmy broke out some beers and offered me one as well as handing one to Jasmine.

“I’m only 14, I probably shouldn’t drink” I said.

He said he wouldnt tell anyone if I didn’t. So I sipped at the beer and ate the snacks he provided. It sure beat standing in a field waiting for my band mates to finish dipping their wicks.

I was quite chilled when he asked if I thought Jasmine was pretty. I wasnt sure I had heard him right at first. When he repeated himself I answered honestly, yes she is very pretty indeed.

He told her to stand up and turn around. “Hasn’t she got a fantastic arse’ he asked.

I was a bit embarrassed so didn’t answer.

“Jas, show him your ass” he ordered.

Without hesitation she dropped her jeans and shook her ass which was covered in jade green panties.

Jimmy got up and pulled down her panties and slapped her on her bottom. “Isn’t that the most fantastic arse you have ever seen” he asked.

Show a boy of 14 a bare female ass and it’s as if you have hypnotised him. I could not take my eyes off her ass. It’s not like I had seen many in real life at that age.

I nodded.

“Would you like to fuck her” he asked.

I stared back at him uncomprehendingly.

“Of course you would, wouldn’t he Jas”.

The girl had pulled up her jeans and nodded in reply to Jimmy’s question.

“Well you can, I will let you and Jas won’t object, will you Jas” he stated. She seemed to agree with him.

I found my voice. “What’s going on here Jimmy, are you setting me up , what’s the catch”?

Jimmy said he wasn’t setting me up, but there was a catch. I would be allowed to shag Jas, but afterwards I would have to do something for him.

“What do I have to do Jimmy, I’m not sucking your dick and you are not fucking my ass, If that’s what you want then no deal” I said confidently.

“Calm down man”, he said, “Nothing like that. No penetration and nothing that will gross you out”

“Jas, take your clothes off and let our little rockstar have a proper look. Do it like was discussed” he told her.

Jimmy put on some music and Jasmine got up and began to move provocatively. She swayed her hips to the music, bending over and waving her ass. She stood up and took off her baggy cardigan. Underneath was a tight yellow t-shirt showing nicely pert titties.

Next she kicked off her sandles, and undid her jeans. She let them fall to the floor and kicked them off her legs. Her legs were phenomenal all the way up to her tight little pussy hiding under her jade panties.

Off came the t-shirt, no bra, and the most perfect titties appeared. I think I nearly came in my pants. My eyes were certainly on stalks.

Jasmine turned her back on me and lowered her panties whilst swinging her ass too and fro. She bent almost double so I could see her pussy lips from behind and the little pink rosebud of her asshole.

She turned around with her hand covering her pussy, stepped out of her panties and flicked them in my direction so they landed on me full in the face. She then moved her hands showing me her little bald vulva. I could feel leakage coming from my cock.

Jimmy had taken his unfeasibly large cock out and was stroking it with one hand whilst leering at his little sister.

“Go over and help him out of his cloths Jas” he told her.

She pulled off my band t-shirt, rubbing my chest and kissing my lips. She turned her attention to my spandex trousers, rubbing her hand over my crotch and finding me hard. She pulled them down and discovered I was commando. No self-respecting heavy metal guitarist wears underpants, so she had my cock spring up right in her face.

She pulled my trousers off leaving me in my sneakers and socks and nothing else.

She pushed me to the couch and pounced on my cock, taking it in har hand and placing it in her mouth. Jimmy seemed to be enjoying this and stroked his sisters pussy from behind whilst pleasuring himself with the other hand.

This was my first blow job. What a revelation. Better than any wank I had had. I loved the way her long brown hair flowed across my lap framing her cute little mouth working away at my cock.

Jimmy lifted her bodily off my cock and placed her on my lap. Jasmine guided my cock into her vagina and began bobbing her little tushy up and down. It was a little disconcerting that Jimmy was so close and even more so when he began rubbing his cock on her ass.

To counter this, I asked Jas to lay down on her back on the couch and I lay between her legs. I stared down at her titties watching them move around as I thrust into her. The experience was too overwhelming and it wasnt long before my orgasm erupted. My fourteen year old seed came in torrents inside Jasmines tight little pussy.

Although I had not exerted myself greatly, I felt that all my energy had drained out of me along with my sperm.

I climbed off Jasmine and got my first really good look at her pussy with her legs spread. It looked amazing all pink and spread, with her little clitoris promently proud and her little hole gaping with my jizz spilling out.

“Out of the way Jas” Jimmy said, “My turn”

I was more than a little scared of what he might be going to do to me.

He told me to lie face down on the sofa with my legs straight and together. I did so.

Next thing I know was there was something icy cold placed on my buttocks. I jumped and sat up to see a sealed bag of ice fall onto the floor.

“Just lie back down” Jimmy said, “I won’t leave that on for long”.

I lay back down and he put the ice back on my bottom, pushing it into my butt crevice. It got very painful after a while.

Eventually her removed the ice and dried my ass off with a towel.

Once he was satisfied my bum had all the moisture removed, he removed his trousers, underpants and climbed on top of me.

His cock felt huge, hard and extremely hot on my delicate ass cheeks. Jimmy groaned as he eased his massive member between my buttocks and began humping.

I could feel his huge ballsack knocking against my buttocks and upper legs.

Jimmy was saying “You ass is so soft, all smooth, oh it feels fantastic.”

He was rubbing himself over every inch of my ass, all the while telling me how much he was enjoying himself. It was odd feeling another male’s knob on your ass, all chunky and hot. In some ways it wasnt all that unpleasant.

After about 10 minutes he stopped, got off and placed the ice bag back on my ass. When he was satisfied, he repeated the drying and then climbed back on top.

He was much more focussed on putting the head of his cock in my ass crack and even though his bellend was pressing at the opening of my ass, he never made any attempt to enter. He did rub his knob on my balls from behind, warming them.

After a couple more rounds of ice, he jammed his cock into my ass crack right against my asshole , he pushed my buttocks together and began pounding hard.

My asshole took quite a battering and felt quite sensitive before he finally shot her load initially against my hole and then her sprayed over my buttocks and back. Jimmy was panting, flushed and telling me how wonderful it had been.

Jasmine came over and wiped my up with the towel, then she cleaned her brothers cock with her mouth. She had already dressed.

I dressed feeling a weird mixture of satisfaction at having fucked Jasmine and a bit used by Jimmy. I left his RV and returned to where my bandmates had gathered to listed to the headline act for the day.

The most weird thing was that Jimmy and Jasmine turned up at most of our shows. It was odd standing up there on stage knowing what the 3 of us had been up to.

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