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“20 favorite sex positions – the illustrated edition.”

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I brought home a used book that totally changed our lives.

I’m a fan of science-fiction, and my favorite way to read it is short story books. Most books are full length novels, so I have to go to the local used bookstore and spend some time searching, to find a few that I want.

A couple weeks ago they got a shipment that was only roughly categorized. There were three large boxes labeled Science and Science-Fiction. They were a mixture of hard back and paperback. They charge $.50 for paperbacks and $2.00 for hard cover. I’m cheap, so I try to find paperbacks.

I had spent about an hour digging thru the boxes, and had found a few, when I found a book that made me stop in my tracks. It was titled,
“20 favorite sex positions – the illustrated edition.”

I flipped through the book and saw that it was set up with one page describing the position, and then one or two pages with full page, color photos of people having sex in that position. Even though it was hard cover. I put it in my ‘buy’ pile. I was happy to pay $2 for it. I left the store with four sci-fi books and ‘the book’.

When I got home, I excitedly showed the book to Sally, my twenty-three- year-old wife of a little less than two years. She was as excited by it as I was. You should know that it was many years ago, before you could find anything on the internet. We started looking at it, sitting on the couch. Sally said that we should move to our bed. We went to the bedroom, stripped and again, opened the book.

The first page said that the missionary position was by far the most common one. The opposite page showed a naked man and women. She was on her back, with her legs somewhat spread. He was between her legs with his cock entering her.

The book never used words like cock, dick, cunt or fuck. It used the more polite words like penis and vagina. I guess the author was trying to appear scientific.

Number two was doggy, with her on her hands and knees and him in his knees behind her. We had done that one a few times. All the photos were of the same young couple. Others near the front were, her knees over is shoulders and her ass lifted off the bed, cowgirl and on and on. Each one got a little more unusual and harder to accomplish. After about the fifth one, we giggled and decided to try each position each night, one after the other, in the order that they were in the book, till we finished the book, and not to cheat by looking ahead. That night we made love in the missionary position, like we usually did. We had not looked at the back pages of the book.

We were enjoying our progression thru the book, trying the new positions. On day ten, we came to the page about oral sex. I had only gotten Sally to suck me, one time, and she said she did not like doing it. I looked at her, “We agreed to do all of them.” She looked back at me, groaned and nodded her head.

Picture one showed the woman with his cock in her mouth and cum dripping out of the corner of her mouth. The text said how she pleased him the most by doing it to completion, and then swallowing his ejaculate. Sally had a scowl on her face. Photo two showed him with his face between her legs. She was gripping the sheets, and her mouth and eyes were wide open, like she was screaming. The text talked about how he should lick her clit and tongue her vaginal opening till he brought her to a strong orgasm.

I went first. Sally really got turned on. I brought her to the strongest orgasm she ever had. She held my head tight to her mound, and cried out as she came. Then we turned and she put the head of my cock in her mouth. She moved up and down on a couple inches, while stroking my rock-hard shaft with one hand. I kept one hand gently on the back of her head.

I could tell that I was getting close. I groaned and, without warning her, started coming. When the first shot entered Sally’s mouth, she quickly pulled off. The second shot landed on her cheek. She paused a second, but then put me back in her mouth, taking and swallowing my final three cum strings.

We spend almost the next month, except the days when Sally was having her period, doing each position that the book showed us. Some were very challenging, but we were enjoying ourselves.

Finally, we came to a page that said, “The next six are not positions, but sexual situations.”

We turned the page and came to, “Threesomes”. The first one showed her on her hands and knees, with two guys. One had his cock in her cunt and the other had his in her mouth. The second was of the guy, on his back. One girl was riding him, cowgirl, while the other was sitting on his face, getting her cunt eaten.

“We said we were going to go thru with doing everything in the book. Right?”

Sally replied, with just a little smile on her face, “I guess so.” It was the late 70’s and the birth control pill was in wide use now. We did not want to start our family yet, so Sally was taking them. That made this decision easier.

There was a local swingers newspaper that we found that helped us find the people to join us. It took almost a week to find people to join us and to contact them thru the paper’s contact forwarding mail. We enclosed our phone number and when they called, we talked about what we were doing. We decided that first would be me and Sally and another girl. She came to our house. My mind had some doubt, but my cock was ready and anxious to explore a new pussy. Her name was Gloria. She was the same age as Sally and had a great body.

Soon I was kissing her. Sally had a little bit of a jealous look on her face. Pretty soon, Gloria had my cock out and I had her tits out and in my hands. At that point, I took them both by the hand and we went to the bedroom. We all finished stripping and duplicated the position in the book.

I was on my back, with my rock hard six inches begging for action. Gloria swung her leg over me and slid her cunt down the length of my shaft. I motioned for Sally to sit on my face. She got on her knees, facing Gloria, and lowered herself down. She jumped and moaned when my tongue slid across her clit.

After about five minutes, Sally was the first to come. It was a good, hard orgasm. Gloria and I came at the same time. I warned her, as I was not wearing a condom. She did not stop. She rode me fast and hard till I filled her with my seed.

Then Gloria quickly dropped down and took my cum covered cock in her mouth and sucked till I was good and hard again, while Sally sat on the side of the bed and watched. Next the girls switched places. Sally started riding my hard-again cock, and I got my first taste of a cum filled cunt. It was better than I thought it would be.

Gloria came first and I found out about that a girl can squirt girl cum. I got a mouthful but could not move, so I swallowed it. Gloria leaned forward and kissed Sally and grasped her tits and pinched her hard nipples. Sally froze for a second but then tentatively kissed her back. She moved away and watched Sally and I fucking till Sally finally came, which made me come. After seeing Gloria suck my cum covered cock, Sally felt that she should also do it. Soon there was no more cum on, or coming out of my cock, and it fell down onto my stomach.

We stayed naked and had another drink as we chatted. Gloria said that she had fun and would get together with us again if we wanted. We both smiled and indicated that we might enjoy that also. Gloria dressed and left. Sally and I went back to bed and fucked again while telling each other that we loved each other. I was surprised that I got it up for a third time so quickly.

The following weekend was the time to invite another man to join us. When Ron arrived, I was surprised that Sally had selected a man who appeared to be around 40. He was a good-looking man, around 6’2” and in good shape. I am 5’10” and slim. He had a small amount of gray hair at his temples.
He came in, shook my hand and gave Sally a big hug, with his hands on her ass. Like with Gloria, we settled in and chatted, while sharing a couple beers.

It was not long before they were kissing. Sally had his shirt open and was rubbing his chest. He had his hand up under her short skirt and was pleased to find that she was not wearing panties. I sat and watched. I admit that I was feeling some jealousy and nervousness. I also already had a boner. Sally stood up, took both of our hands and lead us to the bed.

He stood next to the bed, and they undressed each other. Again, I was only watching. I could see why she had picked Ron. He obviously worked out. He had a great body, and his manhood put mine to shame. It must have been close to eight inches, and much thicker than my average equipment.

Sally dropped to her knees, took his cock in her hand and stroked it, while forcing her mouth over the head. She got a little more than the head in her mouth. I could see her cheeks pull in as she sucked. Her hand stroked up and down his shaft. Then she waived to me to come over. I had gotten undressed. She took me in her other hand and jerked me while giving him a great blowjob.

Ron told her to get up. Then he easily tossed her on the bed, got his head between her legs and started eating her out. She motioned for me to come to her, and she sucked me deep as her sexual excitement built. Ron re-positioned us, so Sally was on her hands and knees. He placed his cock at her fuck hole. It took a little effort to get it in, but once it started, it slid full depth into her. Sally moaned, loudly.

Holding her firmly by the hips, he started fucking her, with force. Each time he slammed his big cock into her, it drove her mouth most of the way down my dick. It felt great but I started to think, what if she decided that I was not man enough to fully satisfy her? It wasn’t long before she had her first orgasm. It was a good one. Soon after that, it was my turn. I felt my balls tighten and my cock repeatedly pumped my seed into her mouth. Without hesitation, she quickly swallowed all of it. She kept sucking till I started to wilt. Ron was still laying it to her, and she came again.

I pulled away and watched. Ron kept going and going, and Sally kept coming and coming. After several minutes, Sally called me back and blew me again, but Ron was still going strong. I came a second time, but Ron must have fucked her for 20 minutes before finally blowing a big load in her, causing her to have one last orgasm and then collapse on the bed. He brought his cum covered still half hard cock to her mouth and she happily cleaned it. Then she kissed it several times.

We called it a night. Sally gave him a very long, hard kiss, and squeezed his package, as he was leaving. I suggested that we go back to bed so I could have my turn at fucking her, but she begged off, saying that she couldn’t take any more, just then.

The next night we turned the page again and came to, “Same sex coupling – gay sex”. It talked about how many people enjoy sexual pleasure with others of the same sex. The first photo showed two girls in the sixty-nine position, eating each other out. The other showed one guy sucking another guy’s cock. We looked at each other and I said, “We have done all of the 30 positions, and the threesome. Should we stop now or keep going?” Neither of us had ever been with anyone else, and certainly had not done anything gay. I said no and it took Sally several days to get me to agree to do it – one time, but I finally did.

Gloria came back over on Friday night. I enjoyed watching the two of them going 69 till they both came. Gloria was on top. After they had both come twice, they let me get behind Gloria and fuck her whole they were still in the 69 position. When I came, I pulled out and pointed my cock at Sally’s open mouth. They switched around so they could kiss and swap my cum back and forth between them.

The next night it was my turn to have oral sex with another man. I almost chickened out. I found another guy in the swinger’s paper who said he was looking for another man. The one I picked was Rick. He was my age and build. He said that he was wanting to try it also. Sally said that she only wanted to watch.

When he arrived, we were both nervous, but both planning to go thru with it. Sally urged us on and finally we were on the bed with her sitting in a chair. There was no kissing. We stroked each other to get good erections. Rick took the lead and went down on me. It did not physically any different than being sucked by a girl. I guess a mouth is a mouth. Emotionally it was different. I warned him that I was going to come, but he did not stop. I came in his mouth, and he swallowed my load.

We switched and I started sucking him. He didn’t last long. Even if I wanted to pull off, because Rick was holding my head. I was shocked at how much he came. Some went straight down my throat. Some dripped down on my chin, and I still had a mouthful. Sally finally got involved. She came over and gave us each a deep kiss.

Next was, “Water Sports – Pee Play”. The pictures were the girl on her knees, with her mouth wide open, while he pissed on her face, tits and in her hair. The other was the guy on his back, while she squatted over his face and rained piss into his mouth. We tried it each way, but neither of us opened out mouth.

Next was, “Interracial”. The photos showed the white girl being pounded by a black guy and the white guy deep in a black girl. This time Sally said no, and it took me quite a while to get her to change her mind. I was excited about having sex with a black girl. We found a young black couple and got together at the same time. We all ended up enjoying ourselves.

Getting close to the end, we turned to, “Deepthroat”. The text said that only a few females were naturals at taking a penis into her throat. Others learned after some effort and trying. Some had too strong of a gag reflex to ever be able to do it. It said that many guys have curved penises, and that made a difference in what was the easiest way to try doing it. If a penis curved down, try it with him standing, and her on her knees. If your penis curves up, the 69 position will work best. If it is straight, have her lay on her back with her head over the edge of the best to get the straightest shot into her throat. The first photo was split, showing her with just the head in her mouth, and the second half showing her nose deep in his pubic hair. The other photos showed the three positions based on his cock curve.

My cock curves down, so we tried it with Sally on her knees in front of me. The first time I pushed to the back of her mouth, she gagged very hard and lost half of her lunch on the floor. She looked at me, “I’m gonna do it. Keep trying.” We tried a couple more times but then gave up for the night. On the third night of trying, Sally had her nose deep in my pubic hair, and by balls against her chin. When I came straight down her throat, she smiled at me, triumphantly.

Before we turned to the last page, we each guessed at what the final thing would be. We were both wrong. The page heading was “Orgy”. An orgy is usually a mixed sex group of from six to twenty or so people who get together for sex with any of the others that show up for the party. Any position or situation is acceptable, as long as everyone agrees. Very often then do not know any of the other people they are having sex with.

We got the new edition of the swingers paper and found an ad for a local club that hosted orgies every other Friday night.

The next Friday, we attended as guests. After the party started, we did not see each other till the party broke up. On the way home, Sally asked me how many women I had had sex with. I told her four and asked her how many she had been with. Her answer was seven, and she said that one time she had a cock fucking each of her three holes at the same time. Then she kissed me. I tasted cum on her lips.

We joined the club.

Later we decided that we could make some good money if we made an updated version of the book that got us started in the swinging lifestyle by putting it on VHS tape rather than as a book with photos and selling the tapes. I went out and bought two high quality VHF cameras and tripods.

524. PO469. If you want to see a full list of my other stories, click on my username link at the top of this story. Any photos with my stories are of people who are 18 or older and come from my friends or from a website that allows sharing. Photo credit and thanks to imagefap.com.


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    The most intense sexual position I ever tried was the full nelson !! It’s when I sit in your lap with my back towards you as I sit on your cock you keep on fucking me then you put both of your arms underneath my knees and lift my legs all the way up until your hands reach behind my neck and force my head down as I can see your cock fucking either my pussy or ass !! check it out in some of the sex sites just put full nelson in !! its not for the novice but thank God I was a ballerina so I’m still flexible !! Let me know if you find it PO469 ! Britney

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      I’d love to fuck you in that position baby doll!! Love Johnny

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      Found it. Yes that is wild.