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19, pregnant, turned out, no job, went as low as I could go to get money

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I’d never in a million years thought I’d do preggo porn, let guy and guy, even women fuck me while pregnant. Then I sunk to K9 fucking

My much older boyfriend and boss, kicked me out of his house and my job. I was 19, for a year I sucked him, let him fuck me, let him flash my boobs, pussy and ass in front of anyone he wanted, even let him fuck me at hedonist resorts in front of others. I got pregnant at one of those resorts, it was someone else though, since my lover had been snipped. After 2 months the money ran out, my parents wouldn’t have me back, and an old friend I knew was a stripper offered me an option. She’d let me stay with her, and after a month more when I was showing pretty good, she arranged for me to be at a back room in the club where she danced. I was letting men, even teens come in a fuck me for money. She called them preggo-chasers. Evidently it’s a real thing. Before my older boyfriend I’d only had sex with two guys, the first time was unwillingly on a date out in the middle of nowhere. He forced me, fucked me, made me suck him, and the last time before he took me home he did it in my butt. I was humiliated, and at high school he told everyone I’d put out, I was a three hole slut and I spent the last two years of high school seeing no one. After that I moved, had a boyfriend who got killed in a car crash. That’s when I met the older man. I had a job, a lover, a great house and car. Now I was letting guys sneak into a back room in a strip club and suck their cocks and let them fuck my pregnant pussy for money. Of course before the owners let me do that, I had to let all four of them take turns fucking me in the main office.

I thought I’d slipped to the lowest, and in my 7th month my friend turned me on to a way I’d make money, still have to have preggo sex, but not nearly as many guys, and no split of the money with the owners of the club. I did videos and photo shoots. The first video was three guys and me, I didn’t realize it but it was all analsex. I’d not had anal since that first boy when I was only 15. I told the guy behind the camera and they gave me this girl with a vibe to stretch me out first. I did several videos, mostly gangbanging the preggo slut vids. Plenty of anal sex with the preggo movies and stills. Then I called asking for more work, I needed the money and they said they only had one thing for me, as I’d been “over shot” for the viewers. I waited another month and desperate I called back. The price went down because I’d turned them down but I agreed. I’ve now done 15 k9 fucking videos. Several with two dogs, and always the dogs go more than once. I’ve had to take them wherever they fuck, sometimes they hit my pussy other times they hit my ass.

I’m now in my 9th month, they shoot dogs licking me, fucking me and men sucking the colostrum out of my big, full tits. Even some guys that fuck me after the dog or dogs have each gone at least twice.

Soon I’ll have the baby, a great couple are adopting her. I just hope I can lose weight fast enough to get some work. I’m going to shave my pussy hair and dye my hair blonde on my head, change makeup and hopefully I can get some work again, or at least go back to the club and dance, and fuck guys in the private rooms. My room mate the stripper says I’ll get money by just selling guys nursing on my tits. I hope so.

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    Lucky you didn’t miscarry with all the preggo action. Still, it’s fun to read about sluts like you, born to be abused! What type of porn next, scat?!