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15yr girl, old man and incest

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Porn cinema and a surprise for virgin 15yr school girl

This happened in the 70s
I was 14 you usual geek Ginger long hair nice firm tits ,in the top 5 in year and not interested in boys only my school work. In showers at school was teased as the lack of pubic hair ,I was smooth as a baby.
I had just finished meeting friends in town was on way home had a summer dress with buttons down the front no bra as it was hot and got a kick out of friends and strangers looking at my big nipples.
On the way home the sky turned dark and a monsoon of rain came down ,I was in a street of terraced houses with no shelter , I was soaking, wet dress clinging hair dripping I went down a side street saw a canopy so run to it hoping raining would stop but no, was even harder. as I stood there heard an old lady voice say “Ticket” I looked and realised it was a small cinema ,looked at rain thought yea ok.
Went in my head down trying to wring the water out of my hair found a seat and 5mins later looked up and saw a girl sucking a cock, i know should have got up and go but was fixed on the screen as i saw this girl sucking this large black cock I couldn’t move.
After 10mins watching my nipples were so hard due to the rain,air condition plus what i was watching when suddenly i heard a mans voice next to me saying “you are enjoying this” couldn’t say anything just nodded.
“you enjoying that big black cock ,you like to suck it ” just nodded , “keep watching the screen and think its you up there” she was now sucking another big black cock, when i felt the buttons of my dress being undone slowly my breathing got heavy as I felt the coldness on my tits as more buttons were undone till all were undone .
Then I felt it my dress pushed open and now exposed , never done this with anyone let alone a stranger,my chest was rising as my breathing got heavy. A hand came onto my tit and I jumped a bit then felt it cupping my tit and squeezing it ,a slight moan came out , “mmm nice hard nipples for such a young girl and such firm tits” he whispered in my ear as he tweaked and pinched them waiting for me to tell him to stop but all that came out was groans .
He told me to stand up and remove my dress which i did ,now standing naked except for my panties and shoes,”kneel down undo me now” I don’t know why but I did, undid his trousers pulled them off and up sprung a huge thick cock. He put my hand on it as he moved it up and down then getting my hair pulled me down onto his cock”suck me slut just as you have seen” my mouth opened as my young mouth took a cock in its mouth for the first time.
I felt his hard throbbing cock in my mouth,only heard about this from other girls now here i was ,not sucking a boys cock but a real mans cock and i loved
it so much, I was bobbing my head up and down (luckily for the film knew what to do] and knew i was doing it right as i heard him say “oh yes bitch thats it ‘ as he grabbed my hair and held me and then i felt it loads of his cum shooting in my mouth swallowing it ,as he released my hair i still carried on sucking up every last drop.
‘Now my turn he pulled my wet panties down pushed me onto seat with leg over each arm as he looked at my smooth wet cunt. first one finger then 2 back and forth god it felt good then the surprise, his mouth licking my clit witch felt like a small cock, i was now begging him to not stop which of course he did several times.
he sat back on his seat with that stiff cock standing up so big, thick, ‘do you want this cock’
‘oh god yes’
‘where ‘
‘my vagina ‘
‘its called a cunt slut,whats it called”
‘A cunt sir,yes i do want it in my cunt so badly ‘
with that i climbed onto his lap and he held it brushing my wet lips ,god i was so wet, juices were running down my legs. Then i felt it against my virgin cunt i pushed down hard it was so big i thought I was a virgin when pop it was in and the feeling ,gradually deeper as he pinched my nipples the pain travelling to my clit made it worse as i couldnt stop cumming as i fucked him deeper . he was now spanking me hard as a voice came out ,’harder spank me harder ‘ i just kept cumming never knew cumming was so beautiful and powerful.
heard him say are you on pill , yes i am ( pill for periods lot of girls were on them] i want to cum in you slut , ‘go ahead shoot in my cunt I said.
suddenly he tensed and groaned hard,a final jerk and woow felt his spunk in me loads as i was Cumming to we both collapsed.
he said we better tidy up.
We walked to the Ladies toilet me naked it felt so good , I got in and looked at myself in the mirror I had seemed to changed, no longer a little girl but a Slut with a strangers cum running out of my used cunt.
As I looked up I saw him Ray a fit silver haired guy late 50s early 60s looking at me with that stiff hard cock ,god it looked big, I felt my nipples get harder and my cunt stirring ,
“you know what I want slut ,kneel”
with that he grabbed my head and pushed me down where I knew what I had to do .I grabbed his cock my hand on his cock wanking him [my fingers not getting round it] then pushing my head onto his cock where he gradually pushed it all in. Ray started to face fuck me ,I was choking but begging for more I wanted to taste his cum again to feel it shoot in my mouth ,to taste it.
Ray pulled me up by the hair and bent me over the sink as i felt his huge cock trying to enter my tight cunt, I was pushing back hard as I wanted it and then it was in ,felt him thrust hard, I came and more thrusts i couldn’t stop cumming then he stopped and I was thrusting back hard as he slapped me hard and his hands pinched my nipples as i begged harder twist them .
Ray pulled out pushed me down to suck and face fuck me ,god i loved it ,choking begging for his cock . Again I was bent over the sink as his cock entered my now dripping young slut cunt,looking in the mirror was like watching a porn film as Ray fucked me as I felt my self cumming but this time it was several one after the other by now I was his slut ,telling him to fuck me harder .
I don’t know what was happing but I wanted more, he turned me round and fucked me pinched my nipples and kissed me all of this sent me over to somewhere else as my orgasm hit again and again and again.Was so powerful that I blacked out and slid to the floor where I sort of came round with miniature orgasms hitting me.
I saw Ray standing over me with that hard thick cock, he asked “are you a dirty slut”
“yes I am sir”
“how dirty are you slut”
“for you sir very dirty ” as I sat on the floor naked in the ladies toilet.
with that i felt something hot and wet ,he was pissing on me
“open your legs wide and your mouth ,you dirty slut”
I did as I was told and felt piss on my tits running to my cunt ,then piss on my clit , I felt so horny dirty then he put his cock by my mouth and I felt piss in my mouth which i swallowed, tasted salty like his cum.
He told me to keep some in my mouth ,pulled me up and kissed me as we swapped his piss between our mouths while he rubbed and fingered me.
Again I was bent over and my well lubricated cunt was fucked and more orgasms , he said he was coming I begged him for him to cum in my mouth ,he pulled out and I was there kneeling mouth open as he shot his thick cum in my mouth ,face and tits.
Ray got himself dressed as I stood there naked except for my shoes , he kissed me then gave me a card, told me to call if I wanted more then left.
I left Ray cum on my tits as i put dress on minus panties as Ray took them and walked out of cinema.
I decided to get bus from town to home as I got into town I bumped into some friends who asked if I was ok as my hair was clingy and I looked tired but said was fine as I felt Rays cum clinging to my dress and my juices and cum running down my legs .I saw them looking at my dress as was showing more cleavage and leg. One asked if I had a bra on, said no also ,got no underwear on as I open my dress and showed my cunt all puffy , some were so shocked but one looked hard at my cunt and smiled.
Back home in my bedroom I took my dress off and looked in the mirror and saw not a little l girl but a dirty slut with cum on her tits ,harder nipples red and raw a nice smooth puffy cunt full of and old man’s cum.
I got on my bed and spread my legs and started playing didnt care if neighbours could see, my fingers were in scooping out Rays cum with my juices and it tasted wonderful.
I went into mums bedroom found her toys and took a nice big dildo licked it and eased it into my cunt, it was tight and fantastic as I thought about Ray slowly fucking me ,that was it I was cumming hard pinching my nipples ,one after the other till I couldnt take it any more .
I laid there legs wide juices flowing ,as i looked round saw mum peering into my room,I just laid there as she came in and told me it was ok masturbating as she did a lot. she took her toy and went to her bedroom. I got up to go and have a shower as I passed mum bedroom I saw her naked playing with her toy she was licking it, still had my juices on it . I watched her licking her toy as she played with her cunt, it was so wet then she was calling my name saying yes finger mummy cunt you like mummy cunt you taste so good, mummy wants more.
I was rooted watching her being so dirty I let out a moan she must have heard and saw me naked watching, told me to come in asked if I heard what she said, I said yes. She got up and kissed me her tongue met mine we kissed like I did with Ray. She moved down my body biting my nipples then down to my cunt.. She laid on the bed told me to sit on her face and she licked me my juices and Ray’s cum and came several times.
I now laid on bed and she sat on my face told me to lick mummy wet slut cunt. This I never even kissed a girl and here I was making mummy cum several times.
After making each other cum we both got dressed and carried on as normal. My head body were swirling as when I got up this morning I was a young shy virgin, now I was a Bi slut whore, yes I love it.
Back at school I tried to concentrate but every break i went to toilet and masturbated,i had to to release this new sexual tension which i have never had.
I kept looking at Ray card trying to get the courage to call him ,a few times i picked the phone up and dialled ,when he picked up I said hello, your young slut here.
We chatted for a while I was getting so wet so when he said he pick me up from school on Friday and to tell mum I was staying weekend at friends.
As I waited at the school gates, my white panties were getting wet and my nipples hard.
I had white socks pleated school skirt shirt tie and blazer
A big luxury car pulled up, Ray said get in, I slid onto the seat and drove off to his house. Along the way he was being crude calling me a little whore who wanted any man’s cock in her cunt placing my hand on his stiff cock. Told me to un-zip him and get his cock out, fuck forgot how big it was my hand couldn’t get round it.
I then felt his hand on my head pulling me down to his cock,
“Suck it you you school girl slut, show your friends what a cock sucking slut you are”
With that my mouth was again sucking his huge cock, going deeper (I had being practicing with mums thick dildo) till I was down to his trousers fucking his cock with my mouth.
We suddenly stopped we had arrived at Ray House a quite street with drives
As we enter his house he told me I was to be his whore slut and I would be punished if I did not obey, he told me to bend over and pull my skirt up showing him my white panties. I felt a slap on my arse cheeks stinging them but after a while felt good.
He took me into his lounge and sat in his chair and told me to strip as I did he undressed and stroked his big cock, fuck I wanted it so bad, my white panties had a soaking patch with my nipples so hard.
Get down on your knees he said which I did, now you know what to do slut the same as you did in the porn cinema.
With that I lowered my head onto his stiff cock, oh the taste and smell was like nectar to my sluts cunt. I felt his hand on the back of my head controlling me, pushing and pulling my head, my cunt wanted his huge cock in me but he had control. We would stop and kissed like dirty lovers tongues as he twisted and pinched my nipples the pain going straight to my clit.
Suddenly the door bell rang, Ray got up and opened the door, voices were heard and the door closed. Ray entered the room but behind him was a couple which I found out later were in there 70s.
“Here she is the slut I told you about”
“well you weren’t wrong Ray she beautiful, perfect body”
I tried to hide my body but Ray took my hands and told me to get on my knees and to suck his cock. I
unzipped Alan trousers pulled his cock out and sucked him hard and omg was he big I instantly went wet as Alan pushed my head further into my throat.
“choke you little slut” and I was, tears in my eyes as he pushed more cock down my. narrow throat.
Someone was pushing my lages apart and a tongue and fingers were playing with my wet cunt making me cum I wanted to scream but I was gagged by this huge cock.
I heard a woman, Ann say she nice and wet for you darling.
The next thing I was on my knees resting on settee with a smooth cunt inches away from my face
Heard Ann say lick grandma cunt you whore as my head was pushed and pulled onto her wet cunt. I now knew how to lick a cunt after mummy and went to town on it, was surprised it tasted different from mummy cunt.
The next felt his cock stretching me fuck it hurt but Alan gave a thrust and I screamed, ”
” I think she likes it now make the school girl scream, darling ”
And did I scream first in pain but changed to orgsam after orgasm, I was Cummings so hard the words would not come out.
I manged to see Ray shoving his cock down Ann’s throat as he watched me being fucked by his friend. Suddenly I heard and felt Alan tense up
“fuck, oh fuckin yes, yes God, take this you cunt slut”
I felt his cum shooting into me so deep I cum as well.
Ray got off and turned me onto my back, I lay there legs open cum oozing when Ann jumped in between my legs and was mumbling “lovely, so lovely”
After sucking her husband cum out of me she came over and dropped into my mouth, we swapped cum between our mouths.
Meanwhile Ray was ramming his cock into Ann’s smooth cunt till I heard Ray fuck yes and saw his hips ram Ann.
He got off, Ann said your turn darling, I knew what she meant and went to work lickin all of Ray’s cum out of her cunt, yes we swapped Ray’s cum as we fingerd each other cunt and of course we made each other cum.
We all had a rest and drink Alan & Ann introduced the so to me saving they have been swinging for years with Ray and he toid us about a young slut.
They asked me to confirm my age and were shocked but then I saw Alan cock get hard and Ann hand went straight to my cunt, she pushed my head onto Alan cock which I swear was even bigger.
That night we all stayed at Ray’s house with very little sleep thanks to, Ray, Alan and Ann tongue.


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