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13 year old got raped by 50+ yr old

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When I was raped. I mentioned this when I shared my first gangbang with 4 men……2

When I was raped by the older man. He blackmailed me. Told me that if I didn’t go back and if I told anyone. He would put my photso up at my school.

I gave in. And kept going back to him. He fucked me evey chance we got. And a few weeks after he had raped me. He had a friend of his over. He said to me. Sweety. My friend is going to fuck you while I watch then I might join in. I said ok grandpa. The other man said oh wow you have trained this little whore well.. he said you can call me uncle. Grandpa told me to get naked. And suck uncles cock. I went over to him. And he grabbed me and lifted me ontop of him and he was feeling my assamd was sucking my nipples one by one. Back n fourth he was teasing my pussy with his cock. Wasn’t hard at all.
He then said on whore suck me till I get hard. I Iwent down and started sucking his dick. He got hard instantly. He was bigger than grandpa. Maybe 2 inches longer. He then got me to sit on his cock. He was fucking me and sucking my boobs. I was bouncing on his cock. Grandpa was stroking his cock. Uncle got up and while he was still deep inside my pussy. He carried me to the bed and laid me on my back. He did a choke hold on me. With His left hand. And with his tight arm he held my leg up and fucked me faster and faster. He went on for a few minutes. He was already sweating. He pulled out and got me on my knees and he throat fucked me till he was going to cum. He said swallow it all like a good little slut. He came in my mouth. I swallowed it all. He then laid me on the bed. He ate my pussy and fingered my ass. Then grandpa came over and fucked my mouth. He was feeling my boobs and squeezing them. He then blew in my mouth and made me swallow.
Uncle left. And grandpa said to me. Im going to keep fucking you as I please. Sometimes I’m going to share you with others. Are you going to obey me slut. I said yes grandpa…
This went on for 2 more years. It was always me and grandpa and some times a 3 some. Half the time grandpa watched 2 other men use me. He never joined. Only reason why it ended 2 years later is because he had passed away. Then I went on my own adventure. It was always older men.

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  • Reply A. ID:1cn4gpacmfxw

    Too bad he didn’t breed you to leave you with something to remember him by other than memories

    • Slutty teen ID:1ck78njowllr

      My neighbor fucks me in his garage apartment that has a back entrance. His wife will be in the house while we fuck