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13 and searching for answers part 2 update

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5 days alone with my father and my older brother

Hi everyone. I’m Ducky and I’m back to post another story here updating my story about my family.

Thank you to all who commented on my first story. I was so nervous about posting it but after all the understanding and support I got from the comments, I feel much more comfortable writing about the new things going on in my life and in greater detail.

First of all, for those who don’t know, I’m Ducky and I’m 13 and as I revealed in my first story, I’ve been having sex with my older brother and my father. My brother and I have been having sex with each other since I was 11 and he was 13 and me and my father started having sex about 5 months ago. My mother doesn’t know about any of this though.

I can happily say that I absolutely love the sex. It’s the most joyous thing I’ve ever done and I’m very very in love with my brother and my father.
When I wrote my first story I was very very nervous and scared, but it also felt amazing to be able to type it out and know that real people were reading it. I fully admit that it turned me on ALOT after I typed it out and posted it here on this site. I actually ended up re-reading my story and touching myself in my computer chair right after I hit the post button.

So my grandmother on my mom’s side has been very ill this week and my mom drove to the next state over to stay with her for 5 straight days. Today is day 3 and I wanted to tell everyone what it’s been like having my boys all to myself.

About an hour after my mom left to go to my grandmas, me and my brother and my dad went and jumped into Dad’s bed, the one he and mom sleep in and it was a blast. It’s the first time that I’ve gotten to have sex in my parents bed. I know Dad will wash the sheets and everything, but it was so hot knowing that I was having sex where my mom sleeps. Right in her spot on her side of the bed too. My brother and dad stripped and laid down next to each other and I switched back and forth taking turns sucking on their dicks. Then I laid on my back right in moms spot and sucked my brothers dick while my dad licked my pussy.

My dad says he loves it that I barely have any hair down there. Then he switched with my brother. But my brother isn’t very much into licking me so he climbed on top of me and and we.got to it. Neither my dad or my brother have ever used a condom with me and both of them always come inside of me. (Which I absolutely love so so much).

Oh gosh.. Telling my story and typing it out feels so amazing. I admit, that I am naked right now and I’m typing with one hand because my other one is busy sticking a finger inside myself. It makes me so horny to be telling all of this to all you strangers. 🤭

One of the things I love the most about the sex is that both of them kiss me alot, with tongue while we are having sex. It’s so romantic.

So then they switched again and my dad got on top of me and inside of me. My dad is a much more gentle lover than my brother. Idk why though. But either way, I love doing it with both of them.
My dad always has asked my brother to finish first. He says it turns him on to watch my brother come inside me. So right as soon as my brother has filled me up, my dad immediately jumps on me and puts it in and then comes in me.

I love how it feels to have both of their come inside of me. Its not just about the sensation of having it inside me, but also the mental and emotional understanding that I have my brother and father’s reproductive body fluids inside the reproductive part of my own body. Knowing that im basically trying to have a baby intentionally with my father and my brother. And knowing that it’s because of being deeply in love with each other. It just drives me over the edge.

Gosh I’m playing with myself so much it’s hard to type out this story….

So after we were done, my brother went back to his room and me and Dad stayed in his room. We had sex twice more that evening and then something amazing happened… For the very first time, dad and I slept together in the same bed.

I slept in moms spot. Naked. We cuddled each other. We kissed for hours and talked and told each other how in love we were with each other. And then. We went to sleep. I’ve never slept more soundly in my entire life.

When we woke up, he immediately rolled on top of me and put it in me again. He only lasted moments this time and came inside me almost instantly. Then he went to go make breakfast and I went back to sleep.
I was woken up a bit later by my brother crawling into the bed and I was barely even awake when he got inbetween my legs and he did me very rough for a minute or two before coming in me. Then he left without a word.

As much as I love the intimacy that I have with dad and all the talking and everything, I do really enjoy how my brother just comes around and doesn’t say a word, just puts it in and pumps me full of his come. It’s like he’s replaced jerking off with me and my body. My pussy is now his jerk off machine. I love how he uses my body to basically jerk off anytime he’s horny. Which is a lot. I would say that I’m at least having sex 4 times a day with them.

The next night I slept with my brother in his bed for the first time. Sleeping next to him is alot different than my dad. After we had sex, he rolled over and faced away from me and went right to sleep. I was kind of sad.

At some point I woke up in the middle of the night and my brother had spread open my legs and gotten on top of me without waking me up. By the time I finally woke, he was already inside me. Even though I was very surprised, I pretended to be asleep just to see if he was any different than he was when I was awake.

And he was different indeed.

He genuinely thought I was asleep. He was going in and out of me very very slowly and softly so he wouldn’t wake me. And he was whispering very very softly to himself or me I guess. He said several things. He whispered, “I love you so much sis” – “I’m gunna come in you so much little sister” – “I hope you get pregnant with my baby and not dads”.

The last thing he said surprised me more than anything because he had never mentioned me having a baby for all the time we had been sexual with each other. But hearing him say it now really hit my emotions hard. It took every bit of willpower I had to hold back my tears.
I still pretended to be asleep and he slowed down his movements even more and then he pushed himself into me very very slowly as far inside as he could go and he held it there. A moment later I felt the top of his penis behind to pulse and I felt his come squirt into my insides. It was the most intimate and incredible time I’ve ever had with my brother. I really wish he would act like this when I’m not pretending to be asleep.

So he finished coming in me and then slowly pulled out. He carefully got off of me and then to my immense surprise, he put his arm around me and cuddled up next to me. He softly grabbed my hand and interlaced our fingers. He put his head right next to mine and whisper “I love you” in my ear and kissed me on the cheek.

At this point I decided it would be ok to act like I had just woken up at that moment. So I pretended to suddenly wake up and I turned my head to him and told him “I love you too” and I leaned forward and began to kiss him on the lips. He opened his mouth and we tongue kissed for about 25 minutes. Then I climbed on top of him and rode him for a few quick minutes until he came in me again.

I laid back down next to him and went to sleep. I love going to sleep with his come in me so so much. Just knowing that it’s inside me makes me feel so amazing.

My brother woke up in the morning and went to eat breakfast. Shortly after he left his room, my dad came in and jumped on my brother’s bed with me and we had sex. So basically I’m having sex with them together and separately, in all three of our beds and the couch and also in the shower as well.

My mom is due to be driving home from Grandma’s today. 😕
But it was an amazing 5 days.

I really really hope that I get pregnant 🙂

That’s all for now and I’ll update everyone again soon. Once again I wish that I had someone my own age to talk to this about. I got a lot of comments on my first story from people who wanted me to talk to them, but none of them were my age. I appreciate everyone who reads and comments on my story but please don’t offer your contact info unless your around my age. I will decline to speak.

Thank you

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  • Reply Ducky lover ID:1cxb8yxda3bd

    This has to be my favourite story one here! so hot Ducky

    • Ducky ID:2atx3wsb0b

      Thank you very much!

  • Reply Ducky ID:2atx3wsb0b

    Hi Avery! Nice to meet you.
    If you wanna talk here, we can.
    Or if you want, you can send me an email.
    noodleducky55@gmail. com

    • Nattm1898 ID:22lr1xsnhj

      Aaaand now your inbox is flooded.

    • Ducky ID:2atx3wsb0b

      Actually I didn’t get any emails. I assumed everyone would be respectful and not email me unless I specifically gave them me email. But I didn’t get an email from Avery either

    • Nattm1898 ID:43ywvs6ia

      That’s too bad that she didn’t email. I’m honestly surprised no one did email you though. That’s usually what happens when a girl posts their contact. I chose not to, simply because you stated you only wanted to talk to those your own age. I’d rather be respectful of your request.

    • Ducky ID:2atx3wsb0b

      Thank you Nattm. I really appreciate it

    • Nattm1898 ID:43ywvs6ia

      Your welcome ducky

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Great story you’re looking after your brother and father. Your pussy must be so tight.

  • Reply Eric ID:1ebnvchqwlav

    Dwah, both such cute stories! I’m a bit jealous, I would loved to have had a sister, or daughter, to be intimate and close with. Glad your all are together so!

    • Ducky ID:2atx3wsb0b

      Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed my story

    • Eric ID:1ebnvchqwlav

      Very welcome! too cute, thank you for sharing!

  • Reply uwuwu ID:14s6aj5sb0i

    I’m 14!!

    • Ducky ID:2atx3wsb0b

      Are you a boy or a girl? And are you in a situation like mine?

    • Duckie79 ID:fi3bcnfrbvf

      Girl or boy?

    • Duckie79 ID:fi3bcnfrbvf

      Great story!

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      I love flat chested

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      Thanks Duckie79. I appreciate it

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      Male or female?

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    I would love to chat. Your age doesn’t matter. 😉

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      How old are you?

  • Reply Nattm1898 ID:22lr1xsnhj

    Wonderful story ducky. It’s wonderful to hear that your enjoying such amazing things. I hope to read many more of your adventures in the future.

    • Ducky ID:2atx3wsb0b

      Thank you Natt!

    • Nattm1898 ID:22lr1xsnhj

      Your very welcome ducky

  • Reply [email protected] ID:gnrvubc08

    Loved it. I hope you get pregnant too Ducky

    • Ducky ID:2atx3wsb0b

      Thank you so much!

  • Reply Ducky lover ID:1etj1xt5zyrv

    This has got to be my favourite story so far on here! Thank you for getting me hard Ducky!

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    This is one of the most erotic and loving stories I’ve ever read on this website. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Ducky ID:2atx3wsb0b

      Thank your for reading and I’m so happy that you enjoyed it!