10yr lilly wants me to play her way !!!

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Lilly is a tall thin girl who has been staying with me an my son over the summer months ! She comes outta of a broken home an has never been shown any kind of love or affection !!! Now she is a really good looking girl who would never have any problems when it comes to getting a boyfriend or dates !! Lilly an my son are pretty close since they basically have known each other since they were 2 or 3 yrs old !!

So this is how a summer fun begins with swimming an going to the parks basically doing all the stuff they wanted to do. After the first week of doing all that they wanted to do/ running pretty hard was already wearing them down !!
Here is where it really begins now lilly is 5’2 an skinny as a rail bout 65 or 70 pounds an has been wearing a 2 piece bathing suit that she probably got when she was 7 !! I wasn’t really looking at her when she had it on until she comes over to me an ask if I could get her a new swimsuit cause this one is to small an keeps going up into her butt an her pussy !! She says here look an points down to her pussy an I glance down an basically did a double take an seen what the problem was the bottoms were so tight that they rode up into pussy an split her lips down the middle an her little pussy lips were hanging out on each side !! An then she goes an pulls it from between her lips an says look I have a sore little bump right here an it’s swollen an it makes me feel funny when it keeps rubbing on it !! Now I never looked at lilly this way an never had any kind of thoughts bout her sexually !!! So I load them up an off to the store we go she is looking at the suit’s they have an she takes a couple to changing room to try them on an her she pop’s outta the changing room an ask how does it look ?? An then does this little spin around an stops an pulls it to the side an says look it doesn’t rub up on my pussy now !!! Now seeing this a second time I can feel myself getting hard looking at her in this 2 piece bathing suit ! I tell to try the other one on an see how it fits !! Her she comes out again an basically does the same thing I can’t believe am having thoughts bout her an am as hard as a rock now !!!! I tell her to get both of them an let’s go get something to eat!! So here I am trying to cover myself up so we can get outta the store it took a minute but I did it an here we go eat an head back to the house an lilly runs up stairs an go an sit down with all these thoughts bout how sexy lilly was when she was showing me her sore little pussy an her comes lilly down the stairs an flying into my lap with her new swimsuit on an lands right on cock with her ass an pussy perfect landing an throws her arms around me an gives me a kiss right on the lips an says I love you !! Now mind she has her pussy right on my cock an is grinding back an forth while hugging me really hard an here comes the big shocker she whispered into my ear an says I can feel your hard dick rubbing on my pussy an it feels good !!! Then she says you can fuck my pussy if you want to an here I am in shock not knowing ehat to say !! I can’t believe this is happening right now an I can’t stop myself from wanting to fuck the shit outta her right now !! So I slid her back a little an pull my cock out an she slids her suit to the side an I get my cock sliding back an forth an she is already wet as ever so get my cock into place an she starts to lower her wet little pussy onto cock she is so tight am having to force her down onto my cock to get in her sweet little pussy it takes bout a ten minutes before she has taken all 8 inch’s into her pussy !!! She is so tight around my cock it feels like a vice grip is locked onto my cock an isn’t gonna let it go !! Not trying to make it sound like am barging myself up but I can last for a good ,40 minutes an believe me I fucked lilly for every bit off that !!! She passed out bout 4 times when I was fucking her an when I finally got to explode in her pussy I passed out myself for a few !! I never felt a pussy like that before in my life !!! Lillys sweet pussy has got me wrapped up like a little boy in love for first time !!! This girl is amazing an beautiful an angel I love her so much an we are still together to this day !! The next stories will blow your mind when you read them !! We have done so many things over the past five years !!!

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    Please continue with your stories

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    Please tell us more 🙏

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    Look forward to them …
    Do us all a favor and pick an author’s name when you post follow up segments. It will make it much easier to follow your exploits.

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    Let’s hear them then, so hot and erotic.