Need help deciding if I should surrogate for a couple

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This is more of an on-going story than a full one, so I apologize. Due to the economy sucking and my college debt increasing more and more, I have decided to look into becoming a surrogate. Around January, I got into contact with this older couple looking for a surrogate, so we began to message each other, and I’ve gotten to know them a bit. Sarah and Ethan (obviously not their actual names) are in their late 30s, and their concerns are that they wouldn’t want their child or Sarah to have issues as she’s now AMA and at a higher risk of complications.

We’ve spoken about the money, and they are basically willing to provide me with six figures as well as support me during the pregnancy. They would also be handling all the legal stuff. They request I take the time off my studies so I wouldn’t be stressed and that could possibly affect the child, which I am fine with as I am a bit aimless in school at the moment and could use that time to think about what I would like to focus on.

The only issue that has arisen is that Ethan has privately messaged me about wanting me to conceive traditionally. Ethan has planned that he would go provide his sperm, and on the day I would get artificially inseminated with Ethan’s sperm, we would instead go to a hotel and he would inseminate me traditionally. I have no issues with having sex with Ethan, but I’m not sure if I should feel guilty if we go behind Sarah’s back or if I should feel guilty at all.

Outside of that one thing, they seem like great people, and we have even arranged a get-together during my spring break to talk in person and discuss it. I’m sharing this here as I’ve already asked a few friends about their thoughts, and they seem to all agree that Ethan should not be asking for me to traditionally surrogate. He’s claiming he’s a freak and could use it as a way to take advantage of me.

Any feedback would be great, as come April I will have to have a concrete answer to give them. If you have a lengthy response, you’re welcome to write to me through email! Chika_S(at)Outlook.com

I will provide updates here and there ^-^!

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  • Reply DrWoody ID:1cv0hoy1vgww

    Susie is right. If you’re going to have his baby, you should experience the benefit and pleasure of experiencing the sex. You go for it girl and best wishes.

  • Reply Just Do It ID:4bn00en3fia

    You should do it, just as he asked, and as many times as needed till your pregnant.

    This will also save the couple a great deal of money. IVF is very costly. The money can be used for the baby or even to help pay you. You have the option to give them both a great gift and to be well paid for doing it. Win Win for all.

    • Chika S. ID:e0vo5ny8k

      I’ve let him know my cycle throughout the month, he said he would like to attempt for pregnancy most days that I am ovulating.

      This is exactly why Ethan wanted to get me pregnant traditionally. He said that money will go towards housing me during the pregnancy as well as other necessities.

      Thank you for your input ^-^

  • Reply Anon ID:5s4ljxtbqi

    Unless Sarah knows about it nothing can come good of it because it’ll break trust between all three of you and might end up making Sarah and Ethan break up if she ever finds out. Unless you are both really good at keeping it a secret for your entire life and you know you won’t feel guilty afterwards then don’t do it

    • J ID:5vyj28gh8r9

      I just orgasmed to this. Its not that deep

    • Chika S. ID:e0vo5ny8k

      Hiya Anon, thanks for giving a reponse. I don’t intend to interact with the Couple or the Child once I’ve given birth. It would all really fall on him.

      Also I made a typo at the end, I apologize. My friends are claming he’s a freak for wanting to get me pregnant the traditional way. He has not said anything weird or freaky.

  • Reply Susie ID:1d43v67pzypj

    They are paying you a good sum of money sweetheart. You do whatever that man asks for and let him do it the all natural way until you get pregnant.

    • Chika S. ID:e0vo5ny8k

      Yes! Thats what I’m telling myself, it was mainly friends who were making me second guess myself and going behind Sarah’s back that made me feel like it would be wrong.

      Thank you for your input, Susie ^-^