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My Sexual Family – 11

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A young boy’s sexual adventure continues!

What an amazing morning to wake up in mom’s bed, both of us naked! It felt so good when mom sucked my young cock and then I got to eat her pussy and make her cum. After that to eat breakfast while we were both nude was kind of fun, but it was even better when mom sat on my lap with my dick buried in her pussy. We fucked until we both climaxed, me shooting my young jism deep inside her! Could the day get any better?

Since my dad wouldn’t be home until tonight, mom told me I could go naked around the house if I wanted. I love being naked, so that sounded great to me. Mom also stayed nude as she worked around the house. I watched TV until mom told me lunch was ready. Again, we ate being totally naked. I sure enjoyed looking at mom while we ate our lunch! I was enjoying being naked, so instead of going outside after lunch, I went back to the family room to watch TV. After cleaning up from lunch, mom came and sat with me on the sofa.

“You really like being naked,” mom stated as she sat down next to me.

“Yeah, it feels so much better than having to wear clothes,” I answered.

“But when your dad gets home tonight you’ll have to wear clothes around the house,” she reminded me. “And of course I won’t be able to be naked around the house either,” she added.

“I know, mom,” I replied, “and I really like being naked with you. And I really loved getting to sleep with you last night and all the fun sex things we did.” Mom smiled and gave me a big hug, holding me tight, I could feel her tits pressing into my chest.

“Johnny, it feels so good when we play together. I love how good you are at eating my pussy and making me cum! And having my son’s hard cock in my pussy feels so special, especially when I feel you squirting your jism in me! You know, your dad won’t be home until supper tonight.” With that said, mom took my hand and led me to her bedroom. As we lay on the bed, mom pulled my face to hers and we locked lips in a hard kiss, our tongues deep in each other’s mouth. As we kissed, mom reached between us and rubbed my dick and balls, while I was busy playing with her hard nipples.

Breaking our kiss, mom got onto her hands and knees. “Fuck me, baby,” she begged, “I need to feel your hard cock inside my pussy1” I eagerly crawled up and knelt behind mom. Reaching between her legs, mom guided my cock to her wet entrance. As soon as I felt the tip of my dick touch her pussy hole, I thrust forward and was balls deep inside my mom. Grabbing her hips, I began pumping in and out, slowly at first. I felt mom playing with her clit as I fucked her doggy style. I’d had sex with Sammy from behind, but it felt so amazingly different with mom. As mom rubbed her clit faster, I was also ramming her pussy faster and harder.

“Oh god, Johnny, I’m going to cum. Fuck me, baby, pound your mom’s pussy.” she was screaming! I felt her pussy begin to convulse around my cock and knew she was cumming. With on last hard thrust, I held my hard cock in mom’s pussy and spewed jets of cum as I climaxed. As we both came down from the sexual high of our orgasms, mom collapsed and lay on the bed with me on top of her, my cock still in her pussy. When my dick finally softened and popped out, I rolled off and lay next to mom.

Rolling onto her side, mom gave me a soft kiss and said, “that was wonderful. I love it when you make me cum. But we’d better get cleaned up and dressed, in case dad gets home earlier than expected.” So we hopped into the shower, washed each other off and then dried off. I went up to my room and got dressed. When I came back down mom was also dressed and getting ready to cook supper.

Dad got home just as mom finished cooking dinner. As we ate, dad told us all about his trip and what a great place it was. Sure sounded like he had lots of fun and was ready to go back again. I helped mom with the dishes when we were done eating and then went outside to paly until it was time to come in and get ready for bed.

As I lay in bed I thought about all that had happened. It had been the best weekend of my young life. Sammy and I had given our virginity to each other and we loved having sex with each other. We fucked several times after that. And then when mom figured out what we were doing and joined us, it was fantastic. Of course I was sad to see Sammy have to go home, but it sure helped when mom let me sleep with her and we enjoyed each other sexually! I was just about to nod off to sleep when I heard someone come up the stairs and open my door.

Peeking into my room, mom asked, “Are you still awake?” I told her I was and she came and sat on the side of my bed. Reaching under the covers, she realized I had gotten into bed naked. Her hand found my cock and she stroked it, getting me hard. Pulling the covers back, she leaned over and licked my dick up and down the shaft, taking time to gently suck on my balls. It felt so good when mom put my cock in her mouth and was sucking on it. I loved the feeling of mom sucking my cock and gently squeezing my balls. It didn’t take long before I felt that special tingle in my balls and knew I was going to cum.

“Mom, I’m going to cum,” I warned her. Mom took my entire length down her throat, sucking harder on my cock. As I erupted in her mouth I could feel mom milking every last drop from my balls! When I was done filling her mouth, she raised up and gave me a kiss. I could taste my jism as we kissed passionately. Wow, I certainly loved the way mom came up to tell me good-night.

Before she went back downstairs she told me that the family would be getting together on Saturday like we often do. I was excited, knowing I’d get to be with Sammy and we would also probably get to see some of our family fucking, as we’d seen them before! I could hardly wait for the weekend to get here.

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      Thank you! I’m glad you are enjoying the story.