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me and my cousin

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how i would touch my cousins on da low

So basically, i was always a horny little kid , i knew abt sex n stuff at a very young age because my older friends taught me , buh i wanna explain how me n my cousin would play tg , so i used to go over to their house a lot jus to play w both of my girl cousins , jus like normal kids , but sometimes my little horny self would try some things to see if it worked , i remember this one night i had went over and it was me my 2 girl cousins and one of my other cousins , n we brought da big bed from downstairs to da living room to watch movies n go to sleep on it , and i remember it was time for us to watch da movie and we all got comfortable, and i think i remember watching da movie and then i fell asleep , n i remember waking up like in da middle of da morning, i used da restroom n went back to bed , i had seen everyone sleeping , and ive done this before i jus can’t remember da stories , buh sometimes when my cousin was sleep , i would touch her butt , her pussy , n her nipple (she didn’t really have boobs yet, we’re around 8 and 9 at the time) but idk if she would feel me do anything buh i would always lay on top of her on “accident” to put my dick between her and stuff , i jus never knew if she enjoyed it fr , because she never really knew or played w me back , that’s the end of that but u got more stories i could post , slightly more detailed , i still might not remember much , but these were more interesting and intense , lmk if yall enjoy , add me on sc to if yall wanna talk more im a (M18) in da mood for anything fr

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  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    Go back to school, you got cheated out of your education, extremely poorly written story

    • CryingLemon ID:1ee33cj57ul3

      Haha I’d love to write his stories for him.