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I helped my daughter

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Hi my name is Kerry and i have been seeing Harry for about 2yrs. My sex life has improved out of site with Harry. My daughter Jess asked if i could baby sit her kids on Saturday nite while her and Ryan went out. I told her ok. I went over that arvo to look after the kids and Ryan and Jess got there self’s ready. Jess told me they would be home about 11.00pm and the spare bed was made so i could stay . the room was right next to there room. The kids are 7 and 9. Jess and Ryan left around 5.30pm. I fed the kids, played some games , bathed them and put them to bed around 8.00pm. I had a shower and then watched some tv. There was not much on tv so i found there photo albums so i had a look threw them. they were enjoyable seeing the kids grow up and there life together. About 10.30pm i went to bed. I heard a noise about 11.30pm and it was them coming home. I had left the bedroom door open and i sleep naked but i was under the covers. I heard them in there room talking and then Ryan walked past the bedroom door. All he had on was his undies. When he came back past he had no undies on and a hardon. There was more noise from there room and i heard Ryan tell Jess she needs to learn how to suck. I got out of bed and crept near there bedroom door. I heard Jess say to Ryan i have never been told what to do. I looked around the door and saw Jess sitting on the bed – naked – and Ryan standing infront of Jess with a hardon – naked – I watched for a while and saw Jess put the head of his cock in her mouth for a few seconds and take it out. Then i heard Ryan say to Jess – get one of your friends to teach you. I then heard Jess start to cry. After that i walked into there room and when they saw me they tried to cover up. I sat next to Jess on the bed and Ryan covered his cock. I talked to them for a bit and then looked Jess in the eyes and asked her if she wanted help. After a bit she nodded her head yes so i gave her a cuddle and then started. I took Ryan’s cock in my hand – stroked it a bit and then put it near my mouth. I opened my mouth and put the head in my mouth. I sucked for a while and then started to swollow more. It was not long and i had all down my throat. Jess just watched and then she said she could not do that. I kept sucking his cock for a while and then took it out of my mouth. I then told Jess it was her turn. I took Ryan’s cock and put it near Jess’s mouth. I kissed Jess and as we did i put Ryan’s cock between our lips. Jess let me put his cock in her mouth. I told her to suck it which she did and then i told her to put it in further which she did but only took it half way. Jess kept sucking for a while and i heard Ryan tell her he was about to cum. She took his cock out of her mouth so then put it in my mouth and swollowed it all the way, he cum in my mouth and i swollowed his cum. Jess looked at me and i told her it was ok but she needed to practice. Ryan thanked me and then i got up and went back to my room. I heard them talk for a while about what had happened and i heard Jess say she would try more. I then heard some noise so i went back to the door of there room and saw Ryan fucking Jess, i watched as his cock slid in and out of Jess’s pussy. I went back to my room, laid on top of the blanket, spread my legs and started to play with my pussy. When i was about to cum i saw Ryan at the door watching, what a turn on and i kept going and i let him watch as i cum. While he was watching i saw him jerking his cock. The next morning i had breakfast and went home. I talked to Harry and told him what had happened.

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    I liked your story, it was good. I think a second part is needed but if I was you I’d add in more details and not be so quick to move through the story. If you want to chat about it my session id is 05d8b5eae0bad5e7f01973fb0e7898085f0d0a9da18fd484d3439d38cebdd9914f
    if anyone wants to chat about stories or just chat, hit me up.