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Cranky Mom needs to let it out 1 & 2

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“God I can’t hold in any longer.” My mom wiggled in her seat. We had been on the train for about four hours and we had two more hours to go until we reached our destination. The bathrooms were unfortunately left locked accidentally by the cleaner this morning and no one bothered to check it before the train departed the station. It was after everyone got the need to go when people started complaining. And now mom had to go and she couldn’t hold it. She’s tried to sit on foot trying to use her heel to help control but it made it worse for her and now she was just wiggling about.

“Mom just listen to me and do it in the bottle.” I sighed at her. She was so into hygiene and all that stuff that she couldn’t allow herself to just take a piss and now she was all cranky and snappy.

“No stop forcing me. I’m not going to do it in a bottle like you boys.”

As I sat, I was trying to come up with a plan to convince my stubborn mother to pee in a bottle, I couldn’t help but notice how bitchy she had been today. No 15 year old should have to deal with such attitude from their grown ass mom. Ever since we boarded the train, she had been complaining about everything – the seats not being comfortable enough, the lack of leg room, the noisy passengers. It was enough to make a person go crazy. On top of all that, the bathrooms were left locked.

That’s when the idea of using a bottle came to mind. It made perfect sense to me – it was discreet, convenient, and would solve her issue.

But of course, my mother was having none of it. She shot me down immediately. According to her, men peed in a bottle like some animal. I could feel my frustration rising as she continued to argue with me. It was like talking to a brick wall. That’s when her shifting uncomfortably in her seat, her legs crossing and uncrossing drew my attention in a different way. She was obviously trying to hold it in, and I couldn’t help but find it a little amusing.

As she fidgeted, her body wiggled and swayed, her movements becoming more and more exaggerated. And then, the image of her squirming in her seat and trying to hold in her pee triggered something in me. I began to feel an odd sense of arousal building inside me as I watched her. She looked so cranky and annoyed, and yet there was something undeniably alluring about her. It was like a forbidden fruit that I couldn’t resist.

I tried to push those thoughts aside and focus on convincing her to pee in the bottle, but it became increasingly difficult. Her constant movements were like a hypnotic dance, and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I found myself getting lost in the way her body moved, the way her hips swayed, and the way her chest heaved with each annoyed sigh. She was my mother, and I knew I shouldn’t be having these thoughts, but I couldn’t help it.

However, as the train journey wore on and my mother’s bladder continued to protest, she grew more and more irritable. It was obvious that the idea of peeing in a bottle was not going to happen. So, with a heavy sigh, I gave up. I couldn’t keep watching her squirm and suffer, even if it did give me a strange mix of emotions. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and got up pulling her with me. I took her waistbelt off and that when her shock wore off.

“What are you doing?” She shrieked. But before she could push me, I put her hands behind her and tied them with the belt.

“Enough is enough! I’ve had enough of you wriggling about and pissing me off as well just cause you can’t find some peace yourself!” I grunted at her as my hands swiped over her ass and to the side of her breasts.

Her eyes widened in disbelief. “What are you doing- ah!” She jerked when I bunched her panties and they put pressure on pussy.

Pulling harder at it, I tore it apart ignoring mom’s shriek. I pushed her back on the seat and pulled her legs closer before pushing them up to her shoulders. She tried to pry my hands off her fight me but with het hands tied and legs quivering with the control she was using, she had no strength.

“Adrian! Stop it! Let me go! What the hell do you think you’re doing? I’m your mother!” She squealed as I kneeled and stared at her cunt.

“Then learn how to behave like one too.” I smacked her pussy getting another squeal in return. The best part was that I could see yellow drops coming out but so less that if she were wearing her underwear, it would have been soaked.

I looked back at my mother who was still horrified at my actions and processing what happened. “Now piss woman!” I grunted again placing the bottle right on her pussy where I could see the drops of piss coming out of.

“No!” She gasped feeling the bottle on her sensitive and overstimulated spot. Seeing her stubbornness, I once again smacked her cunt causing another jerk before she cried, “Never!”

Getting fed up of her, I threw the bottle behind me and looked at her, “You asked for it.”

I said before diving in and placing my mouth over her pussy. She gasped and moaned, loosing control for a split second as I felt a sour salty liquid in my mouth before she started squirming about for me to let go. But she was on the weak side here. I stroked her buttcheeks and began sucking with such large suction that eventually she began losing the battle with me filling up my mouth as I drank it down. Seeing her slight relief I sensed the decrease in the amount she released when I realised she was holding it again.

Immediately inserting two fingers inside her and the other hand over her tit giving it a hard slap, catching her off guard. Again I began deburing it like a wild animal and the only sounds in the cabin were of her gasps and moans. Her weak protests. Deciding to tease her a little, I take her clit between my teeth, biting on it, sucking and flickering my tongue. As she finished I could see her arching her back shaking her head to the sides trying to refuse the approaching wave. Thrusting my fingers in and out, I felt her whole body shaking as the orgasm engulfed her. Even then I didn’t stop. Kept on going, pinching her pink nipples.

Only after she was done, did I get up. Licking my fingers while looking her in the eyes. My other hand cupping my erection and my wyes gazing over her tits and open pussy. When I looked back at her, she began refusing as if understanding my intentions. I dipped down to kiss her, but she scrunched her face and looked away. Pressing her jaw tightly I made her look at me, “You asked for it. Could’ve just peed in the bottle. The idea doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?” I smirked before taking her mouth in wild kiss.

Part 2

She began using her legs to push me away but what fool would let go the temptress they had under them like this. I used both my hands to palm her tits. Caressing them and pulling her nipples making her whimper. I worked on getting my pants down as I sucked on her neck, watching her turn red and trying to hold her moans in. Once I was buck naked, I latched onto her nipples as she arched her back, wriggling her hands to come out of the belt. “Anhh. Stop. Please. What are you doi-ah doing.. this is not right.”

“Shhh.” I shushed her before ramming inside her covering her mouth as she yelped. I caressed her spine as she jerked on my dick. I pulled out as she rolled her eyes only to push back in harder.

“Anh!” She cried. I fucked her hard and fast. Spanking her ass and tits everytime she pushed away. her face was all flushed and so was mine. Feeling her second orgasm of the day approaching, I pulled out right before she could cum.

“What the hell?” She groaned.

”What?” I smirked. “You want to come on my cock mom? Didn’t you ask me to stop just a while ago?”

I hummed and looked at her in the eyes. They were begging for another release but she spoke something else. I pumped my cock. Pinching her nipple, I thrusted back in, pounding viciously into her. Soon she began moaning like a bitch in heat but then I felt her tighten on my cock, shivering as her back arched. The strange thing was the pop I heard immediately followed by a stench. I looked at mom to see eyes shut and tightening her body. I could feel her body going rigid and unrelaxed when I realised she was holding onto more. I got in my knees pushing her thighs to her chest. The stench got stronger when I sniffed her asshole. I could see her ass pulsing.

“Looks like more wants out.” I raised my brow at mom. She immediately shook her head begging, “No! Don’t!”

She tried getting up but I stopped her. Did the one thing that would weaken her more. Pushed her thighs apart and up to her shoulders and pressed my hand on her stomach. She cried trying to harden her body, “Please. Its gross and dirty.”

Again, a fart rumbled out. Louder this time. Longer this time. Surprising us both. I don’t know why but my dick hardened at this. Even more so then before that it hurt now.

Bending down, I licked her asshole. She jerked her butt up, crying and wiggling. I groaned and pulled her back down inserting my tongue in, suddenly overwhelmed with the foul taste on my tongue. I evilly looked back at her.

Smirking, I said, “We are going to need somewhere for this to go.”

Looking around I saw her torn underwear. Picking it up, I made her wear it, tying it from the front.

Sucking her clit, and satisfied at her whine, I moved up kissing her nipples and then her. Making sure the underwear covered her butt and asscrack, I stuck my dick back in. I moaned with tears moving down her face. Trying to bring her knees closer to my legs to reduce the pressure on her stomach but I pushed them back up.

The best way for her to stop holding it in was to let go off control of her body. Covering the edge of her underwear and cupping her ass I grinned. “Do it. Let it out as I fuck you insides.”

She looked at me disgustingly. “Absolutely not.”

I rolled my eyes, “Remember what I did when you said no to peeing in the bottle. This time i will stick my dick in your ass and coat it in your shit before stuffing it in your mouth.”

Her eyes widened in fear.

“You want that?” I asked licking her nipple ferociously.

“No! No! I will do it.” She scrambled upwards.

Descending my lips on her nipples, I began to suck and bite them making her hiss loudly. I began to fuck her fast, hard, rough. I spanked her ass alternately making her cry out. Pressing my hands on her stomach I began giving her the push. All the while my tongue flicked her nipples. Biting it and pinching it while the other slapped her other tit every time she hesitated.

“Ahh! It hurts- ahh Adrian. It- uhh hurts!” She wailed. “I’m doin- UHH as you’re saying then can’t you- shitt !! Fuck!! Ahh! -go a little gentler. Ahh!”

“The longer you take, the rougher I will go.” I said plopping her breast out of my mouth with a slop. Massaging her stomach, I began to bite her neck, feeling both her and my releasing approaching, I hurried but this time her grip was different. Her shit adding to my pleasure. She began scrunching her eyes shut, bringing her legs up. She looked like she was in labour trying to push.

“Thats how it is mommy. Go on. Shit for me. Cum for me!” I gave her breast one last harsh suck when I heard a loud fart again. This time continuous, with wet sounds.

Pressing my hand on her underwear, I felt her turd accumulating inside her panty, wet and hard. Pressing on it, spreading it on her ass, I heard her yell, “Ahh shitt!! Godd!! Fuckk!” As her orgasm rolled again. Making her eyes roll back. Tightening and shaking so hard, I felt a gush of liquid hitting above my cock. Feeling her squirt on me, I gave my last push before I released inside her. “FUCK MOMM!! Yess!! ARGHH. I love your tits.!! Your cunt feels so good.”

Biting her neck and tightly holding her tits against my bare chest, I grunted. Letting out my share of frustration. I stayed on top of her for a while. When I relaxed and looked up, she looked away, devastated and disgusted. I smirked, grabbing her face and and making her look at me. With her lips parted, I moved up and spat in her mouth.

“Mhhhm.” She tried moving away, as I continued three more times. Once satisfied, I jerked her face away. Getting up and pulling my cock out, I saw the nasty mess. Her underwear was wet. From her squirt. From my cum. And dirty from her shit. Seeing her already covered clit, I pulled her panty aside, and spat on her pussy, before taking the cum dripping out on my fingers and forcing it in her mouth. She tried resisting again but once my finger was in, i just cleaned it of on her tongue before removing and cleaning myself with wipes. Once I was dressed, I untied her hands, and sat back down. Watching as she slowly stood up. Seeing the mess. She pulled out a plastic and put in her panty after wrapping it up so her shit doesn’t fall out. Cleaning the remeaning on her ass with wipes she threw them too. Along with the bottle of piss. Dressing up she quickly sat back on her seat. Pretending nothing ever happened.

The only evidence was tge disappointment and disgust on her face and the tears running down her face. Atleast now she was quiet. Now this was peaceful.

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