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My nephew finally got me while I was passed out drunk in his room during a family party

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Over the past 6 months , My 15 year old nephew has been going through my lingerie draw and taking
my lace panties and various types of my nylon stockings and pantyhose , my sister found some of my
stockings and pantyhose in his room with dried up spermy cum stains in them !

He has also tried to get me alone and fuck me over the past few months and some of the female writers
and readers on this site told me to just let him fuck me ! Well he got me and here is what happened !
As I tell it from my nephews point of view on how he got me by my carelessness !

This happened this past December when I was 15 years old , every year my parents have a Christmas
Eve party and I had to attend as usual . The house was full of booze and food , the family and friends
started arriving around 5:30pm in the evening and the drinking started .

This year my 28 year old very attractive and sexy , Aunty Britney was coming . She lives not to far from
here . She usually doesn’t come here for Christmas Eve but this year she had split with her boyfriend
Tommy , and being moms younger sister she asked her to come and stay over with us so she wouldn’t
be all alone on Christmas .

Our house wasn’t that big just two bedrooms and two rooms downstairs , as the night went on more
people arrived , The music is Christmas songs , and everyone is getting drunk as the night went on .

I was getting bored so I said to my mom , I’m going to bed soon . Then she said , I forgot to tell
you , that Aunt Britney will be sleeping in your bed and you will have to sleep on the floor in your
sleeping bag . I was happy that she’s sleeping in my room .

Just before midnight I headed to my room and got into my sleeping bag , I must have dozed off as I
woke to a noise of my door opening up and Aunt Britney stumbling into my room .

She fell on me slurring her voice saying sorry , as she tried to get into my bed . I helped her up as she
collapsed onto my bed .

I looked at her long brown hair and her big tits , she was wearing a red pleated dress with a red turtle
neck sweater with little candy canes . She’s also wearing dark green tights with red 4 inch heels .

I tried to look up her dress but I couldn’t see anything . I kept trying for hours looking to see if she moved as I held my fully erect dick .

I heard the music stop and the people are leaving , I heard the front door being locked . Mom and dad
came upstairs to go to bed , and mom opened my door as I pretended to be asleep . She put Aunt
Britney on her side and put a blanket over her then she went off to bed .

I couldn’t sleep thinking of Aunt Britney lying on my bed passed out drunk , as the little night light in
the corner gave off enough light to see her . I slowly moved the blanket off her and her dress had
rose up her legs a bit . I tried to have a look but I still couldn’t see anything , so I decided to see how
asleep or drunk was she .

I reached up and put my hand on her knee and there was no movement from her , so I moved to her
thigh , still no movement . My heart was jumping , I moved my hand a little higher on her leg covered
tights but they are not that tight , they have wrinkles and are not fitting snuggly against
Aunt Britney’s legs as I felt her legs up through her green Christmas tights .

I pushed her dress up higher and saw her red lace panties , I had to jerk off so I had my cock out and
jerked off ! I reached out and placed my fingers on her red lace panties and moved them to one side
and saw her shaved bare pussy through her tights . It was fantastic , then something made me stop .

I got scared and pulled her dress down and laid back down , I was worried if she woke up or if mom
would come in . As I laid back the devil got the best of me and I got out of my sleeping bag and
lifted up her dress and tried pulling her panties down , which I did and pulled them down to her ankles .

My cock was so hard and her arm was hanging next to me and I put my cock in her hand and jerked
my cock with her hand while I slipped my other hand between her tights until my fingers slipped into
her warm and wet pussy . I fingerbanged her pussy and used her hand to jerk me off , I was ready to cum and before I could decide where to cum , I shot my load into her hair .

I let go of her hand and continued to finger her and my cock is still hard then I had the idea of turning
her to the side of my bed so I can fuck her .

I moved her with her nylon green encased legs over the side of my bed and took her red panties off
and opened her legs , what a sight .

I positioned myself in between Aunt Britney’s legs and ripped a hole in her green tights as I put my
cock at her pussy entrance , I pushed my cockhead between her pussy lips and I just thrusted my
cock all the way inside her as my balls are up against her nylon green encased ass . She gave out a
loud moan . I tried to fuck her slow but she looked really good with her red dress hiked up on her waist
and her sexy green encased legs made me fuck her hard and fast . I was like a rabbit , I was banging
and pounding my sexy Aunt so hard , my bed was banging against my wall . At this point I didn’t care
about the noise or waking her up from her drunking sleep , I grabbed both of her legs and put them
up onto my shoulders and I kept on thrust fucking her until I blew my entire load into my Aunt Britney’s
pussy !! I pulled out and collapsed on my sleeping bag , I looked over and she’s still asleep moaning
as I can see my sperm leaking out of her pussy and into her green tights !

As I laid back for about thirty minutes my cock got hard again and now I’m going to fuck her green
encased ass , I got some vaseline and put some on my cock and a little on her ass entrance .

Again I lifted up her green nylon covered legs and put them back up on my shoulders and put my cock at her ass entrance , I tried pushing it into her ass but it won’t go in , so I kept working my cockhead
into her pink cherry bud then suddenly her cherry bud popped and my mushroom head of my cock
broke in and it was very tight as I pushed it right in , It felt like someone was gripping my cock !

As I have Aunt Britney’s legs up on my shoulders I pushed my cock in and out and really got into a
rhythm and just pounded and thrust fucked her ass for 20 minutes then I shot and emptied my balls
deep into her ass while I was enjoying the sound and feeling of my balls slapping against her ass .

This is my dream come true of fucking my Aunty Britney by cumming into both her pussy and ass !

I pulled out of her ass , watching all my spunk leak into her tights , I cleaned her off the best I could
and put her red panties back in place then I pulled her dress back down and put her blanket back
on and went to sleep with a smile on my face .

When she got up in the morning groaning in pain rubbing her ass , she lifted up her dress seeing her tights ripped as my sperm is leaking out of her ass and pussy , she grabbed me and said ,”You fucking
jerk you raped and popped my ass cherry and pussy while I was passed out”!!

I told her that I’m sorry but she looked so good in my bed and my hormones took over ! she accepted
my apology and said “At least it was me that you lost your virginity too”!!

That is our secret now and we never told my sister what happened between me and her son !
I also had to get an E.P.T. pregnancy kit !
I did give him my ripped and sperm stained green tights for his collection !


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  • Reply Big bad John ID:8bvvy07d99

    I tried to leave a comment on your last post without success. I have an idea for a story – you and Kim are school girls roaming a mall when your spotted by me pretending to be a modelling agent who persuades you to attend a photo shoot where you both get a hard fucking. I hope I can produce a story that gets my horny princess wet!! Love from your big bad stud Johnny

  • Reply Big bad John ID:xblp958k

    Good morning Britney. I woke up this morning with a raging hardon so I must have been dreaming of you lol! How are you this morning Baby? Hope you think of me sometime while you are flirting with your workmates!! Love from your horny guy Johnny

  • Reply Bob ID:gxwa1vedmex

    So nice that he raped her in both her pussy and her tight asshole. I think she really liked it, but acted as though she was upset. Britney is really a cock-loving horny bitch.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you Bob !!! And yes I do suck cock all types especially black cock !!! please keep reading my stories sweetie and I’ll make you cum for me !! Britney

  • Reply Big bad John ID:xblp958k

    Where are you Baby? I’m missing you. Hope everything is Ok. Love John

  • Reply Big bad John ID:8bvvy07zrc

    Hi Baby. Just got back from the gym and there was a gorgeous blonde babe on the treadmill. She was wearing black spandex leggings and a pink crop top with her hair tied in a ponytail. She had a great figure, big tits and a firm round ass and I immediately thought I was you!! I was working out on the rowing machine and I was watching her in the mirror. It was lucky that the gym was almost empty because I had a massive boner in my pants! I was tempted to go over and ask her name. Was it you my princess? If it was, then I’ve missed a great opportunity to bang you!! I hope she’s there again tomorrow!! Love & kisses from your very horny stud John

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Sorry honey !! but it wasn’t me but a lot of teen girls have came up to me and telling me that they love my spandex outfits that I wear, so I told them wear to buy them and how to dress up in them with white lace frilly ankle socks with 5 inch stiletto’s so they could tease the boys !! they laughed and thanked me so it could have been one of my girls that I influenced !! love Brit

    • Big bad John ID:xblp958k

      Well whoever she was it made your big John stud hot and horny!! You are one classy lady and these teen girls can learn a lot from you. You ought to have your own website like Lady Sonia and I would be the first to sign up. Love Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I would love to but my husband is the jealous type and he would not like other guys gawking at my naughty nylons and undergarments and me !! he considers me his property and in a way that turns me on not like other women who want to be the boss !! I always submit to him because that’s what good old fashion catholic ladies do !! love Britney

    • Big bad John ID:xblp958k

      I can understand that because if you were my wife I would feel the same and would kick the shit out of any guy I saw eyeing you up!! I would make sure that you didn’t feel tempted to stray by keeping you happy both in and out of bed!! Love Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      If you really want to know what I smell and feel like . I recommend you to purchase a pair of my Cervin fully fashioned stockings and my favorite french perfume, Mademoiselle limited edition fragrance perfume and give one little spray to each stocking and that’s what smell like when I go to work or a make love session Johnny !! love your princess Britney

    • Big bad John ID:xblp958k

      Well now I know what to buy you for Christmas Britney!, if I do, I hope you will give me a kiss underneath the mistletoe and maybe a feel of your lace covered tush or nylon encased thigh!! Your male work colleagues are lucky dudes and probably walk around bent over to hide their boners ha! ha! Love from horny stud Johnny xx

  • Reply Big bad John ID:2muspuh6ib

    Fucking great story Britney and sort of 5 stars. Your nephew is a lucky guy to loose his cherry to an experienced sexy woman! Loved this story, it got me hard and horny!! If I was your nephew I wouldn’t be satisfied with just one fuck and might have been tempted to blackmail into letting me fuck you on a regular basis. Lucky he doesn’t think like me, ha! ha!. Love John

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      You are so fresh Johnny but I do love my Big John Stud !! Maybe if my husband can’t get it up for me . I’ll pay for your stud and breeding services !! love your princess Britney

    • Big bad John ID:2muspuh6ib

      I would love to be your breeding stud and my princess wouldn’t have to pay for my services because my big virile cock is yours for the taking. Tell your husband to move over and let the stud do his work! Love your horny stud Johnny

  • Reply T ID:bifp5n7d9c

    Did you have his baby

  • Reply Susie ID:1d43v67pzypj

    Oh Britney… I wrote a new story longer than usual about us.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Message received Susie .

  • Reply The Wanker ID:2vpqv6te8k

    Lucky little fucker getting both pussy and ass on his first time. Good story