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Being made to fuck a perverted women

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This takes place in uk Sutton Coldfield enjoying my time during august was walking around and a women pulled up in her car she said i looked cute and I’m a shy guy but im insecure about my size and I’m pretty much a sub at this point. I’m also bi. So she said would i like to talk with her i tried to reject due to her looking 30 but she also was nice and looked pretty so i didn’t wanna upset her so i excepted and we drove and she pulled up to a field she parked and we started taking for the record in 17 so i am legal but it was weird being in a car with a beautiful women. After a while she asked if i was single i shamefully said yes and I’m also a virgin.

This put a huge smile on her face. I also for some reason said i had a smallish member. She then grabbed me and frenched the ever loving god out of my mouth it felt so good yet so bad. After i said please can i go and get dropped if at home the she told me to get into the back so in the moment if fear i listened.

She got in and we both striped by her orders she pulled me in for a naked kiss as she slipped a her fingers into my somehow wet ass. I started to get hard and pressing up her pussy. She started to moan as did i and soon she took her fingers out if me and thrusted me into her.the warmth and wetness of her made me forget about age difference and just started to go at her but half way through i snapped back to reality and tried to pull out and get dressed but she sat on top of me and rode me until i started to beg her to let me finish and go. She kissed me before getting of and saying let mommies mouth help then.

She then made me shoot my load into her mouth before she flipped me around and used it to lube me up for one last milking session. She then kissed my tear soaked face saying mommy had a good time. She dropped me home after putting.y cloths back on and i walked home with a sore hole and soft wet dick. After that i never saw her again and now all i want is women and mommies to dom me and make me there little cum Despensers and boy toy

Snap is Some-guy61 if any women are interested prolly not gonna be tho but a mommy is a mommy

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