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Young white girl get involved with 2 interracial obese men part 4

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In this chapter is want a large black man to mate with me

In chapter 3 . Jose the puerto rican had been fucking me . We hooked up several times. i loved his fat 10 in brown cock and how thick his cum was. If i wasnt on the pill i would definatly be having a little brown baby. Rob the black man was still coming to the clinic. I did suck him in the rest room once in a while. But i wanted him to fuck me with that thick 12 in cock. I know i could take it now. Jose had broken me in with his thick 10 in. monster. One time when i was sucking him i told him that i wanted him to fuck me. He said dont joke with me. I said that i was serious . I want u to end ur virginity in my pussy, He said that he never thought a girl would let him fuck them..I know im obese but i have a nice big cock. He was so turned on . I think he gave me a bigger load than before when he came in my mouth. Rob lived alone in an apartment not far from my house. So one day i told my parents if was going to a friends house ; They said ok come home for dinner. I rode my bike to Robs apartment and knocked on the door. He was so surprised to see me. He said come in my soon to be little white girl lover. He was only wearing underware and i pulled the down. I went down on him and started sucking his huge cock. It was a fat and long. I know he was going to give me a royal fucking. i started talking dirty to turn him on more. i told him for him to fuck me an no longer be a virgin. And sink all 12 inches into my small white pussy. And kidding him with any luck he would give me a black baby. He picked me up and carried into the bedroom. i undressed and got on all fours on the bed. I said Rob come and fuck me and give me all of that big black cock. i was to feel ur cum filling my white pussy. He wAS really excited. He was new to fucking and didnt have any thing to go of. He put his 12 in cock in me and didnt stop until it was all in me. It hurt so much but i wanted him to make me cum and put his cum in me. i said slow down big man. He got the message and fucked me slower but would bottom out with each thrust. He was really opening me up and reaming me out, He soon was filling me up with his black seed. His seed seeped out of me when he pulled out. we rested and talked some. I noticed that his cock was getting hard again. I said Rob what gotten into u. He smiled and said he took a viagra earlier. He fucked me three times that day. His balls were empty when I left. i was sore , walking funny and dripping cum. ON my way out he said Jane. i know its not right but it would be wonderful to me if i just knocked u up. I just smiled and said we will see. i never told him i was on the pill. Rob and i fucked whenever i could get away. . He became an excellent lover. i got off everytime he fucked me. . After each time we fucked he would tell me . that he had knocked me up this time. I was still to young for that. As i got older i started fucking other guys but always returned ot Rob. When i turned 18 Rob was and had slimed down to 250 lbs . we fucked face to face now. He looked great at this weight and still healthy. On one of the after he had fucked me he said why cant i knock u up. . I leaned in a kissed him. I told him my dear man you knocked me up a month ago. i had gone off the pill. i had his baby and moved in with him. WE had a brown baby girl.. Rob knock me up twice more before he passed.

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