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The Geek Twins – Preparing for Life at University

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Part 2. No one wants to be a virgin in Freshers Week

“…. will you fuck me…?”

Oliver was shocked into silence. He didn’t know what to say to his sister.

“Oh, is “fuck” the right word?” she asked. “I meant coitus, copulation, sexual intercourse. Can we do it?”

“What now?”

“Not if you aren’t ready, but definitely before we go to uni. Everyone will be at in Freshers Week and I don’t want to look stupid. And besides,” her voice softened, “I want my first time to be with you.”

“Yeah but… I’m your brother. We’re not supposed to are we?”

“Well why not?
Just think of all the things we were scared to do for the first time, but we got through them by doing them together. You know,starting school, riding a bike, ice skating, going to the dentist….”

“The ghost train at Blackpool and the big rides at Alton Towers.” added Oliver. “Oh and driving lessons with Dad, he said they were really scary.”

“Well this time might be the last time we can ever do something for the first time together. If that makes sense.”

“It does. And I’d love my first time to be with you, but if we’re going do it we need to be careful. We need to sort out some contraception.”

“I could ask the doctor to put me on the pill.”

“No, that will take too long. It’s easier for me to sort it out.”


“Yes, if that’s okay.”

His sister kissed him.
It was okay.

Oliver didn’t sleep well that night. The weather was warm and he had a lot on his mind.
It wasn’t long after midnight when someone eased the bedroom door open. Despite the dark, he recognised the silhouette of his twin sister.

“Can’t you sleep?” he asked.

“No, there’s something I have to do.” she whispered. “I forgot my manners earlier.”


“When you gave me a lovely orgasm and I didn’t do anything for you.”

“Don’t worry about that Hils. I had fun too.” He rolled over to try to sleep.

“No. You’re not the only one that can do “internet research” and it seems there’s something I need to do.” She took hold of his pyjama bottoms and started to pull them down.

“Don’t! What are you doing!” He tried to keep his voice down in case he woke his parents.

“Come on. I promise you’ll like it and I want to see my first penis. Please.”

“Ok you can have a look, but call it a cock.” He lifted his hips and she pulled the trousers off.

“Er, it felt bigger when it was sticking into my back. Oh, hang on. It’s growing. And standing up. How does it do that?”

“It does that when I’m aroused. It’s what they call an erection or a hardon. You’re turning me on. It’s getting ready for sex.
It feels nice.”

“Does this feel better though?” she asked, giving the tip a tentative lick.

“Oh yes,” he breathed.

“Good. I’ve been reading about fellatio.”

“We call that a blow job actu…”

His correction was cut short. He was struck dumb by the warmth of his sister’s mouth around his member.

No one had ever done this for him before and even though she had hardly started, the sensation her mouth had created was already vastly superior to anything his right hand has ever achieved.

“Bloody hell Hils, that’s amazing.”

She hadn’t heard him curse before and was encouraged to suck him deeper.
She bobbed her head back and forth, trying to copy the girls she had seen online.
Sucking and licking.
Silencing her brother as he fell under her spell.
His universe shrank and he became oblivious to everything but the few inches of his being that were luxuriating inside his sister’s mouth.
Despite her lack of experience, she was driving him on, unleashing his animal instincts. Eventually, she felt him tense and he pushed her away. “You’re going to make me cum.” he warned her.

She pulled her mouth away, “What do you mean “come”? You’re here already.”

“When I say “cum” I mean ejaculate. I’m going to shoot my stuff into your mouth if you’re not careful.”

“That’s what I’m trying to do, silly! That’s the point isn’t it?”

“Ok, if that’s what you want, but take your top off first.”

She giggled, pulling it off, “You just want to see my tits don’t you?”

“Yes, of course I want to see your tits, but things might get messy and I don’t want to spoil your pyjamas.”

She went back to work.
She soon had Oliver at her mercy once more. He gasped and writhed as the pressure in his loins grew more intense until he could contain it no more.
The dam burst and he squirted his seed into his sister’s mouth.
“Aaaaagh, ohmygod, Hils.” he struggled to keep voice down as he experienced the greatest climax of his life.

Hilary took the first shot in her mouth and then pulled away, spluttering, as the rest of his cream splashed onto her naked breasts.


They were both amazed at what they had just done together.

“That was incredible.”

Hillary scooped the overspill from her tits and licked the residue from Oliver’s cock.

“Thanks Hils, that was unbelievable.” he told her. “Does it taste all right?”

“It’s a bit weird and salty. It’s okay though and it was fun. It just feels really naughty, especially knowing Mum and Dad are just down the landing.”
She kissed his lips, giving him an unwanted taste of his own medicine.
“Thanks for letting me do it. I want it in my vagina next time though.”

“You’re sounding like a medical textbook again,” he mocked, “just call it a pussy.”

She chuckled, “You’re just making stuff up now, aren’t you? A pussy? You must think I’m stupid. No one calls it that do they?:

“No seriously, Hils. There are lots of words for it, but “pussy” is one of the nicest. Believe me.”

“Okay, I’ll believe you, but I’m going to get myself a new dictionary.”

The following afternoon Oliver wasn’t just finally out of his bedroom – he was right out of his comfort zone. In the “White Lion pub.
He had only been there a couple of times before. His study regime hadn’t allowed time for underage drinking and he didn’t really like the taste of beer anyway.
But he wasn’t there for the beer.

He did buy half a pint of shandy, though, to justify his presence, but after sipping at it for 15 minutes, or so, he slipped away to the Gents toilet.
The vending machine on the toilet wall was, of course, the reason for his visit.

Apart from the standard graffiti, “Buy me and Stop One”, scrawled across the front it appeared to be in working order. He made his selection. Inserted his coins. And purchased his first packet of condoms.
It was a pack of three. He didn’t know how many he and Hillary might need but, if what she had said about Freshers Week was correct, then there was no harm in stocking up.
He bought two more packs before he heard someone else approaching the facilities and surreptitiously stuffed the rubbers into his pocket and returned to the bar.
He drank up quickly and set off for home.

He walked confidently. He felt different. He was a grown up. A man of the world. A man who knew what that machine in the toilets was for and was going to make regular use of it from now on.
At the same time, though, he felt like a mischievous little boy, at risk of being caught with a pocket full of forbidden and shameful contraband.

It was only when he was back in his room that he considered what the reality of what the condoms were for and how he and his sister would use them.
He sent her a text. It simply said, “I’ve done that shopping we spoke about.”
It was deliberately vague, in case anyone else saw it.

She was slow to reply, “Sorry. We’ll have to wait. I’ve got my period. I’ll let you know when we can do it. x.”

“Ok. Let me know when you’re ready,” he replied, “Hope you’re feeling ok x.” What else could he say?

It was unexpected news, but he wasn’t surprised at Hillary’s frank explanation. They were twins and had very few secrets from one another. Hilary had always been quite matter of fact about her monthlies. And if he had to wait a few days, then so be it. It wasn’t as though she had changed her mind. Or was it…?

He began to have doubts.
What if she hadn’t really got her period?
What if she had decided that she didn’t want to do “it” after all?
What if she was just playing for time before she told him?

He waited for a while before going to her room.
“Can we talk?” he asked through the door.

“Yes, of course. Come in.”

He sat on the bed beside her, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s no big deal, is it? I’ve been having them for years. I’ll be good as new in a few days.” She kissed him reassuringly.

“That’s good.
Listen. I’ve been thinking about Freshers Week.” He was going to give her the chance to back out.
“I’m not sure it’s going to be what you expect. Isn’t it just the week when new students sort out their ID ‘s and their accomodation and get their timetables and find the lecture theatres and all that kind of boring stuff?”

“Yes, of course there’ll be some admin to deal with, but it’s also the week when you join your clubs, meet your flatmates, listen to bands, meet new people, dance with them and you know, end up in bed together.”

“You make it sound like a cross between a rave and a Roman orgy. Don’t you think you might be expecting too much?”

“Ok. I’ll let you in on a secret.
You know Mum & Dad met at uni?”

Oliver nodded.

“They met in Freshers Week. And they did it!”

“How would you know that?”

“Mum told me, Dad was her only boyfriend. She said the met in Freshers Week and fell in love at first sight.”

“Fine but she didn’t mention “sex” (he whispered it) did she?”

“No, she didn’t say the word, but she had a look in her eye.
Only another woman would see it, but I could tell she was saying that they didn’t just fall in love. They fell into bed too.”

Oliver shook his end, trying to dismiss the image of his parents shagging eachother.

Hilary continued, “That’s why I want to prepare myself for Freshers. If I meet my true love, I want to be able to give him everything and spend my life with him. I don’t want to be all frightened and confused like an innocent little virgin. That won’t even get me a second date.”

“And I want the same for you,” she added. “If you meet ‘the woman of your dreams I want you to impress her and show her what a great guy you are. You won’t do that if you get over excited and cum in your underpants, will you?”

“Oh you noticed that,” Oliver was embarrassed that his twin knew why he had had to leave her room so quickly, the first time he saw her nipple.

“Don’t be embarrassed.” She stroked his arm. “I took it as a compliment. I never knew these tits were so sexy!” She pushed them out and they laughed. “Anyway, I’m not much better, am I? You know how sticky my knickers get when you touch me.”

“Thanks, I’m sure I’ll be able to last longer with practice.” Oliver tried to excuse his embarrassment.

“Yes, we both will, and we’ll be able to practice soon.”

Oliver laughed.

“What’s so funny?” she demanded.

“We’ve spent months revising to get into uni and now we’ve got more studying to do to get ready for Freshers Week!”

“Yeah, I suppose so. Doesn’t sound very romantic does it?
Anyway, there’s something I want to try. Do you have the condoms with you?”

“Oh, yes. They’re still in my pocket. But you said…”

“I know. We aren’t going to fuck. Can you get one out? I’ve never seen one before.”

“No, neither have I.”

He pulled one out of the packet and carefully peeled off its foil wrapping.

It was pink, see through, moist, thin and smelt of latex.

“Could you put it on? I want to see how it works.”

“I suppose so. Just for practice. I think you’ll have to make me hard before I can put it properly, though.”

Okay,” she sighed pulling off her tee shirt. “Any excuse for you to stare at my tits again…”
She tossed her bra onto the mattress.

“And why not? They’re beautiful and look what they’ve done.” He revealed a very respectable erection. “Now then, let’s check the instructions.”
He squeezed the bulb and rolled the sheath down his cock. The bulb bounced around, comically, on the end of his prong, like a spring.

After a few giggles, Hilary asked, “Should we see how it works?”

“How what works?
My cock or the rubber.”

“Both.” she giggled nervously, “It will be an experiment.”
She took hold, wrapping her fingers around his latex clad shaft then sliding up to the head… and back… repeating her action.
Grasping firmly, regulating her pace in response to her brother’s response.
She didn’t rush him, she enjoyed prolonging his pleasure – she owed him him that after reminding him of his underpant wetting accident.
He was only a teenager, though, and he could only last so long before he began to fill the pink sheath with his spunk.
Hilary watched in fascination as spurt after spurt of the white cream made the bulb expand to accommodate his load.
She was reassured to see that not a drop escaped the custody of the protective tube.
It would only be days before she was using one for real…

Oliver spent the next few days gaming with his friends, while secretly hiding his condoms and waiting for his sister to give him the “green light.”
Then she came to his room, looking about her, as if to check that no one was listening.
This must be it.
His heart leapt.
“If you aren’t busy on Wednesday we can do it then.” she announced.
That was three days away – his ardour dampened.
“Dad will be at work and Mum’s got some Open Day at College, so we’ll have the house to ourselves all day.” She explained, “I can’t wait!”

“Neither can I,” he told her – knowing that he would have to.

“Great. So it’s a date then, just like we planned?”

“Of course, Hils, just like we planned.”

She was about to leave, but remembered something at the door.
“Oh, there’s just one thing…:

“Go on.” Oliver hoped the “thing” wasn’t going to spoil their plans.

“Pubic hair.
Do I…, should I…, you know… get a shave?”

He had never even considered it.
“Well, I think that’s up you to Hils. I don’t mind either way.”

“But don’t boys expect it? I mean it can’t be nice kissing me down there and getting a mouthful of hair.”

“You know what? As far as I’m concerned, any boy who gets to see you down there should just thank his lucky stars. If he’s going to complain about your grooming or anything else then he doesn’t deserve you does he?”

“Really? So I don’t have….”

“And I’ll tell you something else.
Yes, of course I got a few pubes in my mouth, when I went down on you, but you had to take the whole of my cock and my spunk in your mouth, when you did it for me.
What have I got to complain about?”

“Ok.” she thought for a moment, “So I don’t need a shave then?”

“Like I say, it’s up to you, but maybe just a bit of a trim.
You might want a smaller patch if you’re going to wear your bikini and your little panties. It doesn’t look nice when wispy bits stick out of the sides.”

“Thanks. I’ll bear that in mind.
Am I okay today?”
She pulled up the front of her skirt to flash her knickers.
“You can check again on Wednesday.” She ran back to her room.


Thd big day finally arrived.
It was Wednesday and the twins were going to fuck eachother.
But they wanted to do more than that.
Fucking wasn’t the only thing that they hadn’t done before.
Neither of them had even been on a date! So they decided to start their day of discovery with a fake date together and to allow things to progress to the bedroom.

As neither of them had dated before they weren’t sure what to do.
They arranged to meet at a pizza restaurant on the other side of town and act as though they had just met. Fortunately they weren’t identical twins and no one in the restaurant knew them, so they were able to pass themselves off as a regular teenage couple.

Hilary wore her hair down, which she knew Oliver preferred. She hadn’t had much practice with makeup, but she did her best and she was sure he’d like that too. Her wardrobe choice was a light, cotton, floral dress that stopped short of her knees. The neckline was low enough to allow a hint of cleavage and she wore a string of pearls to encourage her brother to admire her decolletage.

Oliver, “borrowed” some his dad’s aftershave, as he thought girls must be turned on by the smell. He asked Hilary what he should wear and she had suggested “smart casual” which was a completely alien concept to the young man, so he decided to simply opt for “smart”. He donned the same outfit that he had worn to his university interviews – grey suit, white shirt, red & blue striped tie and shiny black shoes. He wondered if he should take flowers, but decided against them as they’d probably get in the way during their meal.

They kissed when they met outside the restaurant and Oliver played the gentleman – opening the door for his ‘date’ and pulling out her chair. They made small talk like they imagined students would. “Where are you from?” “What A Levels did you take?” “What are you studying?” “What other universities did you apply for?” It was all the banal stuff that kids use to break the ice during Freshers Week, but two glasses of wine helped their conversation flow.

They were sitting too far apart to touch eachother under the table, but Oliver, thought he was expected to make a move so tried to play “footsie”, but just succeeded in kicking his sister in the shin!

But it was all okay. They were just practising for the real dates they hoped they’d have once they started their student lives.

Oliver paid the bill and they took a taxi home. Once safely indoors he asked the hackneyed question.
“Your place or mine?”

“Mine.” came the answer. “My bedroom smells nicer than yours.”

“Ok, but I want to get something from my room first then.”


“Yes, I don’t want us to make a mess on your bed so I thought we could put one of my school rugby jerseys on top. It’s not like I’m ever going to need them again is it?”

His sister smiled at his thoughtfulness and giggled at the thought of his skinny frame in a rugby scrum.

“I suppose we should kiss.” he ventured when they reached Hilary’s room.

She reached up over his shoulders and he put his arms around her waist, pulling her close and rubbing her back.
The rubbing turned into squeezing when his hands descended to her bottom.

With his hands on her arse and his hardened cock pressing into her stomach, Hilary was in no doubt that her brother wanted her and her moistening pussy wanted him too.
She made her intentions clear and undid his tie. Peeling it from his neck and tossing it to the floor.

He took his cue and fumbled with the pearl necklace.
“Oh, I think I’d better do that,” she insisted “Mum doesn’t know I’ve borrowed it. I’d hate to break it.”

Oliver’s shirt came off next. It took a while as Hilary found that is was surprisingly difficult to undo someone else’s buttons.
Eventually she pushed it off and caressed her brother’s bare chest despite its lack of muscles.

Her caresses made Oliver feel more manly and confidently took hold of the zipper on his sister’s dress and drew it down her back. He pushed the light cotton from her shoulders and stepped back to admire the view.
He was far from disappointed.
Hilary had chosen the underwear set that she had bought with her birthday money
She knew how much he loved it.

“You like?” she asked unnecessarily
“I think you do. Let’s see.” She was teasing now. Dropping to her knees in front of him to undo his belt and trousers.

Oliver looked down at his sister allowing him a tantalising look down her brasserie.
An erotic image that was completed she looked up at him, submissively, through her eyelashes.
Once the trousers were off. She stood up. It was her brother’s turn to do the work.

It was time for him to attempt to undo her bra again, but this time from the front. He pressed his torso against her and groped around her back, attempting to manipulate the elastic. His inexperience showed but Hilary didn’t mind – they were both learning after all. He got it at the third attempt and they stood facing eachother wearing nothing but their underwear.
They both felt a sense of pride.
Oliver had overcome the challenge of Hilary’s bra and she was proud of the pert, well formed breasts that she had on show.

They were fast reaching the point of no return and their moves were becoming more urgent.
Hils dropped back to her knees to pull Oliver’s underpants over his fully erect penis and lower them to the floor.
She was no sooner back on her feet than
Oliver pushed her onto her bed stripped her of her knickers.
He leant in to lick her puss, but realized they both still had their shoes on. He kicked his off awkwardly and slipped his sister’s heels from her feet.

Now they were truly naked.

Time for action.

He went for her tits first. Taking one in each hand enjoying their soft, yielding flesh as he kissed Hilary’s lips in a way he had never kissed his sister before.

She was instantly filled with new and wonderful sensations as her body prepared to welcome a man into her most intimate space for the first time. Her breath caught and when Oliver moved his mouth to her breast she felt as though it sent an electric change directly to her clitoris.

Oliver shifted his hand, instinctively, as if he had read his twin’s mind. Rubbing her clit and sliding his fingers over her moist pussy, priming her for the moment…

Hilary had no idea where he had learnt to do this, but she was SO glad that he had. It was both divine pleasure and cruel torment as he took her closer to her peak without allowing her the ultimate satisfaction.
Then he put a finger inside her.
She had never been penetrated before and she knew that she loved it. She wanted more. Something bigger, something fatter, something deeper, something rougher and more dangerous!
She wanted her brother’s cock… now!

“Do it Ollie. I’m ready. Fuck me. Fuck me now!”

Oliver didn’t need to be asked twice. He shuffled up his sister’s body. Aligned himself carefully and pushed his hips forward. Gently slipping in to enjoy the first inch of her sacred sex.

Hilary gasped as her body started to stretch to accommodate the beloved invader….

“Oh shit!
Shit, shit, shit!”
Oliver pulled away sharply and stumbled off the bed.

To say he had spoiled the moment would be a massive understatement. Hilary was furious.
“What the fuck Ollie? For fuck’s sake!”

Oliver has never heard her speak like that before, “I’m sorry Hils. It my fault. I got so excited.” He paused. “It’s okay. Don’t worry. I remembered it in time.”

“Remembered what?” she shouted.

“The condom.” came his quiet reply.
“It is okay though. I hadn’t, you know, done anything inside you…
Can we start again?”

“Fucking hell Ollie.” She sighed in frustration.
“Just put it on. Properly. And get yourself back here before I change my mind.”

Her brother did as he was told and set about recreating the mood. He went to work licking at her freshly trimmed pussy in the way that he knew she loved.
He moved on to her clit and did the alphabet trick with his tongue again.

Hilary’s breathing became more ragged as the knots deep inside her belly tightened once
“Do it. Do it now.” she ordered.

Oliver pushed his dick into her wet and willing cunt once more. Moving with more confidence this time. Venturing a little deeper with each thrust as his sister’s hips began to match his rhythm.
Until… he felt an obstruction.
Hilary felt it too.

“Just give me a second.” she asked.

Oliver paused. Repositioning himself to take a tit in each hand.

“Ok.” She gasped, driving herself up onto her brother’s hard rod whilst he bore down deeper inside her channel. He squeezed her tits, hard, in the hope that it might create a distraction from whatever pain she felt as he breached her virgin membrane.
It didn’t.

“Ow!” she squealed, trying to silence herself and get beyond that life changing moment, without alarming her twin.
“Just stay still. Don’t move. We can go again in a minute.” she assured him.
And she didn’t keep him waiting for long.
“Okay, let’s go again, but slowly to begin with.”

Their love making began once more. Slowly and cautiously at first, but with growing pace and passion.

It felt marvellous, in the way that every “first time” should be, but so few are.
There was no rush. No awkwardness. Just two young people, that had always loved eachother, sharing moments of intimacy as they moved on to the next stage of their lives and expressed their love in the most ancient of ways.

Hilary was filled and fulfilled by her brother’s tender but urgent cock throbbing inside her. Whilst Oliver was possessed by the hands on his arse that pulled that cock deeper into the tightening embrace of his sister’s hot and hungry cunt.

They would have been happy to stay there forever, but neither could resist their animal arousal for long.
When the time came, they came together, as twins should.
Hilary’s sex muscles spasmed and triggered Oliver’s, to do likewise – releasing his vital, virgin load, deep inside her, producing rope after passionate rope, in the greatest climax of his life.
They fell into each other’s arms. Overcome by the emotion and exersion of the moment.


They had done it.
After all their planning and preparation, they had done it.
They hadn’t just had sex.
They had made love.
And now they didn’t know what to say.

Well, Hilary did..
“Have you got anymore condoms?”

“Er, yeah. Seven I think.”

“Good.” She took hold of his cock and started to massage it back to life

They used two more condoms that afternoon, before Oliver declared himself spent. Hilary proved him wrong, though, when she sucked him off in the shower!

They used up lots of condoms over the next few weeks, until Hilary went to see her doctor and took control – putting herself on the pill in readiness for life at university.

The twins continued to fuck and play as often as they could throughout the summer, awaiting the day when their exam results would finally arrive.

These results would decide which cities they would both live in for the next three years. The cities where they would hope to discover the future lovers they both dreamt of.
For now though, that didn’t seem to matter – neither of them cared whether they ever met new lovers or not.

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