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Pool Party

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Jessica Louise Hammond was fifteen, and so of course her looks were her number one priority. That and boys. Then maybe schoolwork. Everyone girl in her class thought Mr. Roberts, the seventh-grade history teacher, was a hunk. He was about thirty, in great physical shape and very handsome. Jessica wanted to do something that would impress her friends. She thought she’d wait until after class, then ask him if she could come over and study this Greek history stuff. Yeah, I don’t understand it, can you help me understand it better? That’s what she’d say. Then tomorrow she could tell her friend Susan that she’d actually been to Mr. Roberts apartment, alone. Of course, nothing would happen. She day-dreamed a little as Mr. Roberts lectured the class. He could kiss her if he wanted to. She’d be ok with that. “Oh, snap out of it, Jesse!” she thought to herself. He doesn’t want to kiss some seventh grader.

After class, she’d stayed behind and asked him if she could come over after dinner. “Just for a little bit. So, you know, so I don’t fall behind… I really want to learn about Greek history…” To her surprise, he’d actually said OK, how about seven? Wow! She practically danced all the way home. Susan wouldn’t believe this! She’d have to get a picture…

When she got home later, she told her mom she was going to Susan’s after dinner. “I won’t be long,” she said. After dinner, Jessica put on her short skirt from last summer. She put on a plain white t-shirt under her white, silk blouse from last year, the one that was now too tight. She kept the shirt buttoned up close as she hurried out at 6:30. Walking down the street to Mr. Roberts’ sub-division, she slowed down and paused near a tree in the darkness. She squirmed around, finally getting the undershirt off without removing the blouse. She stuffed it in her book bag and then looked down. She undid one button, then another. Only two more, but this was now showing her boobs pretty well. Even Jessica was impressed with her young bosom. Some girls had bigger ones, but hers were firm, and stuck out without sagging. Her nipples you could see easy if they got hard. She rubbed one, then the other a little bit. There, now you could see them, pressing against the too-small silk blouse. Perfect. She kept walking down the street. Unfortunately, Jessica had been so nervous before that she’d written down his address wrong. Instead of 1406 Kimberly Terrace, she’d written 1046 Kimberly Place.

Four black teenage boys were playing in the pool of the large house that was for sale. They lived not too far away, on the other side of the woods in the Projects. Jamar had seen the house, saw it was for sale and wanted to go swimming in that big pool out back, if no one was home. That night, the four youths went through the woods and snuck quietly up to the backyard. No lights were on. There wasn’t even another house nearby.

Jamar said, “Man, these white motherfuckers sure know how to live!” They couldn’t see anyone inside, so they found an open window and just like that, they were drinking beer, smoking pot and swimming in the pool.

They got pretty stoned, had about four beers each and a couple of shots of some Old Grand Dad that Danny had brought from home. Of course, the subjects under discussion were quite varied, overlapping and often changing. Then Jamar showed them a picture of a girl they knew from high school, topless on a beach someplace. Everyone had to swim over for a closer look at the black teen girl.

Jamar says “Jeesh, I got this huge fucking boner now! Thanks, Tanya.” Everyone laughed. Deon grabbed his cell phone by the pool, brought up a naked girl picture on the screen. “Look!” he laughed. “I’m getting a hard-on too! And bigger than that little nigger dick of yours!” He pulled his dick out of his swimsuit. At this part of the pool, the water was just up to their waists. Yep, Deon had a pretty big boner alright.

Tyrell says, “Wait! Wait!” as he passes yet another doobie around. “Let’s see who can get the biggest boner!” Everyone was like what….? Tyrell went on. “Everyone stands here, and without touching yourself or anything, get a boner, using nothing but pictures from the web. Winner with the biggest dick gets ten bucks from each of the others. Agreed?” He laughed.

Deon said, “Yeah, OK, yeah, but no queer stuff…” Danny jumped in, ‘…and you can’t watch no videos, neither! Just pictures! In fifteen minutes!”

Jamar, Deon, Danny and Tyrell all went to the side of the pool, grabbed their cell phones. Standing in the water, each one started bring up naked girl photos on their phones as they pushed their swim trunks down. Everyone was laughing, their dicks barely beneath the surface, as each one went to their favorite naked pictures websites. Then, the doorbell suddenly went “ding dong…”

Everyone stopped, turned, looked. Oh shit! Jamar said ‘Hang on! Hang on! Let me go see who it is!” He jumped up on the pool deck and put on his shorts, then staggered inside, trying not to laugh out loud. He got near the front, peeked out the window by the front door. A young white girl stood there. Holy shit, she was fucking hot, too. He finally opened the door a little bit, put his head out some. “Can I help you?” he said, stifling a laugh.

Jessica had walked up to 1046 Kimberly Place. Over at the right address, Bob Roberts sat nervously, waiting to see if that girl student with the hot body would show up. He was nervous, mostly because of the fantasies he was imagining with her. It’s not like he was planning on doing anything, but he also wasn’t going to stop anything. Right? Maybe. He paced about nervously. Maybe she just wouldn’t show. Probably wouldn’t.

To Jessica, the place looked dark and empty. She rang the bell. After a bit, the door opened a little and an older colored boy stuck his head out, asked what she wanted.

“I’m, I’m here to see Mr. Roberts, the history teacher? I’m supposed, supposed to meet him for a lesson about Greece…” she trailed off. The boy suddenly grinned.

“Mr. Roberts? You’re here to see Mr. Roberts? Oh, uh, yeah! Me too! I just finished. Well, come on in, he’s upstairs in his office.”

Jamar called up the empty staircase as the girl came inside. He closed the door. “Mister Roberts? Your next student is here!” He looked out towards the pool. The others were peering through the glass doorway. He stood behind the younger girl, motioning to the others, holding his crotch and moving his hips around behind her.

Jamar said “OK,” like he had heard someone upstairs. He said to the girl, “Come on, I’ll show you where his office is.”

As he went up the stairs, the young girl followed. “So, what’s your name?” he asked, being all casual-like.

“Jessica,” she replied. She sounded young, looked young, except for those tits. He had no idea what brought her here. Maybe this Mr. Roberts guy used to live here. All he knew was that he was high as a kite, and horny as shit after looking at those pictures on his cell phone. At the top of the stairs, he let her walk ahead. He looked down the stairs. The other three tip-toed over, each one still wet, naked with semi-erect hard-ons. Tyrell, Deon and Danny came up the stairs after the girl walked down the hallway. At the end, Jamar pushed open a door. It was a big, dark, empty bedroom. He flipped on the light. The girl stepped in, stopped, looked around quizzically.

Jessica looked around. This was an empty room, not an office. Was there another door…. Suddenly there was a rush of footsteps in the hallway behind her. The boy who came up here with her came in, along with three other boys. Holy shit! She gasped, jumped, covering her mouth as she saw three more naked older black teens rush into the room. She turned slightly, stepping backward. “Wha, what, what’s going on? Where’s Mr. Roberts?” she asked. She flushed red with embarrassment, trying not to stare at their penis’s, but she couldn’t help looking at the four brown dicks. Her eyes were wide. She quickly went from surprised to scared to terrified. She realized this wasn’t an office, just some empty bedroom, and these older black guys were, they, oh shit. Oh shit!

“No!” she cried out, trying to dash past them to the door. One boy grabbed her arm; another grabbed her around her mouth. He kept saying “Be quiet! Be quiet!” over and over. Another boy moved closer, snatched her free wrist and twisted it behind her. It hurt, she cried out into the guy’s hand, tried to get free, but instead another boy suddenly punched her real hard, right in her gut. It knocked all the air right out of her. She bent over some, her knees got weak and started to bend. She began gasping for air through the hand on her mouth.

Jamar walked up in front of the still-struggling girl. “Hold up! Hold up! Settle down, snowflake! Now listen, little girl. We were playing a game before you interrupted us. Now you’re gonna help us keep playing our game. You got me?” The girl just stared, looking around, trying to get away from Danny as he held her arm tight behind her. Jamar slapped her face once. “I said, do you understand me?” She looked up at him, scared, not sure how to answer, eyes pleading, tears starting.

Jamar told her the game. Each guy was to get an erection, the biggest wins. But they can’t touch themselves or anyone else. They could only look at pictures. “Then you came along and interrupted. Now you’re gonna be our pictures.”

The four guys stood around her. Each was naked; each had a big, brown, semi-erect penis hanging in front of him, a big bush of black hair at the base and ball sacks hanging underneath. She tried not to stare, but at fifteen, it was hard not to. She’d only seen a penis in pictures until now. Jamar asked her name. She told him, still gasping some from being punched. Another asked what grade she was in. She said seventh, then started saying things like, she needs to go home, she can’t stay here. They just ignored her.

Deon stood there in the bedroom, said, “I can get bigger. Watch. You, take off that shirt.” Everyone looked at the girl. She said no, no, she couldn’t, begged them to just let her leave, acting all casual about it at first.

“Come on guys, enough is enough. Let me go, I can’t stay.” The guy repeated himself, even more angry. One picked up an extension cord from the floor. He looked at the end, then snapped it hard, like a whip. He looked at her. “Off,” he said. She stood there, trying to think of what to say next. He suddenly whipped her with the cord. The hard end slammed into her as it wrapped around, really hurting. Everyone started telling her to take it off, take it off. Finally, she asked them, if she did, would they let her go then?

“Sure, honey, soon as we get a winner you can leave.” They all stared. Jessica kept quietly crying, started talking as she slowly began to undo her blouse.

“Ok, Ok, just some, ok? I want to go home… I’m just fifteen years old…. I want my mommy…” That last one made everyone’s dick jump some.

Jessica thought, “Ok, ok, so take it off, some of the way, don’t forget to hide your boobs…” She slowly undid the two remaining buttons, then slowly she eased it off her shoulders. She was shaking. She wondered why she had ever taken her t-shirt off. Where was Mr. Roberts? Who were these guys? The four kept telling her to take it all the way off. Slowly, she did, covering her chest when she held it in one hand. Damn it, her fucking nipples were all hard from rubbing against the blouse. One boy grabbed her shirt. She put both hands across her chest now, covering her nipples with her fingers. She started saying over and over, “Can I go now? Can I? Can I go?”

The four black teens stood there staring at this girl’s rack. Man, she had some nice fucking tits alright. Danny told her to lose the skirt next. She began to cry a lot more, but they didn’t care. Their dicks were getting harder every minute. Each was determined to have the longest dick. They watched as she undid and slid her skirt down, taking it off. Then her little pink panties. They made her stand there, first with her hands up over her head, then spreading her legs and bending over to touch the floor. Nobody touched her, but the show was incredible. They kept moving around her, shaking their junk around by moving their hips, careful to keep their hands off. Then Tyrell told her to get on her knees. Jamar said, “Careful dude!”

Tyrell said, “I ain’t gonna touch it. She is, though.” Everyone let out a big hoot and cheer then. Tyrell stepped up to the short girl. Deon yelled, “You can’t let her touch it either. No hands, fool.” Everyone agreed. Tyrell sighed. He told Jessica to kneel down. Slowly, she did. “Put you hands behind you,” he ordered. She did, shaking now, her breasts wiggling slightly. Tyrell told her to lean forward and rub her tits on his dick.

“Go on! Lean over, rub them tits of yours on my dick! Keep your hands behind you, bitch! Now rub those tits on my dick, white girl! Go on! Do it! Rub your big tits on my dick!” He watched, everyone cheered as the young girl leaned forward and pushed her gorgeous tits against his dick. He quickly told her to keep them there; now move them around, rub them around on him. Her little girl nipples were very erect; Tyrell was pretty sure he had the biggest dick now. He was fucking hard alright.

Deon grabbed her, pulled her away. He told her to stand there, spread her legs apart. Wider! Deon told her to bend over and touch the floor, keeping her legs straight. She did, very reluctantly, constantly begging them to please let her go. “I want my mommy! I want to go home now!” she kept saying. Deon stepped up behind her. Without touching himself, he began to drag his dick across her cute little butt. Back and forth, he got harder every time. He swung it around until it landed on top of her cute white butt. Using his hips, Deon rubbed his cock along her butt crack, between those cute ass cheeks of hers. He was pretty hard now. Jamar pushed him to the side, began to move his cock between her legs, making it rub against her vagina. Deon turned to Tyrell, comparing dicks. Both were pretty long but Tyrell seems a little longer.

Jamar pushed her down, made her get on her back. Without touching himself, he sat down on her stomach, let his dick lay between those awesome white tits of hers. Nice fucking cleavage for a seventh grader! He dragged his cock around on her tits for a while. Danny wanted in. Jamar got up, turned to the others, comparing his dick to theirs. Yep, he seemed to be the winner so far. They all laughed, firing up yet another doobie. Danny dragged his nut-sack all over Jessica’s face, getting him excited like never before. He got an amazing feeling as his nuts dragged across those little white girl lips of hers. Good and hard, he stood up. Despite being quite hard, everyone agreed: Jamar was the winner.

“I win!” Jamar said. “I’m going to the pool!” He grabbed Jessica, dragged her from the bedroom, down the hall and down the stairs, feeling her nude body touching his as he forced her along. At the pool, he dragged her into the shallow end. He grabbed her roughly, gripping her hair. “Bend over, snowflake. Bend the fuck over!” The girl took hold of the side, bending over like he said. Her little crotch was just above the water; her thighs still thin enough not to be touching. Her boobs almost touching the water.

The black guy behind her held her hair tight. He spoke to her, telling her she’d better keep quiet, or he’d push her under and make her keep quiet. He shoved her head down under the water. She struggled, but he held her under. Finally, he let her up; she gasped for air.

“You keep quiet, or I’ll put your head underwater again! Now, spread those legs, white girl. Spread ‘em!” She did some, trying to keep her face above the water. The boy got himself behind her, pushed her feet apart, getting himself close to her butt. Suddenly, Jessica felt him press his penis against her vagina! NO! She started to cry out, but just as quick, he pushed her head underwater again. He yanked her head up, she gasped for air. He told her again to keep quiet. He pressed himself against her vagina again. She felt his hard, erect penis start pushing its way into her. She’d never seen a man’s penis before, much less have one pressed against her down there. She’d never had sex, not even a blowjob. Now this big, brown thing was starting to push between her pussy lips in this cold pool, spreading them very painfully apart.

Jamar held his cock in his hand, pushing the head into that tight little cunt of hers. With a strong, constant pressure, and some help from the pool water, he suddenly went into her. She jumped big time, cried out. He shoved her face under, then yanked it back up. She choked, gasping for air. He pushed in some more; felt her hymen. Man, these young white chicks were always fucking virgins, he thought to himself. Once in, he went right to it. Jamar started to fuck her; first past that hymen and then more and more into her. She struggled against him a lot, but he rode her like a bucking bronco. Sometimes he shoved her head underwater just for fun. As he began to pump that tight little pussy again and again, he thought it would be funny to hit her. Every other time he shoved his cock into her, he’d punch her hard in her back with his free hand, gripping her hair with the other. The water was splashing everywhere; the others cheered him on. She cried endlessly as he pounded that virgin again and again. Eventually, he felt himself shoot a big load of cum into her pussy.

Jamar pulled out, yanked her up by her hair, turned to the others. “Who’s next?” All three rushed through the water to her. Deon grabbed her, turned her around, made her bend over again. With a lot of rage, he pushed his way between those young thighs of hers and jammed his big brown dick into her. Immediately he began to fuck the girl, with very rough, brutal thrusts deep into her. Danny got in front of her, put his dick to her mouth. It took a few hard slaps to her face, but as Deon raped her, she opened her young mouth and Danny shoved the head of his dick inside.

“Suck it, bitch! Suck it! Suck my dick, bitch! I said suck on it! Like a popsicle, bitch! Suck it! Suck it! That’s it, baby girl. That’s it. Suck on it, good, good. Keep sucking on it. That’s it….” Meanwhile, Deon kept hammering her young pussy from behind. As he did, Danny would hold her hair tight, keeping her face against his crotch, while his other hand went down and started really molesting her tit. He squeezed it hard, pulled hard on it, twisted her nipple, then gripped the whole tit again, really digging into it. She stood there, bent over, her body getting slammed about in the water as she kept making grunting sounds. After Deon finished fucking her, Tyrell moved in, shoving his dick right into her little twat. Fast and furious, Tyrell immediately began to fuck her hard. He kept telling her to take, take it all. He rammed her little pussy good.

Danny shot his load in her mouth; she gagged but he shoved her face underwater as Tyrell pounded into her. He pulled her head out, gagging, choking, gasping. Danny said, “Get back on there,” and pushed his dick back into her mouth. He kept working her young mouth as Tyrell raped her pussy but good. When Tyrell shot his load, Danny pulled his out of her mouth, moved behind her still holding her hair, got between those luscious legs of hers. He took his cock, wet and rock hard, and crammed it into her asshole. She screamed, or started to. He shoved her head underwater, keeping there until he’d rammed himself all the way into her asshole. He yanked her head up; she gagged, choking for air. He started pounding her ass mercilessly, smacking against those chubby butt cheeks of hers as he did her. She was now too focused on just breathing to really care about being raped. As the one black man sodomized her, she couldn’t believe a gigantic brown penis was actually in her bottom now, raping her, as hands from the others roamed all over her body. Eventually, the man in her butt began to pulsate and shoot his sperm in there.

Next, they dragged her to the edge of the pool. They told her to smoke some of the pot. When she refused, three of the men started punching her all over. She finally cried out, saying ok, she would. They made her smoke their marijuana; made her drink of lot of some very nasty-tasting alcohol. As the four men sat on the edge of the pool smoking their pot, Jessica was forced to stand in the pool in front of them, giving each one head in turn. Once the first guy was all hard again, she had to move to the next one while the first one got in behind her and started to rape her again. He went very fast and hard, shooting his sperm into her fairly soon. It seemed like a contest- who could fuck her the hardest. The second man passed her to the third man. The second man started to rape her as she was forced to give head again. He finished; the third man raped her as she was made to lick the balls of the fourth guy. Eventually, he raped her too.

The four teenagers dragged the girl upstairs, tied her up with her own clothes and shoved her into a closet. The ran out, through the woods, back to the hood. Jessica eventually got free, got dressed and ran home. She couldn’t tell her mom anything- she was supposed to have been over at Susan’s. She couldn’t tell Susan she’d just been gang-raped by four black guys. She wasn’t even sure that Mr. Roberts had given her the right address. She wondered about that. Was this his idea? She stumbled home, going straight to bed. Jessica never wore anything revealing again. The bruises from the numerous punches though couldn’t be hidden. He mom finally saw them, demanded an explanation. The police were called. She was checked by her doctor.

“Well, I’m not sure how to tell you this, but you’re pregnant, young lady.”


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