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Watching my best friend fuck my sister

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I was camping in the back yard with my friend Steve.

When I was 15 my parents bought me a tent to go camping in.
Steve convinced me we should go camping in my back yard. We lived on a two-acre block in the country.
I was a warm night, so we had a few blankets scattered about for us to lay on.
In the middle of the night one of the blankets under me was tugged. This was enough to wake me up.
I could hear moaning. I opened my eyes and I saw my 13-year-old sister Jasmin. She was naked and on top of Steve. I watched as Steve kissed her naked breasts. Then she started moving forward and back. I quickly realized she was fucking herself on Steve’s cock. Her tits were not big. But as she moved, I could see them swing back and forth.
I was being hypnotized by my sister’s boobs. They suddenly stopped and she lay on top of him, and they kissed. They lay there for several minutes before my sister whispered, “ready for round two?”
She sat back up and started riding Steve gain.
I could smell the sex and now I could hear a wet sloppy sound as Steve’s cock went in and out of Jasmin cum filled cunt.
I had no idea what to do. Here was my little sister fucking my friend right in front of me.
I just lay there no moving keeping quiet. Listening to the sounds of them breathing and the sloppy noises of them fucking.
Once again, she stopped, and the noises Seve was making I knew he was cumming again.
She lay on top of him and turned to me and asked if I enjoyed the show. She wanted to know if I had any idea how hard it was to wake me up.

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  • Reply Bob ID:3tlp9yw8hrb

    Loved this story!!! Did you camp out in the yard often with Steve? Jasmin liked fucking with him. She liked having you watch her get fucked. How long did it take until you started fucking her too.

    Let’s email.

    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


    • Paul ID:5az1k6ym1

      She was probably waiting for him to fuck her ass

  • Reply East Coast Male ID:1cyvoabxmh2m

    I agree. You should have given your sister 3rds.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7d2

    Damn should of joined in, hell I would of for sure. Stuck that cock in her ass while her was in her pussy she would of loved it. Hell girl deserve all the cock they can handle.