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The preacher wife my sister

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My sister was 18 at the time of this. Her name is Heather,. she was married going, has 2. Kids the first one at 14 the second one at 16,.1.boy and,.1.girl.one day..

On my way back to work I work at.a movie studio I had.2. cameras on.the.frount seat a regular camera in a video camera. I got her in town hang with a dude, dude wasn’t her husband, I grab the camera out I pooped my car over got out with the camera and, took some good pics from class the street, next I grabbed the video camera I’ll start shooting them on video to use against my sister later. Oh, oh they’re kissing and, yes I got it on the video.
I go back to work, and hand our editor the camera and the video camera and I told him, I want the pictures, and the video ASAP, bring it to the office.
I go back to the office and wait for him to bring him to me.
He comes into the office, and hands me a brown envelope with the pictures inside it in the video. I go home, and call Heather. She answers the phone, I tell her she needs to come over to my house right away I have something I need her to see I tell her and you need to come alone.
She comes over, the the phone rings it’s her husband yes she’s here hang on, I said here he wants to talk to you. She gets on the phone, and I’m pretty sure what he asked her by her answer, where have you been? She says at the church I tell myself yeah right, liar, she says, got to go she tells him I love you see you when I get home and, hangs up.
I tell her to come in to the living room with me,.I called her a liar, who’s dude you was at your job with?
She asked, me what are you talking about?
I said, look at the coffee table I start picking up the pics 1by 1. and, showing them to her.

She has a shock look on her face, OMG! Where did you get them from?
I tell her it don’t matter just know I got them and, I picked up the remote control and turn the TV and VCR on she stares at the TV, and see herself kiss dude.
I said, let’s put it this way sis I got enough pictures and, video tape to blow you out of the water.
She looks at me like she is in a panic, NO! PLEASE

You will destroy my marriage, and my family, and, our family. um no.one knows.about dude, not your husband, not your kids, not our family. She says, NO! No one, she asked me, what do you want, to make this go away? I said let me think about it a second.

I say, I want what you gave dude she says what? Um,.NO! I am not going to kiss you, you are my own brother. I said, I want what you can do Heather! She says it again, I’m not going to kiss you you are my brother, a minute, do you think, I slept with him I didn’t come we just kissed! I said, okay ok, I want you Heather! She says, NO!. NOWAY! You are my brother! NO! I’m not sleeping with you! Thank you and I said Heather look at the coffee table, look at the TV heather? She says, even if we could how are we going to do this?

I tell her, I live alone we can do it right now! We can go into my bedroom
She says no what if someone should show up? I said,..who your husband know you are here, he not.going to go come looking for you, our.family never shows up with out calling first and, the only people that visit me is the assistant pastor, and the prayer leader.

She says, if I agree to what you want you will make all this go away? I said, yes she said, okay. She went into my bedroom and I followed her in. My house phone rings, it’s my personal assistant, she asked me, where is the camera in the video camera at? I said, check with Eddie and editing. She said, okay bye and hung up and, and I hung up the phone.

I guess now would be a good time to describe my sister Heather to you all she has long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, nice tits baby you’re 38 season long ass legs, and a hell of a nice ass. If you were to cross Heather Locklear, with Heather Thomas that’s basically put my sister Heather would look like

She not happy,. she says lets get this over with, I can’t believe my own brother, is blackmail me his own sister. She asked, me what do you want? I said.. climb up on my bed and, lay flat on your back she said,. after you get through with me the pics and, the video mine? I said, yes.

She walks over to the foot of my bed and, I tell her to stop,. she stops, she says what? I said, unzip the back of your dress and,. take off your bra and, get your nipples out. She wearing a.really long dress, one of those long dresses a preachers wife would wear.

She says, really your going to force your own sister to have sex with you? I don’t answer her. I tell,. her to take her dress off. She unzips her long dress,I tell her to take her arms out of her dress she does and, it falls to the floor.

I tell her now you’re white bra. She unhooks her white bra from the back and, take it off her. I tell her nice nipples as I smile at her.looking at her tits she looks away in ashamed and, embarrassed that her brother is getting turned on by her nipples.

I tell her, now you’re white panties.she.pulls down her white panties. She says, you know what? I said what? your really are a bad brother! I said, I m a bad brother, I m a bad brother, look at your self and, what you did. You cheated on your husband.

She makes no reply, I said , you know it to be true. She takes her white panties all the way down and off. My dick is already hard.

She watches me, and do my belt, I unhook and, unzip my dress pants and, boxers down she sees my dick for the first time. She says, I think it’s bigger than my husband’s now that saying something.

I tell her to get up on my bed and, lay flat on her back and, hold her legs in the air. She asked me do you want my sandals off to? I said, no leave your tan sandals on.

She gets up on my bed and,. lays flat on her back holding her legs up in to.the air. I get up on the bed between her legs, and I force my cock into her pussy and, I start to fuck her pussy. She has the nerve to say, I can’t believe you are raping your own sister!
I said, is that how you see it, you was the one who was going to cheat with dude.
She says, you don’t know what I was going to do with Peter.
Wait,. wait, Peter as in the head deacon, he married to and,. kids what wrong with this church! As I keep on fucking her pussy.

She said you wouldn’t know you took the pictures and, and the video, as I keep on fucking her pussy. I said, yes I did but, not a good angle of him,. Only you and, that kiss didn’t show his face.
As I keep on the fucking her I m getting ready to cum, she feels it coming she screams out.NO! PULL OUT!

I cum in her pussy and, say to.late..She says want am I supposed to tell everyone if I get pregnant? Will just blame Peter she said but, we never slept together? I said, I know that, he knows that, you know that. But, they don’t know that do.they?
I pull my cock out of her pussy and, line it up with her.ass.in.frount.
She asked, me what are you doing? You better not be doing what I think you are doing. I never had it in there before
I didn’t even give her time to object, she feels me force my cock into her ass. She screaming out it.hurts..I said, sister you are right your ass is so, tight you never been fucked in it before.
I start fucking her ass as she screaming and, crying l can’t believe my own brother rape my vagina and, you are now raping my butt.
As I fuck her up in her butt I think to myself I not going to last much longer, she’s to dam tight

As I blew my load into her tight ass,. she says, how am I supposed to get your seed.out of my butt?
I said, I don’t know it’s not my problem
I put my cock away and,. pull up my boxers and, my dress pants up and,.. zip them up and, hook them and, buckle up my belt.
She says,. what about the pictures and,. video? I throw the envelope at her and,. tell her you know where.the.tape is. And, she said, and, the negatives? I said,.in the envelope.

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    Oh no that’s just wrong one before she gets the video. Can you still have a boy that needs to fuck his mom and brother The needs to fuck your sister.

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      I’m not understand your comment

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    You should not give them to her you should have used th r m to keep fucking her and i hope you breed her it would be nice for her to raise your child

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      I’m not that stupid I got happy for copy’s for safe keeping she just does know it