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The Little Ones

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Maria Sanchez lived in a very Latino area of Los Angeles County. She lived with her two brothers, yet only for one reason: She had no where else to go. She had no passport, no drivers license, no money. So long as she cooked and cleaned for her two brothers, they let her stay for free. Life with Hernando and Pablo was hard. The two men were both in their late thirties, fairly overweight and always, always drinking the beer. They would get loud and violent, so Maria stayed away during most evenings. Being their sister, also overweight herself, kept them from sexually abusing her. For that she was thankful. She never dared dress up. Her brothers, though, they could be very cruel. Very terrifying. They would sometimes get drunk, go out, come home with some young girl. Always some young girl it was. Never anyone their own age; just some little kid they’d grabbed someplace.

Maria hated it when they did that. She’d yell at them to stop, but soon she learned that only made them angrier. She had to keep up with her chores while they had their fun. She remembered one girl. A young, white girl, in shorts and a tank top. She had long, blonde hair. Long, skinny legs. She was dragged in with a rag or something tied around her face. She struggled but they dragged her into the living room. From the kitchen, Maria watched. The poor girl looked to be maybe 13 or 14 years of age. She was terrified; eyes, wide, struggling to keep these two drunk men away from her. Hernando and Pablo dropped her on the couch, then hit her several times. Maria winched. She’d been hit a few times herself. The girl stopped struggling so much. Pablo had quickly pulled her shorts and panties off, while Hernando pulled her top and little bra off. “Eas pobre chica,” she thought to herself. That poor girl, she thought to herself. The youngster was naked now, fighting some, but Pablo had her legs apart, making rude, disgusting sounds as he worked his mouth on her young vagina. Hernando was French kissing the young girl as Pablo pulled his pants down, his intention more than obvious. Maria kept washing the dishes. She looked away, heard the girl pleading, making grunting sounds, struggling, then a scream. She could tell from her painful screams that her brother was raping her now.

Kathy Mitchell lay there, naked, hurting everywhere, one man kissing her while holding her face with both hands. She gripped his wrists, but couldn’t stop him. The other man, he was doing something down between her legs. Her knees were far apart now. Suddenly she felt his penis pressing against her vagina hole. Holy shit! No! No! No! she screamed, struggled as much as she could. She felt it pushing against her, then slowly slipping into her. Slowly, painfully, her pussy lips were forced apart, opening wide, wider, then wider still. In went this huge, warm sausage-like dick of his. He kept pushing in, even when he hit her hymen. He just pushed harder, then suddenly he popped right through. Her whole body spasmed with that. He started to hump her, moving back and forth inside her. She felt two things mainly. First, the pain from her vagina being stretched so much, tearing it for sure it felt like. Then there was the flood of pleasure, this sinful feeling that came from his thing moving back and forth inside her vagina. The more he did it, the wetter it became, the more the pain was less and the pleasure more. Mostly though, it was painful agony, her body being rammed back and forth on this couch as her raped her hard and fast. The pleasure was just a small part of it, but it certainly did help confuse her more. She felt them rubbing her breasts with their hands. It felt rough, but her nipples felt different somehow. Mostly, she lay there as this man laying on top of her raped her. His sweat dripped on her; the smell of alcohol on his breath and his furious thrusts into her. Her vagina inside was all excited; her vagina opening, her pussy, was still tearing in pain. Again and again, he pounded into her until finally she felt him flood her with his cum. She could hardly believe it when the two men changed places, as the other man began to rape her again. She saw a woman standing in the kitchen, watching. She reached towards her, pleading, “Help me, help me….” The woman just shook her head and turned away.

Maria remembers when they’d finished abusing the young girl, they’d dragged her out and came back later without her. They never discussed it with her. She never asked about it. About a week later, another young girl was dragged through the door. A young Latino girl, pretty, long dark hair, quite small. She heard Pedro questioning her; heard them say “Eleven! You only eleven-year-old, little girl?” Maria’s two brothers began to attack this one too. As she made dinner, she could hear the young girl crying out, begging them in Spanish to leave her alone. One time she cried out especially hard. Maria looked up, saw Pedro doing her, doing her in her ass it looked like. Those boys, they were bad alright. Pedro was slamming himself back and forth into her. She was struggling, trying to get away, but she was so small and they were so much bigger. Hernando held her upper body; Pedro gripped her young hips. Her legs flailed about, as Pedro’s big penis moved in and out of her like a hammer. Maria could her him slapping against her butt over and over as he raped her. Soon, he finished. Then Hernando turned her over and began to rape her vagina as she lay on the couch on her back, fighting with those little fists of hers. She was constantly crying or screaming; Maria knew the pain. Once she looked over and saw the girl staring at her; laying there, being rocked violently back and forth as Pedro raped her next. Her eyes were pleading, begging Maria to help her. Maria just shook her head and went back to rolling tortillas.

A few days later, her two brothers went out again. Maria knew what that meant. Sure enough, the two came back later, dragging a young girl with them. She’d lost count how many girls. This girl was different. She looked like an Americano; young, clean, well-dressed. Young for sure, but she had big breasts for her age. Maria knew that was not a good thing for her.

Sally Mathers was walking through the parking lot of the Galleria one minute and suddenly being held down on the floor of some car the next. Sally was sixteen, but a small sixteen. Standing only 5’ tall, she weighed 110 lbs. She thought she was ‘chunky’. Others said she could lose a couple of pounds, but for the most part her few extra pounds were in all the right places. Her short skirt and silk blouse only accented her looks. Right now, she was terrified- who were these men? Where were they going? Ew! She was getting some kind of grease of her expensive blouse!

The car stopped eventually. She was pulled out into a garage, then into a house. A woman was working in the kitchen. Some old man sat on a couch smoking a cigarette. The two men dragged her into the living room, then told her to strip. No fucking way! She instead started yelling back at them, telling them they’d better let her go right now…. Wham! One man punched her hard in her head. She stumbled back, fell against the TV, went down to a knee. Everything was a blur. Hands grabbed her, pulled her up. She stood with much difficulty. Again, they said “Strip! Banda!” She instead just stood there, not wanting to do anything except leave. Suddenly, another punch. She fell to the floor; hands dragged her up again. It took three punches before Sally, face now swollen and bruised, started to fumble with undoing her skirt. Hands shaking, she slid it down, slowly stepping out of it.

“Everything! Todas! Mas rapido, nina!” they yelled at her, their breath smelling like alcohol. She fumbled with her panties, started to ease them down, then realized what she was doing. She stopped, instead switched to undoing her blouse. As she looked down, she saw half her bush was exposed because of hoe far down she’d gotten her underwear. Shit! Once her five buttons were undone, she paused again, then slowly tried to remove it. She turned as she did, trying to hide her incredibly ample cleavage. One man pushed her back around, lots of lewd comments in Spanish. They kept repeating, “All of it! All of it!”

Next, she reached behind her, undid her bra, eased it off, covering herself with both arms. Maybe this was all they wanted. Maybe they just wanted to see her naked. They made her remove her panties, too. Now she was completely naked. She thought they were going to rape her. The thought made her frozen with fear. She’d never had sex with anyone yet, and now she might lose her virginity to these two old guys? Old Mexican men? The man started to wave at her. He made her move over by the old guy sitting in the chair. He looked like he was 80 or 90 maybe. Really old. The men standing beside her started pushing her toward the old guy.

“Bend down, leet heem suck on them tatas..” they said. She had to stand in front of the old guy sitting down, then she had to bend over. One man grabbed her arm, forced her to use her hand to push her boob to the old man’s face. He was sitting there, eyes wide, drooling, as she slowly cupped her breast and pushed it towards the old man’s mouth. Oh God, this was going to be so disgusting, but it was better than getting raped. She eased over, held her right breast in her right hand, pushing it to him as her left hand covered her other tit. The man latched on to her young nipple. She felt the old guy start to suck hard on it, like he was sucking on a straw. On and on he went, while the others laughed and taunted her. She looked over at the old woman in the kitchen, eyes full of tears. The woman just looked, then looked away. The men made her switch tits; now pressing her left nipple to the old guy’s mouth. As he did, she suddenly felt a finger trace down her butt, then push into her little asshole. No! No! She tried to squirm away from it, but he kept his hand there, pushing into her with his finger.

Pedro watched the girl push her big tits into the old man’s face. Fucking grandpa, always getting first dibs. That’s ok; he’d be sucking on them soon. He pushed the girl down, telling her to get on her knees. Grandpa spread his legs apart, they dragged the girl forward. The y told her in broken English to pull out his dick, to suck on it. Reluctantly, with much begging and pleading, she finally undid his pants and with two fingers gingerly pulled the old man’s dick out. It was long and hard, not bad for 86 years old. The girl hesitated, then slowly bent down and put grandpa’s dick in her young mouth. He watched as she worked him; she sucked, squirmed her tongue around, sucked more.

Sally worked the old man’s penis. It was nasty; old and wrinkled, smelled bad, tasted terrible. She sucked in, licked her tongue on it, then sucked in again. She kept doing this over and over, not even sure if she was doing it right. She waited for him to shoot his cum; she’d heard that men did that, and thought it might be over when he did. Before he did though, he kept getting longer, stiffer. Soon she was dragged up, forced to straddle him. Oh God, they wanted her to fuck him! Oh, hell no! But one man gripped her neck, squeezed until she couldn’t breathe. He spoke into her ear; “Fuck him chica, or die.”

Maria looked up briefly. The young girl was on abuelo’s lap. Oh my, they were making her have sex with the old man. She hoped he didn’t have a heart attack. They kept yelling at her. She cried out, obviously in pain, yet being forced to move up and down on his dick, quickly. They kept slapping her ass hard, telling her to go faster. The youngster bounced up and down, her little feet barely touching the floor. She held her breasts, or tried to. Sometimes she’d have to reach out to steady herself. Her naked breast would hang free, bouncing as she went up and down. She stopped moving up and down; started moving her hips forward and back. Her boobs moved a lot less, but she could see grandpa was still getting off.

Sally felt the old man shoot his cum into her. She wondered if it would get her pregnant. Then the two men grabbed her, pulled her off the old guy, pushed her onto the couch and started to rape her themselves. Legs, thighs forced apart, the first man pushed right into her still-wet pussy and started to fuck her. Again and again, he pushed deep into her; she squeezed her vagina muscles as tight as she could, trying to get him out of her. Instead, he just slid back and forth, again and again, endlessly. The big thing on the end of his dick was rubbing all along her insides, giving her pain and oddly, some stimulation. He raped her brutally for several minutes. His hands were all over her tits as he slammed into her over and over again. Eventually, he too came in her. Then as she expected, the third man raped her. She lay there, not wanting to give them any sexual satisfaction. She lay still, legs spread wide, waiting for him to finish. Again and again, he plunged deep into her little vagina. All the way; she could feel his crotch hair mashing into her own crotch hair. The third man held her hands over her head as he raped her. He was watching her boobs bounce all over as he took her, again and again.

When he finished, she was dragged into the kitchen. They made the old woman clean her up while they ate. They made her lay back on the kitchen table. They made the woman take a corn on the cob, rape her vagina with it while they laughed and watched. When they tried to continue raping her, the woman yelled, made them leave the kitchen. She was dragged back to the living room, pushed face-down on the floor. Sally watched the man behind her, hold his thing with his hand, move in to her. Instead of raping her vagina, he started to push into her asshole! No! No! No! She started to really fight them again, but she couldn’t stop the sodomy. They each took a turn on her asshole; it burned so much. She cried endlessly. After that, it was oral sex followed by more ass-raping. Finally, around 2AM, she was dragged outside, pushed into the car again and driven back to a street near the galleria.

Maria watched the two men come back home without the girl. They drank more beer, watched TV, seemingly unconcerned with what they had just done. She could still see this big tatas of hers, bouncing around. She closed her eyes. There’d be more.


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    Oh fuck, so good! A young girl sucking off an 86yr old cock and a corn on the cob shoved up her twat! Life doesn’t get much better. Excellent story as always!