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Cathy Longhorn was a senior girl scout in her local troop, an Eagle Scout. At seventeen, she was older than most of the other girls. When it came time to sell their famous cookies, Cathy was always the leader in sales. She had two secrets, that weren’t much of a secret at all. First, she had this very short skirt she’d wear with her uniform as she went door to door everywhere. Anytime a man opened the door, she made a sale. Every single time.

Cathy’s mom dropped her off at one neighborhood. “I’ll come by in a couple of hours. Good luck, honey!” Cathy waved, order book in hand, ready to make some sales. She had on her short black and white skirt, her slightly too small white blouse and last year’s bra. As soon as Cathy’s mom drove away, Cathy undid her top button, exposing more of the cleavage that the too-small bra was creating. Perfect. She started going down the street, knocking on doors as she went.

A half hour later, though it was only 10:30 in the morning, it was already 88 degrees. Cathy was starting down a second street and really wishing she’d brought her water bottle. She went up to one house, kind of more run-down than the others. She knocked, someone asked, “Who is it?”

“Girl Scouts! Would you like some cookies?”

The door opened. A large, heavyset man in jeans with a jean vest on over a bare chest looked out at her. He stared her up and down, rocking a little bit. Cathy thought she’d sell a dozen boxes here for sure. The man spoke.

“You got any of those coconut ones?”

Cathy said, “I can order as many as you like, sir! They’ll be here in just a couple of days! And they’re only five dollars a box! It’s for a worthy cause you know.”

The man kept staring at her chest. Finally, he said, “OK, sure. Come on in, let me get my wallet. You want some water?”

Marcus saw the young girl looked overheated. He also saw a dream standing there. Tall, slim, long sexy legs going up under a short skirt. And nice fucking tits, too! He went in the kitchen grabbed a glass and filled it with water. He dropped some of his best drugs into it, a mix of meth, heroin and this drug that made girls get all excited. Something he’d gotten in Mexico when he was down there last month. It was suggested to use one pill at a time. He mixed in four.

In the living room, Cathy stood near the door. She didn’t even notice the man sitting near her by the door until he stood up. He moved behind her, easing the door closed. Then another man walked out of the back room, stopped, stared at her. Both men began to slowly move around her. Cathy smiled, slightly embarrassed and slightly nervous about being in a room alone with two big, burly men with no shirts on. The two men were making comments. They asked what kind of girl scout she was. How old she was. Was that skirt part of the uniform.

“No, actually, it’s my own. It’s so hot today though….” Cathy answered nervously.

The first man walked back in from the kitchen, handed her a glass of water. Oh, thank goodness! She drank it all down, non-stop, the whole glass. The men made leering comments as she did. She didn’t care, she just wanted the water, then get their order and leave. She stood there after handing the glass back, said no thanks to more, and waited for him to ask her about ordering cookies. The three just leered back at her boobs. Suddenly, the room began to spin some. She felt dizzy, she wasn’t sure now where she was. She felt warmer; she was quite unsteady. One man held her arm, asked if she was ok. She said she’d be ok in a minute. After that, everything was blank when she tried to remember later what had happened.

Jason saw Marcus let some kid into the house. Wow, nice fucking tits! He stood up, starting to feel the effect from the meth they’d all just done. Bill came out from back, also feeling the effects of the meth. Marcus came out of the kitchen, handed her a glass of water. Marcus winked at him as she drank it. Ha! He’d spiked it for sure. She drank it down nonstop, looking very, very sexy as she did. She’d said she was seventeen. Jason asked Marcus if it had Mex in it; he nodded. The girl soon became vey unsteady. He took her arm, asked if she was ok.

After a minute, Cathy suddenly started acting strangely. She started laughing at everything. She kept asking why it was so hot in there. Bill said it was indeed; that’s why he’d taken off his shirt. She laughed, then acting really sexy-like, she slowly undid her own blouse and took it off. She waved it like a fan.

“Ooooh! That’s better!” Giggling, Cathy kept on, saying, “This bra is too small. And too hot.” She reached behind her, undid it. She shyly looked at the others smirking, laughing some, then took it off, holding it up over her head, showing off her 34C breasts. “Ta da!” She laughed, then quickly covered herself up. Jason handed her a beer. She giggled, “I’m not supposed to drink alcohol,” then took a big swig. After a few more, she stood there, swaying about, started talking, like a little girl.

“Golly, I don’t know what’s come over me. I got this feeling all over, all over my body. Look, see? Even my nipples are big and hard. Hee hee!” Everyone noticed her big, puffy nipples. “God, I feel like I need something. I need to do something… Something….”

Marcus laughed with her. “How about you let me fuck you?” he laughed. He started to undo his pants. The girl stood there and stared, then smirked a laugh, said OK, but you can’t tell my boyfriend. At that, all three men took off their pants and underwear. As they did, Cindy said her underwear was too hot. She reached under her small skirt and grabbed her panties, pulled them down and stepped out, staggering some as she did. Cindy wasn’t sure what was happening. Saying OK just seemed like the right answer, and now everyone was getting undressed so she probably should too. It didn’t make sense, nothing did. But her body was sexually alive, this wave of sexual energy and desire washing though her. She didn’t understand it; just knew that there were three solutions right here in front of her.

The fact that Cathy was nude except for her skirt, shoes and knee-socks didn’t seem to phase her. Instead, she was focused on the three men in front of her. They were all big, at least six feet tall. All were heavyset, all had tattoos. Three white men, maybe thirty, or older? They were hairy, sweaty, and holy cow, they each had these big dicks. Her boyfriend Craig’s thing wasn’t bad, but these three were definitely bigger. A lot of pubic hair on each, too. Big, hairy ball sacks hung underneath. Normally, this would have shocked Cathy, made her fearful and run screaming. But the drugs were having their effect. The meth and heroin made her loose any sense of rational thinking. The Mexican drug just made her think of nothing but sex. It was embarrassing, for sure, made her blush all the time, but the craving for sex was the only thing she could think of right now.

Cathy looked around, not sure what they wanted her to do. Get on her knees? Instead, the first man, led her to the chair by the door. He told her to bend over. She giggled, not sure why, but couldn’t stop. She spread her legs apart, feeling the air against her now-exposed vagina. She arched her back, pushing her butt up higher. She’d tried this once with Craig, but nothing much had actually happened. She felt the man push her skirt up, step up behind her. She felt him pour beer on her butt crack. It felt good- cold, wet, then he rubbed the beer against her vagina. Suddenly she wasn’t sure she wanted to do this. But before she could put a thought together, the man suddenly pushed his penis against her pussy. The sexual feeling flooded through her again; she actually pushed back to his dick, gripping it tightly. The man gripped her hips, she gripped the cushion and the man began to fuck her. Back and forth, his semi-hard penis pushed into her vagina. Her teenage pussy was wet, all excited. She hoped he’d get harder, soon. She waited; her mind basically blank except for this desire for sex. She could feel her boobs bouncing back and forth as he worked her from behind. Soon enough, she felt him getting longer, considerably harder, even bigger around. She could think of nothing but this incredible feeling as he had sex with her. She started out by grunting with every thrust, then started adding, “Harder, harder….” As he did her. She wanted him deep in her, faster, driving her sexual desires beyond anything she’d felt before. He was going in deep, fast; her boobs bouncing a lot. She grabbed one breast with one hand, held it, squeezing it. She went down to her shoulders, putting her pussy higher for the man. She took her other hand and reached down between her legs. Cathy put the palm of her hand on his ball sack, feeling the hairy sack moving back and forth as fast as he was. It was so cool to feel. He finished; she quickly looked around for the next man. He was getting behind her as the first man moved. She needed more. “Don’t stop. Again, do me again…”

Marcus moved around by the chair. He gripped her hair, pulling her face towards his crotch, still wet with cum. As Jason stepped in and began to immediately fuck the teenager, Marcus forced her to put his cock in her young mouth. At first, she resisted, but once it was in, and still rock hard, she began to really suck on the end. She worked her fat, wet tongue all over the head as she moved her head around. Jason was pounding into her with long, deep strokes. Her young body was moving back and forth, her tits swaying about. Marcus reached down, squeezed one, began molesting it constantly as she was taken by two men at the same time. She kept making sounds with her voice while she sucked on him and took Jason’s dick inside her again and again. Soon, Marcus finished, then Bill took over getting his dick sucked. When Jason shot his load in the teen’s pussy, Bill took over and, like the other two, began to fuck her from behind. But he stopped, got on the floor. He made her get on top, putting his cock into her sore vagina with her own hands. Without being told, she started to slide up and down on him, wiggling her ass around as she did. She couldn’t stop giggling as she did this. Marcus got behind her, pushing her over, then began to rape her ass. She was undecided on this. It hurt a lot, but she was forced to take it, and she never stopped moving up and down Bill’s dick. When Jason got in front and put his dick to her mouth, she suddenly changed entirely. Suddenly, she couldn’t get enough of the three men. She sucked on Jason’s dick with deep, powerful movements of her mouth and tongue. Marcus was working that tight little ass while Bill kept making her fuck him as he rubbed her two tits. She’d keep stopping, because of the painful ass-fucking, but he’d make her start fucking him again, and the more he yelled at her to go faster, the more she giggled and did.

An hour or so later, Cathy awoke. She was dressed, neat, laying on a couch on the back porch of some house. She stood up, feeling shaky. Whew, what had happened? Maybe the heat had made her sit down and she’d just passed out for a while. She didn’t know; her mind was a blank and her body was, for some reason, aching ‘down there’. Even her butt hurt. Maybe she had the flu or something. She staggered out to the street, and soon her mother came by.

“How’d you do honey?” she asked.

“I, um, I think I did ok I guess. I got about a dozen orders here. I think I fell asleep on someone’s porch though. I don’t feel so good. Can we just go home?” Her mom felt her forehead. “You’re warm alright, and you don’t look too good. Let’s get you home and off to bed.” Later, Cathy fell asleep in bed and had the strangest dream. She dreamed she was having sex with three men. She woke up, startled. “What the heck was that?” she wondered.


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  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ewobr0fyupf

    Jan thank you for putting your bra size in the story you ware a 34c my little sister was a 34c at the age of12 years old.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wlevm2

    Great, but some more violence would be welcome!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1d277ekddgya

    If she wants to use sexuality to sell the cookies, she better be prepared to back it up.

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      I sold chocolate candy bars door to door for my school ! A old guy said that he will buy my whole stock of candy bars if i let him fuck me ! I said okay ! he put me over his sofa armrest and lifted up my school dress and pulled my stockings down and fucked my pussy until he grunted out take my seed little girl as i moaned and squealed ! When he was done with me he bought all my candy !

    • Fuck yea ID:1cw72dn75m1y

      What’s a good way to contact you Tara? Did you get pregnant? How old was you then?

  • Reply Jan ID:1emi8ubqmgu2

    Loved this story. Yes can’t wait for part 2. It got me hot
    Janette Stein kik

  • Reply A. ID:11wfijf20a

    Well let’s get facts something straight first, a “Girl Scout” cannot be an Eagle Scout unless they are a member of Scouts USA, aka Boy Scouts. The highest award for a Girl Scout is the Gold Award. second, a mix mixed of meth and herion would seriously overdose someone. So let’s keep the story grounded here on planet earth.

    Now as for the story it self, it was good.

    • Robb234 ID:1d6axl94vhcy

      Duly noted! Thanks for the corrections. I’ll research the mix better for Part 2

    • A. ID:11wfijf20a

      Thanks for making those corrections, my eldest daughter was a Girl Scout gold award recipient

  • Reply Timekicker ID:1d3hi9dc8ykr

    Part 2 she has deliver the cookies and gets raped agained?

    • Fuck yea ID:1cw72dn75m1y

      And finds out she is pregnant.

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    This has got to be poissbly the hottest story I ever read, I hope it s true

  • Reply Crypto24cm ID:zddce9fia

    Girl if you really look like that, I’ll buy you cookies any time