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Overdose II

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Cathy Longhorn was a seventeen-year-old girl in the local girl scout troop. At seventeen, she was the oldest girl in the troop, and also the Gold Award winner for selling the most cookies five years in a row. Recently, she’d been selling orders in a new neighborhood, where she’d been drugged, then raped while making her rounds. Thanks to the effect of the Rohypnol, or ruffies, she hadn’t remembered a thing. Attributing the after-effects and body soreness to the flu, she went home but quickly ‘recovered’. She never could remember that hour before she woke up.

The rape had taken place on a Friday. Now it was Tuesday and the cookies had just arrived. She had quite a few to deliver. Loading her old garden wagon, Cathy made delivery after delivery. On Wednesday after school she asked her sister to help her.

“Come on! I only have three stops to make, and it’s almost 98 degrees out there! Please? I’ll give you five bucks.”

Sherri Longhorn was fourteen. Like her sister, she was attractive, though just average in development. Her body did have one noticeable feature- her breasts, like her sister, were early bloomers. Sherri’s tits were definitely blooming alright. Just like their mom.

Sherri said, “No way. You gotta pay me ten bucks, and I ain’t wearing no short skirt like you always do.”

The two girls argued about it for a minute, then Cathy agreed to the deal. Sherri ran to her room, changed from her pajamas into her underwear, short-shorts and long t-shirt. It had slices cut in it, strategically placed, as was the fashion, and so she’d have no problem staying cool. Well, as cool as you could get in 98 degrees. She went downstairs with Cathy and they got the loaded cart from the garage.

“All this?” Sherri asked, “for three houses?”

Cathy said, “Yep. Apparently, my last stop ordered fifty freakin’ boxes. Too bad I got sick. I might have sold more.”

They walked almost three quarters of a mile to the Amber Hills subdivision. Definitely lower income, but they liked girl scout cookies too. They delivered five boxes to the first stop, six boxes to the next. By the time they got to the third house, they were both sweating like mad from the bright sun and no shade.

Cathy said, “I told you to bring the water, stupid. I’m dying of thirst here.”

Sherri cried back, “You did not! And stop calling me stupid. Let’s just get this done, moron.”

Cathy and Sherri pulled the fifty boxes of coconut Samoa’s up to the front door of their last stop. Cathy rang the bell. A chill ran through her. A woman answered the door. She looked to be in her thirties, kinda rough looking with some tattoos on her arms. She looked at the two girls.

“What do you want?”

Cathy said, “We brought the cookies you ordered.” The woman stared at them, then yelled behind her.

“Hey! Anyone order some girl scout cookies?”

There was a clamor behind her and a big man in shorts with no shirt on opened the door. He was big, tall, had a big belly too. He also had tattoos, a lot of them. He smiled.

“Oh yeah! We sure did! Bring them on it then!” He held the screen door open for them. The two girls looked at each other, then began to grab an armful of boxes. The man quickly said, “No, no, just bring the cart inside. You won’t hurt nothing. Come on, I’ll help you unload it in here. You two look hot! This heat is terrible, isn’t it?” Marcus spoke in a very comforting tone of voice. Jackie stood back, staring at him and these two strangers. Jackie wondered what her brother’s game was.

The two girls commented on how hot it was indeed, as they struggled to pull the wagon inside. Once in, Marcus quickly closed the door. “Don’t want to let the AC out!” he laughed. “Here, let me get you girls a couple of cold glasses of water.”

While Jackie and the two girls took the cookies off the cart, counting them, Marcus went quickly into the kitchen. Jason and Bill sat at the table. Jason asked who was out there.

“You’re not going to believe this. It’s that same fucking girl scout from last Friday! She brought the fucking cookies!”

Jason stared. “No fucking way! That seventeen-year-old chick? She came back?”

Marcus quickly poured several roofies into two glasses, then filled them with water from the sink. “No shit, I don’t fucking believe it either, but I kid you not, she’s right out there! Same short skirt, too! And, she has a little friend with her!”

Bill said, “No fucking way! Really? That fucking slut came back for more, and brought a friend? No fucking way! I gotta see this.”

Jason watched Marcus prepare the drinks. “Easy, bro! Don’t put too fucking much in there!”

Marcus kept stirring. “They ain’t gonna remember a thing. Again.” He looked at Jason and grinned.

The three went out to the living room, where the three had just finished counting the boxes. Jackie said, “Fifty, they’re all here.” The three men walked into the room.

Cathy looked at them. This very weird feeling came over her, like she somehow knew these grown-ups. Must just be from before, when she took their order and then passed out or something. Well, she guessed. She didn’t really remember it. The three men were similar: all were white, big, heavyset, and all had tattoos. Two were bald, wore jeans, one had on shorts. Nobody had a shirt on. The woman had on shorts and a black top. She had long, black hair. Looked kind of butch, Cathy thought. Still, she found herself focusing on the tall glasses of cold water. She quickly reached for one, while her sister took the other one. She began to drink it, paused once. The man told her to keep going, to drink it all; said she looked very dehydrated. She took big gulps, her body totally refreshing from the water. In seconds the glass was empty. She looked at Sherri. Sherri was just finishing her glass too.

“Well, thanks mister. Here’s your glass. We better get going.”

The man said, “Wait a sec, hold on. That don’t look like fifty boxes to me. Better count it again.”

Cathy was starting to feel a bit dizzy. “No, see? Five stacks of ten each. Fifty.’

The man glared at her. “I said count it again.”

Sherri watched as the man glared at her older sister. These people were scary alright. Thank goodness it was their last stop. She was starting to feel kinda weird; she began to weave about unsteadily some. She couldn’t remember clearly now; Why were they here? What did he want them to do? Count the boxes? She got down on the floor with Cathy and they started to count. Jeesh, she could barely get past five without losing count. After that, things were a blank.

Jason watched the two girls counting the boxes. Their speech became slurred, they started to stumble, even down on the floor. One started to laugh for no reason; the other girl started then, too. He stepped forward, helped the older one up. “Here, girl, you’d better stand up. You still too hot?” Jackie helped the younger girl stand up. The older girl nodded her head. “Very,” she said. He was glad he’d added just a touch of coke. “Here,” he said, “let me help you.”

Jason reached down, started to undo the girl’s blouse, the same one she’d been wearing last week. Oh man, this was gonna be fun. He couldn’t believe this fucking hot babe had actually come back to deliver the cookies. The girl at first just stood there, watching him undo the buttons, staring blankly. As he did the last one, she giggled, and suddenly felt this overwhelming need to take it off, she was so hot. She quickly took it off, then suddenly realized she still had on her bra, and it was so hot, too. Without pausing, Cathy reached back and undid it, took it off, dropped it to the floor and then suddenly realized she had nothing on. She gasped, stifled a laugh and quickly covered herself, looking around at everyone, grinning.

Meanwhile, Jackie was taking her hints from the others. As Jason started to unbutton the other girl’s blouse, she leaned down to the young girl in front of her. “What’s you name, sweetie?” she said, very smoothly.

“Sherri….” The girl said slowly, staring blankly at a picture on the wall.

Jackie said to her, “Here, let me help you with that. You must be hot.” Jackie took hold of her long t-shirt and began to lift it. The girl didn’t object; just stood there, slowly lifting her young arms up. Jackie knew from experience that those ruffies in there made your body get overheated. As the young girl lifted her arms up, Jackie asked her how old she was. She said fourteen. Was she a girl scout too? The girl nodded slowly. When Jackie saw the other girl removing her bra, she undid this young girls’ bra too. The girl didn’t resist, just stood there while Jackie slipped it off. Wow, for fourteen, this girl was short but boy, did she ever have some nice tits for her age. Wow, they were really nice- young, perky, nice size and shape. Big nipples too. Jackie was into women as much as men, and this was her first experience with a young girl. She was immediately turned on. She’d had one ruffie earlier that day, and so she was already wet, and dying for some action. This, this was looking very good indeed.

Cathy turned around and saw her sister standing there with no top on either. She spurted a laugh, Sherri did too. Sherri made a funny face, holding her hands under her boobs and pushing up. Cathy did the same thing right back. Ha! She had bigger tits that her little sister! Man, was she hot! She was sweating like crazy. Her panties began to itch, she though “I need to get these things off before I burn up!” She stood there, not really aware of anyone else around her, and first undid her skirt, paused. Wait, her underwear. No, she finished taking the skirt off and then quickly pulled those hot panties off. Oh, this was better. She looked around; where was she? She started to laugh and giggle. She couldn’t figure out why.

Marcus moved over to Cathy. “I’ll bet you’d like a nice, cool shower, wouldn’t you?” He kept nodding, and as she stared back with a blank look on her face, slowly she started to nod too. “Come on,” he said, gently taking her hand, “let’s get you cooled off.”

Cathy was liking this shower idea. Her body was so hot, even after the glass of water. She was very confused; nothing made sense. Where was she? Who were these people? Did she know them? What was going on? She checked to make sure Sherri was coming too. She mumbled out to no one in particular, “I have to take care of my little sister.” One man reached out and touched her left breast as she started to go down the hall. A strangely familiar feeling, a feeling of lust, suddenly washed through her. She wasn’t sure why, she moved slowly, unsure of this familiar feeling. God, it was like, like, like when she was having sex with her boyfriend. She paused in the hallway, kicked off her sneakers. She knew she had nothing on now; she hoped she’d feel cooler soon. Oh my goodness, the man’s hand on her breast felt so nice, so warm! His fingers gently twisting her nipple felt SO good! Her breasts, and now even her vagina, were suddenly throbbing with a feeling of lust and desire. What the heck was this? But she was so out of it, she went along with it, unsure what else to do. Suddenly, everything seemed so funny. She noticed she was completely nude in front of this man. She burst out laughing again, covering herself. Then she stepped in front and started walking down the hallway, making her hips move way left and right, swaying her body back and forth. Showing off her body was fun! She laughed again.

Sherri saw her sister with no top on, and was a bit surprised at first, then thought it was ok for herself to not have a top on. She’d stuck her tongue out at Cathy, and they’d both pushed their boobs up. Suddenly she remembered there were others there. Wait, was she not supposed to do that in front of them? She couldn’t remember, didn’t hardly know anything it seemed. When Cathy was led down the hallway, Sherri followed. The lady behind her eased her along. Cathy suddenly stopped, kicked off her sneakers and then started walking all sexy like in the hallway. Sherri wasn’t sure why, but this was really, really funny. She kept trying to stifle a laugh, then said to herself, no way was her sister going to have all the fun.

Sherri reached down and took of her shorts, underwear and sneakers. Now she was naked too! She raised her hands up high, twirling around, laughing. Everybody was in the hallway now, and Cathy and Sherri were both laughing like mad, dancing like two slutty ballerinas. They stumbled into a bedroom, with everyone following in. Oh boy, a party! Sherri stopped and stared as the three men and the lady began to get undressed. It was cooler in this room, but she felt very hot herself still. She’d never, ever seen a man’s penis before, but now she saw three of them. Big, hairy pubic hair bush behind these fat things that looked like a banana, kind of bouncing around. She laughed at that. Each one had a large, flared head on it. Cool! This was so neat to actually see! The lady, she had a lot of hair down there. The lady had these boobs that were bigger than her own, and hung down more. Sherri just stood there, giggling, staring. One man told her sister to bend over the end of the bed. Cathy did, still acting goofy. She pushed her butt way up high, resting her chest on the bed. The lady looked at Sherri, asked if she could do that.

“Are you a big girl like your sister? Can you stand like that, too?”

Sherri blankly nodded. She moved over to the bed, got in the same position her sister was in. For some reason, both girls thought this was hysterical. Marcus said to hold on. He told the younger girl to turn around, get on her knees. The girl did. He told Jackie to show her how to give a blowjob. Jackie grinned, knelt down next to the youngster and her own older brother. This young girl, fourteen years old, had brown hair, long like her sister. A very, very adorable butt, and some really nice little tits. Even her legs seemed sexy now, especially those thighs. Jackie spoke to the girl, told her to watch what she does, then she should do the same thing. The young girl nodded. Jackie took hold of Marcus’s dick with both hands, held it out in front of him. It was getting big, but had a way to go yet. She put her mouth over the head, began to suck on it like a big lollipop. She turned to the girl.

“Like that. Like a big lollipop. Just put it in your mouth and suck hard on it, again and again.”

Sherri had no idea what this was, but her body had this strange, new feeling running through her. A powerful feeling, a horny feeling much stronger than anything she’d felt before, even when she touched herself ‘down there’. It was a feeling that made her skin tingle, put every nerve on edge. Her little vagina was even wet, and she had this overwhelming desire to touch the man’s thing. She didn’t understand why, she just did. She giggled, started to reach for the fat, hairy penis, then stopped and took the lady’s hand. She giggled as she pushed it against her own young left breast. Her body jumped when the lady’s hand touched her there, waves of pleasure rushing through her when her boob was being held. Just over and over; it was all her mind could focus on. The woman began to massage it gently. Ooooh. Oooh, that felt good. The lady nodded towards the man’s penis. Sherri reached up, took ahold of it like the lady had with her smaller hand. The penis was bigger now, like a really big sausage. It felt very warm in her hand. She opened her mouth wide, like she was brushing her teeth or something, then slowly put her mouth over the end of the thing. It was so big, she had to really stretch to get it past her teeth and into her mouth. It touched her tongue and her lips. She instinctively pressed her tongue against him, making his penis wet with saliva. Her lips were alive, senses going through her like she’d never felt before. After a bit, the woman had her stop, then Sherri watched the lady lean way down and began licking the man’s hairy ball sack with her tongue. Without much thought, Sherri just went right down too, not waiting, suddenly dying to know what it felt like. The hair tickled her face; the sack was all warm, mushy and had these things inside it. The lady moved up to his dick and licked it all the way to the head. Sherri followed her. Another penis appeared beside her. Oh boy, another! She turned, took hold of it and put it in her mouth. She worked her tongue on him for a bit, then slide her mouth down this long shaft to his ball sack. Like the other man, the hair tickled her face, making her giggle and laugh more. She was now feeling an overwhelming need to suck both, so she moved from one to the other, doing her thing like she’d been shown, hoping it pleased them. Whoever they were. She noticed the woman was bent over, was starting to suck on her own young boobs. As the lady did, she rubbed her own breasts with her own hand. As Sherri worked furiously to get these two men to like her, the woman stopped feeling herself up and started to feel up Sherri’s private parts underneath. This made Sherri pause, close her eyes, her whole body shaking, stimulated in even newer ways. Her vagina lips were so, so sensitive. It felt, so, so darn good as the lady’s fingers pushed her little pussy lips all around, and especially when she rubbed hard along the sensitive spot above it.

Cathy meanwhile was laying down on the bed, feet on the floor and butt up high as first one man, then another began to have sex with her. As she wiggled her butt around vigorously having sex or something, she lay there watching Sherri giving head to one or two men. The lady was really feeling her up too. Cathy didn’t know why, but it was exciting to watch, yet funny too. She felt the very long, very hard cock slamming back and forth in her vagina. She gripped it hard as it did, her mind focusing on giving herself what her body wanted right now. She kept saying things that made her laugh. She’d say “Harder! Harder!”, or “Faster! Fuck me faster! Harder!” She was focused only on getting hammered now. The dick sliding rapidly back and forth was just stimulating the heck out of her vagina, making her juices flow, making her muscles instinctively squeezing his dick as he did her. When he came, thank God he was quickly replaced by another. The incredible stimulation, the immense pleasure immediately returned. She lifted herself up some, reached one hand underneath and started to furiously massage her breasts. Oh God, that felt so good! She squeezed her nipples, squeezed her boobs, more than she had ever done before. Her body felt so alive. She kept laughing, even when the third man took her.

Soon, Sherri was pushed over to the bed. They made her lay down on her back by her sister, but with her butt by the edge of the bed. The lady wrapped her arms around her thighs; this was different. She felt the lady press her mouth against her the pussy lips, and started to lick and suck on them. It was like what she’d done to the man’s penis, but now this lady was doing it to her. Her groin was experiencing all kinds of new feelings, waves of pleasure like pulsated through her like never before. It was all so confusing though. She wasn’t sure most of the time what was happening or why. She just knew that having someone lick her vagina felt amazing. Then a man started to do it. His beard tickled her inner, upper thighs. She kept giggling as he licked her pussy lips again and again.

Suddenly, Sherri noticed what her sister was doing. The man was having sex with her! Oh my God! Oh, please please please, do me too, she thought. I want to do it too. Getting her vagina sucked on and her boobs rubbed felt pretty good, but she suddenly wanted to have sex really, really bad. No idea why, but she wanted to. When the man stood up and leaned over her, she giggled and kept her legs spread as wide as she could. Hurry, hurry.

Jason had heard Jackie say the younger one was 14. As he held his dick and guided it to her tiny hole, just a little spot at the end of her little girl slit, he tried to remember what he’d been thinking of before. He’d fantasized about the girl coming back, and now he was about to not only fuck her again, but first he was going to fuck her little sister. Fourteen, oh hell yes! But in his fantasy, he had had a plan. A plan on what to do after. As he pushed the head of his dick against her, he forgot all about the plan. He watched with delight as his big head slowly, slowly eased inside of her. As it did, she started to really struggle. Suddenly, this giggling little girl who was all happy, was now crying out in pain as he pushed deeper into her. He felt her legs immediately clench together, or tried to. He pushed harder. Man, this was hard. This kid’s pussy was fucking tight! He slowly inched in, slowly spreading that little girl pussy wider and wider apart. He got about halfway in and decided to give her a break. He started fucking her missionary-style, moving his hips back and forth in her wet, slippery little pussy. More and more, as he continued to fuck the youngster, she started to relax some. Harder, longer his cock became, going in farther. Soon enough, sooner than he actually expected, she was actually starting to push back against him with her young hips; her slim legs wrapping around his legs as she began to get into it. Man, roofies were the best! He humped her good, until finally he blew a big load of cum into that little girl. She grunted through the whole thing, struggling to deal with the pain and sensual sensations she was experiencing. Time was short; they had maybe an hour. He quickly got up and moved to the other girl.

Bill jumped on the younger one, started humping her with hard, powerful thrusts, fast and brutal. The girl was more just laying there now, letting Bill fuck her good. He rubbed her young tits as he did, forcefully squeezing them very hard as he hammered that little pussy of hers. Jackie watched, rubbing her own clit and getting herself all excited. Jackie loved the sight of Bill’s big cock slamming back and forth in such a little pussy. The girl was so small! As soon as Bill finished, Jackie jumped on the girl, slid up and put her pussy right over the youngster’s face.

“Lick me, little girl. Go on now, lick me like a good girl. Lick me with your tongue. Go on, lick me faster. More, faster. Press your mouth against m more, lick faster! Faster!” She rocked her hips back and forth as the young girl, totally inexperienced, licked her pussy lips. You could tell she didn’t know what she was doing, but she didn’t care. She was cumming herself, again and again. Bill watched as Jason went after Cathy, and Marcus moved from Cathy over to Sherri’s little pussy. Bill turned towards Jackie, she immediately took hold of his wet cock and put her mouth on it; began to suck him off hard. She felt her brother begin to rape the little girl under her; the girl screamed into her pussy as he fucked her, while she rubbed her slit on the girl’s mouth. The young girl had her arms wrapped around Jackie’s thighs. As she got slammed back and forth by her brother fucking her, the youngster reached up and with both her hands held onto Jackie’s tits. Jackie was blowing one guy, getting her pussy licked by a fourteen-year-old and her tits felt up, too.

Sherri was having sex again, and again it hurt. She was crying now, because it hurt and she didn’t know what was going on. The lady’s smelly vagina was right on her face, and she tried to keep licking it like she was telling her too. Maybe he’d stop having sex with her if she did. She reached up and grabbed the woman’s boobs. She wasn’t even sure why, but they felt good, soft, warm. Her own young body was having those sex feeling pulsating through her with every thrust by the man. The man grabbed Sherri’s boobs, both of them, pressing them, squeezing them, gripping them. She knew somehow that this was wrong, but she also knew it felt really, really good. She didn’t even think for a second to stop him. She started to rub the lady’s boobs just like he was hers. She laughed as she did.

Cathy was getting pounded again from behind. The sensations were overpowering; she could only let them run and wait for it all to end. As she was violently fucked by this man, if her body wanted to move, she let it. She moved her hips around, made her vagina squeeze him tight. The man shot his load into her. As he did, Cathy saw Sherri right next to her. This woman was climbing off her face; while a man was having very rough sex with her. She saw her boobs bouncing, getting molested, she couldn’t keep from giggling at that. She thought her sister sure looked sexy now. Another man got behind Cathy, as and as he was beginning to have sex with her too, she moved over a little and suddenly felt this urge to kiss her younger sister. She moved her face to hers; Sherri looked at her, laughing. Cathy was laughing too, even when she put her mouth on Sherri’s. As the two sisters began to make out, the others watched. In a minute, the older girl began to rub her little sisters boobs when Marcus finished fucking her. Sherri was awake again, and rubbing Cathy’s tits too.

For the next thirty minutes, the men would rape one girl, then the other. Each girl got raped one more time, then they went to work on those cute little assholes of theirs. The girls didn’t like that, especially the younger one. They slammed them pretty hard though. As soon as each guy had sodomized each girl, they all got the two girls dressed again, cleaned up, hair combed. They put their cart outside and left the two girls sitting on the porch swing, completely passed out now.

Almost forty-five minutes later, Cathy came around. Her head was spinning. Sherri sat next to her, asleep it looked like. This lady came out of the house, started talking to them.

“Well girls! I said you looked tired and could take a break, but you two fell fast asleep for almost two hours! Maybe you’d better get home. You don’t look so good, honey. You coming down with something? Maybe you should go home, take some aspirin. Take your sister too. Be safe!”

The two girls stumbled down the street, vaguely remembering where they lived. At home, both girls went in the living room and lay down on the two couches.

Cathy said, “I feel lousy. I ache all over. My butt even hurts.”

Sherri said, “Yeah, me too. Maybe we both caught something.” They both lay there, watching tv, waiting until 5:30 when their mom would get home and fix dinner. Cathy found some money in her book. She counted it. Including the other deliveries that day, it looked like at the last stop she had gotten a $100 tip! Holy cow! She told her sister. They both stared at the money. Sherri said, “We gotta go back there soon and sell more cookies.”

“Yeah, after we get over this flu or whatever it is.”


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