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Trying To Entice Guys To The Bar For Daddy, Got Me Raped

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My daddy owned a bar and so, I used to spend a lot of time in there. I would clean the place, that was my job. I was 16 when I started cleaning for money, from daddy. I was in there when I was a lot younger but, I didn’t do much except let the old drunks pass me around on their laps so, I could sit on their old hard dicks. They told daddy I was the cutest thing ever. They would rub my butt against their pants. It was pitiful.

Then, I grew up got some curves and boobs for them to comment on. I heard one guy say, “Hey Jim, how do you keep from fucking that or do you fuck her?” My dad ignored him. Daddy did like how they looked at me. He said, “Ah, let ’em look and fantasize about fucking you, it keeps ’em at the bar, just to see you.” Then, he said, “As a matter of fact, why don’t you show your tits off?” I said, “What do you want me to do daddy?” He gave me money and told me to go buy some very low cut tops, push up bras and some mini skirts and daisy duke shorts.” I said, “I’ll need more money than this.” So, he gave me his credit card and said, “Do me proud baby.”

I had a field day shopping and buying things that were gonna drive these men fucking nuts. It made my pussy twitch and tingle just looking at myself in the things I was trying on.

I went in to the bar the next day quite exposed. Daisy duke short shorts and a half halter top showing the girls off proudly. I was there to clean the rest rooms. Daddy saw me and said, “You’re making my dick hard, good job.” I was definitely getting the looks and stares from the guys. Especially when I bent over getting my mopping stuff together. When I was cleaning the men’s restroom a couple guys came in and watched me bent over cleaning the toilets then said, sorry, I’ll come back. I said, “Hang on, I’ll only be a minute.” So, they stood there looking at my ass.

Then, I went to the bar and stood behind it talking to daddy. He said, “They can’t take their eyes off of you.” I said, “Really?” He smiled.
A few came up to the bar to to get another drink and then sat down to talk to me. My tits were just bulging out of my chest. I was proud of how scrumptious they looked. It made me horny and I was laying the teasing on thick by, pushing them together as I leaned forward to say something, to the guy I was talking to. He said, “Why don’t me and you go out sometime?” I leaned forward and said, “I’m only 15 and daddy won’t let me.” He looked so defeated.

This was so much fun. I wasn’t a virgin, and I would like a big dick to fuck but, I was dating anybody right now.
The next day I came in and was wearing a low cut blouse with a mini skirt on and a thong. I thought my daddy’s eye were gonna bug out. He said out loud, “Where you going dressed like that, little missy.” I said, “I told you I had a party to go to daddy.” He said, “And they dress like that?” I said, “Yes, daddy.” “Everybody dresses like this, it ain’t the 60’s daddy.” He shook his head and the guys at the bar just laughed. They said, “Yeah, get with it daddy.”

I bent over to get some napkins from a cabinet and they could my g-string. I felt their eyes get big.
I was talking to daddy and he said, “You’re killing me I can only imagine what these guys are thinking.” We chuckled. It was getting late and I said, I was gonna leave. Daddy said, “What time you gonna be home?” I said, “It’ll be about 1:00 or so.” He said, Make sure you are.” I parked my car in the back and walked out the door.
I was looking for my keys while I was walking and all of a sudden somebody put a rag over my nose and mouth grabbing me from behind and dragging me. That’s all I remember. The next thing I know is I’m laying somewhere, maybe a van, my eyes are covered, my hands are tied and somebody is fucking the shit out if my pussy. Whoever it is has a big one. I couldn’t talk because, I had a gag in my mouth. All I could do is lay there. He us torturing my titties, biting them and squeezing them. He’s fucking me hard and when he jabs it in far, it hurts me. He’s got to be over 9″. I feel him getting bigger and then he cums in my pussy. He gets off and smokes a cigarette. It smells like some kind of flavored cigarette. He says nothing. I just lay there.

I want to say something but can’t. He’s done with his cigarette and turns me over on my stomach. I think he’s gonna fuck my ass but, he pulls my hips up and sticks his dick in my pussy. He’s hard as a rock already and fucks me like he did before, hard and fast. I hear him moan. He grabs my titty and squeezes it so hard I sigh a cry of pain. He does it to the other one. I’m wincing and wanting to yell. He fucks me a long time. I was wondering if he was gonna be able to cum but, just as I thought that, he shot an explosive load in my pussy. The next thing is I’m smelling that smell again and I’m out.

I wake up in the parking lot propped up beside my drivers side front tire on my car. I try to clear my head when this guy walks up and said, “Are you okay?” “What happened, did you fall?” I said, “I don’t know, I just woke up here.” I remembered I had been raped but, I didn’t want anyone to know. He helped me up and said, “You’re Jim’s daughter aren’t you? I nodded my head, yes. He said, ” Let me get Jim.” I said, “No, I’m okay, don’t bother my dad.”

He said, “You wanna come in or can I take you home?” I said, “Just give me a minute and let me clear my head.” I started thinking what I was gonna say to daddy. I said, “What time is it?” He said, “It’s 12:30.”
I said to myself, “What the he’ll did that guy do to me for almost 4 hours?” I felt better and said, “I’m gonna go in.” He helped me steady myself and I ask him, “Please don’t say how you found me, to my daddy.” He said, “Okay, did somebody drug you?” I said, I think so.”

So, we walked in the bar together and daddy was surprised to see me here instead of home. He said, “Who picked you up, I noticed your car was still here.” I said, “A girlfriend I’m sorry, I should have told you daddy.” The bar was quite busy so, he walked away. I sat down and drank some water. The guy who found me sat by me and lit a cigarette. It smelled familiar. Then he said, “Oh, I forgot the new law, you can’t smoke inside anymore.” I said, “Yeah, that’s true, a lot of people forget and they don’t like it.” “Daddy’s lost some business because of it.”

I said, “I used to smoke, what kind do you smoke?” He said, “Oh just some off brand, the cheapest ones, you know they’re sky high now.” I said, “Yeah, that’s why I quit, couldn’t afford them.” Then, I noticed he had put his cigarette out and it was laying on his napkin by his drink. He got up to go to the restroom and I picked it up and smelled it. It was the same smell the guy who raped me smoked. This guy is the guy.
I couldn’t believe it. He was acting like some kind of helpful hero and he was my rapist.

He came back and I ask him,”So, what have you been doing tonight? He said, “I just got off work at 12:00.” I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I said, “Excuse me just a minute.” I went behind the bar and ask daddy if he knew him and he said, “Well, he comes in here all the time, he drives and delivers for Budweiser.” I said, “A van?” He said, “Yeah, why?” “Just wondering.” Daddy said, “He’s a nice guy.” I said, “What’s his name?” He said, “I think it’s, Perry.”

I couldn’t believe it. I went back and sat down. I thought a minute and then just came right out and said, “Why did you do what you did to me?” He said, “What?” I said, “You’re the one who raped and drugged me.” “Why?” He hung his head and said nothing.” I said, “Perry, why did you do it?”

He said, “I was so mad, my girlfriend dumped me and I saw you and you were so sexy.” “I saw your g-string, I got so horny and thought you’d never be with me so, I just decided to take you.” “My uncle was a dentist and I took a small bottle of chloroform from his house years ago and I went home and got it then, waited for you to come out.”

I’m so sorry.” I said, “How old are you?” He said, I’m 24.” He said, Are you gonna call the cops?” I said, ” No.” “I can’t see any benefit of doing that.” He said, ” I promise I’ll make it up to you somehow.” I just smiled at him. Then,I said, “Maybe you could take me out sometime.” He said, “I’d really like that and I promise I won’t rape you.” I said, “Well, you probably wouldn’t have to rape me, I’d probably be willing.” He leaned over and kissed my cheek.

He was a nice looking guy. I wondered why his girlfriend would dump him but, I was willing to go out with him. He did seem nice, even though our first experience wasn’t so great.
We went out and then, went back to his apartment afterwards. I let him fuck me again and again and again. I liked him and his dick. He was a nice guy. He was a better lover. He made sure I cum before he satisfied himself.
He liked it when I wore those daisy duke short shorts in the bar. Be would watch me priss around there cleaning then, when I got done I’d go to his apartment and he would make me bend over in front of him. He’d slide his hand up the shorts and stick his fingers in my pussy. He’d say, “You wear these so I can finger your pussy don’t cha little girl?” I’d say, “I wear them so somebody, will finger my pussy, I don’t care who does it, just as long as they finger me.” That makes his dick hard, when I just want to be fucked and used by anybody. I put my hand on it and it’s like a rock.

He’s ramming three fingers in my pussy until I cum on his hand. Ah, oh my gosh, he makes me cum and I want that big dick in me so bad. He teases me by just talking and touching me.I told him to fuck me but, he said, don’t you move little girl, I’m not done fingering and feeling of this little pussy. So, I stand there with my legs spread apart while, he jams those fingers in me and makes me soak my daisy dukes. I cum so much when he does this.

Then he slowly takes off my shorts and says, “Well, let’s see, looks like you had an accident little girl. Let me help you get these wet things off and get you cleaned up.” “He turns me around and says, ” Here, baby, sit down on my lap and why don’t you try to get this hard thing, in that little pussy of yours.” So, I sit on his dick and he fucks me senseless.

I usually suck on him at some point but he’s all about fucking me and making me cum first. I never thought there were men like this out there. I haven’t had a ton of men but, I’m damn glad I got this one. He’ll be hard to let go. Matter a fact I’m gonna keep him.

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