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They are too cute

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the park was perfect for my pervert actions and dreams.

It was morning. I was on my way to a large park. Full coffers, people everywhere. Families, young people, children. Me, a 18 year old teenager.

As I stood in line at the ticket office, I noticed the small children everywhere. From 5 to 13 everything was there. They looked so hot in their kid leggings, you could always see through their underwear. In line I already got a hard cock.

I went to the park after a long queue and voila the full park. So I went through the park normally, looked at everything, could always see children playing, had tight short things on because it was summer. No matter where I looked I only saw children. Then came the place…

A water playground. A group of children arrived and they immediately ran there. There were a lot of girls from ginger to ebony. what did they do Right, change. But not somehow in changing rooms, no, openly in front of everyone. That got me in too much of a mood. I hid and watched. They slowly took off their shorts, bent over. I could see their ass. I had to jerk off I was so hard. One black-haired girl put on a blue bikini with white polka dots. Only her upper part for the small, flat breasts, then her lower part to protect her tight little pussy. Next to her is a dark-skinned girl. She had a pink bathing suit. She undressed and suddenly she was in the skintight bathing suit. There were so many girls I can’t list them all but seeing their little pussies from afar while changing was divine. I had to be very careful that nobody caught me, I was rock hard and about to cum.

Next to the water playground was a toilet house, a bit overgrown and entrances at the back without a direct view. The girl who was shining the most in the group asked her mother or aunt (I don’t know) if she could go to the bathroom. She ran and I knew what to do. I grabbed my cock and went after it unobtrusively.

There was no one in the girls toilet, just 1 locked cubicle. In the back corner were signs and cleaning supplies. one of the signs was a “no entry” sign. I quickly hung it outside and closed the door.
I could see her sitting on the toilet from below. so small I was so hot from before I took off my pants and stood there. Half naked with a hard penis (and it’s very wide, but not that long).

I stood in front of the sink and just waited masturbating for her to come out in her little bikini. Then, move, she came out. A little princess.

ginger hair, light blue eyes, freckles, a black bikini, maybe 11 years old, petite. A dream. She looked at me and screamed relatively quietly.


She: “What are you doing??”

Me: “I’m waiting for you”

She: “For me? Why? What are u.. What is this?

Me: “This is a..a.. ehm a.. Sign yeah a Sign. For a..a.. beauty Price u could win”

She: “What beauty price? Its ur weewee”

Me: “Yeah it is but if uu complete a task u could win everything u want. Whats a great wish of yours?”

She: “I wish I had a biiiig horse. It should be brown. I always want to ride it, but Mama forbade it.”

Me: “If you want a horse, you can win it too, but you also have to do tasks for that. Come here, stand in front of me”

She came closer and looked a little confused at my cock, which was pointing straight at her as hard as a rock.

Her ginger hair, as a ponytail. So sweet.
Me: “Okay, now close your eyes and put your hands up. Don’t be scared, okay?”

She did and I put my hands on her waist. I slowly stroked her body, up to her very flat breasts covered by the bikini. I kneaded them very slowly, moving them a bit. She only moaned very softly, but her nipples were so hard that you could see through them a bit.

She: “It tickles what you do.”

Me: “Okay perfect, not long then you’ve made it”

I went lower, down her waist to her legs. She had such cute little legs and thighs. But my hands immediately went to her ass. It fit great in my hands and felt good. I came closer to her and my cock touched her stomach. She moaned softly again, but dutifully closed her eyes.

Me: “Okay now, turn around”

She turned around. Her ponytail wagged sweetly.

Me: “All right and take off your top and close your eyes”

She: “But when will I get my horse?”

Me: “When you have done all the tasks”

She took off her top and I slowly approached her from behind. My cock arched against her back and my hands just rubbed her breasts. Her nipples really were as hard as expected. I rubbed my penis against her too and I know what I really wanted.

Me: “okay and now take off your bikini bottom but slowly again”

She picked up her bikini, slowly pulled it down and bending over I finally saw the beauty underneath.

Me: “Stop stay just like that”

she was hunched over and I placed my hands on her ass cheeks. How cute is that smooth vagina. Made for a hard cock. her asshole so tight and virginal about it too.

Me: “That can tickle for a moment yes, don’t be scared”I just had to taste her pussy. I started licking her and her pussy lips were so soft and she was so wet and warm. A dream of a pussy. She moaned a little louder but quiet enough. My cock was already hurting so hard it was. He also needed satisfaction.

Me: “Okay stand back up”

I took my cock and grabbed it between her legs and under her pussy.

She: “What are you doing now??”

Me: “It’s a task. When you succeed, you see it. I’m moving slowly now”

So I rubbed my cock against her. Her pussy got a little wetter and she breathed louder. It felt so good. Her soft skin and pussy it was too much for me. I squirt so fast and my cum flew across the room.

She: “Did I do it? Can I have a horse??”

And looked at me.

Me: “There are only 2 tasks left, yes? Then we finally have it. Turn to me but kneel down yes?”

She knelt down. I was still hard. My cock was almost on her face.

Me: “Now, open your mouth and stick your tongue out. Imagine my Weewee is a lollipop.”

She lightly licked the tip of my cock and made a face.

She: “that tastes weird”

Me: “We’re not done go ahead and put more in your mouth”

She looked at me a bit annoyed but she really wants the horse very much and kept licking the tip and taking so much in her mouth that she didn’t choke. Her tongue was so good when she is older she will suck very well.

Me: “Okay this part is almost over, go ahead but faster”

She sucked faster and I just had to cum inside her. I felt my sperm come and pushed her head all the way. She called out as loud as she could with anything in her mouth. She slowly spat out my sperm.

She: “ew no that doesn’t taste good. Can I go?”

Me: “We are 1 task away from your horse. Do you really want to go?”

She considered and looked around the room.

She: “Okay if you really give me the horse, let’s continue ok?”

I grinned and knew what I want. My cock was immediately hard again.

Me: “Go to the sink and bend forward again and close your eyes. Spread your legs a little more”

I quickly got my cell phone and took pictures and videos. I mustn’t let that be forgotten.

I was excited, rubbing my cock on her ass knowing exactly what I want to do now. I took my cock and pushed my tip in slowly. She moaned again and I was barely inside. It felt so damn good. It was dripping wet and I always slipped in almost deeper. I couldn’t wait any longer and took her by the waist, pushing my cock in deeper. It was so tight that I really had to push it in.

She was shaking when I got in, it was so good I almost cummed just putting it in. I slowly started moving, touching her ass, filming for lonely nights out, playing with her nipples and pulling her hair. You could see that I was too wide and she started crying a little. I was so intoxicated that I got harder and faster. I turned her around, picked her up and fucked her while she was carrying. you could hear the clapping and I had to concentrate very hard not to cum. She got a little heavy, I put my clothes under her and fucked her missionary on the floor and it happened.

I squirted all the way deep inside her. It’s safe in her womb. She lay there trembling and my sperm flowed out. Luckily I took pictures of what it looked like. As my sperm slowly flowed out of her pussy.

I helped her get up and get dressed. I quickly grabbed her waist and kissed her very quickly.

Me: “For bonus points”

She was confused and looked at me with her bright blue eyes. I think she had a headache.

Me: “Okay you did it. You did everything and now you can win your horse but you have to keep it a secret until you really win, right?”

She: “Why? Mom will want to know.”

Me: “yeah but look if you don’t win then she’s very sad and if you only say something when you’ve won then that won’t happen”

She: “okay yes I will.”

Me: “Okay, will you tell me what your name is? I have to know that for the price.”

She: “I’m Emma, ​​Emma *******.”

Me: “And where do you live sweet Emma? Your horse has to be taken there”

She: “My mom and I live at ****** Street 12, our house is all blue with a garden.”

Me: “Thank you dear Emma. It was fun. See you again when you win your horse ok? Wait a few minutes here I’ll go ahead yes? See you soon Emma ^^ ”

She: “See you soon”

So I went out, took the sign off and put it in the men’s room and left quickly. Her family was still by the water and there was panic as a child was bleeding.
At some point Emma lay out of the toilet and just kept going, nobody noticed and nobody will find out.

Should I go to her and give her her “price”? Maybe something like that will happen again. Her pussy really was a dream. I really wanna feel her again

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      I´m sorry. English is not my mother language

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