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The line was crossed with no return

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The next morning, Stacy and I woke up to see daddy’s cock hard and standing so proud. We decided to show him the benefits of having us in his bed. We started licking his balls and kissing and licking all over his dick before I took him in my mouth again .
I started slow and tender as Stacy licked his balls and the lower part of his shaft. I felt his hand gently touch the top of my head” he started to moan telling me that I was going to make him cum in my mouth if I didn’t stop, or say a word.
I just moaned and kept ducking determined to finish the job this time. His cock swelled, daddy started to thrust his hips upwards ass he started to cum with every blast I felt his cock pump like a shotgun reloading in my mouth, and I swallowed until I took all he gave me.
Daddy went completely limp head to toe, breathing heavy and short. He called me sweethart, and told me that I felt amazing, that’s when he looked down at me for the first time that morning. Shocked he was saying OMG it did happen, it wasn’t a dream, OMG.
He had thought that last night was a dream and that I was mommy this morning. No I told him it was us for real and that I loved him.
The guilt set in, but that’s not what I wanted. I wanted him to love me as I did him. I knew I had to show him that this was what I wanted, and that it was right for all of us.
And that’s what I will do. I refuse to loose him. Stacy and I jumped up playfully to lay beside him and asked if we were still going out on the boat.
He said he guessed but only if we were good girls. We smacked at him playing. Looking him in the eyes, I told him that I’ll be better to him than mom ever was, grabbed his growing cock and asked him if I get this out on the lake today.stacy chimed in saying WE, do we get it. and gave his cock a few kisses.daddy told her that she would wake him up if she kept doing that, she said to him that she did get left out the last time as she took him into her mouth. Daddy moaned with pleasure from Stacy’s mouth. I moved up and kissed his lips, daddy told me that is girls was going to spoil him. Stacy made love to his cock slow and soft with her mouth. It wasn’t long she he began to moan and let loose I’m Stacy’s mouth, and she kept sucking his cock till he gave her all he had.Then she looked up to tell him, yes we are and that he will stay spoiled.
Daddy has came in both our mouths for the very first time and we loved it, and it’s definitely getting added as a regular activity. Daddy will always have a warm wet mouth to cum.

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    Good little sex toys as all girls should be.

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    Have daddy breed the two of you and put collars on you to show his ownership of the two of you