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Slumber Party

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Mark Catrell was a divorced man with a fourteen-year-old problem on his hands. His wife had dropped her off on this night, of all nights. He had a date with this gorgeous supermarket checkout girl he’d met, while his ex-wife was to host a girl’s slumber party for their daughter, Cindy. But then their youngest, Brian, had cut himself and the ex-wife had to take him to the ER. So, Mark got stuck with Cindy.

He thought about going anyways, leaving her alone. But she was only just fourteen; it wouldn’t be smart. Cindy said, “Hey, why don’t we have the slumber party over here?” Mark thought about that. With four girls here, they could watch out for each other. That way, he could still go on that date with that hotness, whats-her-name. Perfect.

Cindy called her friends. Their mom’s dropped them all off at his place by 7:30. They would be back in the morning to pick them up. To make his date and their reservations at Che’Devall’s Restaurante’, he needed to leave by 8 o’clock. At eight, he stuck his head in the basement door and called Cindy out.

He asked, “I have to go take care of some business, so will you and your friends be OK for a little while?”

“Sure Dad!” she smiled. Oh man! The whole house to ourselves! “We’ll be fine! See you when you get back!” She smiled, gave him a kiss on the cheek and closed the door.

Mark went out, got in his new BMW and drove quickly to the address on his text. This was going to be a fun night for sure.

Meanwhile, police in nearby Livingston had been chasing three, armed robbery suspects in a stolen car when an accident at Third and Broadway allowed the three brothers to get away for now. Tyron Black, Dez Holmes and Wayne D had just carjacked this Benz, robbed a QT store and gotten into a big high-speed pursuit on the interstate. Exiting at Third Street, they just missed a semi-truck while one of the police cars ran into it, blocking everything.

Tyrone turned down one street, slowed, turned down another. Residential neighborhoods; their Mercedes SUV was both blending and being hotly sought after by the police. They parked it, jumped out, ran behind the house, and then through a few more yards, putting distance between them and that stolen car. With the sounds of sirens getting closer, Dez spoke up.

“Look, we gots to hide, lay low for a while. Follow me…”

They snuck around to the back of the house they were next to. Mark Catrell’s house. Dez tried the patio door. It was open. He crept inside, the other two behind him. Tyrone closed the door, locked it. They moved slowly through the two-story home’s first floor. It seemed empty except for noise coming from downstairs. They looked up the stairway- all seemed quiet and empty. They found a door to the garage.

Tyrone said, “Hang on,” and went in the garage. He found two rolls of duct tape, a big roll of clothesline. He picked them up, went back inside. They moved into the kitchen, moving slowly, cautiously. He gave the duct tape to Dez and Wayne, grabbed a big knife from a kitchen drawer.

Tyrone said, “OK, listen. I says, we go down, tie up whoever is down there, then stays here till things quiet down. I can’t wait no longer! What if they heard us? What if they be callin’ the po-lice right now?”

They all agreed. Wayne pulled the 9mm from his waist. “I’m ready, let’s do this.”

They went to the basement door, opened it slowly. They could hear girl’s voices. Young, giggling girl’s voices.

Cindy was dancing with her three best friends, Alison, Kay and Debbie. They had no idea anyone was in the house. All they knew was that Cindy’s Dad had gone “on a date” probably, and wouldn’t be back till late.

Cindy was fourteen years old. She had long, brown, straight hair. She was pretty normal for a 14-year-old girl; average size, weight, looks, build. She had some breast going on now, and her butt was at the moment her best asset.

Alison was also fourteen. A catholic girl, she kept her blonde hair neat and shoulder-length. About the same height and weight as Cindy, Alison had one additional feature: Some nice breasts. While most girls er age were maybe a 30A, Alison was easily a 32B. Her friends teased her about them a lot, but she didn’t mind She kept them well hidden.

Kay was thirteen, had dark brown hair, long, though not as long as Cindy’s and not as neat. She was shorter than Cindy, weighed just a little more. While she had a little chubbiness, it helped make her moderate breasts more pronounced.

Finally, there was Debbie. Debbie was a pistol. She was the oldest, would be fifteen in less than two months. She didn’t have much in the way of a sexy body, but she had a good shape going on. She was an inch taller than Cindy, with boobs as large as Alison’s, though they looked smaller. Her nipples were the most prominent of the four girls, with big areoles. Being partially Latino helped that.

Tonight, they were all pretty much dressed for bed. They all wore their pajama pants, but they were all dancing around with just their bras on, goofing off like young teenage girls do. They’d found one of Dad’s marijuana joints and shared it. They were being so bad!

Suddenly, Kay heard a noise on the stairs, turned, stopped. The others turned, stopped and stared. Cindy stopped the music on her iPhone. Three big black men came down the stairs, the one in front holding a big gun, pointing at each of them as he moved down.

“Nobody move! Nobody move! Nobody move! Stay right there, don’t nobody move!” he kept yelling. The girls all stood there, frozen, scared, not sure what the heck was going on or what they were supposed to do. So, they just stared, eyes wide open, mouths open.

Wayne and Dez moved behind the girls, made Kay turn and taped her wrists together. They all kept yelling, “Shut up! Shut up! Shut the fuck up!” Next, they grabbed Debbie, taped her hands too. Next was Cindy, then Alison. As they taped up Alison, they both began oohing and ahhing at her body.

Dez said, “Oooooh, baby! You got some nice titties there, girl! Ooooh-wee! Lookit them big things!” He touched one with a finger; she jumped back some.

Wayne also commented. “You sure got some nice ones there, girl. Yeah, you gonna have to show us those maybe.”

Tyrone kept pointing the gun at them. “Line up, all of ya all! Go on, line up there!”

While the other two men kept yelling at them to shut the f- up, the four girls lined up next to each other in the center of the room. Cindy heard the talking quietly to each other.

“We ain’t got all night! Ah says we party hardy right now,” Dez said.

“Yeah, let’s get goin. I don’t wanna stay here all fucking night, and these little honeys are looking mighty fine, too,” Wayne added. They all turned and looked at the four girls.

Tyrone said, “Ok, ok. Cut this one loose.” Wayne went behind Alison, ripped the tape roughly from her wrists. Tyrone then turned to her, pointed the gun at her head.

“You, girl with the big titties, take off them clothes. Go on, take them off, right fucking now.”

The other two began saying much the same thing. They grabbed at her; said they’d do it for her if she didn’t. She kept backing up, the other girls were all pleading with them to just leave them alone.

Finally, Dez said to Alison all angry-like, “So, you don’t want to get undressed? Ok then…”

He turned and punched Kate in the face as hard as he could. Kate fell backwards to the floor, her head now ringing from the hit. Her vision was all blurry, she lost her balance as she fell backward and landed on her butt. The others all screamed, the men kept yelling for them to shut up. Finally, they did.

Dez picked up Kate and held his fist back, ready to hit her again. He looked at Alison. “Strip, girl, or she gets a beating, then we strip you ourselves.”

Alison shook her head, saying, “No, no, no, don’t hit her, I’ll be good, I’ll do what you want, don’t hit her, please…”

She raised her shaking hands to her pants waistband, then slowly slid them down to the floor. She stopped, covering herself, just in her bra and panties now. She looked at the man, pleading. He told her to keep going.

Slowly, Alison reached behind her, unhooked her bra and then slowly, very slowly, eased it off, covering herself in front still. One man reached in, grabbed it from her. She struggled to keep it, but he yanked it away; she quickly covered herself again. The man told her to keep going. Hands still shaking, still quietly pleading for them to just leave her alone, slowly she slid her panties off with one hand while the other arm covered her chest. Darn it, these stupid nipples were all hard now! Darn it! The man made her drop the panties, too.

The three men then began yelling at them all to get undressed, tearing the tape off their wrists. One waved the kitchen knife around, while the other pressed his gun to Alison’s temple, grabbing her with one arm. All three girls got quickly undressed. All three quickly covered themselves with their hands.
All three were really fucking young, totally fucking naked and smokin’ hot. Four little, white girls, couldn’t be more than twelve or fourteen years old. Except this one. She had nice fucking tits, she must be at least sixteen, but she sure looked young. Tyrone noticed the one girl had nice tits too, the tall one. She had some pussy hair, just some. The other three were all bald, little girl pussies. He told Wayne to tie one to that pole. She could watch while the others take their turns. Wayne grabbed Kate, dragged her to the support post and tied her arms around it with the clothesline. As he did, he said to her, “Watch what we do to your little friends,” laughing. The three men turned to the three remaining girls.

Each man stood in front of one girl. Wayne stood in front of Cindy. Dez stood in front of Debbie while Tyrone stood in front of Alison. All three girls were forced to get down on their knees. Slowly, they did, staring at the floor, shaking, crying, still whispering, pleading with them. The three young black men undid their shorts, dropped them to the floor and stepped out. They each moved forward. Tyrone put his hand under Alison’s young mouth, told her to open up.

“Open up, girl. Let me in now, ah said open up. Open!” He gripped her jaw tightly.

The other two did much the same thing to Debbie and Cindy. Slowly, glancing to her side to see if anyone else was doing it. She saw Debbie and Cindy each were opening their mouths, too. She suddenly realized- these men had huge dicks! Holy shit! They were fucking huge! Big, brown and black things, impossibly long and bigger around than any sausage she’d ever seen at the meat counter. She couldn’t help staring until the man in front of her pressed the end of his own penis to her lips. Slowly, she faced it, eyes even wide than before. Slowly, she opened her mouth wide, like she does at the dentist. Really wide. He slid over her lips; she tasted his thing, it was nasty, hot, sweaty. It was also too big; she staggered back some, but he just grabbed her hair on the top of her head tightly, pulling her towards him with one hand against the back of her head. He kept trying to push in farther. Slowly, he slowly moved in more, then out, then in again. She gasped for air between each thrust; she could hardly breathe, and her mouth ached from being stretched so wide. Out, then in again, then out. Every time he went in, he pushed hard against the back of her mouth. Her tongue couldn’t help but touch him all along the length of it. It rubbed all along the roof of her mouth too. She once felt his crotch hair just touch her nose. He kept going in, then pulling out, then going in again.

Katy watched as Alison was getting raped, forced to give this man head. It was gross. She saw Debbie. She was being forced to lick another man’s penis. All the way from his balls to the tip of his thing, she saw her spit and run her pink tongue all along his huge, brown dick. Sometimes, he pushed into her mouth, like Alison had to do. Cindy was being attacked too. She had the third man’s penis in her mouth all the time. He kept pushing violently in, going deeper until she couldn’t believe how far he was going in. She saw Cindy’s throat getting stretched; he was that far into her. She was in shock. Her friends were being orally raped and she just knew, she was next. She tried not to think about having one inside her own mouth. But it coming, and soon probably.

Tyrone stopped, moved to Debbie. Dez switched to Cindy while Wayne moved to Alison. More sucking, more licking, They switched again. After a while, once each man had been in each girl’s mouth, once their dicks were really hard, they all pushed their girl down. Dez got on top of Alison, quickly pushed himself into Alison’s tight little bald cunt. She screamed of course, struggled a lot. He put one hand on her big tits, started fucking that little girl as he leaned down and licked her lips. She fought him hard, but he wasn’t going to be stopped.

The man was in Cindy’s little hole pretty fast, too. He pushed in, she screamed a lot, struggled a lot. But he lay on top of her, arms under her shoulders, gripping them as he slammed himself into her tight little hole again and again. Through her hymen in two strokes, then it was balls deep every time. She tried to fight, but he weighed too much. She could only hit him on his sides a little with her fists. Her legs were the only things she could still move. Still, they couldn’t stop him from tearing into her vagina. Her body rocked back and forth as he slammed himself deep into her again and again. She heard herself grunting every time, her breasts pressing against his bare chest. She felt his balls slapping against her butt. A weird sensation, despite the overwhelming pain from his monstrous penis pushing into her so often. He breathed hard and fast by her ear as he savagely raped her. She closed her eyes, waiting for him to finish.

Debbie was suddenly on her back, the man who had been in her mouth a moment ago was now pressing his thing into her vagina down there. Oh shit! She fought like mad, then suddenly the man punched her, hard. He hit her again, and again. He chest ached; her stomach hurt; she couldn’t hardly breathe now. Another punch to her ribs made her scream in pain. The man went back to putting himself into her. She couldn’t stop him; her thighs were spread wide apart. She felt him slide in; oh my God, the pain was even more than the rib punch. She still couldn’t breathe hardly. In he went, farther and farther. She lay back, hurting too much to resist anymore. She tried to cover her boobs, but he pushed her hands aside and rubbed them with his own hands. She looked around. Cindy was being raped too, and so was Alison. Debbie lay there as the man on top of her thrust himself deep into her, again and again, very fast, very rough.

After each of them had finished fucking the girls, they turned to Kate. She was untied from the pole. The other three girls were tied to the pole. Then as the three sobbing friends watched, Katy was taken by all three at the same time. One went so deep in her mouth, her whole throat swelled up. When he pulled back, you could hear her struggling for air. Another was on the floor on his back. They had Kate on top of him. He was raping her vagina from underneath, cramming that big fat dick into her again and again, long slow strokes. The third man, he went at her asshole. She screamed like mad, or tried to with a big brown dick in her mouth. All three men held her firmly, as the three girls watched that big brown thing slowly disappear inside her butt. Then he began to rape her, sodomizing very fast. The other man kept raping her pussy, while the third man never stopped working her mouth on his own.
Finally, around 11 pm, they tied the girls up, checked outside. All clear. They went out, disappeared into the night.

When Mark came home an hour later, he found all four girls downstairs, tied up and blindfolded. He’d just finished fucking that checkout clerk not thirty minutes ago. He was still horny. He kept his mouth shut; said not one word. He went up to each girl, made her suck on his cock some. He rubbed their young little tits as each girl sucked on his dick. Then the next one. Then the one with the big tits. Finally, he made his own daughter Cindy suck him off until he shot his cum into her mouth. He quickly left, went outside, lit a joint and had a cigarette. After about half an hour, he went back inside. “Cindy! I’m home!”

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    Thanks for using my idea about the slumber party raid really enjoyed it, perhaps if you want to change up the content of your stories another idea I got is a stalking story where an elderly neighbor stalks a teen girl.

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      We think alike

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    Fucking great story! What lucky young sluts they were to be raped at the hands of those huge black fuckers and a filthy, perverted father. The punches to the face and stomach were very enjoyable too. Nice to have some gratuitous violence in the mix!

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      White girls should be happy if a BBC busts their cherries.