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Raped drunk teen friend and she doesn’t even know

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For my safety and others this story is completely made up 😉

My story begins last summer. There was a party held by a girl in our high school sophomore class. I tend to find myself horny all the time and I was not interested in drinking or partying, I was focusing on the drunk girls. I spent most of the party inside the girls bedroom upstairs, smelling panties and feeling my cock against them. This was and still is a secret to my whole school, nobody will ever find out my horny ways. After about 2 hours of having fun in my cute little classmates room, it was getting late and I knew it was time to go home. I found my crush who was drunk out of her mind. She could barley walk straight and considering she lived very close to me, not too far away I offered to walk her home. Her drunken self agreed so we began to walk, which was mostly her leaning her arm on me while she stumbled around. There we were, me a 15 year old boy with the mind of a 40 year old pedophile, and my drunk crush wearing a slutty little white crop top and cute little jean shorts perfectly showing off her small bit perfect tits and round beautiful little 15 year old ass. I ask “evelyn how drunk are you” and she responded with some drunken mix of words I couldn’t understand. I decided to take her through a short cut in the woods in the middle of our little town. Once off the streets and in the woods I decided to have my own fun. She still had her arm around me trying to stay up when I reached my arm around her and started to feel her perky little tits. She seemed to not even notice so I did the same with her ass, sticking my hands down her shorts and playing with her little underwear and ass cheaks. She told me she doesn’t feel good and I told her to sit down. I gave her some liquor out of my bag to make sure she didn’t sober up. As she was sitting down on a log in these woods I went up behind her and started to jerk off. I loved every second of it. Once the liquor I gave her hit, she passed out. My dick never got more excited. I started to get completely undressed and made out with her passed out body well feeling every inch of her and getting her undressed as well. I touched every inch of evelyns perfect 15 year old body. I bent her over the log and started to eat her out. Her hairless slit was the best thing i’ve ever tasted. I then sat down on the log and used her body as a human sex doll. Making her ride me in every way. It was a struggle fitting my cock inside her virgin pussy but it was worth it. After only about 5 minutes I let out the biggest cum shot a 15 year old ever has, all inside her pretty pink mouth. I sat there out of breath staring at evelyn in the dark. I was at a loss for words, i just had sex with my dream girl. I didn’t want it to end but I was worried she would wake up so I made out with her cute little baby face for a few minutes and got her dressed again, keeping her underwear. I made sure all the cum was out of her mouth and waited for her to wake up. She woke up a few minutes later still extremely drunk and I finished walking her home with my hand playing with her little mound tits the rest of the way. The next morning she texted me thanking me for walking her home and that she doesn’t remember a thing about last night. Any questions lmk, i’m bi and extremely freaky 😉

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  • Reply Alex ID:2xbv0yw949i

    Would you rape me while sleeping? ( 17 yr old girl )

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      oh yes

    • Barry ID:1eaafvqk137f

      I would