my secret plastic panties AB fetish found out

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getting spotted by a older woman in my wet nappy who helps me change and enjoys sexual encounters

My secret found out but turned out ok!
Part one

I have a secret fetish that only I knew about, I was an adult baby. This meant I loved to wear big baby plastic panties and as I was a 60s baby I liked terry nappies just like mummy put on me, I had all types of plastic panties some with frills too also some terry nappies in large size some bigger than others and some real larger baby size that I pinned two together to fit me, because of my accommodation at this time I couldn’t risk wearing my baby clothes at home so I used to book a hotel room for a night every couple of months to get my fix of being baby. I could get a cheap deal on a room and check in as early as possible normally 3pm so I could have an afternoon of wetting my nappy then go out for dinner then come back and be baby again all night and wet my nappy in bed with a baby grow on or girly nighty to look like a baby I even wore frilly baby panties .

sometimes I would stop in the morning in a woods where nobody could see me and put a nappy on and panties so I could wet myself before I got to the hotel and arrive wet and play baby as soon as I got to my room. I only ever went wee never a poo I just liked being a wet baby again I thin because as a child I wet the bed and my mum put me in baby pants and nappy’s all the time even telling some of her friends about me and changing me Infront of them until I was 11 or 12 years old until my parents split up, I think she enjoyed it as much as I did and encouraged me to wet my nappy. at some point of course now it would get me aroused so I ejaculated in my wet nappy.

On this occasion I arrived at a hotel I had stayed at many times and checked in I was wearing a pair of thick cotton knickers the type girls wore for pe at school but in white and a size 18, I found these to make great pull-on nappy’s as they held a lot of pee. i also had a pair of plain plastic pants on from an online shop that didn’t make any sound when I walked. I was given my key and rushed up the stairs my heart pounding at the excitement of being baby again and already wet.

I went into my room and shut the door and locked it then undid my bag and took out all my baby stuff then stacked the nappies and panties on the desk in the room and put a waterproof pad on the bed then all the lovely nappy pins on the side of the bed along with baby powder and lotion. Then it was time and I took everything off just kept my plastic pants and nappy on, I laid down on the bed and pulled down the panties to check how wet I was. The cotton knickers were wet at the front but not at the back so I pulled up the baby pants and stood up and put the kettle on to make tea.

I always took extra tea and milk because I drank loads so it made me want to see lots and wet my nappies many times during my stay. I made tea in my own large cup and then started looking at my plastic panties and rubbing the wet front, this got me very hard and soon I needed to pee again as I had had several cups of tea in the morning as well as a big bottle of water too. I laid down on the bed on the pad and pushed my cock so it was pointing up towards the waist elastic on the knickers and panties then gently pushed my hand against my hard cock down onto my belly.

I relaxed for a few seconds it always took a bit of time to start when I had a hard cock but eventually started to wee, my hot pee gushed out and down the inside of the plastic the down the sides onto my bum. i felt so good to just wet like a baby and how I used to for mummy, when I finished I was soaking wet front and back and I crawled around the floor rubbing the front and back of my baby panties until my cock spurted out my cum into the wet knickers but soon after this I always felt guilty and had to fight against my feelings of disgust with myself and wanting to throw all my baby stuff in the bin and go home. This is quite normal for an adult baby and I force myself to just sit down in my wet state and after about ten mins or so the feeling passes away enough to take the wet knicks off and go wash up then rinse out the knickers or nappy and hand up in the bathroom to dry then have a cup of tea.

This day I decided to go out for a walk with a nappy and baby pants on under my jeans, I folded a nappy out on the bed then laid on top and used four pins to make a tight fit round my hips and waist then pulled a pair of pink plastic panties on over the top and checked that no terry was sticking out the legs or waist, I then put my boxer shorts on and my jeans. it was a tight fit but didn’t look too bulky so I put a tee shirt on and my shoes then left the room. I got out the hotel and had a walk along the riverbank that I knew wasn’t very busy normally only the odd dog walker.

I walked along some way and sat on a bench looking at the water then realised I needed to pee again so stood up to check the coast was clear then gently wet my nappy, it felt so good the terry nappy was so soft and warm when it was wet. I sat down again so it pulled tight and again felt so good and naughty to wet my nappy outdoors. I sat for quite a while and was about to go back to the hotel play baby again in my wet nappy, I preferred a wet nappy to knickers but knickers were safer for the morning but now with a wet baby’s nappy on I wanted to go have fun again and cum again too.

I looked up the pathway and a woman with a walking stick was coming up the path heading towards the hotel, she got to me and said do you mind if I sit down, I need a rest I said no of Couse you can and slid to one end of the bench. She sat down and said thank you my dear very kind of you. I said out for a walk too but she said no I live just up there and I been to the shops she had a plastic bag that had what looked like a loaf of bread and some tins in.

I said I’m staying at the hotel because of work but I finished early so came out for some air she smiles and said that’s nice it’s a lovely day. She was an older woman about 60-65 years and a little plump or chubby but not a fatty I had always liked a plumper woman and her age didn’t bother me as I had seen many older ladies on films that always appealed to me, yes, a few wrinkles on the face and neck but normally nice plump body’s that looked a lot younger than their face. We sat and talked for a bit then I noticed she was looking at my jeans I thought she knows I’m in a nappy and got a bit scared then I looked down at my thigh top and saw a wet patch and realised my panties were leaking at the leg elastic.

After a few more mins it got bigger and I had to do something so I decided that she was an older lady so I would say I had a weak bladder and had to wear nappies and plastic pants for safety. I stood up quick and said o dear I’ve had an accident then said I have bladder problems and my plastic pants have leaked, she smiled and said yes, I did wonder why you were wet o dear never mind these things happen don’t they sweetie. I was surprised at her tone and being called sweetie and thought that’s nice of her she thinks I’m incontinent, I stood up and said I better go back to the hotel and clean up and change she said yes that’s best are you ok do you need a hand I have to go that way.

Again, I was surprised at her manor and kind voice and said no its ok thankyou anyway she stood up using her stick and said Well ill walked with you if you want. I said yes that would be nice and we set off she was a bit slower than me with her stick but not really a invalid so I said why do you have to use a stick and she said she has bad knees and after a bit she had to lean more on the stick it was rumatism. i said o deer that’s not good but she said well I get around so I’m lucky so I said what about your husband dose he come out with you she said I haven’t had a husband for six years now he ran off with a tart and said I was a fat cow.

I said that’s not nice or true you’re not fat she smiled and said yes I am a bit but that’s me so I said well I think your just a little plump or chubby as we used to say again she smiled and said thank you your such a gent. we walked on and I now began to look at her closer and true she was a little fat about a size 16 or 18 but because she was short about 5foot 6 it made her look fat but when you looked closer her legs weren’t fat and her feet were small, her face was plain with no makeup and chubby cheeks but again not what you would call a fatty, she was wearing a skirt made of thick material down to her knees so I couldn’t see her thighs or judge her bum size but I thought I would fuck it given the chance besides her tits looked big and firm still. We got to where I took the path off to the road where the hotel was do, I said this is my turn she said I live a bit further so I said well thanks for keeping me company but I must go and change and clean-up she said yes you are wet now are you sure I can’t be off help I don’t mind really I have seen it all before and would like to help I got nothing else to do and would give me something to do.

I thought what now I would love her to change me but she might see my other stuff and then report me to the hotel for being a perv but my heart was thumping now at a real woman changing my nappy and maybe more. I said Well if you’re sure you don’t mind, I do get a bit flustered trying to do it myself sometimes. She said Well then lead on and ill soon get you sorted out.

We walked to the hotel and went straight up to my room as quick as I could so nobody saw us then I opened the door, I said go in to her and I put the light on and followed her in, then she said nice rooms and a kettle so I said yes do you want a cuppa she said why not let me do it and switched the kettle on then turned and said now how do you normally do this then so I said I put a pad down on the bed to keep it dry and pointed to a bag. She bent down and now I could see her thighs nice and plump and very pale skin then she stood up and laid it down on the bed and said I’m a bit restricted and took off her jacket then well you better hop on and lay down then. I did this my heart was pounding now but she didn’t seem to be bothered at all she stood to the side of me and undid my trousers then the zip and said lift up for me and as I did she slid my trousers off and on to the floor taking my shoes off on the way and said have you got a clean pair and I said yes in my bag so she said good they are a bit wet now your pants and she pulled down my boxers and again onto the floor.

Now my plastic pants were on full view and she said I not seen these pants for years so I said yes just like the ones my mum put on me as a child, she smiled and said did you wet then too and I said yes, she kept me in a nappy till I was 10. she said Well some boys just take longer now let’s get that shirt off too so it keeps dry. I undid the buttons and took my shirt off then laid down flat again, my was pounding but then I remembered I had real baby nappy pins in my nappy with duck tops on.

I had to be quick so thought I’ve got to be honest and tell her I’m a big baby so I took a deep breath and said I think you should know that I like wearing a nappy its goes back to my mum putting them on me for wetting the bed, she stood up and looked at me them smiles at me and said I thought you did I’ve read something someware about it she said lots of boys and some girls like to be a baby still and most of them were bed wetter’s your secret is safe with me sweetie each to their own and it not hurting me is it. i was gobsmacked and said thankyou but she said I think I’m going to enjoy being a mummy again too then she said lift up let’s get these panties off so we can get that wet nappy off . I lifted up mu bum and she pulled the plastic pants down over the wet nappy then down all the way and dropped them on the floor and said there that was easy wasn’t it now the nappy lay still let me get the pins out, she bent over me again and said I like the ducks baby very nice.

She called me baby it was heaven for me just like my mum did, I noticed that as she bent over her skirt was very tight and slid up her thighs more so now, I could just see a little bit of her white knickers on one thigh top, it was sexy and I wanted to tell her but didn’t know if she would like it or she was just being kind and changing my nappy. She undid the two pins closest to her side then lent right over to the other two making her big tits touch my tummy and now a lot more knickers showing. She undid the two pins then stood up and put the four pins on the side and without a word dropped the front of my nappy down so my cock was on view then said lift up baby and I raised my bum again and she pulled out the wet nappy, then dropped it to the floor with the panties and said looking at my cock well that’s a little bigger than the last baby I changed.

my cock was not hard sticking up but had swelled a bit, I said sorry but she said no its nice I not seen a willy for years and it was nice to see a big one much bigger than her ex-husbands. I said it was your knickers got me big I could see them when you took the nappy pins out, she smiled and said my knickers so you like my knickers well we will have to see about that now jump up let’s get you washed off. We went into the bathroom and she turned on the shower and said get in for mummy baby, she was really getting into it now and then she said I don’t want to get wet so I had better take my blouse off and then undid her buttons and took her blouse off as if I wasn’t there, her tits were not that big but she was plump so she had a big bra on so no flesh of her tits was showing still but I could see her big belly now but still it didn’t put me off her skin was pale and smooth still then she said well I better take my skirt off too and undid the button then she short zip and wiggled her hips so the skirt slid down then stepped out and said now baby can see all my knickers cant he.

I just stared at her big bum covered in white cotton her belly had now dropped down a bit but I could the shape of her big pussy in her knickers, she had a hairy one as hairs were poking out the knicker elastic by her legs and thighs. Now let get that bottom and willy clean she took the soap and rubbed it in her hands to get bubbles then said turn round baby so I can be the back first. I turned and she washed my back and then my bum it felt good and she spent more time on my bum than was needed even getting more soap on her hands then sad ok turn baby I did and she could now see my cock bigger and, on the way, to sticking up she said I think baby likes his mummy washing him.

She sopped up again and began to wash my balls the took my cock and rubbed it up and down with her soapy hand then got more soap and did it again even pulling my skin back and washing the top, my cock was now sticking right up and she just washed away without a word. Then she said give me the shower head so I cand rinse you off baby, I gave her the shower head and she said turn round then washed off my back and bum then said turn baby and washed my chest off then oy cock. The water on my cock felt so good and my hard cock was now really rock-hard stick up like a flagpole.

She washed all the bubbles off then said turn off the taps baby and jump out so mummy can dry you off but I don’t know how I’m going to dry that big willy look at it, I said sorry again but she said its ok I like it, it’s good to know I can still get a willy excited and I said yes you do I love your knickers and bra but she said they just old lady knickers so I said but it’s the woman inside and she is not an old lady. She looked and said but I must least twenty years older than you and let’s face it a bit of a fatty. I said you’re not a fatty your curvy and yummy still she said am I know I think your silly but don’t stop it’s been a long time anyone said I was yummy.

Then she said if I took my bra off my boobs would flop onto my big belly and if I took my knickers off you would run a mile. I said no I wouldn’t I have always liked big girls not skinny things and I don’t think your old you still got my hard didn’t you. She looked down at my hard cock and said yes, I did do I.

We both went back to the bedroom and I thought I got to make the first move so I gave her a kiss on the lips then another and squeezed her big cotton covered bum it was so soft and hot. I sat down on the bed and pulled her towards me then kissed her belly then a little lower and then the big triangle bulge in her knickers she gave a gasp and said that’s nice baby so I kissed it again only pulling her closer so her pussy was pushed into her knickers then I moved up and kissed her tits through her bra a few times and groped them. She didn’t say a word just stood still letting me kiss her bra and squeeze her flesh.

I said turn round and she did then I undid her bra strap and kissed her back. She turned back and said I did warn you it’s scary but I just pulled the staps down her arms then allowed her bra to drop off, her tits did flop down and weren’t very big but I wanted to suck then her nipples were brown and not very big. I licked round one then began to suck her nipple lifting her boob up with my hand let me suck it like a baby and she began to breath heavy then gave a little gasp and said o baby your naughty mummy likes that so I swapped boobs and sucked hard then she said I got to sit down my legs are going.

She sat next to me and I kissed her again and sucked her tits hard swapping from left to right. I then put my hand on one thigh it was soft and smooth and as I kissed her, I rubbed it on the inside up all the way to her pussy bulge then onto her knickers and began to rub her mound. She said that’s good I like that baby so I said lay back then she lowered her self-down so her legs were off the ground and I did the same next to her.

I kissed her again then her tits and then put my hand on the waist of her knickers then down under the elastic and down to her pussy. it was so hairy but I gently squeezed the mound then slide down to the bottom so I could find her slit. She opened her legs and said nobody’s done this to me so I said not even your husband and she said we had separate beds if wanted a bit he came into my bed got it out and got on top did is jolly’s and got off and back to his room, I never even saw his cock hard and it was all over in twenty seconds I’ve wanted a proper man for years now I got one and a baby too so don’t stop.

I found her slit and let my finger slip into her mound, she was not very wet so I ran my finger up to her city that was again not huge. After a little wiggle she was breathing heavy and wet she said o god I’ve never felt this so I kissed her and said told you you were sexy she giggled and said sexy you need glasses but I appreciate the sentiment, I now returned my finger to her fuck hole and slide it in all the way she groaned and said you’re getting me wet and excited so I pushed in further and then out and in she began to moan . I said I think your knickers should come off and she said if you want them off you can do it for me.

she stood Infront of me and said its very hairy I warn you but I just put my fingers in the waist of her knickers and began to pull down, her knickers were tight so I had to run my fingers back and forth to get them down but soon were down to her knees then off. Her belly was now down over her pussy so I said sit down again let me see this hairy pussy then she sat and leaned back on her arms and her big hairy was there. It was very hairy dark brown and thick but I could see her slit, I kissed the hairs then pulled open her slit using both my thumb and fingers her pink pussy was now showing.

She had a little city and an open fuck hole all wet now so I leant forward and kissed her slit then her clity this made her tremble and she said what are you doing, I said making you feel nice I hope then licked her clit round and round then over the top with a little more pressure. She now started to lift up and down fucking my tongue and getting vary loud with her moans. She so wet the bed had a patch on the cover so I said we better use a pad, she was breathing heavy but said my god I’ve never had that done to me before you’re a very naughty baby but I love it.

i took the pad that was under me for nappy change and told her to move up on to it she shuffled up and just laid there naked for all to see, I took a good look and said my word you are so sexy but you do have a hairy pussy she said I did warn you it was scary so I said not scary just hairy and very wet. She said Well that’s your fault you got me going like never before then she took hold of my cock and said its still big and stiff are you going to put it me, I said as long as you want me too and she said o god yes, I’m so randy now I want you to make love to me and let me feel your willie spurting. I got on top but lifted her knees up so her pussy was on full view then up on my arms a waved my cock round her slit, she said don’t tease me and took my cock and pushed it into her wet hole with a groan then said o fuck it’s been a long time don’t hurt me please.

I said of Couse I won’t and just gentle pushed in a bit then out and back in until it was easy then a bit more in until my cock was all the way inside her, she felt so good really tight and hot and thought it must be as she hasn’t had sex for years and then wasn’t that often but I now know its because she was a plump lady and so she was plump on the inside too. She was now moaning and raising her bum so my cock was as deep as I could get it, she said o my you’re a big boy but its so good to have a willy inside me again and feels fantastic my husband never made me feel this way he just put it in and then squirted his stuff and got off and back to his room. I said Well your sexy and feel so good I think you still have a schoolgirls pussy she said don’t be silly but I said it feel so nice its going to make me cum very quick.

She said good I want to feel you spurt inside me, I said OK and lifted her legs up and pushed in deep she gave a squeal then a grunt and said o my god that’s good don’t stop. I pointed her pussy for a few seconds only then felt my juice building up, I said o fuck your posy’s so tight and sexy I’m going to cum. i pushed in and my cum jetted into her cunt I kept it pushed in and jetted four or five times with my hot goo.

she just looked at me with her eyes wide open then as my spurts stopped she said that was amazing I felt all your love spurting inside my fanny. i got off a laid next to her and gave her a kiss she was breathing heavy so I said are you ok but she just smiled and said yes I’m just getting old but I said rubbish you’re a sexy young girly. after a few mins I said I’m going to clean up and she said yes my fanny is dripping with your stuff, I turned to look and mu white cream was oozing from her hairy pussy so I said well you made me get so excited and she said good it was so good but I had better get off home soon and did I want her to fix my nappy before she went.

I said you don’t have to go I was going to get some dinner and you could join me if you wanted, she said Well I don’t know what if someone I know sees us. I said Well tell them I’m an old friend of the family anyway what we do is up to us and I certainly enjoyed myself didn’t you. She said o god it was the best I’ve never felt that way before so I said it’s a deal then dinner.

She ran some water into the sink and then took my wash cloth and wet it and wiped her sloppy pussy then said come here let me. she washed off the cloth then wiped my cock off and said there all clean baby, by now my cock was limp and much smaller than it had been all day. She said OK ill come for dinner as long as you wear your nappy and panties for me so I said yes, no problem but that means you have to go out with no knickers on.

She said I can’t do that someone might see my hairy fanny but I said no they wont your skirt is long but I will know you have no knickers on and I might have to rub your pussy. she said ok no knickers but what about after dinner so I said well you can come back hear and change my nappy again if you want I might even have to kiss your pussy again, she said will you now we will have to see about that my fanny is tender its been over ten years since it was full of willie. i said ok lets get sorted out and handed her a towel so she could dry her pussy then she went back to the room.

I wiped my cock a bit more then dried it before going back into the room, she had her skirt on and was putting her bra back on her big soft tits so I helped her do the strap then she put her blouse back on and tucked it in her skirt. I could see she had put her knickers on too so thought she is going to go home after dinner. She said right wares the nappy’s so I said on the shelf behind you she turned and took one off and said it’s a bit small so I said yes there are two of them pin them together as they won’t be so thick as the big ones and will fit under my trousers.

She took the next one down and said OK then let me see how too do this so I said I make a triangle then fold the other in half and fit at the front sort of tee shape. She said o yes, I see and folded the nappies then used two pins to hold them together. She then said OK lay down for mummy and slid the nappies under my bum and said powder first I think and took my baby powder from the bedside and covered my limpcock with powder then rubbed it in my hairs and balls.

She folded the sides in and the bottom up and pinned then said what panties shall I use then. I said on the table is my bag with them in, she looked inside and said lots of baby panties I didn’t know you could get them this big so I said Well some are special made and some are from the chemist sold as incontinence pants. She said Well they look like baby panties don’t they lovely and soft and smell.

She said these are smaller and took a pair of Henley’s pants with the pocket inside for a pad and said o yes, I can see now this bit is for a pad to slip in and I said yes but don’t stop then going over a nappy. She shook them out and said over your feet then and pulled them up to my hips then said lift up and worked them over my nappy.

She said stand up for mummy then but then said you don’t mind me saying mummy do you so I said no its nice my mummy always put my nappy’s on me.

she tucked in the waist and checked the leg elastics for sticking out nappy then ok get dressed then.

I put my clothed back on making sure no nappy or plastic was showing then my shoes and said OK I normally go to the restaurant just down the road and she said yes, I know ok that will be fine and remember I don’t mind if you want to wet your nappy I really don’t.

I said that’s so nice of you and she said Well to be honest I like the idea of a man wetting his nappy for me it makes me feel wanted so I said Well I do and I want to make love too you again too.

Then I said you put your knickers on didn’t you and she said yes, I did it’s a bit naughty for me but if you want them off you can take them off for me.

she stood Infront of me and lifted her skirt, I leant forward and kissed her mound and said no if you are nervous then best not too.

She said thankyou you’re so understanding I can’t think why you want me I have to be twenty years older than you so I said but you don’t look it and I like your sexy curves and you want to be my mummy then kissed her pussy mound again and dropped her skirt down.

We left the room and made our way out the hotel.

Part two to follow.

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  • Reply Adam ID:2m8bspyxic

    Love this , so good . I nearly cum in my pants just having her refer to your “willy” .Takes me back to my weekends staying at my grandparents . My gran always called it my willy when she was washing me in the bath , I still remember her hands caressing it and sliding my foreskin up and down and the feeling I got the first time I shot my cum into her hands will stay with me forever . She died when I was 22 and I was a regular visitor to their house .. and my willy was still getting her attention right til the end . I’m rubbing my willy now in your memory grandma 🙂

    • Tim ID:2kyha578rj

      read part two?

  • Reply Jacqui ID:5q8ituf49a

    WOW 6067 words I all most needed a cut lunch and two cups of coffee in reading all of this and it’s only Part 1 with Part 2 to follow.