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My Repairman Fucked Me Good

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I can’t believe I did what I’m going to tell you but, I did. I am a very sexual person but, my husband always satisfied me. The problem was he had to go out of town for work and was gonna be gone a week. I was getting really horny after the third day because, we have sex everyday. I’m 36, blonde hair, brown eyes, nice figure, big boobs, 34 D and I love to fuck.

Anyway, my ice maker on my refrigerator stopped making ice so, I called for a repairman. He was scheduled to be at my house in the afternoon from 12:00-4:00. So, it was 9:45 and I got in the shower and was washing my hair when I thought I heard the doorbell. I jumped out, wrapped myself in a big bath towel and went to the window. It was the repairman.

I opened the door and he came in. I said, “You weren’t supposed to be here until at least noon.” He said, “Yeah, there were 2 cancellations so, I’m here quite early.” I said, “Yes you are.” I said, “The fridge is in the kitchen, I’ve gotta get back in the shower to rinse the soap out of my hair but, I’ll be back.” He said, “Anybody else here, I don’t wanna get shot if you’re not around.” I said, “No, just us.”

I got back in the shower and finished washing my hair then, got out and was drying off. I walked into the bedroom to get undies and some clothes. I’m totally naked looking through my drawer.
Suddenly, the repairman walks into the bedroom. I gasped and he said, “Ah, I just wanted to tell you….
and he stopped. He walked over to me and I said, ” What did you have to tell me?” He’s looking at my body and said, “Wow, you’re fucking gorgeous.”

Then he pulls me into him and starts kissing me. I try pushing him away but, he grabs my pussy and I just gave into him. He’s sucking on my titties, telling me how good I smell and taste. He’s fingering me with one hand and taking off his pants with the other. He’s got a great body. One of those hard bodies. He’s younger than I am and, he’s very good looking.

He laid me down on the bed and went straight for my pussy with his mouth. He’s sucking and licking my clit with professional strokes. I thought I was gonna cum on his face. He started fingering me at the same time and that did it. I cum on him.

He said, “I see you’re ready for me.” He stood up stripped the rest of his clothes off and took his rather large dick and stuck it in my pussy, hard. It took my breath away. He did it again. It felt so good. I had been so horny. He starts fucking me and said, “You like a hard dick in your pussy don’t cha?” I nodded, yes. He said, “Where’s your husband?” I said, ” He’s out if town for his job.” He said, “How longs he been gone?” I said, “Three days.” He said, “Well, it’s a good thing I came by early, ain’t it?” I said, “I’m so glad you came by early.”
He turns me over and fucks me from behind then said, “Man, you have a beautiful ass, I could fuck you all day.” I felt like saying, stay awhile but, I didn’t.

He said, “When I cum do you have a preference?” I said, “It’s up to you, baby.” He said, “You called me baby.” I said, “I don’t know your name.” He said, “I’m John Paul.” I said, I’m Heather.” He’s fucking me fast and said, “Nice to meet you, Heather.” I said, “You too, John Paul.”

Then he said, I’m gonna cum in this hot pussy, Heather.” And he did. I felt it shooting in squirts about four times as he’s grunting and pulling me onto his dick.
“Ah, fuck that felt good.” he said. He collapsed on the bed beside me. I said, “Yes, it sure did.” I said, “I’d like for you to do it again.” He said, “Oh, I was already planning on fucking you again.”
He said, “First though, I’m gonna make you suck my dick and I might cum in your mouth.” “Would you like that?” I said, “I want you do do whatever pleases you, John Paul.”
He said, “I will then.”

He gets back on top of me and slips his dick in my pussy. He fucks me a long time. He asks me questions about my husband, like, how’s our sex life, how big is he, do we fuck around on each other, will you tell your husband what happened while, he was gone.

He told me he wasn’t married but had a girlfriend. No, he won’t tell her what we did today. Yes, he fucks around, his dick won’t let him be faithful.
He was a nice guy.

Then, he pulled out of me and set me upright and stuck his dick in my mouth. He held my head and fucked my mouth. I loved the way he did it. He would pull his dick out just so I could suck on the head then he would slide it way down my throat. Then he would pull it out so I could suck the head again. It made me cum. He was one sexy young man.

He started speeding up and he said, “Heather, I’m gonna shoot tons of cum in your mouth and I want you to swallow every drop of it, understand?” I nodded, yes.
His dick got bigger and hard as a rock then, he cum. Loads of cum he spewed in my mouth. And I swallowed, all of it.

He pulled out and said, ” You are one good cock sucking, cum swallowing woman.” My girlfriend won’t do that, she don’t even like sucking me, I just have to stick it in her mouth and make her.”

He ask if he could jump in the shower to rinse off real quick. I said, sure.
He came out dressed and looking fresh and clean. I had a see through robe on and he said, “Oh man, I’d like to fuck you again, looking at you in that.” I said, I wish you could too but, I don’t want you to loose your job.”
He said, “I have to order the part that’s broken.” “Maybe, I’ll get the order to replace it when it comes in.”
I said, “I hope so.”

He left and I felt satisfied then went and took another shower. Like I said, “I can believe I fucked my repairman.” It was great.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1dazm1lc8y7x

    Great story, my wife likes to try and seduce repairmen, delivery men etc. Lots of times I’ll be secretly watching from another room. The hottest was when she seduced 3 guys who’d installed carpet for us. She asked if they laid anything other than carpet and they told her they did any kind of floor covering and asked what she needed? She opened up her housecoat and let it fall to the floor wearing only a garter belt & stockings underneath giving the three guys a look at her 5-8, 34-DD-24-35 body and said she was hoping the three of them would lay her. In no time she had a cock in her mouth, pussy, and ass all at once and had them all shoot off on her big tits. Then let them watch her lift her tits and lick the cum off. All the while I’d been in the next room watching through a peep hole I’d put in just for that purpose.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

    Loved it so slutty. I did mobile home repair and had a few like this. Such good memories!. I was on the floor one time half in the wall when I felt a tug on my cock. I squirmed out of the wall to find the daughter 13 sucking my cock then the mother joined in and finished me off.

    • Wife mother daughter ID:ndooles6ii

      Too good to be true

  • Reply Carol ID:5m8fvdv1

    Oh very nice. When you’re horny, you’ve got to take care of it. A hard cock does the trick.

  • Reply Sugarbud16 ID:6fjk65p20j

    Mhmm, fucking hot please continues part two, let the repair guy service your sexy ass, Hmmm that would be sexy 🔥

    • Wife mother daughter ID:ndooles6ij

      When i saw the title i was expecting something exciting and out of the ordinary. It was just a basic fuck and suck.

  • Reply 5 inches hard dick boy ID:32pj2xrnxib

    Super hot story made me cum 3 dimes