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My moms friend son

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Hi just a short story about me I am Henry I am 24 and I love in a small town I have a sister who is 12 but she is not a part of this story well she is sort of.

My mum is a nurse in a city hospital and she can be gone 12 hours at a time my sister stays with my dad as there no longer together.

My mum has a friend who she work with and she was after a sitter for her son he normally goes stay with his nan or his dad but no joys I got told it would be for a few hours and someone would pick him up when available I knew the lad from about the town so did not mind.

His mom dropped him off and we got chatting he had dinner a drink we went out for a drive he was like any 12 your old boy hours past we was having fun but I had no phone call to say that someone was on the way I messaged my mom and there was a big emergency in and they was pulling doubles she said that he may have to stay the night at are house.

I shouted Tyler your going have to stay here tonight your mom is busy at work she will see you in the morning he say I have got no clothes I said I would sort him out this had really messed up my plan anyway 6oclock came I took him upstairs I showed him the bathroom and were everything was I was horny af so told him to strip so I could put his clothes in the washer he was not happy I ordered him I was getting pissed of I was going to give him a t shirt to sleep in and to play call of duty.

I left him to it out his clothes on a really long wash then I had an idea I went into my sister room and got her PJs and some panties and left them at the door I walk in and he was just getting out of the shower there he was naked I laughed at his tiny ball and his little pecker he went bright red in the face. Tyler goes to me of you got some clothes for me so I past them to him here you go he was in shock I am not wearing them there you sister it that or just stay in here naked I will meet you down stairs.

When he got down stairs his mom was on the phone I passed it to Tyler as he was walking he looked so cute I started to get hard so took my cock out of my joggers he turn around and he could not get his words out I just heard buy mom I love you.

He say mom said if you could take me kfc for tea she will pay you back hr couldn’t take his eyes of my cock Tyler Tyler he was glued to it Tyler are you wearing them panties pull down your pants let’s see or no kfc he did what he was told he was his little bulge it was so cute.

I told him he had to buy outside clothes on so a skirt and a top then I noticed my sister posh underwear all lacy red and blue and blacks

The plans I had in my head for later was unreal we went kfc lucky for him we did not have to get out of the car

Back home we just started messing around on my phone and asked him if he has seen porn I took him in my sister room to watch it on her bed on my iPad one thing led to another I pulled the skirt up and his hard cock wanting to poke out of the little red panties and matching bra stuffed with socks I suck his cock and give him a handjob but he did not come and then he did the same to me he was gagging and choking on my cock I finally cum all over his face he sucked me clean and he cleaned his face and went to sleep telling him not to say anything it can be are secret.

He said he would not say anything this happened from Time to time out and about and and when him and his mom visit I pass him panties to put on makes him so uncomfortable

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  • Reply JAIEDENE ID:1e9evbj5hzo9

    I would not let that sweet boy in red panties get away as that boy pussy as great asshole is even better than pussy. If you have ever fucked a young boys
    Asshole it’s way tighter especially a virgin ass with the boy in panties & makeup. It’s the best!!!

  • Reply Marriedfag ID:sdrmqq6xqdl

    I like the story, it’s hot. Try a little more detail and slow down, try proof reading, the further the story went the harder it was to read.
    But please keep going and tell some more.
    Sorry not trying to bust your balls, just trying to help.

  • Reply Iva ID:1dhmznlilbng

    Nice him sucking your dick and swallowing your cum. And yes you sucking him without him blowing a load.

  • Reply Rukio ID:bf6wlfxv1

    This story sucked, bad lol it looks like the 12 year old wrote this lmfao

  • Reply Fun ID:4xijdt0d

    Hot story write some more

  • Reply Lewd ID:y27qi5xa39w

    Such a lovely story. I’d love to hear more.

    Snap @ lewd1976

    • H3N7Y ID:19ijdx5jh8yk

      I don’t do snap sorry but let me know if you want me to carry on